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on 2 September 2014
Does what you would expect. Good product

Update - 4 years on and it has finally died.
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on 20 August 2017
Really easy to setup. OS app is simple to use and fast. Purchased it to scan in my business receipts and it works a treat.
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on 2 December 2012
As someone who likes to try and keep my home office space as paper free as possible I started to scan everything I get a few years back to I could get rid of as much of the physical paper I have as possible. Or at least that was the theory! The reality of course was that the process of using my flatbed scanner to import even the smallest amount became such a chore that I was hardly doing this at all and I ended up with a large backlog that needed attention which when faced with this and the fact my flatbed isn't supported in Mac OS 10.8 I looked for an alternative and found a solution in the Doxie One.

When I was first looking at Doxie I was tempted but was a little put off at first as I didn't want the one covered in pink hearts (original Doxie) and didn't really want a scanner that relied on battery power (Doxie Go). In comparison with the competition I also didn't want to spend a lot of money on a scanner and it had to be small so I could stash it in a desk drawer so as to not take up too much space. It was then that I saw Doxie had the Doxie One on the way - I did some research and pre-ordered.

So after a few days with the Doxie I'm happy to say that it lives up to expectations, though it's not without its own little quirks! The first thing you notice when your Doxie arrives is that the company clearly has a bit of a sense of humor and the manuals included are refreshingly light hearted. In terms of setup there is a fair amount of clear tape protecting the Doxie that can be a bit fiddly to remove but once done it's a case of plugging it into the power inserting the SD card and off you go. Setup couldn't really be much simpler and as there's no computer involved in the scanning process it does mean that you and your Doxie don't have to be sitting next to a computer when doing the work. Personally there's something relaxing about feeding paper into a Doxie whilst watching the TV with a cup of tea.

In terms of scanning itself it is straightforward but you need to remember that this is more or less a budget product. Therefore you obviously don't have a sheet feed capability and the resolution may be lower than some may be looking for. However for my requirement of scanning documents it is more than sufficient. The Doxie can be picky about feeding paper in at times, particularly if you're dealing with some thin glossy papers or if your page doesn't have a clean edge to it where you are feeding it into Doxie. What I would say is that if a page doesn't flow properly through when you scan - do it again as when you see the scan on your computer you will probably realise it's a mess. I've only had this happen a couple of times and most of the time the Doxie one feeds paper through with no issues at all. I did find that you do at times need to be a bit patient with it which I suspect is down to the speed of the SD Card and the Doxie one will politely refuse to scan more until it's completed writing the last scan down to media. Most of the time I was able to feed one page after another with no issue at all. Scanning speed is good - you're only talking a few seconds per page which is many multiples faster than my old flatbed scanner.

Once you've scanned your images the really easy bit starts. Now as you don't have the Doxie One connected to a computer when you are scanning it can be a bit of an odd experience but it is I found a much faster workflow. You simply take the SD Card out of the Doxie One or hook it up via USB to your machine and the Doxie software which is available for download from their site takes care of the rest. Certainly the Mac version is friendly, easy to use and is very good at outputting to standard PDF or even Evernote should you want to go down that route. The electronic "staple" function lets you pick which pages belong together in the same document and the software makes things very easy to do the usual scanner software stuff such as crop, rotation colour adjustment etc.

For me the main thing though is that if the worst happens and I hit a compatibility issue with Doxie software in the future I don't really need it. The Doxie One is effectively acting as a digital camera and is leaving everything as a jpg on the SD card so it can be easily converted to PDF by another application if need be. For me this is the biggest selling point of the Doxie as for once I have a scanner which *should* manage to outlive a few changes in MacOS or windows along the way. After all with a camera connection kit you can even import the Doxie One scans into an iPad!

Oh - and I almost forgot to mention if you need true portability the Doxie one can take batteries which almost upgrades it to the same level as it's older sibling the Doxie Go.

Overall I'd say a good cost effective document scanner that I hope will be with me for a long time.
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on 27 October 2013
This is an excellent bit of kit, does what it says on the tin and no more. I love it. Cleared a massive pile of old bits of paper, and when combined with Evernote software which is another brilliant (separate) bit of software has made me if not entirely paperless, then well on the way. I just wander round the house now trying to find stuff to scan!

There are two reasons why I didn't give this a 5, but they don't detract from the overall point for me.

1) if the edge of paper you're scanning isn't dead flat/crisp, the scanner can have trouble picking the paper up. Normally a couple of tries sorts, or alternatively feed from the other end of the paper and rotate once in the software. Not a major issue

2) despite using a fast SD card (not the supplied one which is slower), I find the import process from card to either my MacBook or PC Doxie software is slowish. With one or two scans it's not an issue. If you've scanned loads, you might want to make a dupe of tea whilst you're waiting

The pros massively outweigh these two minor issues. If you buy it, you won't regret it
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on 1 July 2013
Finally, a scanner that accomplishes what should be expected from a scanner - documents are converted from a paper form to a digital form - and no more! It's simple to use and absolutely reliable. Everything you scan goes onto an SD card as a JPG. There's no need to set up drivers etc, it's the same as getting pictures off a camera.

My use case was "going paperless" - converting all of my old documents into a digital form. It didn't take me long to scan over 2000 documents. It would even happily scan crumpled receipts, though sometimes would require a couple of attempts. Doxie has been perfect for the job.

I get the feeling that the developers of Doxie really knew their target market - people who want hassle free scanning. The included manuals are light hearted and humorous - a nice break from those huge manuals which say "read manual before use". It's simple, robust (I've dropped it a few times), small, minimal (scanning is all it does, no printer or arty features), and looks great. Honestly can't think of anything bad about it!
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on 12 February 2013
Great little gadget. I combined this with an Eye-Fi wireless card and Evernote.
I can scan in tons of paper while sat in front of the telly, Eye-Fi card wirelessly copies it to my computer and Evernote OCR's all the text and backs it up.

End result is a completely searchable backed up paperless solution.
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on 4 August 2015
Doxie replaced a scanner I've had sitting on my desk now for several years gathering dust because it didn't work with any version of Windows after Vista and no Mac OS version after 10.8... otherwise my previous scanner was a compact Canon which took up very little space and I was sad to get rid of what I knew was a piece of technology that otherwise still worked bar software incompatibility.

Then Doxie arrived and everything I thought I knew about scanners changed; Doxie redefines "compact" - it is slightly wider than an A4 sheet, and only a few inches deep. Doxie comes with a mains adapter, however I put some batteries in, so Doxie is also completely wireless. And Doxie needs no connection to a computer... ever! That means I'll never have to face it becoming obsolete like the last scanner I mentioned.

Scanning is really easy - power on, push some paper towards it, it feeds it through electronically, and once it spits it out the other end, it has created a JPEG image on the SD card. You can pop the SD card out every so often and either manually copy the images off or use the Doxie software... available for Windows and Mac, to create PDFs, upload to Dropbox and Evernote, combine images together into paged PDFs, and run OCR on documents to produce plain text (selectable/searchable text) PDFs too. I have tried a few photos and Doxie also reproduces them with good colour clarity.

I leave Doxie on my desk and scan all my paperwork as it comes in the post... then I shred or bin the originals; it's just so convenient to do now and it means that I don't leave mail lying all over the place "to deal with later" (I'm not a tidy person).
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on 10 February 2013
First about the hardware: One of the main reasons I purchased the Doxie is because it supports scanning without being attached to a computer. I normally keep it near the kitchen table, and daily scan things like mail, homework and school assignments for the kids and magazine articles that I want to keep for reference. Being able to power the Doxie with 4 AAA rechargeable batteries really helps this process, and I am able to do 100-120 scans on a single charge.

Then the software: A few times a week I pop-out the SD card and plug it into my iMac for processing. I really like the concept of the scanner saving the scans in a jpeg format on an SD card because this eliminates any dependency on drivers, OS versions. etc. This means that on my next OS upgrade won't have to spend any time on getting the scanner back to a working state. The Doxie software itself has a very simple and intuitive user interface, but packs a lot of power under the hood. I basically have 2 workflows. Articles, school materials etc. go straight into Evernote from the Doxie app. For more privacy sensitive material I create a pdf with OCR information. Being able to perform OCR on the scanned document is critical in my opinion, because it makes the pdf documents searchable. The OCR that's built into the Doxie software works very well in my experience. A minor negative point I have with the software is that the OCR process blocks the user interface. It would be great if during running OCR on a document one could continue to staple and rename the other scans.

So to summarize, I'm very happy with the Doxie One. This has been one of my best IT equipment purchases over the last years.
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on 8 May 2016
As far as I am concerned this is a fantastic piece of kit. Does exactly what I wanted it to do which is quickly and easily scanning all my thousands of old photographs into digital files which I can store in a cloud for the benefit of myself and any descendants who may care to look at them. Once completed I can box up the old albums and leave them in the loft till I pass away. no doubt someone will then chuck them in the bin.
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on 16 August 2013
Wanted to go paperless for a long time now and I am really happy that I picked Doxie to do it. The scanner works hassle-free and the included software is great to use. It even converts images to text so I can use spotlight to find relevant documents in seconds. Very happy user and is saves me a lot of time!
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