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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2012
After buying several albums by Nas,and being a huge fan,i thought it was necessery to buy this album,simply because of his amazing capability to tell stories,and phenomenal lyrical skills.

This album has a more mature feel to it-after all,Nas is no longer that young 17 year old boy running around Queensbridge: he is a man now,with children and a life of his own.This album paints that picture vividly:whilst he still speaks about issues that happen in the projects,in songs such as "A Queens Story" and "Accidental Murders",he speaks about his place as a Father, on "Daughters" and about his high position on life on "The Don".
The collaberations are all really good on this,i especially love the Mary J Blige and Amy Winehouse collaberations,and despite not being a fan of Rick Ross he was pretty good on his collaberation here on "Accidental Murders".

Basically,this album is very varied in the material it contains:Nas speaks about a wide range of subjects,and the lyrical skill on all is brilliant.The production is wonderful too,it does not sound like computer produced beats like most things these days,there are actual instruments,which is great,and adds to the atmosphere throughout the album.
The album has a real 90s feel to it,it almost feels like Illmatic but told from a man`s perspective,instead of a boy.The album has a slightly "raw" feel to it,even though Nas has been in the game well over a decade now.
If you love Nas,Hip-Hop,or lyrical story telling in general,buy this album:you will not regret it.

The production,lyrics,and story telling all paint an amazing picture.Nas was at his best in Illmatic:i think he has got it back,and can retain his title as one of the Greatest of all time.
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on 19 July 2012
The phrases 'return to form' and 'his best since Illmatic' have become reviewer cliches, churned out at the release of every new Nas album for at least the last ten years. They invariably lead to disappointment; no Nas albums have been overtly bad, but few have lived up to the golden promises of critics. Mostly they have been decent LPs with a few standout tracks.

Here, we finally get a payoff. A coherent, consistent masterpiece of a record, where Nas' unquestioned talent for lyrics and flow is finally matched by some fantastic beats. Varied beats too, with bombastic orchestral productions on 'No Introduction' and 'Back When' meshing side by side with jazzy instrumentation on 'Stay' and 'Cherry Wine', the latter containing a masterful vocal turn by the late Amy Winehouse. There's also hip hop bangers in the form of 'The Don' and 'Accident Murderers', 90s sounding throwbacks including the Mary J Blige collaboration 'Reach Out'm and a whole lot of stuff in between.

It's hard for an album to contain such variety whilst still moulding together as a whole, but 'Life Is Good' manages that, and its mostly due to Nas himself. He sounds relaxed, contented, not dumbing down the intricacy or lofty nature of his raps but delivering it in a chilled way. It complements the production, and it's such a pleasure to listen to a Nas album and find yourself nodding and smiling along. It's that sort of record; impactful without being too heavy, nostalgic without living in the past and modern sounding while staying timeless. Definitely a return to form. Maybe his best since Illmatic.
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on 19 July 2012
Lyrical content ridiculously world class, instrumentals just like some of rick ross's instrumental containing a lot more instruments saxos and trumpets and violins, Hip Hop is evolving a lot more classic sounds in which an older generation can appreciate, content is diverse and Nas goes through his range like no other rapper on this planet. Unlike Eminems albums every track is different and the tone and setting is very different. Nas came though on this album and it surpasses his last album and stillmatic.

Infact it sounds like an underground album but because its Nas it can be widely accepted as mainstream. I like how Nas refuses to deviate from his roots and style and knowingly confident that people will still listen as he has that solid fanbase. Ill be blazing this from the car. Im Impressed, Hip Hop was dead for a long time.

Can we say its revived??? I think it can only be truly revived with this genius of a talent in Nasir we trust!

Ps Hip Hop instrumentals these days, people always turn their heads when they hear the new beats being produced these days played out loud. I like the new sounds the jazzed up saxoed beats with bass. Feels like evolution of Hip Hop. More soul more personality, less nonsensical thumping....More humanity on the tracks.......Will a new fanbase emerge with these new beats combined with lyricists like Nas?

Get the Deluxe edition featuring 18 tracks. One of the best songs is not on the album. Its called "Trust" and "World is an addiction" is a great track. "A queens story" amazing...."No introduction" great way to start

Great album go get it! Nas never retire! Legend
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on 19 July 2012
Nas best work since illmatic.
For someone who been in the scene for 20 years this album has surprised me, easily the best all round album from nas since his first. There is only one real skip track for me but that is only because I literally cant relate to it at all but it still has solid production.
It is perhaps missing the massive tracks like "made you look" off gods son or "thieves theme" from streets disciple but it is has the consistency that I feel has been missing in 9 of his other albums.
Covers a lot of different subject matter and perhaps due to his age it is far more mature than your normal rap release in the past couple of years.
At this juncture 20 years and 10 solo albums in, no other MC has ever rhymed at such a high level this deep into their career. Not Rakim. Not Kool G Rap. Not Slick Rick. Not Big Daddy Kane. No One.
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on 18 July 2012
This album is a 5 star lyrical performance from nas but in my opinion once again the beats do not do the lyrics justice. He is certainly one of the best ever lyrically but the beats once again prevent a top class on form legend from releasing a true classic. I like the album but unlike illmatic this effort will not be remembered in ten years time ! If you are looking for an album that showcases one of the best MC's of all time on top of his game then this is worth every penny but if you want an album full of great and memorable tunes I'd look elsewhere.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 September 2012
I haven't reviewed music for a long time... however felt compelled to give my 20 cents on this Album.

Its seems to be 'NAS' is getting better and better over the past few years, especially with his music.

I read some of the reviews online (so based on that), I decided to 'purchase' the deluxe version, which I have

not regretted for a moment. There is not one track on the massive album that I dislike, they are all

well above par, In my opinion being the owner on most of NAS' music collection off CDS's or MP3's, this

is now my fav'... NAS is spittin' fire on this album, he is so relaxed yet still full of energy too.

In a few years peeps will look back like they have done with 'illmatic' - saying its a work of art. etc.

If you like NAS when he is on fire, focused, and full of decent verse, you are in for a surprise.

As usual he is story telling, which makes him so popular, and experimenting with different flow.

I'm glad I bought the 'deluxe version' for an extra couple of quid, (comes highly recommended 9/10).
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on 23 November 2012
Having not really heard much of Nas' work other than Illmatic, and constantly hearing about how he's never matched it, I find Life Is Good to be a truly enjoyable album to listen to from start to finish. Comparisons to Illmatic will always be made because of the groundbreaking nature and classic status that it holds, however, Life is Good sees a mature Nas reflecting on life and demonstrating the lyrical class that he is known for. Illmatic is Nas' best and always will be but Life is Good is a great modern rap record, Nas' flow sounds as great as ever and compared to the current competition it is fantastic. It's great to hear someone that has been in the scene for a long time still making great music and wiping the floor with the competition. I bought the deluxe edition and favourite tracks so far are 'Nasty', 'Queens Story', 'Daughters' and 'The Don', however there is no track that I dislike particularly and I've had the album on a loop for weeks now. Great stuff.
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on 17 July 2012
Wow, this is amazing. i dont usually buy albums but i bought this because i heard a few songs online. this really is the best hip hop album ive heard in years. not a single bad song.
My favourites are
"Back When" - sounds like a modern day "memory lane". amazing.
"cherry wine" ft. amy winehouse - i love the laidback feel to this song. amys smooth vocals and guitar playing with nas lyricism and flow is perfect!
"Daughters" - great story telling
"Reach Out" ft. Mary J Blige this is really good! love the isaac hayes sample and nas' lyrics are on point.
"you wouldnt understand" - sounds like a 90s throwback.
"roses" this is haunting, and deep.

overall,the album is definitely worth a buy (unlike most hip hop these days).
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on 17 July 2012
Wooooooow. This people is what a lyricist sounds like. Classic hip hop. NAS hats off to you another well done Album. If you are into real hip hop this is a buy. The music along with his rhymes dammmm yeah. Thank You Nas for this. Some jams I prefer than others, but all in all I like 90% of the Album I think Don has my boy Super Cat in it hahah, Mary J Blige typical, Cherry Wine emmm yeah Amy will be missed and of course Queens Story. I can go on but listen 4 yourself....

Support the artform BUY THE ALBUM don't PIRATE...
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on 28 July 2012
Many reviews have stated this work being his best since Illmatic (I felt Stillmatic was incredible but I digress). This album has the flow of an artist at the peak of his powers, the production complimenting his flow and wordplay in a strong but controlled way. From Cherry Wine to The Don to Daughters, the production puts the verses front and centre.

Fans of hip hop and music in general will find this album accessible and intricate.


Life is good...
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