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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 November 2003
Rob Zombie has been around for many years so eventually there would be a Greatest Hits released. But this 2CD package is different from the usual greatest hits formula.
First of all, even though it says Rob Zombie, it includes White Zombie numbers. Secondly, half of the tracks are choice cuts from both Zombie's discography (not including the remix albums) while the other half consists of songs featured on soundtracks, 2 previously unreleased tracks and a Ramones cover. Also you get a bonus DVD containing 10 Zombie videos.
So not only is this album targeted at recent converts to Zombie, it also targets Zombie completists. The only reason i'm not giving this 5 stars is basically the fact that I (and other fans) have to fork out money for music I already have. While it is also good to have new Zombie material, some songs are questionable. For example: the cover version of Blitzrieg Bop and the duet with Lionel Ritchie! But then again Rob has always been an eccentric! And relating to the soundtrack songs, personally I would have put The One (from Escape From L.A.) and Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannonball Girls (from Beavis and Butthead Do America) on the album. But then again, you can't have everything!
But for me, these are minor criticisms, as what makes up for them is the bonus DVD containing the video's, especially Dragula. I forgot how funny that video is! Plus I never get to see any Zombie videos on TV (even on MTV2!). Overall a worthwhile purchase.
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on 2 February 2004
It's a rare occasion for a "Best Of" set to be much good, as they usually contain songs you already own/can't stand any more/drunkenly croon to down the pub with the obligitory "Bonus Tracks" that feel like cast offs for a good reason. However, this is, in fact, a very good set not just because it has a good range of tracks, but the added value of the video disc as well.
OK, you may wonder how we got from the material from La Sexorcisto... to The Sinister Urge when you first put it on, or how Thunder Kiss '65 seems to last about a week, but at least it keep the earlier, embyonic version of the Zombie we know and love to a minimum (although WTPMF and Soul Crusher would've been good additions, all things considered), as well as where I first heard them - Feed the Gods from the Airheads soundtrack.
Maybe the material from Astro Creep: 2000... could be expanded upon, as only More Human Than Human and Supercharger Heaven figure, but they're still classic tracks in their own right and deserve to find an audience that weren't too interested in 1995. Lifting some soundtrack entries is an inspired idea but, as my fellow reviewer states, The One would've been just as good an addition.
However, once we move into the solo material, we do get the best of the best cuts, although once again I could gripe about one or two missing tracks, when you're bouncing around to Dragula this thought soon disappears faster than fromer drummer Ivan de Prume. In fact, there is only one gripe about the whole set that isn't just "I wanted Song X, Y and Z" - the cover of Blitzkrieg Bop, which just seems like a bad idea - even if it was in honour of Joey Ramone (RIP).
As for the video section, this is where the set comes alive, especially with three top notch vids (MHTH, Dragula, Never Gonna Stop...), as well as the never-before seen vid for...Phantom Stranger, which happens to be a damn good video in its own right. Yes, it misses the videos for Supercharger Heaven and Electric Head Pt. 2, but aren't you sick of my carping by now?
In fact, this is why it reminds me how good the Zombie Family Tree is - leaving me wanting more and returning to the albums is much better than stretching what material they have and lazily tossing in some offcuts. The best "Best Of" since the Smashing Pumpkins' "Rotting Apples" set, and that is as big a compliment as you can get.
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on 28 June 2016
If you know Rob Zombie, you know exactly what to expect, sex, violence and strong language. They don't disappoint. A great album for the right people. If you like smooth, calm music. . . I suggest you give this CD a miss.
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on 19 February 2004
Being new to Rob Zombie I decided to get this compilation to see what he was all about. Well, I wasn't disapointed as it is absolutely brilliant - and great value too with the extra DVD!
The only tracks I don't like are Brickhouse 2003 plus Return of the Phantom Stranger and Spookshow Baby on the DVD.
My favourites are Feed the Gods, Hands of Death, Dragula and Demonoid Phenomenon.
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on 6 July 2004
The videos kick ass but the music disc is all wrong. Theres not nearly enough early White Zombie on it. In fact, absolutley nothing previous to La Sexorcisto, which is quite rubbish, and only two songs from La Sex itself.
He also put far too many random covers and soundtrack songs on it. Silly man. The booklet's nice, though.
But all things considered, it's Zombie so by definition it kicks arse.
What we need now is an all new DVD with *ALL* his music videos on it (Super Charger Heaven, woo!) and maybe even a live show or two. That would be awesome. Come on Rob, pull yourself together, stop making pointless movies (much as I enjoyed HO1KC, I woulda prefered to see his efforts going into a new album), stop doing silly cover songs and rubbish duets, write some of the good old kick ass groovy stuff that we all know and love to be Zombie.
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on 30 December 2005
There are no words to describe this Greatest Hits collection of the artist known as Rob Zombie but one: great.
When you pay for a Zombie record, the zombie record delivers. And in this case, the rock monster has delivered us two special discs, one entirely dedicated to his music, the other to his music videos(which he directed).
The songs on the music CD are set in chronological order, which goes from Rob's past band, White Zombie, to his latest and unreleased solo songs. The songs on the CD are simply great. Sure, the lyrics tend to be kinda cheesy, but once you have the cd in your stereo, and you start hearing heavy-lumpy-electro-industrial guitars and gritty vocals, who cares! Just remember to set the stereo volume to high.
About the DVD that comes along with the other CD. Well, all I can say is that I've never really seen a point for an artist in making a video, simply because anyone should interprit the song as they wish, without being influenced by the artist BUT the videos on the DVD are really well constructed, and I can assure you that you will certainly have fun in watching them. The videos also are the proof of how much Rob's mind can be creative, and not many artist today actually can be creative and deliver as much as Rob Zombie does. Credit should also be given to the band members and to the ex-white zombie members for giving us the pleasure in assisting to their immense musical talent. Particularly the white zombie guys.
Ultimately, this really really is good. No, not good, delicious. It is delicious because once you'll have listened to it once, you'll have devoured it, without even knowing it! Higly reccomended for anyone who loves not just hard rock or heavy metal, but music.
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on 4 January 2013
Technically this is Zombies first 'greatest hits' collection, albeit coming after only a pair of solo albums (Hellbilly Deluxe and The Sinister Urge) and his earlier White Zombie days.

A good collection, bolstered by the accompanying DVD (which makes a great visual backdrop for Halloween parties), but potentially a bit too soon in his solo career as it obviously omits tracks from the later albums.
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on 7 April 2011
if you are a fan of rob zombie then you will already have all the songs that are on this album on the other cds right? wrong. there are a few preveously unreleased tracks some great songs which i think are b-sides and from house of 1000 corpes soundtrack and a great booklet with pictures from the early days through to 2003. Also you get a dvd with a variety of videos from white zombie and rob zombie. If you are after a best of taster cos you are just getting into this guys music, What took you so long? its a great place to start but go and get the other albums too.
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on 9 January 2006
The notion of putting the greatest songs from all of white zombie's albums on the cd too is fine, if Zombie's newer material would'nt be left out as a result. The album gives you a good idea of Zombie's growth as an artist, but some live footage would be great. Where is "scum of the earth"? How about the alternate video for "living dead girl"?
The videos display Zombie's style and horror influence with some early ninetees psychedelic neon colours and some very cute dancing by sheri. The video for living dead girl is awesome.
The sound sync is out on superbeast and it really distracts you from the song and reduces the energy and impact.
The box looks nice and the production value of the album is good, I did expect more though.
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on 23 February 2007
rob zombie is a legend within metal and industrial circles as his band white zombie completely blurred the line between the two genres, and they are to a small extent represented here(but this is called ROB ZOMBIE:past present and future) with 6 out of the 19 songs. they represent his past, a much more metal affair than what he is doing now, and some people believe that he would be better off going towards the metal again as the best songs on this album are probably "feed the gods","more human than human" and "supercharger heaven" or the devilman song as ive seen it called on download sites.

but that said the solo material does stand up well in comparison as it is so different, the emphasis seems to be more on the beats and the samples and it definately feels like there has been more care taken with writing some melodies,and this does give the present material an edge as they have better production and are very catchy especially on great songs like "living dead girl","feel so numb" and "the great american nightmare".

you then get soundtrack material from the 1000 corpes film, which i could quite happily live without as its shite, a sloppy cover of "blitzkrieg bop" which is again poor,but it pulls itself together with two previously unreleased tunes that complete the future section and they do show light is at the end of the tunnel.

the second disc dvd is absolutely brilliant. its that simple.10 great promo films for 10 great songs(isnt it odd though how "demonoid phenomenon","return of the phantom stranger" and "spookshow baby" all get a video but dont get a song on the first disc) all that just bubble over with energy and excitement, and "thunderkiss `65" has got to be the most colourful metal video ive ever seen.

this album is the perfect introduction into robs wierd little world and from here you should be able to work out which way you want to go with what to buy next by him. failing that you could just buy "astro:creep 2000" by white zombie and marvel at that album.
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