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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 October 2012
This cover provides neat, close-fitting protection for your Kindle. The Kindle slots into a moulded plastic tray at the back of the case, with nothing intruding onto the device itself. A section at the bottom of the Kindle is left exposed to allow permanent access to the micro USB port. The front cover is thin and lacks additional padding, but 12 months of carrying a baby Kindle around in a case with a similar-style cover has resulted in no harm, so I'm reasonably confident in the protection this will provide.

The leather is textured and has been applied as a surface covering to both the front section of the cover and the plastic tray at the rear. The leather doesn't have the lovely, soft tactile sensation that went with Amazon's Kindle Keyboard covers but doesn't seem to mark as easily as the Amazon leather covers for the baby Kindle/Kindle Touch models (a fingernail is enough to leave a permanent scrape on those). The purple colourway I ordered is disappointing - much darker than product photos suggest.

The cover bends back easily enough for one handed reading, but the 'spine' section on the latest version of the Amazon brand cover does seem to have been reinforced, so that it doesn't flop awkwardly backwards if you prefer to hold the cover two-handed. The microfibre lining of the interior is very shallow-piled and resembles black denim.

The biggest problem I had with the last generation of Amazon cases - the lack of closing mechanism - has been addressed here, courtesy of a lightweight magnet. This works simply, engaging when you shut the cover, and requires no extra fiddling.

The cover isn't cheap, but is comparable in price to cases currently offered by Verso and Marware. The auto wake/auto switch off facility this brings to Kindle usage is what really sets the Amazon cover apart from competitors - all that's needed to wake your charged Kindle is to open the cover... It's a nice idea, but not one I'm altogether convinced by since turning a Kindle on/off by flicking a switch really isn't that onerous!

The cover is presented in a printed cardboard sleeve: if you're planning to make this (part of) a present, this is a much more attractive set-up than the simple plastic bags in which the Amazon covers for Kindle/Kindle Touch arrive.


- Cover has an inbuilt closing mechanism
- Lightweight and snug-fitting
- Textured leather doesn't mark ridiculously easily
- Includes auto wake/switch off facility


- Feels a bit hard and plastic-ey
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on 27 September 2016
The case is great. Well built, covers the corners well, clasp works and makes reader to go to sleep and wakes it up as it should every time. Its great to hold.

Only issue is sometimes don't want to hold it but use it as a stand. Here the case doesn't work. In the normal portrait position its just vertical, so unnatural to read like this; if setting up in landscape mode, the case sides slips in most surfaces in anything but quite near vertical.

So needing to improvise, I've added a rubber band pretty much after buying it. Mostly now set kindle pages landscape to read whilst having breakfast and with this band it works for me.
I use it by placing it perpendicular to where the reader will go on the table then set the stand on top of it, this both sides of case have something to grip on. I've included 2 images on how I use the band in 2 different set ups. To store, I place it looped around the kindle and case back. Serves as an effective anti-slip to I suppose and when the lid is closed its unobtrusive. :)
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on 8 February 2018
I had the official Amazon leather case for my original 2010 Kindle and was surprisingly impressed with the quality and the feel of the case. I travelled with this case around the world on various flights and not only did the Kindle still look great when I retired it - the case did too.

Based upon this previous experience it was a no brainer that I opted for the official Amazon leather case again for my 2017 Kindle Paperwhite and I'm pleased to say that Amazon have improved on the case once again. The case has that same quality feel like the original Kindle did but the top has a little bit of a spongier feel and a slightly harder back.

On the front at the middle there is a neat Kindle branded band that I believe is also a magnet. When opening this case the Kindle powers on automatically and closing it over powers the Kindle off - I love that.

The biggest improvement for me however is that the leather on the hinge is a little softer so bending back the front cover behind the case requires a lot less effort - having held the last cover back for many hours I noticed this immediately.

There are many cases available for the Kindle but I consider this one a highly recommended purchase and great value for money.
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on 16 March 2017
After owning and using my Kindle for nearly 3 years, reading nearly 175 books in this time I am dissapointed with how Kindle's own product is failing the test of time !!! Dont get me wrong there is not a mark on the case,but the ruberised edge is coming away from the case where the magnetic catch locates. Overall effect is to make what should be a classy finish to Kindle's Paperwhite look a bit shabby (Like a tired lettuce past its sell by date !! - Oh and of course Amazon can't do anything about it, as its ......... well past it's sell by date ! £29.99 outlay which is nearly 33% of cost of the Kindle itself, which is still looking like new, being let down by the cover.
Dissapointed, and will buy something cheaper next without any expectation it will look good for long.Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case, Onyx Black - fits all Paperwhite generations
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on 2 January 2013
Nice case but ridiculously priced which is why I give this 1 star. It costs a third of the price of the Kindle!!!

As such, I looked elsewhere and got an almost identical one on eBay for £11 as I refuse to pay for this expensive "official" case. The case I bought on eBay is identical in every way (compared it to a friends one) except the price and the fact that it isn't the "official" one.

Do yourself a favour and shop for this elsewhere. The brand name of the one I got on eBay is "August".
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on 10 January 2017
I bought this case for my white Kindle Paperwhite which I was lucky enough to receive as a gift for Christmas. I wanted a case that didn't have a black surround as a lot of the generic cases seem to, which I thought might spoil the aesthetic of the white device.
I have to say I really love the look and feel of the case; it doesn't add much bulk or weight, whilst still managing to feel protective and sturdy. The fuchsia colour is gorgeous and the auto sleep/wake function is great. The material feels good quality and slightly squidgy which I enjoy.
I did find before I got the case that my Kindle had a tendency to turn itself on as rogue items in my bag would press the on button and waste the battery unnecessarily. Luckily, this case has a lip around the on button/charging port area at the base so the button is protected from unwarranted touching.
I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who takes pride in their Kindle Paperwhite! I haven't personally tried the other brand cases, which I did consider, but I decided to spend the bit extra on this case and I am extremely pleased that I did!
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on 18 January 2018
Well-stitched and glued. Precisely cut. It looks really neat, although a bit feminine due to the metal design element thing that looks like a clasp. I didn't like that there is the possibility of the metal scraping against other things in your bag such as a laptop. It may be playing a magnetic role (since the Kindle can auto-switch-off when the case is closed) but nevertheless I wasn't happy about the outer metal bit. The inside of the case is nice too, the inner cloth glue to the leather feels great. The cover is about 2mm thick, but it is slightly flexible, so don't assume that too much pressure can be applied to it, because it will eventually touch the Kindle screen if pressed hard enough at one spot (very easy to do with your thumb, since only a few mm of flex is needed). In a bag against flat surfaces it should be alright, but then that annoying metal thing could scrape your other surfaces as mentioned.
The Kindle just pops into the case, because there is a thick PVC-like surround where it fits. The surround is nicely color-matched to the leather (I had the 'Ink Blue' color version. However, PCV is PVC, and feels a bit cheap. Anyway, it is what it is.
In summary the build quality is very good, and I do still recommend this product, although sometimes simple is better, and there really was no nead for the metal feature. A magnet could have been secured on the inside, leaving the outside devoid of metal.
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on 8 September 2017
Does not look or feel like real leather - cold and plasticky. Certainly not worth £30. Returned for refund.
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on 9 July 2017
Currently selling for £2 in Tesco. Tag says £7 but you get an extra £5 off at the till.
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on 15 February 2017
IT DOES NOT FIT!!!! My thumbs and finger tips are red raw from trying to get my kindle into this case. I've followed the pictorial instructions and several you tube tutorials and NOTHING works. I hate this case so hard. Also the purple is not the same shade as in the image. It's more like dark mauve. I really could not hate this object more. Might set light to it later.
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