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on 3 January 2013
A year or so after purchasing the first incarnation of the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset (PS3) last year from Gamestop in America as they were completely sold out in the UK (which I found really,really comfortable) i received a newsletter advertising these badboys, I was some what confused as to the difference between these and the Elite Edition, i was informed it had something to do with Mac compatability....so with pc I ordered immediately, After receipt, these were my findings.

Firstly the issue of comfort.....I found this headset slightly uncomfortable on the ear as the "ear cups" are slightly smaller than its predecessor. i admit that my head size is bigger than average, but as I mentioned before, the previous model are so comfortable, I hardly felt them on my head, wheras with these I'm fidgeting with these more to aid comfort. People with average sized heads may not have these issues at all, however this "con" must be addressed for the "big-headed" among us

Secondly the issue of sound quality.....admittedly I was sold on the bass boost feature prior to ordering......On receipt, my ears were due for a treat. As a now converted shoot em up gamer, I was pleased with the varied settings of racing/fighting/shooter/music/game. the bassboost has to be applied with caution as with the slightest bass on music/dialogue in game and/or chat will amplify it greatly and will become a nuisance, lending the question "why did I buy these?"......have faith and patience....and once tailored to your individual taste, the headset sounds awesome.
Buttons and switches are totally different from the previous version, but its simply a matter of getting used to.
Another "pro" is that it has a headphone jack for easy connectivity to audio devices etc. however if like me you only use these for gaming, its irrelevant, still it serves as a handy option just incase......there's no charging cable included, assuming that we already have at least one in our posession

I use BOTH headsets, I play on one, while the other is on charge via PS3/PC. If money's no issue, and your headsize is average buy these, if on the otherhand money's tight and youre not that bothered about the extra specs, get the first version, they are good too, they must be as Sony havent discontinued them and thats a good sign. both a worthy addition to your gaming set-up
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on 10 April 2014
It was a choice of these or the PlayStation Wireless 2.0 headset I wanted for my PS4 and although the PSW 2.0 are a bit lighter, and have a shorter Single and also wouldn't look out of place on your head to listen to your iPod in the street the main reason I wanted either of the headsets was to take advantage of the custom soundscapes provided by the Headset app on Ps4 and where as the PSW 2.0 can only store 1 soundscape at a time the Pulse headset allows to store 6 which are easily switch through via a button on the headset.

The build quality is high and extremely easy to do on Ps4. Simply plug in the dongle and turn on the headset. You will also need to ensure you have the PlayStation sound setting set to output all audio via the headset, Game, Voice and Controller specific noise will output through the headset but there is a balance control for voice vs game sound on the headset.
Using the Headset app to set your stored sound scapes is simple. Just plug the headset via USB into the ps4 choose the 6 soundscapes you want and press upload. Anyone with either Pulse or the 2.0 headset and own infamous Second Son really need to try the game specific soundscape as it along with the 7.1 surround sound really let you hear all the different sound of Seattle City around you.
The Bass impact feature is really good, it will be an individual preference on how much bass vibration you feel is right but again this is adjustable on the headset and can easily be turned off.
The Dongle does stick out of Ps4 quite away, this is due to it also having a 3.5mm jack built in to enable you to use the the headset wirelessly on any device that has headphone socket. You will also need a USb port to plug the dongle into buy you can use a Mains USB adaptor like you get with the iPad, and some phones and tablet devices.
The headset also comes with a lead to connect to devices headphone socket meaning you can use the headset as a normal wired headset for when your out listening to your iPod.
Depending on how powerful yo have the bass impact feature the charge lasts approx 6hrs so the manual says. I've got it set halfway and got just under 5hrs before it needed charging but because I have a mains USB adapter I ran the headset from that so I could still use them while they charged. But I know not everyone sits close enough to the PS4 or a power outlet so for longer gaming sessions you'll need to get a long Micro USB lead.
This leads to my one bug bear that is you have to supply your own Micro USB lead to be able to charge the headset as one is NOT included in the box.

As mentioned the headset can be used on any device with a Headphone Socket, and if you have USB port available can be used Wirelessly which is a big bonus.
If you also own a WiiU system the even bigger bonus is you can use the headset with the system and use it to voice chat.
On WiiU you have to options Either use the supplied 3.5mm audion lead and plug it into the game pad
Providing you have a USB port available and your TV had a Headphone socket connect your TV's headphone socket to the dongke using the supplied lead. If the game allows voice chat via the gamepad mic you'll be able to chat still, if it doesn't then obviously you'll just get game sound.
Assuming a game audio is output via the gamepad and you have the gamepad audio set to output in Surround Sound you still get Surround sound via the headset and also the Soundscapes do take effect.

In summary IMO with more connectivity options, ability to store more Soundscapes and a good build and sound quality If your looking for a headset that's reasonably priced for your PS4 (or Ps3) these are the best Sony made headset. I'd even go as far as to say they are better than some of the more expensive headsets around.
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on 23 July 2014
B every careful when purchasing these headphones i would recommend that you don't the ear cups are horrible and hurt your ears after about 30 min of use.There is a well known problem were the dongle doesn't connect to the headset when that happens and it will you might as well throw them in the bin As you can tell mine broke i get no audio from them the ps3 or ps4 don't pick them up at all i have not even had them 6 months yet.The sound was ok when they worked but boy do they hurt your ears very painfull to wear them for too long.
As i said a lot of people have these break within 6 months why would you spend all that money to use headphone for just a couple of months i would recommend you don't purchase these headphones honestly.
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on 31 July 2014
Very good sound quality but only after 2 months of use some cracks start to appear over the ear cups, it's only matter of days for them to break completely off. I used a strong glue on the cracks so that bought me some extra time but i don't think it's gonna last for long. I'm very disappointed with sony for this product. i have already started to search for a replacement.
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on 6 September 2013
I've had this headset since late October 2012 and I loved it in absolutely every way since then; the sound quality was beyond excellent, it was reasonably comfortable, the wireless worked flawlessly, and I had no complaints at all.

Then at the start of July I started to notice the minor stress cracks that you've no doubt seen many other people write about by now; by the end of July the right cup had snapped off but I managed to keep it on with sellotape and carried on using it until yesterday, when the left cup broke off too. I couldn't get that cup to stay on with sellotape so goodbye Pulse headset.

It's a fab headset in every way except durability, which is obviously a major con that pretty much outweighs all pros. For this reason, I can't recommend it. I'm now searching for something that'll fit my stupidly large head better and will withstand usage of 10 hours+ a day.
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on 26 December 2012
Right then. I had to go through 2 of these and then find out that they are unfortunately not as great as I had hoped. An almost spot on headset has been ruined buy the fact that (even if you treat it like a baby) it will crack at the sides. Everyone I know that has purchased this headset has had the same issue. I had it twice. They also stopped connecting after a while of snapping from the sides. It's a shame that Sony went witch cheap materials for this headset... I'm going to miss them.

Let me just start by saying I won't be buying a new headset or headphones anytime soon. I'm a constant Skyper and sometimes I need to leave the room, I love the fact that I can now go to the kitchen and make some food while still Skyping with my friends. It just makes everything much easier.

I used to have a separate headset for my computer, one for my PS3 and one for my (Android) phone and Vita. Having a headset that works with every one of those makes my life much easier. Just a note, these work wireless with the PS3 and PC, but using a cable on anything that won't take the dongle. The Microphone also works by using the cable, on my phone anyway, have yet to test anything else.

Yes, the microphone works on PC, Skype etc. but it's not going to replace my snowball for recording voice-overs for YouTube videos that's for sure. But with pretty much all wireless headsets the mics are a bit... on the lesser side.

I can wear these all day and feel like nothing is on my head, except when you notice that everyone is quiet and trust me, I have pretty big ears.
You won't be able to hear yourself much and may find yourself shouting every now and again, but not knowing. You get used to it after the first day or two.

Having used beats in the past on many occasions, I would say that these produce much, much better sound... and once you flick on the bass impact... you will be blown away by how amazing the sound going into your ears is. You won't want to use any other headphones/headset after using these, perfection.

Only thing I can possibly think to complain about is the battery. The life on these things isn't amazing due to the outstanding bass-impact, I get about 5-6 hours on a full charge? Being at my PC all day doesn't help me keep track of time but it's not really a problem because I constantly have access to a USB port to charge them. Turn off the bass-impact and you will get longer life, even with the bass-impact off these sound a LOT better than beats.

I probably missed out a lot from this review but it's late, sorry! :P
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on 3 July 2013
I bought this headset six months ago, and like any sensible buyer I put the research in and found unanimous praise for it online. Unfortunately it has a huge issue the reviews didn't (and couldn't) catch, where the plastic bridge attaching the cans to the frame is too weak and susceptible to gradual wear from normal usage. More and more reports are coming out daily of regular users either finding significant cracking at these weak points, or if not caught in time, having the whole can snap off in their hands, rendering their warranty void as any claim will be written off as physical damage by the user.

I was lucky enough to catch my headset cracking before it split, and have returned them for a refund as the way it happened (careful regular usage, no knocks or stresses, and even cracking on both sides) convinced me that this is a when, not if, situation.

It's a real shame, because apart from this dealbreaker they tick every box. All the next update has to do is avoid silly design issues like this and it'll go from an avoid at all costs to a must buy for Playstation users.
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on 29 December 2013
my 11 yr old has not taken them off think he has been abducted by his playstation or need an operation to remove from his head x supa product highly recommended to any playstation addict xx supa price
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on 3 March 2014
After the launch of PlayStation 4, I needed a decent headset for playing online with. I looked a lot of different headsets but there wasn't really any I liked the look of apart from this one, the price tag was a little steep but after much debate I finally decided to splash out and buy one and I'm pleased to report its the best decision I made, it's a top quality headset the build and sound quality is just fantastic, the each side of the headset has sliders to adjust both game and voice volume + the extra bass slider for music & video so you have full control over the audio, they are really combfy to wear even after long play sessions.
And a question a lot of people will want an answer for.........
YES, THIS WILL WORK WITH PS4. Simply use either the included cable and plug it into your controller or use the included adapter to use it wirelessly (Support was added in last system update + companion app on PS store) but it is not just restricted as a headset for PS, you can also use it as a PC headset if you wish and will also act as headphones for any device with a headphone jack

My one and only fault with this is that the wireless adapter is a little too big, it does stick out quite a fair bit if you intend on using it for PS4 (not really an issue for me as I just use the cable and plug it into the controller) but I know that some people might want wireless
So bare that in mind before buying this but apart from that I think it is worth every penny & from a personal opinion I think this is nicer than the the new version of this headset for PS4
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on 1 February 2013
These headsets are pretty good although they are not as good on quality as i was expecting, however they are well worth buying at under £100. The box is a lot smaller than i expected too, but decently packed to avoid damage so that's all that matters.

The surround sound again for under £100 is ok, but not like a normal set up, but they do give good spacial awareness. I was playing the new devil may cry with these baby's on and at one point i thought i was going to have aheart attack!! So they really do make you feel more engaged in the game you are playing.

Watching movies and tv shows, these really do pick up on all the background noise of the extras etc. ( at first i thought someone was having a conversation outside my house)

Music is better with these on too as they have a decent range with highs and lows.

The bass option for me is appreciated turned down or off, up high-ish they really do rumble too much, but each to their own when it comes to the volume.

They are easy to set up, my pc and ps3 picked up on them striaght away. And as for the lead for charging whilst wearing, don't go for a nasty cheap cable, it is not worth wrecking a decent pair of headphones for, i opted for the AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female Extension Cable 9.8 Feet / 3.0 m, these are under £6 and for basic are top quality and highly unlikely to make your goods blow up.

All in all i am happy with the purchace and the service.

Oh i went from my bedroom to my kitchen and they cut out before i got to my kitchen, and i live in a small-ish house, so the range isn't that good, however i did not buy them for roaming around the house in.

Overall i would say 4 out of 5 stars. And if you're in the market for a decent headset for the pc or ps3 or both, look no further you will not be dissapointed.


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