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on 18 January 2016
This arrived quickly and well packaged.

I currently use the left-handed Razer Deathadder gaming mouse and have been very happy with it, but always feel I could do with a few more buttons.

So as a left-handed gamer, I was excited to see another specifically left-handed gaming mouse enter the sparse market, and with it's extra programmable buttons I couldn't wait to try it.

Unfortunately it turns out I have small hands - tho measured against my other female friends, they seem average for females, but compared to my partner's hands, they are rather small. I could not properly nor comfortably grib the Naga and have access to the buttons, it was always a choice of using the mouse or stopping and using the buttons which isn't any good at all and did not allow for streamline gaming.

Whilst trying to use it, I did find it very easy to set up the mouse and it's buttons and I imagine for someone with 'normal' size hands, this would be a perfect left-handed gaming mouse.

If it had been smaller, would definately have kept it but unfortunately due to it's size, I had to return it.
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on 3 October 2017
I bought this as a replacement for my old mouse at the start of June, now 4 month later at the start of October the cursor sometimes jumps sporadically few inches when I only slightly move it - very frustrating when gaming.

I've checked drivers on my gaming PC and I've checked if the issue persists on other devices (old PC, iMac and macbook) and it does. My desk is always clean but i've given the mouse a careful clean too but that made no difference. It also have almost no visible wear and tear yet. So I have to conclude that this is due to the mouse's hardware itself.

I love the ergonomics of this mouse and how this mouse sits in my hand - for small lady hands this is the only mouse on the market that fits so comfortably - all of the thumb buttons are easily reachable, hard to accidentally miss press and very distinguishable to not mix up which is which. I also love the switch at the bottom of the mouse that lets you swap from num1, num2, num3, etc to 1, 2, 3 on keyboard. It is the only mouse on the market that lets you do that without having to install any additional software that you alway have to open on launch and keep on running in the background of your pc.

It's a fantastic product if it weren't for this random movement of cursor issue. This has cost me few team wipes now and it's quite embarrassing to admit on stream that it was due to my Razer Naga Hex.

Unfortunately now I am out of my returns time period bracket on amazon so I can not return it or swap over for a new one just in case this one happened to be a bad one in the batch. Manufacturer's website says all their mice have 2 year guarantee so I will try to contact them directly. This post will be updated if there is any progress or further info in this matter
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on 1 December 2015
The perfect IT treat for the left hand!

Three things:
1) general feedback: design is perfect, palm is perfectly sits on it; buttons are fairly easy to reach and the whole use feels natural to your hand
2) it`s a gaming mouse and it delivers. Used it for League of Legends with tailored key bindings and macros and WOW; really increases your performance.
3) it`s more than a gaming mouse: as not being a teenager I`ve got other stuffs to do on my laptop and bought this mouse also for the high amount of programmable buttons on the side. Makes my life in windows and in programs very much easier. All key combos can be programmed on the side (ctrl+F4 to switch between Chrome tabs; ctrl+c; ctrl+v, Enter, backspace button to go back on pages and the list goes on). Makes it so comfortable that I don`t have to reach out for my keyboard to push these keyboard combos.

Highly recommended not just for gaming but for browsing, CAD design or for anyone who uses a lot of keyboard buttons. Who doesn`t? :)

Only small issue I have is with the software (synapse) if you unplug it when the laptop is switched on and re-plug it the software forgets the key bindings (solution: need to sign out and in again in windows). Not a deal breaker though.
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on 12 September 2017
**I purposefully waited a couple of months before writing this review so I could share my results over a long period**

I bought this mouse as I use audio editing software every day for work (at least 8 hours).

Firstly I wanted a mouse that would be comfortable to use over long periods. What I have found so far is it is a huge improvement over the apple mighty mouse I was using for years previously. My hand sits nicely on the top of the mouse and I don't find myself stretching much at all. I like how you can finely tweak the DPI (sensitivity) of the mouse to ensure minimal hand movement. There is a nice weight to the mouse which also seems to help give smooth tracking. It doesn't seem as heavy as the Razer Naga with 12 buttons which I tried also.

I bought a mouse with extra buttons as I wanted to be able to program useful shortcuts and macros that I use all the time in order to speed up my workflow. I chose this mouse because I think that 7 buttons is about the limit for me to be able to use quickly and still be able to remember what is assigned where. The 12 button mouse seemed far too squared together and I would often hit the wrong button. The 7 side buttons are nicely spaced and the circular pattern makes it easy to recall the macro you want without looking at the mouse.
I find the Razer Synapse software very easy to use and it's super quick to record new macros. I have a couple of profiles at the moment, one dedicated to my pro tools software and a general one for browsing the internet etc. The software automatically switches profile when I go from pro tools to safari for example.
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on 21 January 2018
I had an older model Orochi for years and enjoyed using it greatly.

This new version feels cheap and shoddy in comparison to the one is replaces. The rubber side grips are already starting to peel off, the left mouse button is now noticeably lower than the right through use causing the shell to distort. The bluetooth signal feels very poor and unreliable compared to the old Orochi, which the mouse pointer stuttering around the screen to much that I eventually gave up on it and just always use it with its supplied USB cable, pretty much defeating the point of a wireless mouse in the first place. The Mac drivers are REALLY shoddy. They interperate a held down moue button as multiple clicks instead of a hold, making menus almost unusable. The mouse works better when the drivers are uninstalled, but then you can't configure the buttons and the default behaviour is very much not what I want.

But hey, the mouse wheel has multi-coloured lighting so there is that.
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on 9 October 2015
I bought this because I have in the last 12 months started playing more games and found that my standard PC mouse was not giving the gaming sensation I felt I wanted.

I am a right hander who chooses to use my mouse in my left hand. Up until now I've only used ambidextrous mouse units so they can be in either hand. But this time, having realised that some games I can't play with the mouse in the right hand 'cos it just feels wrong, I decided to splash out on a left handed gaming mouse. That led to the problem of finding one.

After looking long and hard at this and the few others available I bought the Naga - and I love it.

I admit there are still a few occasions when I mis-click on one of the side buttons, but it is happening less often. And the mouse itself is a perfect size for my hand. I love the weight of the mouse and the click feeling is excellent. Basically I love this mouse. I even then bought myself a Razer Goliath mouse pad to use with it.
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on 10 July 2017
The Razer Naga Chroma is a gaming mouse aimed at MMO, and MOBA players. With a 12 button thumb grid on the left side of the mouse, and a very comfortable, ergonomic shape.

- No sensor rattle
- Ergonomic design with 12 button thumb grid on left side
- Small-Medium hands (palm/claw), large hands (Claw)
- Weighs roughly 105g without the cable
- RGB Lighting
- Braided cable (isn’t too thick or stiff)
- Programmable buttons
- 2 DPI Buttons
- DPI / Polling / LOD options
- Surface calibration

- Laser sensor (PLN-2034 PTE), has acceleration issues, and a little latency
- limited to palm/claw grip, not much range of motion
- Software requires signup

Generally speaking, a high accuracy sensor isn’t vital for MMO/MOBA play, but I can’t help but think that an optical sensor should have been implemented into the Naga Chroma, that way it could be used for competitive FPS play too. Nevertheless, the thumb grid is the main selling point of this mouse, and that works as intended.

If you would like to see a more in-depth video review, search YouTube for “JoshTechBytes Razer Naga Chroma Review”.

I have included some pictures from multiple angles, as well as with some other mice for comparison.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 17 January 2013
Before this mouse, I used the Razer Deathadder.

I am an avid gamer and spend a long time gaming every day, as well as graphical design, programming and much more, and using a good mouse that I can be precise and quick with is very important.

I use this with 8200dpi, and coming from the Deathadder that's a HUGE difference, way more than double the DPI (3500 on the Deathadder).

I've had to reduce my overall sensitivity, and the same in games, and it did take me a day or two to get used to it, but now that I am, it's amazing. It has no glitchy movements, the laser on it is quite blatantly the best I've ever used, and if you ever decide to purchase one you'll see exactly what I mean by that.

I find that often my hands have very little 'grip' on them, and with the Deathadder that made it extremely hard to hold on to the mouse sometimes. With the Taipan I am able to grip it no matter what, and just now I found this out as my hands are like that again, and that's what prompted me to write this review.

It looks very smart, the design amongst other mice is like that of a Ferrari amongst most day to day cars. It's sharp and smooth at the same time, and has a very nice green glow to it.

Due to it being ambidextrous, it has the thumb buttons on each side, but they can be programmed however you like, so you don't have to have the same ones on the other side of your hand, you can actually use them as separate buttons. The DPI+ and DPI- buttons can also be re-programmed, I just made them press buttons on my keyboard such as ; [ ] and then bound those keys in-game, so that I can use them as extra buttons, which proved very helpful in WoW and CoD4.

This mouse is a bit smaller than the Deathadder, but I have quite large hands and found it very easy to use still, so it's not problematic as far as I'm concerned.

Overall I am very pleased with this mouse, and although for a mouse it's very expensive, the only thing I am not sure about yet is how long it will last! Everything else I wanted in a mouse is present in this one, so I rate it 5/5.

I might make another review in a years time or so, just to point out the lifetime of the mouse, or if it breaks I will be sure to post that here too.

If you can afford this mouse, it's definitely worth the purchase.


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on 28 July 2017
Had the 12 button 2014 Naga and loved it. Used it for almost 2 years with no issues. Ended up selling it when I decided I wanted an optical mouse with a better shape for precision in FPS. After a while I missed the Naga and decided that I'd like to have another as I've started playing ESO, the Hex V2 had been released during this time and it looked like a better option than the 12 button Naga due to the thumb rest giving it a better area to apply grip for more precision, as well as having fewer buttons and what looked to be a better layouy (I only used the first 6 on the Naga 2014 anyways)

The mouse arrived and the delivery was on time and the packaging was in perfect condition, however within a few seconds of putting my hand on the mouse I realised the side of the mouse actually felt LESS comfortable than the 2014 edition, the way the buttons felt against the upper part of the inside of the thumb just felt very awkward and was something I strangely didn't feel with the 2014 edition. I thought pressing the buttons would be a bit easier than the 12 button version, but to my surprise it just seemed even more awkward, but perhaps this is just a subjective thing and other people may find it to be a much better option.

HOWEVER, the BIGGEST issue I've had with this mouse is that the buttons on the side wheel were very wobbly, as well as the scroll wheel. Just scrolling up and down was enough to make it wobble. This may not necessarily mean the mouse is going to break but it just doesn't feel good to me and it certainly doesn't live up to what I'd expect from a mouse, that currently, at the time of this review, is selling for £70 to £75 (especially considering my 2014 edition had no issues and was about £50) just seems a bit of a joke. I know Razer gets a lot of negative criticism, but I'd had good experiences with them in the past and they probably sell more mice and peripherals that most companies, so of course there's going to be more people complaining if something goes wrong, but to me this seems like something that should have been noticed in quality control.

All in all, I loved the 2014 edition of the Naga and this is essentially the same shape with a different button layout, if that works for you then it's great option as long as you don't need that level of precision that an optical sensor can bring for higher levels of FPS play. But at the price it currently is, it just seems too expensive and if my issue is one that is common then I'd probably just stay away. If it had the same level of build quality as the Corsair Scimitar and was a bit cheaper, then it would be perfect given that you like the shape. And despite what people say, although it is a bit of a joke that you have to log into Razer Synapse to modify the mouse and that it doesn't have on-board memory, Razer Synapse works and is easy to use, unlike the Corsair software which is a complete pain to use and I've head numerous reports of it completely removing profiles entirely and disconnected peripherals, something I've yet to experience with Razer.
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on 2 September 2017
A great and portable mouse that can be used wirelessly with Bluetooth or with the included cable. However when comparing it to mice of similar prices, it comes out below and on top in its different modes.

When used wirelessly this mouse is limited to a 125Hz polling rate, which when added to the innate latency with Bluetooth leads a very palpable input lag. Not acceptable when gaming, or even for productivity. This is less of an issue with web browsing however. The battery life is great and the RGB lighting works seamlessly.

WIRED: 8.5/10
When you plug this mouse in however, everything changes. The polling rate is now allowed to open up to 1000Hz and the latency is gone. The sensor is great, as per most of Razer's lineup. The sensitivity can be adjusted on the fly and suddenly its pedigree is clear.

The mouse is definitely smaller than most mice, but that adds to its portability. It is not uncomfortable at any point however and is an acceptable tradeoff therefore. This follows my laptops with its included mouse case and when I'm done with browsing and slow work, I plug it in and boom! productivity and gaming on the go. On top of this, it becomes a portable clicker for presentations - I can walk around and use the mouse as a pointer and the scroll to navigate too. The light can be switched off of course - making it a bit more professional.
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