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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2012
This is just a warning to potential buyers who aren't already geared up with a game controller for their pc. I can't really comment on the game itself as I'm only a few levels into it, though I'm enjoying it immensely as it's delightfully off-the-wall in a non-threatening kind of way.

Not having played video games since 'Tomb Raider' (oh how that ages me!), I couldn't resist buying this Lego LOTR game for my Windows Vista laptop. Alas, on installing it, I found that the Read Me file says: "For the best game experience it is recommended that you play LEGO® The Lord of the Rings(tm) using a dual analog game pad with six buttons. You will be unable to tip-toe /walk slowly when using a keyboard."

I ploughed on regardless but found the keyboard controls horrendously hard work (such as trying to select the right character), and for some things impossible to achieve. I finally hit a wall during 'Weathertop', where my keystrokes simply did nothing. So I caved in and bought this excellent controller Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows - Black (PC) which installed without a hitch. The game recognised the controller immediately and now properly displays on-screen prompts etc. Quite an expensive addition to my little detour into pc gameplay, but now at last I can enjoy this amusing game as it was meant to be played!
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on 23 November 2012
This is fantastic, graphics are great, play is great, lego is great. What more do you need to know? I have every single lego game ever sold and they get better each time. This is huge and there's tons to do :)

The areas are huge and there's soundtrack direct from the movie, I'm now four levels or so in and my only gripe with the game is some of the camera angles. I keep getting stuck behind things and having to swap to someone else to get myself free.

I brought the PC version as I'm sick of forking out extra to get it on Wii or ps3.
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on 1 December 2012
If you love lego games or Lotr, get this game, it's great. It looks amazing, the cut scenes are great, combining lego's humour with the actual dialogue from the films. it has the original howard shore soundtrack (epic) and the open world middle earth aspect is what really makes this game, you can literally walk from the shire to mordor, theres a ton to do. I must have already clocked up 35+ hours in a week :) thought this game would be a little fun, turns out I LOVE IT :) and the price for it is very good too :)
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on 4 December 2012
Thou I have yet at the time of writing this, to complete the freeplay side of things in the game, I am really enjoying this game, sure a few scenes from the movies were left out in favour of pacing of the story, but overall, its proven its self to be a game really worth playing and grips rather easily! The video sequences are well done and really funny to watch! With so much to do, in the game, it takes ages to do but its a fantastic game with voice clips from the movies, it makes it vastly superior to the Harry Potter games!

I really recommend this game, its suitable for anyone and it doesn't matter if your an adult or a child, its easily the best Lego game to date and well worth the money!
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on 1 December 2015
First impressions. Played it on 2 player mode. The intro story was amusing but when the game starts the player characters are tiny and you are in a battle with hundreds of orcs and with no marker above your head. I had to constantly jump to know which dot on the screen was me. When one player goes too far away from the other it changes to split screen and zooms out some more so it's near impossible to see where you are. By the time we hacked and slashed at sauron for 30 minutes and still he had one hear left, we just put our controllers down out of boredom. I feel I should fairly retry playing it on my own to give an accurate review.
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on 2 June 2014
Firstly Lego and Lord of the Rings. Great combo.

I am a huge fan of both.

The company behind all the lego games is Traveller's Tales and they do a wonderful job with their games.

That said here is why LotR Lego is particularly wonderful.

The gameplay covers all three films. It spans across the whole of Middle Earth [or that pertaining to the LotR storyline].

You will need to invest quite some hours to completely finish the game 100%. This sounds bad as I type it but for longebity sake I thought this was a great and enduring game not just a weekend romp so to speak.

Despite the review by 'Chappers', I played the game with keyboard [on the pc], and had no gaming issues because of it. maybe he had a pre release version. incidently I have since played it on the Wii and essentially the game is identical but the playing experience is more polished, I think due to the controller.

As a lego game they do not really deviate much from other level games. There are 18 main story levels [one of them the prologue]. There is a bonus level also.

Finishing the levels [completely], brings game completion to about 30%. I say completely as there are aspects to the levels that are impossible to finish on the first pass through them. This adds to the game charm.

To obtain 100% on a level you need to collect 10 minikits, collect a minimum amount of studs on level one for example its 30,000. collect quest items or pieces that improve your performance in some way.

There are several quests in Middle Earth to be completed, [often hilarious ones that my son missed the humour on. Case in point was an orc chef who wanted 'to put meat back on the menu']. In fact for those who read the books and saw the films there is a strong humourous undercurrent,

The quests often take you back into the levels to collect this or that item. There are races on foot on horse, whack a mole type races.

The game still had lots of life in it for my 6 year old who having finished the levels really enjoyed running aound Middle Earth finishing the quests off and collecting the 80+ playable chars.

As teh game allows 4 profiles to play it, I dont mind telling you that it was also a game I throughly enjoyed too.

Lego Batman 3 this Autumn ... Cant wait for it
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2015
As with other lego games this is a really enjoyable game for young and old alike. But unlike all the other lego games this came in a budget price band. On one hand this is a bonus, but the DVD manufacture is quite poor compared to what I am used to and I watched my external DVD drive move across my desk as I installed the game. The noise during the install and every time it checks the disk to play is unpleasant. So while the game is good fun the product as a whole does not match my usual experience with Lego Games. But then it was cheap :D
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on 17 February 2014
I love the LEGO games as they give a fine action game with very little gore. All the "blood" is LEGO that soon just disappears unless you need to do something with it. I do find the problems a bit repetitive within the set and they can be a bit easy and there are some frustrating places where you need to be very accurate to complete an action. I'd like to see some more logic to solve things but then it would likely miss the more intended audience.

Other pluses are the way the game is sectioned means you can dip in and out as you want but it can be very addictive like all good games. Is it really that time already? Then there is the brilliant LEGO humour. Just little touches here and there but you may need to know the "source" material to get the joke. Now the first LEGO games to feature voices I found more annoying than good as the non-voiced games made really good use of the visual medium to convey the story and this seemed to get missed with the voices. This game restores that humour far better and the voicings are much better.

There are a couple of niggles that seem to be a feature of the series. The main one is you can get stuck in some places where you can't move or die. The only way I've found out is to activate the second player, drop out the first and then move the second player off-set so the game brings the stuck character out. You can then join the first player and drop out the second.

Looking forward to The Hobbit later this year.
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on 5 February 2013
I thought the LEGO games were mostly for kids, and I suppose they are, but I have had immense fun with them. This one in particular, though, for a number of reasons.

The setting: Lord of the Rings is one of my favourite creations in the history of the world, full credit to Tolkien. Middle-Earth is just amazing. This game is based on Jackson's films, which are not bad. All the characters are based on the films, so the voices and faces should be familiar. The dialogue (and I think this is the first ever LEGO game to have real talking in it) is pulled directly from the films, which I thought was a nice little feature. Music and environment are excellent, although I thought Middle-Earth was a bit small. I think they could have made key locations like Edoras, Minas Tirith and the Hornberg a little bigger.

Open World: I think this was a very good idea. It allows for side quests and new ways of getting collectibles, and as the description says, you can walk from Hobbiton to Mount Doom.

Another improvement is the weapon wheel. It resembles the character wheel as seen in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, but allows characters to have a selection of weapons and equipment. It also lets you keep track of essential objects that you have to pick up for a build or to throw. In previous games, such items have been "lost", and you have to start the level again. They have also introduced save points within levels, meaning that you can quit out to Middle-Earth and come back to it later. This feature should have been implemented earlier I think, but it is essential now - the levels are very long!

This title is a must have for any Lord of the Rings or LEGO fan. If you're neither, now is a very good time to start!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 January 2013
Bought this as a Christmas present for my 36 year old daughter. The WII games versions were expensive.

Loaded up well on Laptop with Windows 7 but kept crashing, it was decided it was using the keyboard so we bought the MS/Xbox360 wireless controller but the crashing continued.

Decided to buy new Laptop which has Windows 8, loaded this game and it works perfectly though harder with the keyboard.

We have set up the wireless controller and the game is even better.

Old laptop is to be cleared and as it has a lot of memory will be used for digital photography amongst other things.

So now you know this works on WINDOWS 8
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