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on 5 September 2013
Reading this book from start to finish was a true test of endurance, `so fond' as I am of romantic novels. The characters lacked any kind of depth or realism - or even grown-up quality, regardless of their age - and the prose, although so simplistically descriptive as to be reminiscent of a schoolgirl's composition (he did this, she said that), didn't describe as such where it was necessary: e.g. the meals Rosie cooks are always delicious, but not a single dish is actually described or mentioned by name, it's all just food that is beautiful, fabulous, delicious. Likewise, not a single one of the dozens of songs that Katherine sings and records is mentioned by its title.

The real howlers, both in grammar and spelling ("... she HAD WENT back to Tennessee...", "I think you'll GET ALONG GOOD with my father...", "... that the man could TALK SOFT for any reason", "... the man could GET A LITTLE BRASS and pushy" , "Daniel heard her open the DOOR WALL...", "... he MESSAGED her gently...", "Her body SHUTTERED...", "The sign that BARED her name..." and "I can mend UP", to give just a random selection) are very difficult to ignore, as is the increasingly irritating over-use of first names in the countless exchanges (reminiscent of Horatio's habit in CSI Miami).
Literally... this is quoted as it is written:
"Francesco, this is so elegantly wrapped."
" Rosie, I have something else for you! "
"Francesco, I don't understand."
" Rosie, that's our itinerary for Paris."

Then there are the superfluous "of" instances (inside of, outside of) and the total lack of imagination in the use of adjectives and detail; "... he didn't know what she liked so he ordered many things..." [dishes/selection of food, in case you were wondering], "... many papers will be signed...", "the beautiful man", "the gorgeous man", "the cute man" - and I lost track of the annoying repetitions of `he wrapped his arms around' all and sundry.

In fact, the language was so childish ("... with her hair all messed up...", "It will cost an enormous amount of dollars...", "After many hours had passed...") that even before I got halfway through the story, I began wondering whether this was in fact written by a teenage girl rather than a grown woman. That is, until I got to the one sex scene which I found rather disquietingly graphic within the naïve context of the entire `oeuvre'.

And what's with this American obsession with butlers? (Who, by the way, in these stories not only behave, but are also treated in, an extremely un-butler-ish manner.) What's wrong with calling the man in question `my personal assistant' or even `right hand man'?

In conclusion, reading this e-book involved a lot of teeth-gritting and eye-rolling on my part, and I'm just relieved it was a free download at the time. I'm most taken aback to find this is the first book in a series, and I will give any other novels by this author a very wide berth indeed.
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on 17 June 2013
The blurb read quite interesting and I am a sucker for a good romance. A fairly reasonable plot, handsome young rich playboy is taught a lesson by his father who wants to hand down his business. Playboy gets left in the middle of nowhere, finds love, loses love etc etc
This book is fairly lengthy and I am quite perplexed as to how it came to be so. The story is told to the reader, rather than nice descriptions. He did this, she did that, they went here etc etc. It was lacking in chemistry and depth, both around the playboy character and the situation he was in. Some parts of the plot were a bit far-fetched. He loses the girl that he falls in love with on first sight, mopes around for EIGHT months... then after one heart to heart with a friend, he instantly decides he needs to do something to find her? How has Playboy managed to convince his father he has learned his lesson about humility? what exactly has he done? Worked on a farm for eight months... there was no pinnacle of achievment that he went back to his father about. I gave up about 40% of the way through. Not very well written and lacking in description. Only read if you have the patience, then there are millions of other better free reads out there.
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on 10 September 2017
I liked the plot of this book. It was easy to read but in some ways it seemed stilted and stuttered in parts. Some of the dialogue was very dry and did not seem natural. It didn't flow. Sometimes the tense of a sentence was out of sync with the rest of the paragraph. It didn't really excite me and I didn't engage with the characters fully.
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on 1 September 2012
Brilliant book loved the story the characters were lifelike and likeable sometimes you don't want a book to end, this one carries on and completes any questions you have before it finishes. Highly recommend this as a feel good read with depth, it is much more than the product description gives you to believe.
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on 22 April 2013
I usually stay clear of billionaires and millionaires stories because they become boring after a while. But this one was really nice and fresh. The characters are very likeable. Love of people and for other people flow through this story. OK , at times, one of the heroines, Katherine was a bit over the top with her soul searching and the way she treated Daniel, but this was because she was scared of being hurt. Understandable, I suppose. But when you finish the book, you cannot help but think that it would be really nice to have so much money and to be able to fix other people's problems the way Francesco and Daniel did. Oh well, carry on dreaming Geraldine...
I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and escapism. It is like a breath of fresh air.
But I am going to change reading genres now. Some Action would be nice.
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on 13 October 2014
I would recommend this book to all drama romance lovers, the kind that want a little TLC without the sappy. I for one didn't put it down I loved the depth in which each idea was explored .I loved it it was the feel good kind of book ....if they had explained a little in depth about Rosie's past and elaborated on the danger with Sam it would have made it PERFECTION and a five star for me but if the rest in this series are like this or better ...yum I can't wait...bravo Terri Marie bravo.
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on 30 December 2012
Forbidden Disclosure (A Billionaire in Disguise) i loved this book daniel thought he had everything in life he could ever want, that money could buy, penthouse, fast cars you name it and never worked a day in his life, well that was until his father sent him away with only a small allowance to do everything on until he gets a job, he learns alot of life skills and meets two people Kathreen and Rosie who cange his life for ever.
i look forward to reading book 2, thank you Terri Marie for such a good book
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on 24 April 2013
I was looking forward to reading this book, but unfortunately for me this story just didn't come together. I am all for a good love story and escapism, but the relationship between the main characters Katherine and Daniel didn't seem real, they had only met a few times, yet he gave up his playboy ways instantly and one minute Katherine couldn't be in the same room as Daniel and the next declaring her undying love for him!!!. For me things just fell too perfectly together and i felt parts of the story were missing.
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on 25 May 2013
This book could have been so much better. I loved the fact that Daniel's father cut him off from their billions and sent him off to learn some valuable life lessons but from then on everything seemed so rushed. The original idea held potential and then it seemed like the author just couldnt be bothered. Conversations didnt flow naturally and situations were unrealistic. The idea was good but was ruined by bad execution.
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on 16 June 2013
The basic story of this book is great - make a spoilt rich boy see there's more to life than fast cars and easy women! but in my opinion when the story gets going it very poorly done. Everything comes too easy, he meets the women of his dreams the first night in town, gets a job he loves the second day where he meets a mother figure who his father will spend his retirement (and money) on, have a pathetic fight with women third day, girl leaves town, spend a few months working hard on a farm, go home to the arms of his doting father, find girl, buy girl by offering the world. The end!!! Its like a child has written it, you almost expect it to end with 'And they all lived happily ever after'.
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