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on 18 February 2013
This ebook is a collection of 5 email newsletters which collectively cover how to write an effective sales letter.

Because this ebook is written by master copywriter, Ben Settle, I knew it would be good and was expecting great things, yet it turned out to be far better than I thought.

It begins simply enough by saying that a good sales letter should contain the following in this order:


In then goes on in detail about how to write each one.

In the headline chapter, it says that you need to really unerstand your prospect and get into their world by understanding their problems, desires and wants. I've heard this information before, but in Crypto Copywriting Secrets, the author doesn't just tell you to do this, but also instructs you exactly how to do it by asking the right questions (and he gives the questions to you). I couldn't help but think that if you find the answers to these questions you will DEFINITELY understand your prospect.

The author's idea of a good headline is one that your prospects can't ignore and he offers real examples to prove how effective a great headline can be by examining each one, and even improving on some of them.

He also shows you how you can write a first draft of your sales letter, or even just a list of ideas, and edit it until it's a perfect sales letter.

The author says that when done right, the story can carry the sale. He then goes into detail to explain the 6 different story telling formats and uses examples to show how they can each be used effectively.

In Chapter 3 (and this is the kind of thing I love to know) he explains how you can create the perfect product by writing the sales page and bullet points first BEFORE you write the ebook. Genius!

He sees writing bullets as THE must-have skill because one good bullet that gets into the prospect's psychie can close a sale.

The author says he writes an average of 50 bullet points in a sales letter and has written up to 200. He says that once you have your bullets, you can use them as the raw material for everything else in your sales page.

He goes on to explain the 12 different ways to write bullets plus (and I love this) how to arrange them in the sales letter for maximum impact. For instance, did you know that the last couple of bullets on a page are the second most read bullets because "skimmers" will read the first few and skim to the bottom few (and he shows you how to use this for the best effect).

He also explains the simple process of using the "loop" effect with bullets to keep prospects reading all the way to the end of your sales letter.

This is all such ainsightful information and I've never heard any other copywriter talking about this before.

Finally, in the last chapter, the author explains how he uses emails to pre-sell his products. He says that this is the reason why he doesn't use affiliates because he doesn't want "cold" prospects reading his sales pages. He pre-sells with emails and lets them do all the heavy lifting so that by the time someone clicks through to his sales page, they are always pre-sold and ready to buy. This is really clever stuff.

Throughout the book there are also critiques of real sales pages, that, athough they look perfect at first glance, are actually full of minor flaws and it only takes a few tweaks and rewording to make them more compelling, which is demonstrated each time.

Do I have anything bad to say about this ebook? My only small criticism would be that one of the sales page examples is for selling guns. As I'm totally opposed to gun ownership (we're not used to it in Australia where I live) I found the sales page hard to stomach. Perhaps a more non-controversial topic would have been better.

But other than that, I loved this ebook and can't wait to get to work re-writing all my sales pages. I've read quite a few books and ebooks about copywriting, including the late, great Eugene Schwartz's 'Breakthrough Advertising' but nothing has been as usable all the information crammed into this little ebook. It's the best $3 I've ever spent and is going to be worth thousands $$$ to me.

If you want to know how to write a great sales letter, just download this sales letter writing instruction book, and you can get to work straight away.
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on 16 February 2013
Ben Settle talks a lot of sense in this short blast through his 5 key sales letter secrets...

Some of this stuff I already know about, as a working copywriter myself. But others I found new and unexpected, which is cool - and he's especially good at explaining WHY.

So you won't just be simply swiping and copying, instead you'll actually learn and UNDERSTAND more about the essential business of sales letter writing. I reckon it took around 2 hours to read the book, and I have a much clearer picture in my head now than I did 2 hours ago, of how to proceed.

He even throws in a case study at the end of each chapter too.

Ok, as Settle loves bullets (and yep, he nails WHY they're so important in the book), here's a few reasons why this ebook is easily worth way more than the handful of change he's asking:

- ch1: Headlines - 10 different kinds explained, simply, and all in one place. Sure, you've read lots about headlines before, but here's everything at a glance

- ch2: Leads - 9 lead types and examples you can learn from and use - plus WHY they work. Easy to understand even for the newest newbie

- ch3: Stories - 6 types of stories that sell, including easy to follow info on his fave, which I must admit was a real eye-opener for me, and I'll definitely be using it soon

- ch4: Bullets - 12 great different types of bullets. So even if you only use one of each type, you can write a fantastic bullet list (also includes a secret about how people read bullets that you almost certainly didn't know)

- ch5: Closing - more copywriters screw this up than any other part. So if you're not 100% certain you're great at closing, what harm can it do to find out how an expert does it? Includes guarantees, bonuses, PS's... and an interesting angle on how to unsettle (no pun intended) your customer out of the 'sales-letter-comfort-zone' so they REALLY want to buy

Great stuff, bargain price. Simple, no frills, effective.

Easy to read - the guy can write - and best of all, he can help you sell.
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on 14 February 2013
If you want the usual marketing fluff that is thrown around as gospel by get-rich-quick 'experts' then this is probably not the book for you...


Because this is real-life, from the trenches advice that is based on solid experience.

Ben Settle is the marmite of copywriting, except that more people love him than hate him. Or at least, the people for whom he has made squillions (and that's an impressive amount) adore the man and those who don't get his irreverant humour tend to...not love him quite so much.

What I especially love about this book is the way it talks to you in exactly the way you should be talking to your prospective customers. It's chatty yet compelling, comprehensive and yet easy to read. For anyone who truly wants to hone their copywriting skills - and that should be every freelancer/author/creator/marketer out there - then get your hands on this and ingest every word.

Then produce some money-spinning words of your own.

Or carry on chasing rainbows and snake-oil salesmen. It's up to you.
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on 18 February 2013
This great little book is straight to the point, highlighting a simple 5-step structure for writing sales letters.

Other reviewers have already explained the structure, so I won't bother repeating it.

What I will say are the benefits of owning this book...

If you're a business owner/operator (as I am), and consequently do all your own marketing (as I do), this book will be invaluable. Every time you sit down to write a sales letter, refer to the Ben Settle's method and you most likely won't be stuck for something to write.

It's a set of instructions to follow, which most people really want and need.

I'm giving it four stars though, because although the content is excellent, I have a one and a half gripes.

The first is, I would've liked more examples. For example, in the bullet point section I think I'm right in saying there were two samples of each style of bullet point. I know this is a bit petty, but I think a few more would be better to help grasp that particular style.

My 'half' gripe is I had a strong feeling of deja vu in some sections - I'd read them before somewhere.

But, this is actually a very good lesson in how to re-package and re-purpose your content to get more mileage out of it.

So I can't blame Ben for that.

At the end of the day, how many good tips do you have to get from a £2 Kindle book to make it worthwhile buying it?

I got more than my money's worth.
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on 17 February 2013
...nothing will!

All the information you will ever need to create the perfect advert and sales letter!

Packed with information from start to almost the finish (there are the usual pages at the back that carry the usual disclaimer about it being a marketing book and results may vary depending on brains and application of the material etc.) if you cannot glean something applicable from nearly every page you are reading a different book to me!

There are a couple of minor (and I mean very minor) niggles with the book for me in that I prefer each paragraph to be indented (but hey that's me) and there are a few links to external pages which are fine to click onto if you are reading from a computer but slightly harder to do so from a Kindle - but none of these detract from the overall massive and applicable content.

Some readers may not appreciate the fact that the material is a collection of newsletters reformatted into a book - but this is no problem unless you are easily annoyed at a chapter ending with "Laters, Ben" or something similar. To me this wasn't a problem because firstly the newsletters aren't available elsewhere and once again each newsletter is so packed with information, tips and critiques if the newsletters were available I would be buying them as well - and for a lot more than the price of this book.

This book will help your copywriting skills no end - and is a very formidable 5 stars!
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on 17 February 2013
Crypto Copywriting Secrets is an informative and entertaning resource on how to write sizzling hot sales letters. Writing a great sales letter is the toughest thing for a writer to learn. Finally, there's a method that gives you a fresh insight and leads you into writing copy in such an easy way that you often wonder why you thought it was so hard.

Ben Settle is an unconventional and creative copywritng genius. He breaks down the sales letters process into a simple and easy to 5 step formula and gives plenty of examples of his methods in use.

The sales letters elements covered include, the headline, lead, story, bullets and close. Yet the examples and explanations of how to create these elements are digested in a unexpected, unconventional and insightful way.

Ben doesn't simply list and crtiticize - he shows you what works, what doesn't and explains, in down-to-earth, practical and entertaining terms how to write sizzling hot sales letters. More than worth the price and a definate must read.
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on 17 February 2013
Ben Settle leads you through the process of writing sales letters using his simple yet effective 5-step system.
The book is a collection of five newsletters that cover each step in turn (Headline, Lead, Story, Bullets, Close).
If the outline gives you the impression that it's a basic guide, think again.
The insights Settle provides into his tried-and-trusted methods are fascinating, occasionally surprising, and a long way from the run-of-the-mill offerings you might expect for such a bargain price.
And it's all written in a clear, easy-to-follow style.
In fact, it's worth the money alone for his advice on writing bullets.
As a relative newcomer to ad writing, I've spent a lot of time over the last couple of years reading books on the subject.
This one is up there with the best of them.
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on 14 February 2013
If you've ever found yourself stuck for what to write to sell something via your website you're going to love this book.

Ben guides you step by step on how to put together a sales message that will sell. I've lost count of the amount of books and courses I've bought on how to write sales letters. This is one of simplest and most clearly thought out of the lot.

Written in an entertaining and easy to read fashion. At this price what's not to like?

Well, I only gave it 4 stars because I wasn't really interested in the Questions and Critiques. Yes, there are some gold nuggets in them, but they kinda distracted from the main message.

- Marcus
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on 19 March 2015
It doesn't matter what you're selling, this guide to erring newsletters will make you money.

I'm an absolute newbie to copywriting and selling in general, and this guide makes me feel so much more confident with what I'm doing. I'm using the techniques to promote a squeeze page, and all of the simple yet powerful techniques contained can be used for that!!

Just buy it, you won't be sorry!
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on 18 August 2013
I don't care if you have trouble writing a birthday card, by the time you've finished reading this neat book you'll be ready to knock out a few marketing messages for your own business.

Ben Settle keeps it real, always does, so you won't be lost in a sea of mind boggling tosh. You get a very down to earth guide to writing simple sales copy.

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