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on 29 August 2012
After reading a lot of reviews about poor wifi connectivity on the lenovo u410, I was wary about getting it so contacted Lenovo about the problem first. They said that there had been a problem but this has been fixed, and any laptop manufactured from july 27th and onwards will not suffer from the same problem. I then contacted amazon to check when their stock had been manufactured, and found that lenovo had pulled all the defective laptops and replaced them with the new, fully working models.
So now I have one, and I must say the wifi connection, and everything else, is excellent! A brilliant laptop all round, much faster than my desktop and starting up the laptop takes seconds! Perfect for university!
Just thought I should let people know, as this laptop definitely doesn't deserve a 2 star rating now that its only flaw has been fixed.
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on 2 July 2012
[ EDIT 1: Those people who have had problems with their wireless speed should read this comment here from the Lenovo forums:

I ordered my Lenovo U410 in Ruby Red on Wednesday evening and it arrived on Saturday morning; a great day to be given a new toy to play with!

The box contained the laptop, the PSU and a few instruction manuals and that's all. It felt rather sparse, but I'm not exactly sure what else I was expecting - maybe a little USB mouse or a T-Shirt or a USB data stick or something.

Anyway, after unboxing the U410 the first thing that struck me about it was its size - it's really nice. The 14" screen may only be 0.7" larger than the standard 13.3" screens, but I can really feel that little extra size on both the screen and the keyboard, and for me it's certainly worth it.

The second thing about its size is that it belies the pad's weight. Looking at the machine you feel it's pretty small and so it should be as light as a feather, but it's actually relatively heavy. But its weight is not excessive, and the U410's build quality has a really solid feel to it - holding the ultra-pad in one hand by the corner with the screen up doesn't make it creak or sag under its own weight.

Booting the laptop up for the first time, you are presented with the normal EULA's to agree to and then the usual Windows 7 configuration prompts which zipped past nice and quickly, and then you're into the OS itself.

The first thing I do with a new PC or laptop is to uninstall all the crapware that comes with it and fortunately for me the Lenovo U410 comes with very little unwanted nonsense.

McAfee Antivirus was the first thing to be removed (I have nothing against it, but I'm perfectly happy with the free Microsoft Security Essentials and some common sense). Then ooVoo (some video conferencing app) was uninstalled, followed by Microsoft Live Essentials, Microsoft Live Mesh ActiveX and Lenovo Smart Update. There could be a couple of other things that you may want to uninstall (a 90 day trial of Absolute Data Protect for example), but Lenovo should be commended for their relatively clean Windows 7 installation.

The machine itself has a 14" glossy widescreen display at 1366 x 768 which may not turn any heads, but is perfectly adequate and will help extend your battery life compared to higher-resolution screens. It comes with a generous 6 GB of RAM, a 750 GB mechanical HD augmented by a 32 GB SSD, and third generation Intel CPU technology - Ivy Bridge power! The 64-bit CPU is a dual-core hyper-thread enabled Intel Core i5 3317U which nominally runs at 1.7 GHz but can turbo up to 2.6 GHz when it needs to. The CPU comes with on-board Intel HD Graphics 4000, but the ultra-pad also has an nVidia GeForce 610M chip on it for when you need a bit more graphical oomph.

The keyboard is good for typing with responsive keys and a nice layout that aids speed and accuracy. The track pad is pretty big (which I like) and although the left and right buttons are part of the track pad, they act as physical buttons that click (which I also like). The pad is low friction which makes using it nice and easy, and its position is comfortable and it sits well in relation to the rest of the keyboard. However you can only press one button at a time - left or right - the track-pad's buttons won't let you press both at the same time (a slight annoyance for me because I use such unusual button presses for Firefox gestures). There is also no middle mouse button and I have found it is sometimes quite difficult to get track-pad gestures to be recognized properly.

I experienced good wireless speeds with my U410. My Virgin cable connection is 20 mbps, so around 2 MB/s, and wirelessly connected through my LinkSys E3000 using 802.11/n I was happily getting over 1 MB/s when downloading games from Steam on a (probably congested) Saturday afternoon. A slightly lame thing is that the on-board network card is only 10/100. Yep, that's right, no gigabit here! But really, I don't plan to have my U410 plugged into anything physical. It doesn't have an interface for a docking station, it's not designed to sit shackled to a desk with a network umbilical - this ultra-pad is made to travel!

The speakers on the U410 are also really good for their size. The volume can get surprisingly loud for such a small laptop, and although you shouldn't expect the bass to be rumbling like Krakatoa's erupting in your back garden, the speakers do a good job that you can't really complain about.

Of course the Lenovo U410 does not come with an optical drive, but in this day and age that shouldn't be much of an issue. Also, being an ultra-book there are no slots on the bottom of the machine, so you won't be upgrading your memory or HD or changing your battery without additional effort. (And to be honest I'm not even sure if any of these things are actually possible.)

Since my U410 is only a couple of days old for me, I have of course not tested everything. However, the facial recognition for logon worked fine after a simple setup and configuration procedure. Now I can log into my machine by staring into the 720p webcam and pulling the same gormless expression that I had on when I set my face-word.

The two USB 3 ports are very nice to have and look to the future (whilst being backwards compatible with the older USB standards), and you get an additional two USB 2 ports to give you a grand total of four.
The only display output on the machine is the full-sized HDMI port - you have no last-century VGA ports here, and no DVI or DP either. But the HDMI worked great with I plugged it into my TV and watched video content from my laptop.

The battery life seems pretty good too. I haven't specifically measured its life under a known load so it can be compared to other laptops, but I managed to watch a couple of 720p HD movies with a pleasing amount of power left over at the end.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. I was looking for a good but relatively cheap laptop that was using today's technology and would give me value for money and last me some years into the future. I found the Lenovo U410 with a large and fast HD, more memory than average, USB 3 ports, Ivy Bridge processor and a solid build quality. This machine delivers the goodness I wanted, and I hope it will last me many years to come.

[ PS: If anyone has any questions they'd like answered about this machine please add a comment and if it's reasonable I'll do my best to give you an accurate answer. ]
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on 19 July 2012
Hi guys,

I really have to appreciate lenovo customer care- i spoke them they shipped my laptop to their repair centre and shipped back since then no complaints!!! so increased the rating as well..
two stars as the rest except wifi works very well.

I have the problem with wifi - bought in Amazon :

1. tried all new drivers

2. tried all different settings as well, with different routers

I get good internet speed with other model laptops with n series wifi (sony / dell ) etc.

Also guys have you noticed -
********* wifi disconnects when you connect a USB 3.0 WD portable HD in USB 3.0 port ************
and doesnot connect untill you remove it... which is very annoying...

....spoke to lenovo and amazon and they sent me a replacement laptop and no luck - its all the same ....

There is discussion going on and trying to resolve- if it gets resolved will keep it other wise return it ..

check this link for the fix before you buy
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on 18 July 2012
Bought this Lenovo with high hopes seeing as it was well designed, had all the ports dropped out of the thinner/lighter ultrabooks and even had a dedicated graphics card.
The touchpad is great and the keyboard is a dream to type on.

But - after not one but two separate laptops, both had the wi-fi connectivity issues almost everyone else has been having. Only if you're extremely close to your router are you able to get high speed internet.
Tried adjusting settings and updating drivers, and even contacted Lenovo 3 times who are oblivious to this issue. Go on their forums - people from around the world are having this same issue.

One word: avoid. Save time and don't bother, get a different computer.
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on 4 August 2012
Like the title says, it was the perfect laptop for me, had all the specs and looked great to my eyes but unfortunately, the wifi is the worst. My 10 year old desktop beat it! Check Lenovo company forums, its a universal issue and they do not seem to be doing anything to fix it. I returned mine after holding out for a few weeks hoping for a fix but none came. All in all, got all the goodies, but wifi is just too important to mess up. I should also note that it is not just this model but the U310 as well. Be careful with these models.
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on 16 July 2012
Hi guys,

2 stars for stylist look and light weight and speed of the laptop.

Yes even I had the same problem (very bad internet speed) - bought in Amazon : (tried with old b,g,n modem and also with new bt home hub 3.0)
1. tried all new drivers
2. tried all different settings as well

I get good internet speed with other model laptops with n series wifi (sony / dell ) etc , just sitting next to the u410.

Also guys have you noticed - wifi disconnects and doesnot connect untill you remove - when you connect a USB 3.0 WD portable HD in USB 3.0 port... which is very annoying...

I think Lenovo has to call back all the U410 laptops and fix them all - its their reputation thats getting spoiled .
I already own 4 lenovo models and this is the first time they had a flaw in the design...

I have tried ordering a replacement and same problem - going to return both the laptops now - no point
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on 6 November 2012
When I first recieved this product I was totally amazed, I loved the speed, size of HD, amazing graphics, the pricetag and even the colour.
However shortly after recieving I tried to connect to WiFi, I had problems right from the start and had very dodgy connection that would cut out, sometimes I'd have up to 4/5 bars but no connection worthy of proper internet usage. I knew it wasn't the wireless router itself because my mum has a laptop which has no connection issues.
Although the battery life is supposed to be really good but I get under 2 hours before I end up needing to plug the power in, the battery life is sucked up in no time.

I'd read reviews before buying this product and noted alot of people had WiFi issues but many had said that once they did the updates the problems ceased. Sadly updates did not fix mine and in the end decided to return it as it was not quite right and I want a laptop that is worth every penny!!
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on 25 September 2012
Now I have finally received a Lenovo U410 that doesn't have the wireless connection problem so now I can review it for the brilliant machine it is.
Value for money is superb its a well built machine with a aluminum finish for a good price. Its light and easy to hold in different positions. Performance is brilliant the machine boots out of the box very quickly setup is easy as it always is with Windows 7. I will also be able to get the £15 Win8 upgrade when it is released.
Wireless speeds are good can get up to 500kbps and pages always load quickly even with my slowish 6mb broadband speed. As with all mobile devices graphics are okay although playing Battlefield 3 in medium settings is pretty smooth.
Overall 10/10. Yes the original manufacturing problem with the wireless was annoying but I persisted and now have a superb laptop at a great price.
Note don't buy through Lenovo direct go to a reseller!
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on 23 September 2012
Received this last week as a replacement for an old business laptop and immediately took it away for a work conference. It seems so far to be a great wee machine, but with two small annoyances:
1. the shift key on the right of the keyboard is very small so I keep hitting the up arrow instead of shift when typing, I guess I'll get used to this is in time but right now its driving me daft!
2. I do a lot of spreadsheet work so would prefer the function keys ( F2 etc) to be accessible with one keystroke and not to have to use use two. Another point to get used to!

These are just annoyances though, overall it works well, is very user friendly, fast etc.
The screen is large enough for me to use with spreadsheet work, but still its light enough to carry around without it being a pain.
All in all a good buy.
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on 17 July 2012
Lenovo Ideapad U410 14-inch Ultrabook (Ruby) (Intel Core i5 3317U 2.6GHz, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD, 32GB SSD, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Nvidia Graphics, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit)An otherwise very nice ultra book with good spec for the price and well made. However, the broadcom wireless adapter has a serious flaw, although quick to connect to the internet the speeds are so slow as to make the machine almost useless. The only way I could get 75% of the internet speed I get on the other 4 computers I have (dell, apple, acer) is by being so close to the router as to be almost touching it! If Lenovo can fix this then I would recommend this machine otherwise don't but if you want wifi connection.
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