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on 30 April 2015
don't miss out on a Wii U experience, really good console, amazing games like Mario Kart 8 super smash bros ect.
Has a huge virtual console library dating back to the NES and it will play your old Wii games and use your old remotes.
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on 20 January 2013
A great console - Nintendo have done it again!

I would have liked to have seen it clearly better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of it's graphical capabilities. Still, that's not the point with Nintendo hardware, is it?
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on 18 September 2013
Like I said its the best console out there at the moment...that moment wont last forever but nevertheless combination of this consoles abilities with low price in comparison will be still an atractive option.
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on 27 December 2012
I just had to write a review after seeing everyone complaining about it not working. Crap happens with electrical equipment, it could have been dropped or just a defective hardware. What you don't do is then complain on Amazon about it and give it a crap review because it failed to work at Christmas. Suck it up guys and move on. Half my presents didn't even arrive due to delivery issues and I ordered them 3 weeks ago - crap happens!

Anyway, about the console. It's great. Really well put together. After the long wait to download the update you are pretty much up and running. The browser experience is really good, browsers websites very well with no lag. Netflix is really well done. I can see why Nintendo decided to include a pad with the gaming experience as it works really well - though it isn't an IPAD (no multitouch, screen resolution is low etc). When you want to continue playing a game when the TV is in use you can by using the Ipad, works with same with Netflix. Also, it works well when augmented with games as a second visual view (maps etc). A great idea! I've read the CPU isn't great but to be honest I've not noticed. Mainly because I'm comparing it with the old Wii...! Oh and old games work fine, I'm playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii u and it fine. A bit odd as when you put in a Wii disc and then select it via the menu, it reboots the system and load old Wii OS. Not a bad idea though I would have liked better integration.

There are 2 grips I have - 1 the long pauses when switching applications, it does get annoying fast. 2 the battery on the pad doesn't last long and so when you just want to turn-off the pad to watch Netflix or play games you can't, it stays on all the time.

It will be really interesting to see how Nintendo develops on the WiiU as it had huge potential. If they sort out some of the obvious issues and come up with new ways to use the system then this will be a fantastic console.
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on 5 December 2012
The Wii U is a great little system with lot of potential but as of yet it is almost completely wasted. Having spent a few days with it now, this is not a system i recommend as a launch purchase for a number of reasons.

First the good - this is not another wii. The wii u can definitely hang with the other kids on the block and people who only owned a wii this gen are definitely in or a treat. This is a current gen system with the bells and whistles you should expect. The compatibility with wii games means there are lots of games for you play from day 1. Also no more friend codes!

First and foremost, i do not think this system, as of now anyway, comes anywhere near the quality you will get with either a 360 or ps3. I purchased the black premium, a pro controller, mario u, zombie u tekken and batman. For the money you can buy a 250gb 360, xbl for a year and several games. Ditto playstation. Usually i would not bring price like this but honestly the wii u despite its unique controller feels like its playing catch up with the 360 and ps3 - passing them in very few areas and actually falling short in a number of key areas -

The online here is no way near as polished as its rivals. Trying to add friends requires both sides to send invites lol a step up from friend codes for sure but still a big let down. Also trying to invite someone to a game in tekken is the silliest most backward attempt at game invites i can remember. You dont just send the person a message like on 360 - you have to create a room and name it something then have your opponent search for the room too!

The chat options seem limited for now.

A number of other touted features have failed to show up for launch.

Downloading takes a very long time. The day one patch takes a long time and is pretty big @ 5gb. It is slower than my 360, ps3, vita and steam.

Loading is also a big problem. Launching apps takes a very long time - im used to quickly launching apps from the 360 dash or ps3 xmb.

For me the biggest let down is the game pad. Its very low resolution and feels cheap to me. I can not understand why it has a 2 hour battery life when my 360 gives me 50 plus on a single charge. Even the much maligned ita battery goes for a bout 4 when used constantly - and that has a hd screen, cpu, gpu, ram. Ect. Also the range from your system is not 20 feet its basically the same room that the console is in. The signal can not go past any walls or doors. Seems like a needless snag and being able to play the game pad without the main unit on or in range should have been the aim.

ALSO THE STUPID THING RATTLES! Thats right, the stylus and face buttons are not secured and require modifications OR you can get the feeling of playing with giant pack of tic tacs.

As things stand, i can not recommend the wii u to anyone other than hardcore nintendo fans (who have already 1 stared this and left a u smell comment) or if you simply have the money and interest. Just taper your expectations - i was expecting a next gen system, maybe thats why im let down.

Mario U was a delight and im having fun with zombie u but the system does nothing to separate it from its competition and the few things it does bring to the table are bitter sweet.

I say wait for a os overhaul, some more wii u games, drastic improvement to the onlineand a pricedrop.

If u have a 360 or ps3 this feels like its on par or a downgrade, wait for the next xbox ps and the buy this as some of the above will definitely have changed by then.
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on 3 February 2013
Am 31 have owned a nes,atari lynx , game boy,gb advance snes , mega drive ,game gear,snes, g cube , mega cd , Philips cdi ,n64, ,dream cast,ps1,ps2 ps 3 Xbox and 360 and a wii and now a wii u I still have my xbox 360 got this 3 weeks agl not a good start red and flashing blue light had to be sent Back but was returned within 10 days with a fresh years warranty the download is a pain the apps take a while longer than your average but the magic is still there mario is great and a no alot of people think oh... Mario but when your brought up with this kind of thing it never leaves you . u still believe like hulk hogan slamming Andre the giant at wrestlemania it's in your blood and new console from Nintendo in hd is great yes it's going to be left behind but if you have the money and like fun games that no other company can produce then there you go uve found it here don't know if the gamepad is a good idea yet but time will tell I paid 225 for a premium package not bad really hope it gets the games and support to utilze the game pad and console, thumbs up for now looking forward to zelda
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on 2 September 2015
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on 14 May 2015
Great console and totally different from everything else currently out there. 5 star purchase!!!
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on 28 May 2015
A bit disappointed that it didn't come with Wii Remote and Nunchuck but still great!
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on 27 September 2015
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