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on 1 January 2013
17/11/14 I've done this great little mixer a disservice. In my last update I mentioned the sign of a little rust. On closer inspection it's not actually rust but simply the metal wearinging away ever so slightly from the friction between the beaters and my bowl. To be fair though my mixer is probably put through its paces more than the average. So all good.

01/09/14 thought I'd add a little update since its almost a couple of years since I posted the original review. the motor is still as strong ever. The only notable downside is that the beaters seems to be going ever so slightly rusty. Not enough to prevent me from using but something I will have to keep an eye on.

I have held off reviewing this product to give it time to break which is what has happened to the last two hand mixers I bought this year. After the beater on my 40 year old Kenwood hand mixer finally snapped on a particular tough batch of royal icing I urgently needed a replacement so bought a cheap one for £4.99 from Curries. Waste of time - the motor failed after one use so returned it and spent nearly £30 on a new Kenwood. Money well spent I thought but the beater snapped on a batch of victoria sponge mix after 3 or 4 uses.

So this time I researched and read all the reviews. This was the only mixer that consistently had 4 star+ reviews. So I settled for this one and hoped for the best whilst fully expecting it to fall apart having resigned myself to the old adage "they don't make them like they used to".

Well I've had it now for about 3 months and so far so good. But I am cautiously optimistic. So here goes on the plus points

Colour - love it
Shape - easy to hold and the controls are well placed for turning on and off (can't the same about the Kenwood)
Power - Really powerful but the lowest setting is also really low (the kenwood was impossible to control and flour would go everywhere) so you have great control. It doesn't overheat when you use it for a long time.
Size - the beaters are long so really good for doing large quantities - I regularly make batches of butter cream using more than 1 kg of icing sugar and its no problem at all.
Efficacy - Very effective as a beater - does what you expect. I would describe myself as a heavy user making large quantities and frequently
Dough Hook and baloon whisk - haven't used them.
Value for money - excellent and as good as I might expect of any mixer not just a cheap one.

Negative Points
As other reviewers have pointed out you must put the right beater in the right hole. Hardly a down side but definitely worth knowing.
that,s it

the only thing I would add is that I feel disillusioned with the current quality of Kenwood and as i am now looking to replace my 25 year old Kenwood Cuisine Food processor because I cannot get a replacement grater blade shaft (annoying because its works perfectly) I am researching the Andrew James range so if their hand held mixer is anything to go by I am expecting good things.
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on 13 September 2012
This powerful little hand-held is a very useful addition to my kitchen. Sometimes I don't have the space to get the "big" mixer out but want to knock up a quick batch of cup-cakes or something...this hand-held is just the job! I would definitely recommend it.
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on 2 September 2012
Bought this hand mixer as I was fed up with my ancient one not having enough power and this Andrew James 300w one certainly has plenty of power. Looking at some of the other reviews I don't know what the problem is with fitting the whisks - you put the one with the big ring in the big hole and the smaller one in the small hole - what do people want, colour coded? Well that's an idea! It's a little heavier than my old mixer which is not a big problem. Maybe I have small hands but I do find the grip slightly large and I'm having trouble using the sideways speed control, having to use my other hand to do so as it's quite a stretch for my thumb - my old mixer was slightly smaller and you pushed away with your thumb to change speeds. I've not used the dough hooks as I have a breadmaker which I use for dough. I was looking forward to the balloon whisk though for whipping cream and eggs whites. Now normally using a balloon whisk by hand the cream etc goes through the whisk and so introduing the air & mixing. Used the balloon whisk on the mixer a couple of times now and even on the slowest setting it seems to go so fast that the cream stays on the outside and took forever to thicken. Will go back to using the double normal whisks I think! Overall though, sticking to the standard whisks, I bought it for more power and that's exactly what it delivers.
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on 31 August 2012
OMG what a fantastic whisk, I do a VAST amount of baking for my family friends etc and out of all the whisks I have ever had.. ( and Im almost I've had a few!!) this blows them all out of the water. Strong robust whisks at a really high speed and looks good too, this is the only whisk I shall use from now on. A real bargain price and arrived in 2 days.EXCELLENT!!!
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on 3 August 2013
Absolutely love this cheerful, cherry coloured, addition to my kitchen equipment and would never purchase an all-in-one, bowl and mixer package again. Not only can I use my own bowls regardless of size but this item has been cleverly designed with a flat bottom (know the feeling!) to stand neatly out of the way on my worktop. When standing upright with beaters overhanging the bowl it allows baking mixture etc to drop away into the bowl rather than the work surface.The motor is very powerful, facilitating five speeds, allowing simple combining, thorough mixing and whisking. If you really want to pebble dash the walls, the turbo button is available :-). The weight and weight distribution of the machine is very comfortable. It comes with two well made dough hooks, two beaters and one whisk, which are easily inserted into their correct size openings, one being obviously slightly larger than the other and released by a press button on the handle. The cable is short enough and light enough to tuck, either neatly through the handle or to wrap around the base. Everyday it sits staring at me, just begging to be used, so I am running out space in the freezer, having added cheese cakes, sponge cakes, soups, purees etc. Terrific value for such a powerful and quality item.
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on 13 August 2012
I had wanted a hand held mixer for ages and this looked like it would do everything apart from the washing up afterwards!It delivers on every count and looks darn cool in the red too! Delivery was within 48 hours so very happy indeed- thanks.
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on 26 January 2015
nice looking mixer. Easy to use, not too heavy.Beautiful red color.
Easy to clean.
review image review image review image
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on 20 December 2012
Purchased as a replacement for a 40+ year old Philips hand held mixer that had started to make a strange hot electrical smell after use.

I bought a cheap mixer from Tesco first, but found it had little speed control; all speeds were fast or above! After a few months I decided that had been a mistake and set off to find a proper replacement. Searching reviews, I was disappointed with a number of the competing brands; there seemed to be a history of worn plastic gears, and trust me, we wanted to replace the Tesco whizzer with one that had to last another 40 years. Googling "a mixer with metal gears" I found the Andrew James item and took a punt.

I have to say I am delighted with the mixer. It looks well made, but more importantly it gives excellent control from very slow to very fast in five steps. And it's quiet and smooth.

It ships with chrome beaters, dough hooks and a balloon whisk, all of which are easy in/out and look like they will last.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this, and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking for a quality mixer.
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on 3 May 2014
Can only be used for up to 5 minutes - stated clearly as a warning in the instruction booklet but not in any materials advertising the product. There are cheaper and better alternatives without this restriction.
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on 23 July 2014
Bought this 18months ago and was really pleased with it, it did all it said on the packet, but 18 months down the line I am really disappointed. The beaters which are chrome have corroded, corrosion and food not a good mix! I contacted the company by email and was asked to submit photographs of the corrosion. I emailed photos and commented that I really couldn't see the point in replacing with another set of chrome beaters and if they couldn't improve on the beaters provided then I would prefer my money back as the hand mixer is not fit for purpose. Surprise, surprise they haven't the decency to reply, I wasn't expecting to receive my money back that would be asking too much but what a pity they can't reply. I will buy another hand mixer from a tried and tested manufacturer. My last Kenwood hand mixer lasted 25 years. I was influenced by the good reviews for the Andrew James product I wonder how many off those who rated the mixer as 5/4 star now find the beaters are of such poor quality. I will point out in the booklet provided it does say dishwasher safe, chrome and dishwashers are not compatible.
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