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on 7 September 2012
At last EA games has brought magic back to the Sims ! Those of us who remember the "Making Magic" pack from the original Sims, have been waiting impatiently for this theme to return. Yes I know they've toyed with vampires and spellbooks (the latter as premium content), but this expansion pack just adds a whole new dimension to the game.

From the moment you enter the "create a sim" screen" you have a whole new range of options. Now as well as human sims, you can also create fairies, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts (I think there was even an option for zombies & genies). They also let you create both aspects of the werewolf appearance.

There's no printed manual and I would recommend that even experienced Sims players should check out the in-game "Do you want to know more about ..." pop-ups regarding the new character types, because there's just so many new actions & interactions. Witches & fairies can cast spells & curses (check out the backpack for the magic wand), the former fly with broomsticks, the latter have an "I can fly" clickable action.

There's a new town "Moonlight falls", with new magical families (the Goths return as ghosts), new locations (like the Elixir shop), and new rabbit holes like the Fairy House (where fairies can recharge their "magic meters).

Gameplay is further enhanced by the addition of new Lifetime Wishes & Rewards, and 2 new careers (Fortune Teller & Alchemist).

The pack also includes 230 new objects. One of the most interesting is the Alchemy Station, which allows you to develop a new skill learning and mixing magical elixirs (you'll need to collect special plants, gems, ores etc to help you mix these potions). They've even brought back good old Bonehilda the skeleton maid (to get her, purchase the special coffin in the buy menu).

My only minor grumble is that the new clothing available, while catering well for zombies, does not include much in the way of special outfits for your fairies and witches. Also transforming werewolves simply appear in whatever outfits their human was wearing (what no shrinking trousers or tattered shirts!). All in all though, I would definitely recommend this pack, it completely revitalises gameplay and there just isn't room here to write about all the new objects and features.

New players should note that this an expansion pack, so they will need the base game Sims 3. Also it's a good idea to check out the free "Can You Run It" website, cos Sims games can lag or have graphics problems, if you don't have enough RAM or a suitable graphics card.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 September 2012
I was surprised by just how good this expansion pack was. Previous expansions have been alright, but this one has so many new features and interactions that you could play for hours and still not have experienced them all. We have a new town, Moonlight Falls, which is sparse but great. It even has a few new lots to visit - like going to see a fortune teller or visiting some of the other mystical areas to search for fairies.

With this expansion comes new characters. Now in "Create a Sim" you have further options which allow you to select what kind of creature you want your Sim to be. You can still be human, or you can go on to choose a werewolf, witch, ghost, zombie, vampire or a fairie. The werewolf, for example, allows you to dress and style your sim as they are "unchanged" but when the full moon hits your sim will change into a werewolf so now you can style what your sim will look like when they're in their creature form too. This is a nice addition and adds a little more variety to the create a sim area. Additionally, and what you all really want to know, there are a whole load of new clothes. Some of these are actually quite nice too for a change - there are also some torn-up looking outfits for that scruffy-zombie look!

What I especially liked was that you don't have to be a supernatural creature in order to use the new features. For example, human sims can master alchemy by dabbling with the alchemy equipment or vising the new alchemy shop. The best part of this feature is the new collectable journal. I can't even explain how annoying it is to have to remember what fish you've already caught, which plants you've already planted, what butterflies and beetles you haven't caught yet BUT NOW, with the addition of the Collectibles Journal we're able to keep track of what we still have or haven't collected. The journal has every collectible in the game and when you've collected one it basically crosses it off for you like a giant tick sheet. It's a fantastic feature, maybe I'm just being nerdy but I think it's a massive improvement for the entire game rather than just something specific to Supernatural. I have noticed a couple of glitches with this, but hopefully EA will sort it out.

Some of the new in-game items you can buy for your sims are nice too. They're quite old fashioned items, intentionally, and seem to cater towards a less modern household which is nice for an eerie or old-world witchy feel but isn't great for those players who like their game to feel realistic and modern. Additionally, there are new promises, wishes, lifetime happiness awards and lifetime ambitions available to choose from, not to mention some great new personality traits.

As for what your sims can now do, there are so many new interactions that I'm not even sure I've found them all yet. It really depends on what kind of creature, if any, that you are as to what you're able to do or say to the other sims in the game. The more "accomplished" a creature you are (which basically goes on how long you've been that creature) the more options open up - like infecting other sims for instance. I particularly liked that you could use your lifetime happiness points to buy things like "Leader of the Pack" for the werewolves (or similar for other creatures) to give them a status within the supernatural world.

The only pointless aspect for me was the "Limited Edition Content". I like Plants vs Zombies just as much as anyone else but adding it to my Sims game just didn't appeal to me. You can buy pea-shooters which basically guard your house and dress your sims in some featured clothing but essentially it adds very little to the game. Having said that, we're probably not paying extra for it so we can't complain really!

Overall, a really good expansion pack. I might go so far as to say that it's the best one we've seen yet due to the sheer amount of new things we can see and do. For those of you who, like me, enjoy the collectibles then you'll really like this expansion pack. As for the Supernatural stuff, it looks good, it's fun to play and I really recommend it. Let's just hope EA can bring us another great expansion with the upcoming Sims 3: Seasons!
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on 7 September 2012
I adore this game, this is by far my favorite expansion pack and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who knows the series however make sure your PC/Laptop/Mac can handle the game before you buy it or, well it'd be a waste of money if you couldn't play it at all.

Only thing I dislike about this is the fact you have to buy items from the sims 3 store for the witch to live up to their full potential. EA should have included this in the pack but it's all about the money.

The zombies are amazing and I love the fairy wings, well done EA.
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on 20 July 2014
Zombies, witches, wizards, werewolves, ghosts, vampires. At first I was a little worried, even though I knew this expansion would have plenty of content, it might not be something I enjoyed... I was wrong. When I delved into the game, I realised how this this game had more thrills and energy than any other expansion I played (I have them all except Late Night and Ambitions).

Sims 3 supernatural has so much detail that other expansions don't have, some of the ideas has been pulled out of movies and books so can play them! Eg. vampires can read minds (like Edward Cullen from Twilight)

I have Sims 3 Seasons, so together, the expansions unlocks the weather stone. Every supernatural sim can summon different weather. So...

Witches / wizards can summon the bewitching rain
Werewolves can summon the hunters storm
Fairies can summon reviving sprinkle, when flowers fall from the sky and bring plants back to life
Vampires can summon the eclipsing fog, so they can hunt unnoticed, or find it easier to corner their prey.

I love the Sims 3 Supernatural, this expansion and Sims 3 Island Paradise is my favourite.
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on 8 September 2012
Ok so we pretty much know what your getting with Sims expansions now, items, lots, clothes, skins etc etc....
So the latest expansion delivers just that, there seems to be alot more new items added than what we've seen in others.

Obviously the theme with this expansion is the supernatural a slightly different take on the original Makin Magic.
The idea of witches, fairies and werewolves being in your sims world just sounds great and for me EA have delivered, there is lots of things to do in your new neighborhood with your new supernatural Sims, they can even ride brooms!

I think were some people may have a problem with this expansion is if they are the sort of player who like everything to be as realistic as possible and doesn't like to stray to far into the realm of fantasy, however you can opt to turn off certain features off such as lunar cycles etc, which is a good idea from EA but also kind of pointless as you might as well just not buy it.

The new neighborhood is brilliant in my opinion, it has a small american town feel to it were a spooky film would be set, they hit the nail on the head i think.

For me this game is an easy 10/10, one of the more enjoyable expansions, and alot better thought out and attention to detail as well compared to previous.
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on 7 September 2012
As a fan of The Sims series I bought this with the hope it would make the game more exciting to me as I have been starring at same boring gameplay for 6 months, and as always... the game impressed me! It been ages since I last saw an expansion pack with so much stuff to do so I do hope this review helps whoever's reading it, to start with you get one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen, Moonlight Falls it's actually the biggest town I have seen in the whole Sims series (which is always good for those who like building those huge Sims 3 houses). When you finally get to actual gameplay you can find yourself playing with Zombies, Werewolfs, Vampires, Witches, Fairies and Ghosts, however one of the things that most impressed are the quantity of objects you get to do whatever kind of spooky decoration you have in mind, the future-teller (the new career) which is actually unpredictably fun to play with, people just come to your house and you can have your Sims read their future in tons of different ways, the option to just create your Supernatural in CAS (something that I have been wanting since the first Sims), the new whoo-hoo spots (three of them), and bonehilda, the maid Simmers have been asking to have back for eight years.
But getting back to the creatures topics, they are very fun to play with, my personal favorite is the witch for sure, it gives your Sim the biggest options with both clothes and hair, objects and interactions, I could really play with a witch all day if I could, the werewolf pretty much simulates a Sim as if it was a dog, you can hunt, play catch with them, etc, they are not really my favorite ones since they have a bit of a limited gameplay. Vampires really improve since the Late Night EP, there are several news things but the biggest one for me is that you don't have to `'ask'' to bite someone which is good news for those who want to play with them. Zombies are pretty cool actually, you can just attack any Sim houses in search for brains and have them walk and talk in a spooky way too. Fairies are a bit like witches except that they can fly without a broom-stick and finally the new ghosts are OK, they just act as normal Sims except that can cross walls and fly, not as boring as I thought they would be actually.
And the best part is that even if your not so interested in all the spooky stuff you can still have fun with the normal objects and the town, like I said the town is meant to be for all those Supernatural creatures but is also very good for normal Sims due to all the new paks and habbit holes, the objects also make a difference for the game, for instance you can take your non-supernatural family to play with new arcade machines and have children with nightmares over mosters underneath their beds (that is actually a new feature), so really on this Expansion Pack theres something for everyone, not just the ones looking for non-realistic gameplay, I would recommend and say its almost a must-own due to all gameplay is adding to The Sims 3.
review image
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on 9 September 2012
I'm another reviewer who loves The Sims, and buys every expansion but is always left feeling slightly disappointed by them. Always not enough items, especially with the EA store now, The Sims series just doesn't have the same feel that it did with 1 and 2. I've always felt a bit like Sims 3 sold out compared, I'm sure some of you will agree with me. The expansions always feel a bit hyped up but never quite deliver. I love it anyway though, and like I said, I buy every expansion even though some are downright boring (Graduation anyone?).

But this expansion has totally exceeded my expectations! I have yet to feel disappointed by it, or for the "yaaaay new stuff!" feel to wear off. There is just so many new gameplay aspects, I am really loving it. If you selectively buy your expansions and were going to skip this one, I say don't! You'll really be missing out.

My favourite bit so far was probably seeing the Twilight parody bits...The "Swain" family household, with Chester, the single father to Bailey who's obsessed with the supernatural. Their house is similar to Bella's house in Twilight, they even have a van, though it's white and not old. Tristan Van Gould looks like Edward and has similar traits, and there's the beach called La Shove instead of La Push. So so funny, it really gives this expansion that feeling I used to get with Sims 1 and 2 back in the day...that everything was just funny and that EA really cared about the gameplay instead of just making money on stuff they can sell you in the store.

In short, I love this expansion enough to come right a review for the first time. My most anticipated expansion as always been Seasons, and now I am reeeeeally looking forward to it after seeing how good this one is, I just can't wait!!
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on 14 June 2015
Hours and hours of fun! The vampires, werewolves and witches/wizzards are a great addition to the game and fun to play with. However, I didn't think much to the fairy addition. Also the ghosts are just the same as normal sims so I didn't understand what the point of them was. Plus, the zombies don't even give your sim a bad moodlet and are pretty pointless. However, I love this game and all the extra furniture and outfits that come with it.
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on 17 October 2012
I love this EP. Being able to play with fairies and witches etc. is really great fun, and a great new twist for building lots for them with a different slant.
As usual the EA designed new content leaves an enormous amount to be desired as the design team appear to have absolutely zero imagination. So the new clothing and lack of hairdos is basically awful. The fairy wings, however, are lovely. There are hundreds of new interactions and things to do so it is exciting playing the game.
The new 'world' is just awful. Lazy designing yet again. It is very, very basic where it could have been wonderfully creepy, haunting, misty. It is just a very basic town with very dull buildings and extremely boring landscape.
It could have been so much more.
Yet another missed opportunity by the 'designers' (sic).
If you are starting out on a Sims3 journey, I would definitely recommend this EP, it has lots of fun things to explore and if you don't have many EPs installed it SHOULD run well. However, if, like me you have all EPs and a lot of the Stuff Packs you may run into some trouble with game play, especially if you are playing on a Mac.
There are hundreds and hundreds of people who are having horrible problems trying to keep playing this game.
i, unfortunately, am one of them. The Sims3 is written to run natively on Windows and in order to make it available for sale to those of us who use a Mac, EA have 'wrapped' the game inside something called 'Cider' which translates the game so that we can play it on the Mac platform. Sadly this process does NOT WORK WELL and causes all sorts of difficulties for us.
Your wonderfully powerful Mac may be able to run a small country, but CIDER renders it incapable of running a little game.
I am sad to say that EA's customer service is almost non existent and they have NO ONE on the team who know anything about Macs, so if you do run into trouble with this game, and you are playing on a Mac, do please be careful of following any instructions from the so called 'Gurus' who may offer help on EA's help lines.
They have been known to offer instructions which may fry your hard drive.
Be very careful!!
There are a number of sites where Mac using Simmers try to solve the myriad of bugs and problems, by themselves, for the Simming community, as EA just keep on churning out the EPs and patches without testing them properly. There are hundreds of bugs which will render your game unplayable, but a lot of them CAN be fixed, you just have to be directed to the good help sites.
Here is a list of sites which could help you if you get stuck.


If you love the Sims3 like many of us do, you will go ahead and buy all the EPs available in the hope that eventually you will be able to play for a little while, as someone somewhere will find a way to fix whatever problems you are having with your game. Just don't expect to be able to play the game out of the box, some will, but more often than not, you WILL HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO FIX THE GAME so that you can play.

I hope that this helps some of you.
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on 17 March 2013
As soon as I saw this expansion I pre ordered, I love the sims and I have always wanted to be a fairy! This expansion adds one new town and three (or four if you don't already have Late Night) new playable supernaturals: Werewolf, Fairy, Witch and Vampire. If you create a new sim in CAS you are able to select what type you want to be, or if you choose to be human, or are already playing a non supernatural you can change via a potion or being 'turned'.

Personally I love this expansion, I am still finding my way around it and finding new aspects all of the time, currently I have only fully played witches and fairies (and vampires from late night) so I still have a lot more playtime left. The new interactions and abilities add a whole new dimension and for those who are into storytelling this is a great expansion pack.

On a full moon beware as not only do the supernaturals enhance ( awwwoooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh) but zombies will also arise! These will randomly spawn on lots, I got the limited edition so recieved the pea shooters which are a great help at getting rid of these, so far none have moved quickly enough to infect my sims so I have yet to play as a zombie but my witch's lifetime wish is the zombification one (turn ten sims into zombies) so we will see how that turns out.

If you want to have supernatural babies this doesn't happen as an accident and I am yet to be able to adopt a supernatural child but if you have a supernatural parent there is a 50% chance it will be of that supernatural type e.g. witch mother, human father =50% chance of child being a witch. Witch mother and witch father 100% chance of child being witch. Witch mother, Werewolf father = 50% chance of witch, 50% chance of werewolf. Sadly there are no hybrid breeds, but although I think a witwolf would be fun to play i think this would be a bit too complex for the game play so I understand why this doesn't happen.

Overall this expansion is brilliant and I can see it working very well with the sims 3 as a standalone expansion pack. Ideal for all ages (above the recommended PEGI thing). If you love the sims and you love a bit of supernatural this pack is definatly for you
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