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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 16 February 2015
As a fan who was there when the wall crumbled at Heathrow and stood outside hotels waving, I read this book as a catch up (it's 2015 and the book was published in 2005), and I'm a little late in understanding what it really felt like for DO and family to live the life they did. And I am sorry for that. Their public face taught me values which I hold today. The book doesn't spoil that, but it talks of hardship, obsessive discipline, and and unnatural childhood, which isn't enviable on many levels. DO still is almost unable to show his feelings at a deep level, despite working on this area of his life - a hangover from childhood. I hope that in the 10 years since he wrote this, he has found more peace and a greater sense of himself. A TRULY talented man - with a totally brilliant wife!!
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on 8 November 2016
Bought as a present for our daughter in law and she loved it a great read
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on 19 July 2017
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on 16 May 2017
Good book
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on 8 March 2006
I have both the hardbound copy and the paperback. Donny is and always will be my favorite singer. I read the book with great interest and was touched by how much he revealed about his life. It must have been so difficult so relive the not so nice things as he was writing his book. I always felt that the music industry did him a terrible injustice. He can't always be the Donny of the 70's. Donny today is a wonderful singer, go and buy his newest CD and wow will you enjoy it. I really felt his pain and think that he is a winner, not only because of the way he has conducted himself, but because he is truly a good person. He could have gone to the dark side with a fake arrest and built up this shady reputation, but he has too much self respect for himself and his family. We all have to answer to our children when we goof up and Donny knew that. I am also happy that he married a woman who didn't let fame phase or change her, she was the one who told him not to ever confront smart aleck people, but I can understand his frustration, he is being judged by other people's perception of him rather than who he really is.
I also felt really bad about his bout with his social phobia, I am so glad that he didn't let it consume him, his fans love him and we truly care about his well being. I can't imagine being that terrified. In closing let me say that I am proud to be a Donny Osmond fan (I even have his bumper sticker on my car). Donny Osmond of the 70's was a gorgeous boy with great music talent with a great love for his family, the Donny of today, is a father of five, great husband (Married nearly 28 years), and a great musical artist. So enjoy the Donny of then, but explore the Donny of today and you will be wonderfully surprised.
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on 17 September 2005
Wow! this is such a good read. The style is chatty and conversational. Donny is honest with us, his fans. He admits it has not always been easy being an Osmond. This book is like having a one to one chat with Donny. I am enjoying it enormously.
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on 19 March 2006
I have been a fan of Donnys for 30+ years, so my daughter bought me this book for Xmas 2005. It took me less than 2 days to read it - I just couldn't put it down! This book gives a real insight into the highs and lows of the entertainment industry, and the pressure of being part of a well-known family with a reputation to maintain.
Donnys love for his wife and sons (and the rest of his large family), his commitment to his religion, and his appreciation of the love his fans have for him, made this a compelling read for me. A truly inspirational book.
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on 1 January 2007
I have only read the "first edition" of "Life is Just What You Make It: My Story So Far" and I am wondering how different the 2 versions are if anyone has read both. As we all know, he's still going strong, with his appearance in the "White and Nerdy" video, new generations are exploring his music and that of his family, and so his story is far from over. What this book did for me as a fan from the 70's and currently was fill in a lot of the blanks from when you weren't hearing much in America about him or his family. I had heard about of the stuff that's happened of late, from his boxing bout with Danny Bonaduce, the Rosie O'Donnell appearance, Joseph, and his social anxiety disorder, but it was good to read the details from his point of view. The edition I read doesn't cover the years he recovered from his broken neck and no voice.

I was most surprised to find that a lot of the stuff we read in the fan mags in the 70's about him appears to have been true and not made up for publicity purposes because it sounded good...that he really was dabbling in the electronics hobby from the age of about 13, the compulsion to finish the projects w/o sleep (before ANY of us heard of obsessive-compulsive disorder), and that he really did enter the stadiums on a "wire" quite often (which I don't recall happening at the show I saw in the 70's). I had no idea he was such an adreneline junkie to the point of race car driving and standing on flying around on helicopter skids, and letting his brother Alan use him in all kinds of dangerous stunts at BYU stadium.

He clearly married the right woman, which lo and behold isn't me, because he would have given me a heart attack years ago and sent me to an early grave. I can identify with the social phobia, which I also share, and don't see how the daredevil lives in the same body. It's a very interesting life to read about from a safe distance. There's never been a better teen idol for a fan to worship.
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on 28 December 2007
It is a fantastic read and allows the reader to explore both the highs and pitfalls of stardom that Donny experienced throughout his life.

I must say that i found it especially hillarious and entertaining, through the use of a colloquial style of writing, and so it is able to fully portray Donny's fun-filled personality.

Speaking from a younger audiences perspective, it allowed me to explore an era that is unknown to me (70's and 80's - before my time!), yet Donny makes it all extremely interesting. I loved it!

This is a pleasant insight into the life of a man who has so much to tell... Truely well worth the read and it will have you laughing and crying all the way through!
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on 19 September 2005
I enjoyed this book so much I read it in a day!! I have been a fan of Donny's for many years, so it was interesting to read about the problems he has encountered over the ups and downs of his showbusiness career.
The book was written in an easy to read style and one could imagine Donny talking directly to you. He did give insights also into his family life as well as his professional life, but did not 'wash dirty laundry' about the brothers. However, at the same time did discuss the peaks and troughs of their relationships and how fame affected their upbringing.
I thorough recommend this book as a must read for Donny fans, but it would also be of interest to anyone who enjoys biographies or autobiographies
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