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on 24 November 2012
Once you have put the disc in and got things underway you will be treated to the opening of Fellowship of the ring, narrated by Cate Blanchett. Then its on to the last stand of men and Elves against the all powerful Sauron which you actively take part in. Needless to say that this game is incredibly faithful to the Peter Jackson movies and all audio, save that of minor characters, is taken directly from the films.
The story of the one ring is explained and then you are put in charge of Frodo and Sam in the Shire.

With the film soundtrack playing and the Shire to explore at your leisure, you will suddenly wonder if the rest of the game can live up to such an epic opening. The answer is yes. While some, like me, will quite happily wander about Hobbiton collecting Studs and hunting down special Mithril Blocks...others will be determined to see just how big this Lego themed Middle-Earth is.

Of course this is no Skyrim. But such freedom and detailed environments will gain your attention. And if you are a fan of the movies you are going to be very impressed. You can have a walk along to Bree if you wish but the first mission will stand in your way and its hard to ignore it, when you know that it details Frodos' flight from the Shire and his first encounter with the Nazgul. The whole of this Lego condensed Middle-Earth is open for exploration. Take a walk to Mount Doom.

If you have played any previous Lego games then this is the best. The controls are responsive, the animations incredible and the graphics lush and colourful. Middle-Earth looks absolutely stunning and I'm always surprised at how much more the developers can get out of these little plastic figures. Characters are easily recognisable and the cutscenes prefectly represent the movies, with added Lego humour of course.

You can fast travel between the locations you have visited but its enjoyable to walk it, or ride it even. Try taking a goat out of the Shire. Going past the Town of Bree and unlocking Weathertop will allow you to see a large part of the map. The thing is whatever you see is available to visit. Your map will highlight useful locations, quest locations and items of interest. You can even set a coin trail to any objectives or locations you want to visit. Hobbit GPS.

Any Mithril blocks you collect (these replace the gold blocks), along with recipes allows you to craft new weapons, items and armor. These can be accessed through the characters inventory wheel with ease. The thing is if you take a quest on it usually means visiting a past mission in free-play mode and finding the required items etc etc.

Is Lego Lord of the rings a role-play game then? Very litely. You can tackle quests, hunt down hidden caves and so on but the game is very friendly and there is no grinding of any kind. Simply wandering around with the Fellowship is awesome and each character has his/her special abilities. Samwise can grow flowers from patches of soil and light fires with his tinderbox. Merry has a fishing rod and can tackle (get it) a little mini-game when above certain bodies of water.

The missions are more of the same from previous Lego games. Collect the maximum amount of studs per level, find treasure chests and unlock kit pieces. Free-play mode is required to visit older levels with new characters and their special abilities to unlock additional areas and kit. Replay value on this game is very high indeed.

You'll wander from Rivendell to Rohan, buying new characters as you go and taking in the lovely sights of Middle-Earth in all of its Lego glory. The you'll decide to go back to the Shire and unlock some more bits of Mithril that you missed earlier in the game to forge a new powerful weapon...

Yes it gets repetetive but not in a bad way. You are glad to experience Lord of the rings and plod through the game and get them all important achievements.

The best Lego game ever and best use of a film license.

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on 30 October 2017
Absolutely love this game. The highlight of the game is the enormous free play map which you can explore. The previous games have not had this feature. You are able roam around the whole of the lego version of middle earth with extra challenges dotted around such as retreiving items for characters you come across in the world. Whilst exploring you come across other secret areas of the map with additional challenges.
So much fun to play and plenty of entertainment. Highlly recommend
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on 1 April 2018
Absolutely fantastic game from start to finish with tons and tons of things to do and keep you entertained for longevity. I bought this five years ago when it first came out and now played through a second time because I deleted my game save data and also my five year old daughter loves to play it too. Sometimes it's stressful knowing there's still loads of overworld activities to do and things to collect. This one's a real classic so get it for your collection.
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on 19 January 2013
Lego Lord of the Rings is the latest in the series of Lego titles made for the Xbox 360. In my opinion it is the best of them so far, and the standard has always been high.

Lego LOTR manages to combine classic story levels with an interesting and varied open-world environment between the levels.

The story levels have to be tackled first in order to open up wider environments, skills, equipment, and characters in the rest of the game. These levels work through the whole LOTR story, introducing characters as they go along. The levels have save points within them, so it is possible to return to a level and not have to repeat too much gameplay.

The story levels, once completed the first time, can be played again in Free Play as part of the open world part of the game. In addition to the Free Play levels, the open world offers a whole variety of other things to do - quests to find and create objects, characters to locate and unlock, mini-games to get collectible items.

The gameplay elements are interesting and varied. Each character has particular skills and equipment they can use, and these are all used to help solve puzzles throughout the game.

The gameplay is challenging while never too frustrating - 100% completion and 1000 Xbox 360 achievement points are all very much within reach. It offers many hours of gameplay, all the while showing progress towards full completion. It is a game that has a lot to offer existing Lego game fans and new players alike, and I highly recommend it.
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on 6 July 2013
You have to admire the people at Traveller's Tales for sticking to the original film scripts. Watching the Star wars films, or Indiana Jones you can't help but visualise the little Lego characters as they follow the plot through the games.
This one is much like the others but with one or two new touches to get over the frustration of moving around the hub to find the levels you want. Some levels are too easy and yet others too damn hard and it can get annoying having to keep going back to start points when you fail a level. One glitch that frustrates the hell out of me is when you try to use a vehicle, press 'Y' and more often than not, you'll change character instead of getting onto whatever you want to ride.
However, despite that, there are hours of great fun to be had here and well worth spending the money.
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on 6 May 2014
Finally, someone has done a Lord of the Rings game right. Finally, someone has created a game that captures the epic sweep of Peter Jackson’s movies, the battles, the struggles, the fellowship, the adventure. Someone has created a game that takes on the great figures and huge events of Tolkien’s story, but that doesn’t abandon the little people or the details either.

Of course, it’s a bit unexpected that this most faithful of adaptations is constructed around chunky Lego minifigures and virtual plastic bricks, and that it’s one rolled out with a wink and a chuckle rather than hushed reverence and spellbound awe, but then that’s always been the Lego way. Lego Lord of the Rings does for Middle Earth what Lego Star Wars did for the whole Skywalker Saga, what Lego Harry Potter did for Harry and Hogwarts and what Lego Indiana Jones did for Raiders and its sequels. In fact, it does it even better.

The basics are as usual. The main story sequences are effectively simple platform levels with a little combat, a lot of objects to break and studs to collect, and a few, fairly straightforward puzzles. Each Lego character has specific abilities, whether it’s Sam growing plants and lighting fires, Gimli smashing certain surfaces, Gandalf levitating objects or Legolas shooting arrows and walking tightropes. Most of the puzzles revolve around one character using their abilities to circumvent one barrier so that another character can have a chance to showcase theirs, and it all has this smart, enjoyable flow. The beauty of Lego Lord of the Rings, as was the case with this year’s Lego Batman 2, is that it’s never too hard for kids to play on their own but it’s also got enough challenge to keep adults from getting bored. You can’t die permanently - though dying temporarily will lose you precious studs - so it’s never what you might call frustrating.

Lego Lord of the Rings makes a few adjustments to the formula. In most recent Lego games you’ve had to pick up objects and use them, but this one is the first where you can carry more than one at a time, with a handy inventory wheel. Objects can also be combined, so a handle and a head becomes a hammer, while a rod, like and hook become a fishing rod. Lego Lord of the Rings also features crafting, where designs for different tools or objects can be discovered, then formed in the forge at Bree using whatever Mithril silver blocks you’ve managed to collect. These forged items will make life that bit easier, though you won’t get access to many through your initial run through the game.
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on 2 August 2013
Well I think that the LEGO Lord of the Rings Xbox 360 video game is a good purchase because they are many different
levels to explore collecting well known characters from the trilogy of films along the way and adding many bonus features as
well. I mean if you are a collector of LEGO or a fan of the Lord of the Rings film then I suggest you purchase this brilliant
LEGO game such as for a special occasion someone's birthday an end of term treat or even a Christmas present. At the end
of the day the choice is yours. Also the game gets repetitive but not in a bad way. I mean you are glad to experience the world of Lord of the Rings and plod through the game and get them all important achievements. So those are my overall opinions.
Thank you Amazon.co.uk. Four stars all round!
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on 5 March 2017
Lego games as a rule have always been great and this one is no different! The game follows the movies closely with some minor deviations to make it kid friendly, such as the removal of Gandalfs pipe etc.

The game is excellently done and features the usual humour you would expect from a lego game.
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on 12 June 2016
This is my favorite Lego game by far. Might be because I love Lord of the Rings but it is a well made game as it has pretty much everything from the film in with brilliant humor.

A lot of fun, I played it with my partner and she also loved it. It is more fun to play with someone else be it your partner/kid/sibling.
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on 21 April 2014
Ordered this when it first came out for my nephew only bought it for myself as I was looking for something interesting.

Well certainly got what I was looking for!

With Lego Hobbit more or less out by the time I type this I'm still playing this game as I don't need to be online to play it and it has quite a bit of repeat playability with its free play levels.

If you haven't bought this and want something that will be interesting to play I heartily recommend this!
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