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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2014
I am Kay/Karen's nephew. This woman is a deluded individual. My great grandmother was the most amazing person on this earth. She brought up my mother and her two sisters when their own mother couldn't be bothered with them. They had a fantastic upbringing. This book destroyed my Great Grandmother who succumbed to a stroke not long afterwards and never recovered. The bile she has spilled about her sister is beyond comprehension and that is exactly what it is BILE & LIES. Kay made her own choices and has always blamed others for her own downfall rather than taking a hard look at herself in the mirror. Believe what you will but I know the truth.
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on 26 March 2014
Yes it is very graphic, but I suppose it brings these things to the attention of the reader as some of the things described in the book I'd never even have imagined someone could be capable of. I think her work as a prostitute gives an interesting insight into that world and I am interested to know what footballers she was talking about in the strip club scene. As far as it being true, I take all true crime books with a pinch of salt as it is really one persons word against another and Reg McKay did change the names of the people involved.

What I didn't like is the way he attempts to justify everything Kay does, to try and explain how innocent and naive she was, which I think ruins the flow of the story. I'd rather he just said what was meant to have happened and leave the reader to judge.
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on 14 September 2012
Kay or Karen what ever you want to call her, did indeed have a hard childhood, but her mother and sister were not as bad as Kay/Karen made out. She used this book as a way of hurting those she loved , because she was hurt after losing Simmy the love of her life. If you know who all the characters are then you can understand it better. I think Reg McKay was duped on this one. The story is about Stewart Specky Boyd and his crew, and how Kay/Karen was Boyd s mistress, she then started seeing John Simpson who was Boyd s henchman, this is when things started going wrong for them both. They tried taking on Boyd who at the time had already been accused of 4 murders.
I wont spoil it to much but one thing to remember is Kay/Karen was locked up in a mental institution, she spouts hatred with malicious lies about her family and some friends whom she grew up with. All this hatred for Boyd/Cummings but she still made his funeral and wept her heart out. A complicated girl, but one with a story to tell, just a pity she had to feel the need to add parts to a story that needed nothing added.
would research who the characters are based on before I read it, once that is done you will enjoy this book so much more
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on 30 June 2002
i thought the first 8-10 chapters of the book were a little bit graphic although it did highlight the disturbing childhood that kay had to shows how desperate some young girls are to try and escape the horror of the slums.Kay managed to escape but at what cost ?.her health suffered as she slipped into a world of drink and serious drug abuse.amongst the anguish of her life was the good points.her great love for lover Paul Sim shone through all the bad times that she was forced to endure in her hard sad i read this book i felt myself caring for kay as if she was my own sibling and a part of my life.i hope that life gets better for the real-life kay and she finds happiness.
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on 29 July 2004
This one is a very detailed story and written in a way that draws you right in. It's controversial but who wants to read about happy, perfect people living happy, perfect lives?!?

At the end of each chapter you're left wondering if things will work out well for the protagonist and despite kick after kick in the teeth, she perseveres. I liked the structure used to depict various events in Kay's life - the order is slightly scattered but there are indications as to whether they happened early on or later in her life, so it's easy to follow. Whether fictitious or not, really interesting and a rewarding and unexpected finale.

Unlike some novels I have read, there is no anti-climax here. I wouldn't recommend this book for innocent/naiive minds. Perhaps not for the easily offended. Ten out of ten.
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on 2 December 2015
The book is real as it gets....fantastic writing, not for the fainthearted however its about timepeople opened there eyes
and stopped pretending its all rainbow's and fluffy clouds....wake up!
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on 31 August 2013
Hi i'm kay's younger sister, well really her name is karen. I'm totally disgusted with the lie's in that book, My grandmother was a wonderful gran, and i stayed with her and my grandad and can assure everyone that none of that happened, it is total lie's, I am really angry about the stuff in that book, as my mother had nothing to do with karen becoming a hooker, she done that by choice of her own, and my mother did not send her out to get drugs either, I just want to set the record straight here as i know better than anybody who is reading this s***, that it full of lies, my gran and my mother do not deserve those lie's being said about them. Don't know how people get away with making up so much lie's its a total disgrace, and i will never forgive my sister for making all this s*** up. So people that read the book and feel sorry for her, don't bother.
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on 25 February 2003
Far too graphic, Kay obviously had a very difficult and disturbing upbringing under the influence of her mother, but do we really want to know the exact graphic details. As the book goes on it is slightly better, and you do feel drawn to the character and sympathise with her. This book is not for the faint-hearted.
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on 17 October 2014
First off I would like to say that I know who all the characters are in this book and for those 'family' members of Karen and their friends who have wrote their reviews based on their own prejudiced beliefs, that is not giving a proper review of the book! Secondly, these people can say what they want about Karen and make comments like Reg was duped in this one, but Reg does not write his work based on what 1 person says. He does actually do a great deal of research into finding out the truth - the real truth! So Reg is not a man to be 'duped' in any of his work. Now onto the review. As usual, Reg sucks you into a fantastic read and makes it very frustrating if you have to put the book down in order to do something else - you don't want to leave that book because that would mean leaving the place the book has taken you to. This book is a must for everybody whether you have grown up in similar circumstances or whether you have grown up in a more luxurious way. Either will prove to have areas that all can relate to. But I hope people read this book and ignore any comments made by family members or friends of the family and just read this book as it is.
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on 12 September 2014
To say this story is gritty is a vast understatement. I now realise that while I am about the same age as the story teller I grew up in a completely different world
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