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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2017
This is the best book ever! Would 100% recommend but beware you wont find a better book and you can't put it down!
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on 10 September 2012
Atticus Claw Breaks the Law is a great new kids book, which kept both me and my six-year-old daughter gripped, and her begging me for "just one more chapter".

It's the story of a master criminal cat burglar called Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw - a tabby cat who lives in Monaco, and takes on a job in England for a bunch of ruffian magpies who want him to steal all the town's humans' jewellery in revenge for the deaths of other birds.

I won't spoil the story but Atticus meets and stays with Inspector Cheddar and his family, and ends up pitting his wits the dastardly magpies.

My daughter is very excited about the two new Atticus Claw books promised in the next 12 months.
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on 7 March 2017
when I first saw this book in the library I have to say I didn't think it would be that good but mum picked the book up and said "this looks like a good read" so I got the book and I would like to thank my mum because other ways I would not have read the book but it was an amazing book it kept me hook right until the end it was so good,so it just goes to show you don't judge a book by it's cover so definitely buy this book and all the other ones in the series it isn't a waste of money
-reviewer 11 year old girl
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on 9 July 2013
A year 4 pupil(Leanne)loved this book and wrote the following review:

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy exciting adventure and criminal stories.

It is a brilliant book about a cat called Atticus Claw who steals loads of jewels for some really nasty magpies. Atticus Claw you should know is no ordinary pussy cat, he is a cat burglar! With the police going to every crime scene they are hot on his heels! He stays with the Cheddar family, where Mr. Cheddar is a police officer!

Read this book if you want to find out more!
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on 18 September 2013
Atticus Claw Breaks the Law by Jennifer Gray is a story about a couple of criminal masterminds that belong to the animal world, a cop who's desperate to get a promotion and a couple of kids who would do anything to shed light on a mystery.

The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw this book was: this sounds fun. And it is fun. But, it's also thought provoking, deeply human and, unavoidably, feline.

Meet Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw, a cat unlike any other. Atticus is a thief and a cosmopolitan, somebody who likes to live as a prince. At the beginning of the story we find him living the big life in Monte Carlo, but before that he's been to Moscow and Milan, Montreal, Miami and Madrid. He's been all over the world.

He doesn't need anyone, but apparently someone needs him. Thus he receives a message, delivered by a pigeon, that summons him to the small English town of Littleton-on-Sea, for a job. The message ends like this: "It will be worth your while."

So he shoos the pigeon away and then hops on a train that takes him to the northern coasts of France from where he sails to England. He hitches another couple of rides and to Littleton-on-Sea he arrives, where he meets the customers, a gang of magpies. Jimmy is the leader of the pack.

He's curious about Jimmy's motives, as he's kind of a shadowy character, but it's not just his curiosity that makes him take the deal, it's the reward as well: six sardines for each item he steals. What more can a cat ask for? A home, of course. So he sets off to find a family to adopt. And soon enough he finds his targets; a couple of kids, a boy and a girl, walking with their nanny home.

What he doesn't know though is that they are the Cheddars, the kids of a police inspector. When he finds out though he's more than happy to remain exactly where he is, since he thinks: "...where better to hide from the law than right under its nose?"

Sooner rather than later he gets to work. And the first job is way too easy for someone as talented as him: "Humans would call it a piece of cake. He called it a piece of stake."

Well, Atticus feels happy at first in his new home, as well as with the working conditions. The kids and their mom love him, and so does the nanny; the inspector not so much but that's okay. And the sleepy little town is not that boring after all. The people are kind of strange, but so what? People are strange everywhere.

Soon enough though things will begin to change, as he'll start to have feelings for the kids, and he'll also meet a lovely lady that will bring his romantic self to life. And at the same time he'll start having trouble with his employers. They simply make him mad. And they're stupid. Well, most of them are, apart from Jimmy; he's not only clever but also dangerous; he can smell it.

But what is a cat to do? The truth is that he can, and he'll do a lot, and then some more; and he'll have the biggest adventure of his life, during which quite a few things will change in his psyche.

In this book we have all the ingredients of a great story: stupid cops and brilliant villains; feelings of pure love and deep hatred; many twists and turns and a grand finale that can take the cat's, (sorry, I mean the reader's), breath away.
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on 4 August 2013
I just loved reading this book to my eight year old German granddaughter who has English as a second language. She just lapped it up as indeed did my 40 year old son. The characters are amusing and the humour is amazing. We were all falling off our perches! Brilliant stuff! It is a joy to discover a writer of such depth and wit who respects her readers and does not talk down to them. I haven't checked to see if this is available as an audiobook - with the right reader it would be an absolute riot, I'm sure, and a magnificent complement to the "real" thing.
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on 15 July 2013
This is a charming little story based around the adventures of detective cat, Atticus Claw. We enjoyed the character, but are somewhat bemused by acclaim this story has had. Maybe it's because there is a dearth of really fine stories for 7-9 year old readers. There's certainly a need for stimulating authors who aren't American, nor Roald Dahl or David Walliams.
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on 2 September 2013
This is a cool and fun adventurous book I loved every second of it. I am 11 and recommend it to children around about my age.
:-) x
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on 21 August 2013
An interesting book that makes you want to read more . I would recommend it for beginners. It made me laugh. I think that although I absolutely love it children who are seven or eight would prefer it and get more out of it because they would see it in a different light. However, if you have half an hour and not a lot to do then I recommend you sit down and read this book because you WILL like it. I promise.
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on 7 April 2013
We havent bought this book here but would encourage you to buy it. My 7 year old daughter just loved it. Its very well written and the story just kept my daughter wanting more. We have since read the next one and are waiting for the third one to come out. Buy it and you wont be disapointed
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