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on 3 May 2017
This was my first E.J. Stevens novel and is definitely not my last (I have already finished the next 4 Ivy Granger books).

Welcome to Harborsmouth! Ivy granger is a psychic detective and owns a detective agency (Private Eye) with her best friend Jinx. She has the power of Psychometry which means that she receives visions of past events when she touches a person or item. In the book she is hired by a client, Forneus (a demon) to find the king of the kelpies ceffyl’s bridle as he is missing. Has he been kidnapped by the each uisge? Human livers are washing up on the shore as the each uisge are now living in the bay. The water fae and kelpies will not stand up to the each uisge without Ceffyl.

The book follows a nice place and leaves you wanting to learn more about each character that you are introduced to along the way – Ivy, Marvin, Jinx and Ceffyl. P.S a Unicorn appears.

(I also bought the audio version)
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on 25 June 2017
Wow. Absolutely brilliant. A reluctant heroine, diverse characters, a great storyline and a late come romantic interest. Why does the demon want to hire her? Can they stop the carnage? The action is fast paced and full of action and emotion. An absolutely must read for any one into Fantasy with action and bucket loads of magic.
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on 13 March 2017
Can't wait to read more books. Thoroughly enjoyed the story line. Unicorns, fae, vampires, demons, trolls, witches Tec, even the odd human. What more could you ask for.
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on 20 May 2017
A very enjoyable adventure! Ivy is a character you come to like easily, she is stubborn, loyal , kind hearted but also very determined and has a warrior spirit despite being too naive at time.
I really spent a good time reading this book despite some elements not being too surprising or original.

Discovering her " gift" of psychometry at an young age Ivy closed on herself until she met Jinx and discovered that her gift could also help people not just give her pain. Together they decided to open a detective agency and were doing enough on their own until a demon comes asking for Ivy's services....as a war is brewing.

Knowing the supernatural world exist, being able to see the faes and other creatures without their glamour is still very different that to work and fight for it. Ivy is thrown in a adventures she doesn't realise all the extent and she is doing her best to protect humans and others from the most of the damages. That being said, with the perhaps limited but still existing knowledge she has of the fae i don't understand how she can bargain and grant wishes without more specifics...fae and bargain that should have been a red alert ^^;;

The investigation, in the mist of the war is really well written. we see Ivy trying to gain allies while still trying to fullfill her part of the bargain with a lot of action and a touch of humour...some events are predictable but when you are caught on the story you enjoy it too much to mind.
The secondary characters are really interesting as well, i loved Kaye the witch and i’m curious at all her powers, Galliel the unicorn, Marvin, each one is important and play a big role.

It's a good urban fantasy story and i would gladly read more
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on 4 May 2013
Harborsmouth is a small seaside town, however unbeknownst to the humans, the town also supports a large Fae population.

Ivy Granger a Harborsmouth resident is a psychic detective, together with her (human) best friend Jinx they have a detective agency "Private Eye"

Ivy has the gift (curse) of psychometry, by touching an object she is thrown into visions living through pain, both psychological and physical of the memories and experiences of the owner of the object. These visions can help her locate a missing person, or by touching a wedding ring can tell if a spouse has cheated.

Shadow Sight really begins with a demon, Forneus, engaging the services of Ivy to find the King of the Kelpie's Ceffyl Dwr's.

His bridle has been taken, by force, a small scrap having been left behind after the struggle, whoever is in possession of a Kelpie's bridle then controls the Kelpie.

With a war starting Ivy is reluctantly thrown in at the deep end to protect the town of Harborsmouth from a vicious enemy. Even with the back-up of her friends and some of the unsavoury elements of the town.
The outcome of this job could have far reaching effects not just to the Fae population but to the unaware human populous.

I enjoyed this book, though some of the premise was similar to others in the genre, the female antagonist, the ignorant human populous to all these monsters living side by side, from vampires to trolls. Though in all fairness that's pretty much where the similarities ended, Ivy is not the normal kick ass lead, she has issues mainly the obvious, fear of touch (given the whole psychometry thing) to many other little foibles. It was nice to see a character who didn't want to rush head first into the unknown and didn't particularly want to be the savior of mankind. The book was a good read, the story moved on at a decent pace. The characters were pretty well rounded and you were left wanting more (always a good thing if your writing a series of course!)

I would have given the book five stars but it had a real flaw which (for me anyway) couldn't go unsaid. the reason for the drop in star is the ending. There was this sudden rush to explain Ivy' s parentage which in all honesty could have been left until the next book, it just felt as if it had been tacked on at the end especially as although there had been one or two hints through the book that all was not quite as it seemed there was no urgency for it, I enjoyed the mystique, then all of a sudden in the time frame of a chapter the truth was out by a character who had really only been mentioned until the last couple of chapters, this was disappointing.

And the one other thing it's a teeny teeny thing, Ivy seems to use the Fae "expletives" Mab, Mab's Bones or Oberon's eyes SO many times every time you read it your head starts to jar, maybe it's just a personal thing but it absolutely drives me nuts!! In hindsight the use of these expletives is in fact a crucial but subtle part of the storyline (not telling it will ruin it for you!)

There are so many new series in the fantasy genre than (in my opinion) any other and it's difficult to get a foothold in this flooded genre, there are so many possibilities yet so many books seem the same .

E.J.Stevens has found a genuinely new angle in Shadow Sight. I have no problems recommending this book and I look forward to the sequel Ghost Light
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on 26 May 2017
I received this book as a free ready and am delighted I did so. As the way the book was written captured me straight away and I grew to love the characters. I enjoyed how the story unfolds and I'm looking forward to discovering more about the new life ivy granger has stepped into.
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on 22 January 2016
I don't often give 4 stars and hardly ever give 5 stars - perhaps I am fussier than most people!
However, I thought this was a 4 star book. It was packed full of paranormal and mythical beasts
including kelpies, vampires, pixies, brownies, witches, a troll, a unicorn, a demon and several other
creatures I'd never heard of. In fact, so many of these beings fed off human flesh that I am surprised
any humans still lived in the town!

Ivy Granger has a gift (or a curse?) of psychometry. By touching an object or a person she can
experience what happened to the owner of the object. This causes her physical and mental pain, so
she uses her powers sparingly. She is obsessed with wearing gloves and not coming into contact with people
or things. She and her friend Jinx share a home and a private eye business. Ivy also has the ability to
see all the fae people, who look human to those without her special powers.

Ivy is hired to find the bridle taken from the kidnapped Kelpie King, but before she finds it she uncovers
a plot by evil water fae to attack the town and humans living there. Can she unite the other fae people, some
of whom have standing feuds with each other, so that they can all fight the evil invaders?

There was a lot of action and descriptions of the various weird creatures, which I enjoyed.
Perhaps the final ending and "disclosure" was a bit rushed, as others have said, and a bit OTT, but hey,
this IS a fantasy book! I would read another in this series. There was no sex or swearing in the book.
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on 5 June 2017
absolutely brilliant series. all the supernatural things i love in one package. and very well written. cant wait for number six in series. you rock e.j
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on 2 February 2017
Gotta say, it wasn't bad, but I wasn't impressed. Here's the thing, if you read an Urban Fantasy, you expect the main character to be central to the action. Ivy was not. She was hired to do a job and then went around and recruited the people who performed the action. She herself did nothing. In fact, it didn't even make sense that it was here that was hired, instead of, say, the hunters or any magical creature more able to repel an attack.

The enemy is a shadow throughout the whole book. She's told about them and then just sort of goes about life. At around 75%, they finally show up, but they're still not fleshed out. It's a faceless army. There's no actual individual enemy. And they're defeated with ease.

Then at about 90% in the author throws a romance at the reader. It seriously comes out of nowhere and is based on nothing. And the romantic partner somehow knows all about Ivy when no one else did, least of all her. (This is all just tacked on at the end and not even incorporated into the story.)

The book is just basically Ivy marching around explaining things and it was painfully unexciting. The writing is fine, if on the silly side, but the book just barely held my interest. Well, the writing was fine once you managed to wade through all the info-dumps. Omg, they were endless.

Lastly, as an aside, I have to address that cover. Look at that sexy broad in her sexy thigh-high boots, yeah? Here's a quote from Ivy concerning herself and shoes (but really more her personality type): "Me? I have one pair of black Doc Martens boots and an old pair of trainers." This is the sort of character she is. She also spends most of the book in a baseball cap and avoids all amorous or sexual contact. So...um...who the hell is that supposed to be on the cover? Because I know it's not Ivy.
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on 18 February 2016
For the first time I was really torn about how many stars to give a story, but this really is a book of two halves. I definitely struggled with the first half, well actually I'd say the first three quarters of this book, largely due to the fact I had to do so much mental editing. It just felt sluggish and bogged down by pages and pages of descriptions of characters and what they were doing, instead of plot driven narrative.

The story itself is sound and felt like it had a lot of promise so I stuck with the premise regarding Ivy Granger our psychic heroine who runs a private investigations agency in a city full of supernatural beings living alongside their human counterparts somewhat precariously it seems.
Ivy is hired by a dodgy devil, who is representing another being, who needs something returned and this leads our psychometrically endowed PI into a web of intrigue, that will mean meeting many more of the towns stranger beings.

I started to really enjoy this when Ivy was able make head way with her snooping and leave the comfort of her friend Kaye's kitchen. The final confrontation was genuinely thrilling and if the whole book had been written in this style I would have read it in half the time.

Overall what I am trying to say is this starts slowly and is heavy on the detail, but it is definitely worth wading through it because the payoff is gratifying enough for you to want more.The central protagonists are very likeable as long as you able to suspend all attempts at reality. I thought this was a sweet and easy going fantasy and will probably give the sequel a go too.
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