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on 12 November 2014
I bought this item with the intention of using it with my 2008 iMac (model 8,1). However, I was unable to connect the product via bluetooth to my mac. Given my mac works perfectly with other bluetooth items i'm not entirely sure why speaker failed to interact with my mac. After giving up on the bluetooth connection I reverted to a wired connection to test the speaker performance. As reported in other reviews, the sound quality isn't great; it's a little flat and doesn't really differentiate between instruments in a variety of different music (classical, rock and pop). So even if you get them to work via bluetooth, don't expect to hear an amazing sound!
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on 19 July 2017
Fantastic speaker. I actually messed up on Black Friday buying this, I thought it was a small speaker for a phone (It can be used with a phone) however it is not. This beast is now plugged into my TV as the main speaker, it offers virtual surround sound, great for gaming, and has powerful bass and equalisers for any occasion. This accident has proven to be better than any soundbar I have come across and quite a bit cheaper too. Recommended for all users looking for something a little better, to get a lot better
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on 5 August 2013
Bought it on sale a couple of months ago. It looks really nice. Nevertheless, here is a list of issues you may have:
- Volume touch panel sensitivity is rather sporadic, then smooth (they claim that it was fixed in new firmware, but I can't update the device on my MacBook Pro New)
- For MAC users! Download ZIP files and not DMG, otherwise it won't work.
- Volume issue while trying to connect iPhone 5 - volume raises to max w/o possibility to change it via the phone (only on MAC).

I'm in contact with support. They are replying on a regular basis, but still can't provide me with a solution remotely (want me to send the device for test which take up to 30 days - I'm hesitating).
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on 5 December 2015
Disappointed it's not a sound blaster
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on 28 December 2013
This is second unit I have had and both faulty. The Bluetooth connection cuts out when playing music after a few seconds and control is then lost on the device
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on 28 September 2013
Very poor sound quality.
Sometimes looses the bluetooth and takes ages to find again.
I would not recommend this speaker.
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on 1 August 2012
Style: Axx20|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This device brings together Creative's background in sound cards with its expertise in wireless speakers. It allows you to stream audio to it from a mobile device over Bluetooth, or from a PC over USB. It also contains a pair of microphones which can be used for handsfree calls via a paired mobile device or a PC running Skype or similar.

It looks quite elegant and is very stable with the circular base attached. Acoustically it is so-so. It doesn't sound as good as my thirty-quid 2.1 Philips PC speakers. Bass frequencies are particularly lacking and the stereo sound stage is very minimal, despite all the pseudo-surround-sound configuration tweaks that are available over the software interface. However, for a small footprint device, it makes a passable effort at stereo, and avoid the cable clutter of a satellite speaker.

The most impressive feature of this device is the fact that it is powered from a standard USB socket, and can kick out a reasonable volume. This must have taken quite some engineering.

My real problem with the Axx is that its raison d'etre is somewhat elusive. It appears to be a case of a "technology push" rather than a "market pull". If you want Bluetooth speakers, you can get them already, and they'll plug straight into the mains, rather than needing an adapter like the Axx does. Similarly, if you want PC speakers or microphone, you've probably already got them. I can't really see what fusing these features into one device adds to the mix. And why have Creative gone to the trouble of powering the Axx from a USB connection? By the time you've plugged the Axx into a USB socket, you might as well play the audio from that device, rather than streaming over Bluetooth from some other device. Perhaps I'm just too old to get it, but I'm left scratching my head a little over this one.

Usability is also fairly far down Creative's list of priorities. The PC or mobile device interface for tweaking the Axx's audio settings will delight geeky teenage boys, but will, I imagine, leave most other people fairly cold. Personally I can't get too excited about what frequency my bass cross-over operates at. Buttons on the device itself with such helpful titles as "SBX" appear designed to befuddle as much as to elucidate (it toggles the equaliser settings on and off).

The Axx can apparently use array beam-forming techniques to focus on you when you are in front of it. It also has noise cancelling. These appear to work fairly well, although I got howling feedback when I tried out the voiceFX demo mode. Never mind, I think I can live without sounding like a robot or an elf. Again, one for the kids, perhaps.

This product concept is certainly novel, and will surely appeal to gadget fans. To what extent it will enhance the lives of those of us who rate functionality, usability and value above the "cool" factor, I'm not so sure.
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on 19 September 2015
Looks great ! Fantastic sound ! Very simplw to use !
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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2012
Style: Axx10|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Compact speakers are always a tricky prospect because reducing speaker size inherently compromises sound quality. Creative appear to be hitting a middle ground of sorts with a bluetooth mobile speaker that is not *truly* portable at this size (and without a battery) but greatly boosts its sound quality as a result.

Pairing the device using the Android app was startlingly easy. The app is simple, pleasant to look at thoughtfully designed, down to the single button press to activate or deactivate bluetooth without hunting through the device's settings menus. Once paired, the app will do so automatically whenever in range.

The Axx 10 itself is well built and attractive with an unusual hexagonal design and slanted touchscreen controls. However, despite the Sound Blaster processing inside, I found myself rarely touching those controls. Ostensibly providing options familiar to those who have used Creative's PC soundcards, like auditorium effects and virtual surround sound, the speaker is at its best with these options off: its sound is generally clear and warm.

An integrated microphone means the speaker can be used for hands-free voice calls as well. Voices were clear and loud and I received a good report from those on the receiving end, though I can't speak to how much of this can actually be attributed the unit's "focused" field and CrystalVoice processing. It is certainly a vast improvement over a phone's built-in hands-free option.

At around a foot tall, I feel the Axx 10 serves best as a fixed location bedroom or study speaker with its minimal footprint making it easy to leave permanently on a bedside table or desk. It is certainly not going to replace your primary sound system if you have one and, although Creative seek to promote it as such, I would struggle to recommend it as a laptop or PC speaker. Particularly at this price a decent set of 2.1 speakers would be a better investment for music and film. However, for the home office, the Axx 10 is ideal.
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Style: Axx20|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Was very excited about this bit of kit. Liked the idea of having one speaker to connect all my devices to.

Comes in a nice easy to open box. On opening the flap you're immediately invited to download the app for your PC/i-gadget/smartphone. The speaker looks and feels high quality and heavy, although is somewhat smaller than i imagined it would be (about 40-50cm tall, less than 10cm in diameter, hexagon shaped). There's lots of highly polished black plastic, a material front, and a glossy top panel.

It comes with a USB to connect to your PC or plug (the box said USB plug sold seperately, but one came in the box). On switching it on, lighted up icons appear from nowhere on the top glossy panel. These also act as touch sensitive controls.

I first connected my android phone - turn on bluetooth, press a button on the back of the device, and the 2 are paired. After downloading the creative central app from goole play app store, you have full control over settings/equalisers/surround sound/bass etc etc. The app works really well and is a nice way to control the device.

Pairing with ipad was even simpler - turn on bluetooth, it paired up, then automatically invited you to download the app to the ipad.

Sound is rich and bassy, and impressive considering it's powered with a USB lead. Now this is no audiophiles dream, if I'm honest the sound is a bit tinny and one dimensional. But it does thump out nice and loud. Not a replacement for proper speakers/audio equipment. If you're looking for just a speaker system go elsewhere, but the sound is great none the less.

The best bit is calls - speaking on the phone, the sound clarity is great. Creative claims that it picks up your voice from anywhere in the room, and it truely does this. Even with a bit of background noise and being on the other side of the room, the person at the end of the phone can still hear you really well.

I think this is a fab bit of kit for the office, or maybe a busy kitchen/living area of the house, where you might want to use the internet, listen to mmusic, do some cooking and receive calls without the hassle of switching on and off other speakers or devices. it allows you to get on with whatever you're doing.

so in summary, perhaps if judged by sound alone I would struggle as to whether to give it 4 or 5 stars. but it's overall quality, dynamic apps, and versatility definately make it a 5 star product.
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