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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2015
I can't write a great deal about this little gem of a horror movie as the film is very short but i shall write a bit of how good this is.
The story is about two hit men who wait at the house owned by their target but while their in the dark house things start to happen as odd things occur.We hear the older of the two tell the younger a creepy story which is the highlight of the film.As the film goes on towards its conclusion they venture out the house when they hear something outside,different horror genres are mixed into the plot and there is a spectacular ending which i won't give away but it is a nerve wracking last few moments i can tell you.
The acting is truly top notch and even though there is only five actors in the whole film it is very good.The chemistry between the two leads actors is magic with the older hit man very sarcastic and very funny whilst the younger guy even though he is put down by his mentor and is a bit dumb he does care about his older friend and they do get on even when strange things begin to happen,i really do think they are a great double act and there are plenty of laughs.
As a horror film it takes a while into the film to get scary but believe me it is chilling when it arrives and as i said the last 10 or so minutes is gripping stuff even if a bit gory and i'm not a huge fan of gore and works better as a jumpy film than a gory one.
I really can't think of any negatives apart from too much blood and gore and maybe could be a bit longer as it crams it all in in a short time but its such a cracker its just small niggles really.
A underrated British horror gem.
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on 11 March 2014
This is surprisingly involving, quite theatrical in parts as has been said, bit a well observed and executed piece of horror. It is intrinsically British, intelligent, and a triumph. The horror effects are left to the imagination, and the final scenes were albeit predictable but nonetheless unsettling, in all rather reminiscent of late 60s to mid 70s psychological movies of this genre such as Don't Look Now, or indeed Rosemary's Baby as previously suggested. Shlock horror fans won't like this, but it is worth a watch.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 September 2012
This beautifully written and impressively acted low budget movie is an absolute gem. The literate/literary script is perhaps more reminiscent of theatre than film but the assured direction ensures that it really works. Yes, there is a touch of Pinter about it all - and even Connor Macpherson's masterpiece "The Weir" but the film certainly isn't derivative. As other one star reviews have indicated this certainly is not a film for everyone - but those of you who appreciate a wonderful script, fine acting and totally assured direction will find much to enjoy in the 75mts on offer. It's wonderful to see such imagination and competency still exists in British cinema and rather worrying it is not appreciated by a greater number of people.
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I ordered this film on the strength of the positive reviews - and have to say was not in the least disappointed. Atmospheric, creepy and, yes, somewhat 'wordy'. But . . . wordy it may have been but then again there is boring 'wordy' and captivating 'wordy'. This is the latter, thankfully. The 'story within a story' about the ghostly nightclub dancer is real 'campfire' stuff - and again, it's the way it is told more so than the content.
There are some gory moments, but more for effect than the norm - and it does at times feel more like a play - would work well on the stage? - than a horror movie.
Thing is, for me, I can watch blood, guts and gore til the cows come home and not bat an eyelid, but give me something spooky like this and I want to watch something a bit light-hearted afterwards! There is one small scene which has such a cliche in it, but in the context of this film, it felt like someone had dropped a few ice-cubes into the pit of my stomach! Chilling. The actor who plays the main character - Mr Pinner - is excellent; the way he is filmed gives his eyes a really sinister light.
My only slight worry at first was that at only 70 minutes, felt the film may have perhaps been a bit too short - er, hence going for one of the less expensive options! - but having now seen it, my feeling is that it is short, but less is more in this case. If you enjoy good, well-crafted spooky little off-beat films, then give this a chance. And don't go in the cellar afterwards . . . just in case!
As a brief postscript - the disc itself has an 18 BBFC, but only a 15 in Ireland . . .?
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on 25 June 2015
The Devil’s Business begins as a typical crime film with two hitmen breaking into a darkened house to wait for their victim. The film soon turns out to be more than that with supernatural forces clearly at work. Most of The Devil’s Business takes place in the shadows with our hitmen, Piner (Billy Clarke) and Cully (Jack Gordon) waiting for their target, Kist (Jonathon Hansler). While they wait, the new-to-the-business Cully continually talks and fidgets, clearly annoying the veteran assassin Piner. Tensions rise when our duo discover a black mass-type altar set up including the remains of a dead child and that there is clearly more to this job that they first suspected. I'm not going to ruin the plot since it must be watched by yourself spoiler free in order to experience the film and it's great atmosphere. The Devil’s Business is a tense, disturbing, chilling character-piece that is compelling and brilliantly made. Some viewers may find The Devil’s Business slow and far too short – this is guaranteed – but I personally was incredibly enamored by the quality of the production, the only problem I had with the film was the audio, some of it was way too low for some reason so I had to turn up the volume. It is a chilling little horror and a lot of the quality can be attributed to the four actors involved. The dialogue is crisp and engaging with a particularly wonderful performance from actor Billy Clarke as the veteran shooter. No doubt that this is a quality piece of indie horror-making and it's well worth watching.
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on 9 November 2012

Two hitmen, the experienced, resigned Pinner and his naive, nervous accomplice Culley await the return of their target, named Kist, at his house, whiling away the time by bickering with eachother and Pinner relating a tale of terror to the increasingly scared Culley. However, it soon becomes apparent that Kist has been a bit of a devil, dabbling in the dark arts, as a pentagram and dead baby would bear witness to. Soon, the spider and the fly scenario is completely reversed as both men must face up to both their own inner demons and the very real ones that inhabit Kist's house......

Okay, 'The Devil's Business' could easily be summed up, and dismissed, as being a story about two grown men telling eachother scary stories as they await their grisly mission, but this excellent British horror has plenty of atmosphere and both gallows humour( 'Humunculus, is that Latin for bender or something?'), and genuine chills to ensure it holds the attention of its audience throughout the rather stately pace of its proceedings.
The most successful aspect of the story for me, is the dark tale that Pinner relates to his wet-behind-the ears colleague, a tale that will literally come back to bite him at the films climax. If Pinner thought he was just a cog in the machine at the start, it is only after a chat with Kist that he realises that he, like Culley, is merely a soldier ant.
Add to the great story some excellent use of light and shadows, an excellent music score and a top notch performance from Billy Wright as the haunted Pinner and the end result is a highly enjoyable foray into Satanic horror. Highly recommended.
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on 18 September 2012
I was lucky enough to see this at frightfest last year on the big screen, and so am very excited it has finally been released.

Fans of classic Satanic/Occult Horror such as Race with the Devil, The Devil Rides Out (and Wheatley's novels for that matter), Rosemary's Baby and more recent films such as House of The Devil should, nay, will love this intelligent well scripted horror. Strongly recommended.
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on 21 February 2013
Surprisingly talky and very clever cockney horror flick. The first half of the movie is basically two hit men waiting for their target to come home and consists largely of dialogue and a very creepy story told by one of the characters. Then they hear a noise and things start to get weird. To reveal more wouldn't be fair but it struck me that if Quentin Tarentino's debut film Reservoir Dogs had been a horror film it might well have been very much like The Devil's Business. This is well worth seeing as long as you aren't expecting and action packed gore fest.
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on 25 May 2014
British films always trade on character rather than budget and this is truly a fantastic example of character ruling the scene. My review will continue but I urge you to stop reading and just watch the film.

With a tiny cast and what I imagine to be an equally tiny budget this film does what it seems only us Brits can do. Put forward a film of substance without having mindless explosions and special effects. There aren't a great deal of scares but this is simply chilling right down to its very core. It's that wonderful feeling where you feel at the same level as the people portrayed within the film. You no nothing more and nothing less than they do and so as a result you gather information and try to make some sort of sense of it all at the same rate as the cast.

Don't under estimate it and don't waste it by watching it in daylight. Draw the curtains, wait till it's dark and go on the sofa with your boyfriend, girlfriend or mate and just let the high levels of what the funk just wash over you.
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on 1 April 2014
Please will people stop writing 'that's minutes of my life wasted that I won't get back', it is a bit childish. If you hate a film that much, turn it off. If you get tuned in to this movie, its a little cracker, but if you don't then it may well be a turn off. I would not compare Devils Business at all with Hit List, this is something very different. Yes it has a lot of dialogue, and maybe not much action, but I found it rippling with tension, and the trade off with the 2 leads was great. The tension was built nicely, and although a couple of scenes were a bit off the wall, this was a good watch for me.
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