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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 September 2012
I've been a Green Day (GD) fan since "Dookie" took over the world and I've enjoyed their music since. Some records, like 2000's "Warning", have been sketchy at best with maybe half a record being great and the rest not so much. "Uno" feels to me like this kind of GD record.

There are quite a few songs that, despite repeat listenings, I can't get into and feel very throwaway. Compare "Troublemaker", "Loss of Control", "Sweet 16" and "Fell For You" (which sounds like "Nimrod"-era GD) to some of GD's B-sides from the late 90s like "Desensitized", "Scumbag" or "Ha Ha You're Dead" and the B-sides actually sound far better than these supposed A-sides (you can get these B-sides on their record "Shenanigans"). If GD weren't doing 3 records in 4 months and were just doing 1, would some of these songs be cut? Most definitely.

But this is GD, gdammit! Billie-Joe is such a talented songwriter he can't help but put some excellent tunes on the record. "Nuclear Family" opens the record with an instantly likeable, punchy, poppy, energetic hook that grabs you and makes you want to jump and sing. And thankfully it's this quality in a number of songs on this record that make "Uno" worth listening to for any GD fan. "Let Yourself Go" and "Carpe Diem" are both classic GD-sounding songs while the enjoyable "Angel Blue" opening riff sounds like The Clash's "I Fought the Law" before moving into that stop-start rhythm that Billie-Joe's perfected over the years.

Even in the most targeted-by-critics song on the record "Kill the DJ", there's a moment in the song that I thought was a nice touch (but most people are right, this song is pretty bad). Despite a very average first single in "Oh Love", tunes like "Rusty James" and "Stay the Night" are undeniable and they're too fun for any GD fan not to enjoy.

So is this a masterpiece like "American Idiot" or "Nimrod"? Nope, but like the last record "21st Century Breakdown", there are a number of excellent songs on here that are pure pop-punk with amazing riffs and fantastic tunes that'll get into your head and heart and make you smile and sing. "Uno" is definitely worth a listen and showcases a band that remains ambitious despite 20+ years in the business. Green Day continue to make fun, entertaining records and put on outstanding live sets - a few weak songs are definitely excusable when balanced out with some wonderful songs that nobody else but Green Day could've written. Welcome back guys, bring on "Dos" and "Tre"!
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on 24 September 2012
After the recent disappointment of The Killers Battle Born and to a lesser extent The Darkness' Hot Cakes I was set for another let down with Green Day's Uno. Well, I tried to convince myself not to get my hopes up, anyway.....
Would releasing three albums mean there'd be too much filler?
First impressions when listening through Uno is there there's nothing bad on here. No duds. If on first listen there's nothing to turn me off then on each listen the songs can only get better!! Right? However, is there anything here truly A grade memorable? Time will tell.
I don't think I'll ever love Kill The DJ but that seems to be the only slight blemish on what's a very agreeable album. It sounds like a mesh of Nimrod and Warning to me but with less variation in sounds.
I shall now repeat repeat repeat and come back......

I'm back after a weekend of heavy listening and all I can say is I'm quite pleased!! 2012 isn't the write-off it was turning out to be!!
Highlights for me are:
Nuclear Family is a great opener
Let Yourself Go - classic GD
Fell For You is maybe the highlight for me
Troublemaker feels like a track from Warning
Oh Love - not the most original creation but catchy.

The other tracks are all great tunes as well:
Stay The Night though is perhaps a bit overlong
Carpe Diem is like how Jesus of Suburbia would sound if it were from Warning
Kill The DJ is catchy - I admit it.
Loss Of Control is more classic GD
Angel Blue could be a lost Dookie track
Sweet 16 is as the title suggests: sweet.
As for filler, there's none really. Maybe Rusty James (or is it Gloria?) is the only lesser track. It's nice but not in the class of the other tracks - perhaps it's too familiar sounding.

Uno isn't 5 star like American Idiot or 21st Century (maybe too heavy on a verse/chorus format and there's nothing really innovative here) but it's still a quality release. It's an album of singles but not `smash hit' singles and has elements of all previous Green Day albums.
Can't wait for the next two albums......
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 September 2012
Green Day have been producing popular mainly original innovative music since 1987 and in the process have entertained many, many millions worldwide. And the good news is that with "iUno!" the thrill roller-coaster continues unabated. With the volume of their output over 25 years it must be accepted that every new single track cannot possibly cause the hairs to stand up on the back of your neck or tingles to go up and down the spine, but the standard overall on this newest album is exceptionally high, and is unmistakably Green Day.

"iUno!" it is reported is the first in a trilogy to be released in November this year and January 2013 and cunningly entitled "iDos!" and "iTre!" respectively - for non-polyglot's like myself that's "iOne!", "iTwo!", "iThree!".

On this album the music is kept on a much simpler, and basic level than the previous two releases "21st Century Breakdown", and "American Idiot" which followed the 'rock opera' genre construction. It is gutsy three chord blasts of pop-punk that first made Green Day the darlings of the punk-progressives of the mid '90's. It is good, basic, iconic Green Day music that stirs the emotions and rocks the auditory senses.

The stand-out tracks for me are "Stay The Night", "Loss Of Control", "Nuclear Family","Sweet 16", "Let Yourself Go", "Kill The D.J.", with the anthemic "On Love" being the best of album.

A very good and enjoyable release. Highly recommended.
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on 29 September 2012
Firstly, this is not a bad album, but is it a Green Day album? I accept that artistically bands do move on, and as members age their take on life changes, as do their attitudes and the aggression begins to diminish. I do not get the anger, the "edge", the grit or the anarchy from this collection of tunes. Fair play to them, if this is the direction that Green Day see as their destiny, I do not hold that against them, they have given us some kick-ass music over the years. Maybe, when I too mellow I will better be able to appreciate this new sound. Like I say, this album is full of brilliant musicianship, the songs are very well crafted, although I think that the scattering of the "fword" throughout is not necessary and smacks of an attempt to simulate the attitude that I personally feel is missing from Uno! Maybe this is just a break for the guys, perhaps they will be back to shout and rage at those in authority and power, but if not then we will just have to accept that we have lost a voice and wish them well in their new future.
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on 2 October 2012
I rarely write reviews as I am not as articulate as some out there but just had to review this. I have deeply loved Green Day for a few years now and appreciate their albums from the first one right through to the last mega pop punk opera. In concert they are magical and are near the top of my all time favourites but I am just not getting this album yet. Some songs are catchy and one is growing but on the whole they are sub-standard and don't even touch the early hard and gritty tunes. The peppering of the f'word is unnecessary and rather than adding to the album distracts significantly. It has been playing for a week now and it isn't getting better. Maybe it is because I am getting old and at 47 I am just beyond this but bring on the Vaccines, Scouting for Girls or Mumford because their new offerings are far better than this. Sorry but disappointed. I will probably put a couple of the tracks on a play list and send the rest to the archives.

PS Blink 182 Neighbourhoods album is still playing on my itouch and it just keeps getting better and better.
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on 24 September 2012
This is a great Green Day album! None of the songs feel like fillers despite there being 3 albums coming out. It's fast, fun and is the most chilled out Green Day have sounded since before American Idiot and I love the sound of the guitars! The 90s Green Day fans will recognise some of their previous sounds in some of the songs too. Not everyone is going to like it so ignore the minorities because this is a great start to the trilogy. The trilogy has been described as a big party and if UNO's the pre-drinks it can only get better because a Green Day party is always a good party! It's a great album.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 September 2012
This being the first in an ambitious triple album assault and having listened to it a good few times it has gradually grown on me. Their main problem is that American Idiot is just such a huge act to follow and it was inevitable that 21st Century Breakdown only partly accomplished this. Few bands ever manage to replicate their "defining" album(s) with later releases. The Who post Who's next/Quadrophenia? Stones Exile/Sticky fingers? Zeppelin iv/Physical Graffiti? I could go on and don't forget many fans of the earlier "punky" stuff accused the band of "selling out" with 'Idiot. So if we accept that few bands quit after their "best" album (I'm sure you can think of a few though) then there is an ongoing quest to at least match this. So the band have decided that bigger has to be better and Uno, Dos, Tres is the result.

As for Uno, I'm not totally convinced that re-visiting the past is necessarily a good thing mainly because with such an energetic early back catalogue you would have to question if the youthful vim and vigour and indeed anger is still there. On the evidence here I would have to say only partly so. There are no songs that immediately jump out at you and proclaim themselves "classic" The swearing appears a bit formulaic, as if it's expected of them and the production seems to have dulled the edges somewhat. But it still worth 4 stars. How can this be?

Well the vim and vigour that is left is still much much more than most bands, certainly of their age, and much more than many bands 20 years younger. There is still justifiable anger in some of the songs, making political points aplenty. The musicianship is better than ever, the drumming of Tre Cool is exemplary and although no song jumped out at me as a whole the tracks grow on you insidiously till you can't help liking them.

I suppose what my meanderings above are trying to say is that as an attempt to beat or at least reach the mega-high standard of American Idiot this fails. It isn't as innovative or as powerful as that album. It isn't as good as Dookie either, the songs aren't quite as good but it is a darned good try. What WILL be interesting is what the innovations we are promised we can expect on parts 2 and 3 sound like. Will they alienate those that prefer the rougher round the edges, punky sounds on Uno or will they please those of us who would like to see the boundaries pushed that little bit? Either way I can't wait to find out.
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on 8 October 2012
After reading the reviews posted here I had to write one, I think this a brilliant album, love it, all the tunes are really catchy and a few of them remind me of older Greenday songs. I've followed them for years and have all their albums and seen them live, I think theyre the best band in the world and this album doesnt dissapoint!
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on 28 September 2012
Finally Green Day go BACK to their original style that was side-tracked for the concept album American Idiot, and the subsequent commercial follow-up 21st century Breakdown. What you get with iUno! is Green Day going back to what they do best, BEING THEMSELVES, and pumping out hard-charged punk, with the occasional slap in the face and middle finger poked in your eye for good measure :-D For me, this is their best 'Punk' album since Nimrod, as it was a different Green Day beast that wrote American Idiot, classic and awesome though it was. This is one for the real 'Dookies' out there ;-D
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on 25 September 2012
Green Day have been and will always be a mainstay of the music industry. The first album in the trilogy is certainly more of the old-school Green Day with a tinge of American Idiot and 21st Century breakdown. There is no obvious political theme and its a more conventional type of album unlike their previous two. The album is fun, fast and entertaining all the way through. I've been a fan of Green Day since Dookie and this does not disappoint. Role on DOS!
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