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on 29 September 2012
After quite a lot of research I purchased these for our Samsung Galaxy S3's. The instructions are very straightforward and worth a read. 'If in doubt read the instructions' doesn't apply here, do read the instructions. it's not difficult, just different.

Both protectors went on easily. The first managed to capture a very microscopic piece of dust at one of the edges, despite my meticulous cleaning. The second (my wife's) was perfection. I lived with the spec of dust for a week or so and then followed the instructions on lifting the protector with adhesive tape (worked really well) and then capturing the little dust devil with some more tape. It all worked perfectly and now my screen is perfect too!

Performance after a few weeks is good and there isn't a mark on the protectors yet, despite keys and coins etc being in the same pocket.

Not the cheapest protectors by a long way, but appear to be good value for money
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on 7 September 2013
Following the purchase of my new Galaxy S111 mobile I wanted to look after it so I spent a very long time reading reviews on lots of screen protectors, some were cheaper than this one and the quality of the products were reflected in the reviews. I decided to buy this one but I was a little apprehensive as to whether I could fit it correctly. I should not have worried I watched the dvd on how to fit it and two minutes later it was done. I didn't need to fit it in a steamy bathroom.There were no air bubbles or trapped dust underneath the screen protector and it is perfect. I don't think it is noticeable at all. Oh yes you do get finger marks on it with all the swiping you do but the little cloth that it comes with removes them easily and it is back to being all shiny again.
The Customer Service is second to none I received some sweets with the parcel and a lovely e-mail asking me if I needed any help and if I was happy with the product. If you are looking for a screen protector buy this one ( you get two ) if I can fit it successfully anyone can.
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on 11 July 2014
Excellent product delivered with a fast efficient service. Worth spending a little more to get a quality product
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on 23 July 2013
I would recommend Media Devil to all my friends. I actually had to return the product because it wasn't good for my small phone.
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on 26 December 2012
Okay, this review is all about honesty, so lets start. I must tell you I have tried most of the screen protectors out there, I work in communications, and own several gadget, I've tried Zagg Invisible shield, good product but not everybody is happy about wetting there gadget first then letting it dry for 24hr just to see if there's any bubbles left, then there's Martin Fields, Expensive but good quality, and you only get one chance, because it's quite thin, and tends to crease, ( which you will never be able to undo ) Finally I stumble upon Media Devil while looking for something different for my newly purchased Galaxy S3, I actually found it on eBay first, then found it on Amazon.

Like all products I put on my gadgets, I did a review, not just on Google, but on Firefox, and Bing and Safari, ( different search engines produce different results! ) all the reviews were excellent, then I found out it won business innovation 2011 Award, but what sealed it for me was, not that this was already a good price, but the fact that you get Two! So I purchased my Media Devil Protectors, they arrived, Package well, with cleaning cloth and card for application.

We started this review, saying it's all about honesty, this is where it really matters, there are some people out there that do not like to read things to the end, and feel they can just, ( wing it! ) These are the people who will fail, putting on this, or any screen protector.

There is a video on-line showing the correct application for this product, I have many years experience, but did not hesitate to watch the video, hence, first try, Bingo!

To sum up, this is by far the best! The cheapest! The best quality! And the most easy to apply screen protector on the market today, plus you get two, also I would like to add, finger print are far less than the two I mention at the beginning, and screen clarity, is like there is nothing there.
If you follow the instructions, you cant go wrong, but if you don't, and you get it wrong.... lets face it, you still have another chance!
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on 29 November 2012
Wanted to just write a quick review. Just got this item, so can't comment on actual protection. But when I was looking for a screen protector for my s3 I didn't see any that commented on if this would work with cases or cover for the phone.

I use an Otterbox Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy S III - Glacier and am happy to report that it fits fine with the case. There are absolutely no areas where the protector peels or anything similar. It, coupled with this protector makes the phone feel indestructible!

Installing the protector was a bit of a pain in the ass (can be attributed to me having never done this before.) I tried the steamy bathroom method and it didn't quite work for me. Left the shower on for 10 ish minutes and went in thinking "this is gonna be easy". It wasn't. You need VERY steady hands as well as a dust free environment. Due to my, possible, arrogance I wasted the first cover. The second went on better. Once on you can hardly even see it's there. The second time round I didn't get a single air bubble or anything, of which I was very proud. It does feel very robust, and I'm sure it'll protect against scrapes and things. Will update this review after a couple more weeks/months of use.

There was a very nice surprise of some sweets in the parcel. Very nice touch. And from what I've read on the reviews here, the owner of MediaDevil, Callum, seems very caring of his customers, I'm sure that if I ever encounter any issues with the cover Callum will be happy to help. Which can only be a bonus in this day and age.

All in all, I'd recommend this cover over any others for the points I mentioned above. The customer care especially would make me buy again if I needed to.

I just glad I don't need to do this often, and I hope to get a good few months of loyal service out of this protector.

Cheers Callum!
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on 6 August 2012
I have always used screen protectors on my smart phones so I thought I knew what to expect. However I was not prepared for just how much of a pain this one would be to apply.

The you tube video made it all look very straightforward but I really struggled to apply the protector - maybe it's just me but I could just not get it to go on without bubbles. Then when trying to get the second layer off the protector lifted and more bubbles appeared - previous ones I've used have only had one layer to peel not 2. I was very frustrated by this point and I'm just glad there were 2 protectors in the packet as dust had appeared from nowhere and stuck to it which I then couldn't remove.

I almost had to chuck the second one away as I had a total nightmare with that too. I ended up washing it to remove bits and then applied it to the screen using cellotape to hold it.

Initially this did leave small bubbles underneath and I thought I was going to have to remove it but as it dried out the bubbles disappeared.

Once I finally got it applied it does look good and there are now no bubbles, but what a job it was!
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on 28 April 2013
Got the item, and I went onto the MediaDevil website to watch a video on how to put it on properly. Probably didn't really need it as it was really easy, and using the card that they gave you it went on without any air or dust bubbles.

I previously had a cheaper screen protector, and this is much better quality. After putting it on, the feel of the screen was also much better and more like the phone screen than the cheaper one I used before. It's also a little more resistant to marking than my previous protector.

Only minor gripe is that it's ever so slightly shorter on the bottom of the phone thank my older one so you can straight away tell it's got a screen protector on. I know they say that the edge is curved so it doesn't go right to the edge, but I think it could have gone a 2-3mm more (like my previous one did). But all in, excellent product.
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on 23 March 2013
I have been through a few smartphones and for each one of them, a few different varieties of screen protectors. One thing I have learnt is that quality is important. Cheap screen protectors are difficult to apply and don't last long, lifting up from the surface, getting dust underneath, bubbles, etc. Since the Galaxy S3 has a slightly curved screen, the MediaDevil protector appealed to me and showed me that they had thought about this, so I decided to give it a go. And I'm not disappointed. It was easy to apply (follow the instruction video on the website, and I also highly recommend applying it in a steamed up bathroom) and the protector itself does not impact the performance of the screen and does an excellent job protecting it from scratches. Also, after a few months of use, no peeling or dust under the cover, it's as good as the day I applied it. Highly recommended!
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on 6 October 2012
This is a really good product. It's a bit difficult to apply initially because the Galaxy S3 is curved at the top. If you're lucky it will go on first time, and then line up parallel with the sides. Just bear in mind that there are 2 peel-off protective films on it: the bottom one comes off first as you place the Protector on the screen (you pull the underside protective film down underneath the main Protector), then the top protective film is peeled off last. Watch the videos on their website, and use good quality sticky tape to remove any particles which land on the Protector. Best to do it somewhere where there is definitely no dust.

The real bonus is excellent customer service - these people are determined to overcome any problems. Buy with confidence.
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