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on 26 November 2013
It does everything it claims, All incoming calls are timed and dated, the alarm clock has been invaluable. I had a dental appointment at 3.30pm and it when straight out of my mind until the alarm phone rang at 3.00pm. All outgoing calls are also kept, You can of course delete all calls if you wish. The hands free is also useful if you are doing something ie, cooking, etc. Don't be fooled by the price, I too was a bit sceptical about the cheapness, but I most certainly will recommend this product.
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on 26 February 2014
I have bought BT equipment in the past and after the guarantee ended so did the unit . Gigaset is unknown to me. The ring tones are different and loud. Its easy to set up like add number and cancelling a message. We would buy the product again but hopefully not soon.
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on 18 November 2015
This internal cordless phone is very unlike any I have used before. Setting up was a very complicated rigmarole. I'm judging this product against several types of cordless I have used at home in the last 20 years. The instruction book is very badly planned and sections keep referring to other pages and then when you turn to the detailed section there's only safety nagging, little helpful info and it refers you back to the page from where you were just sent! Answer-phone is fairly basic and works pretty well. One thing missing from the design is the ability to get a dial-tone by pressing the green receiver button - It only allows input of the number first and then it connects to the line at the point of dialling the number.

The audio volume on the handset is weak and even with it set to max level it's still difficult to hear. I don't know if it has a hearing-aid friendly T-loop facility for those who need a bit more boost in the sound. The quality of the sound isn't as good as I expected for a digital phone. The ring tones are either the type that are too feeble and inaudible from 20 feet away or they're the type that are horribly shrill even when lowering the volume. It isn't bad value though - I can't criticize it for the price, but so far a few things have annoyed me.

From straight out of the box the batteries have to be conditioned ie charged up and then discharged fully before re charging again to condition them on all three phones, which takes 12 hours each for handset plus the time to run each handset flat. That is not a good way to make the setup convenient.
Summing up: A good try Siemens (Gigaset) but if I did a school report on their term's work, I'd say "Has an over developed sense of self-importance and must try harder"
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 June 2015
For just shy of £20 this isn't bad. Bit cheap looking and the phone cable is one of those really thin ones, bit on the short side. But it does the job.

Took a star off for one complaint : charging and instructions (half a star each).

The instructions say you have to charge it for 6 hours but, as instructions are wont to do, it doesn't say WHY. What happens if you charge it for 5 or 7? What if, as I did, you assemble it at 7.30pm....do you have to set your alarm to get up to switch it off?. I hope you realise this is written with my tongue stuck in my cheek but it should possibly say "it will take 6 hours to charge fully".

And then there's the "must be fully discharged before you charge it". Right. So, here's the thing. I hardly ever use my landline so am I supposed to check it every day to see if it's ok? And then, if it's still got some charge, check it hourly? Maybe I'm taking this too literally and I should do the man-thing and just not read instructions!!! (to any males reading this : JOKE).

But what I would like instructions to say "don't do x, y, z BECAUSE....". Then I'd know whether I can ignore it or not. ;o))
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on 2 September 2014
I've only been using this 'phone for a few weeks but it seems good value so far- particularly as I only paid about £25 for it from Ligo. I needed to replace my previous telephone/answer machine which was 15 years old and I particularly wanted one on which the received messages would be recorded by date as well as by named day of the week. This Gigaset does that and shows dates on its screen as well as giving audible advice when each message is first opened. Apart from this it's fairly basic but has all the features you'd reasonably expect to find, ample directory memory (100 numbers), easy transfer of directory numbers to the other handsets, about 25 minutes of message storage, it's fairly easy to set up and use and also fairly unobtrusive in appearance, which I like.

Some negative points are: the base station doesn't have a very long power cable - about 1 metre I'd say - (I bought a longer cable for £5 incl postage, from connected-4-less, who were very helpful; the red light on the base station which shows when the answer machine is switched on is not very bright and could be difficult to see if the station was located where bright sun light fell on it - however, it does flash when a new message is received, which the people at Gigaset (also very helpful) told me it wouldn't; the 'new message received' light on the handsets is a mere pin prick and could do with being much bigger - I like to be able to see this feature at a glance from across the room. The most negative point on the product is that the ring tone may be too quiet in some situations. It is adjustable and when heard in isolation seems entirely adequate but if I'm listening to the TV in the room next door to the hanset and base station I don't hear the 'phone ring. Obviously, the problem is solved by placing a handset in the same room as the TV!
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on 26 October 2015
The one main thing that I like is the built in answer machine which is great, however I feel this is one of those you get what you pay for phones as the battery and sound sometimes can be an issue.
However it has served ourselves well so its a case of accept the faults as the benefits out-weigh the flaws

Pros - fits well in the handle, sits well in the cradle, easy to use, multiple options - contacts, alarm, answering machine
Cons -Battery power can drain too fast, sometimes calls are too quiet even on maximum volume and crackles too (phone services say no fault on the line.
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on 22 January 2014
The phones themselves are fine: as usual ease of use for the commonly used features (especially answer machine) are buried within menus instead of being on a dedicated key, and the quick keys are poorly labelled. The designers have concentrated on including as much as possible, without thinking through carefully what the user actually wants to use frequently. But that is the same with all cordless phones I've ever used.

Sound quality is only average: better than some other phones, but still muffled. There is the facility to enhance high frequencies, which helps considerably, but still could be improved. Apple manage to build superb quality loudspeakers into their phones (and incredibly small): it's a pity other manufacturers can't do the same. I suppose the only thing is to spend hundreds of pounds on a Bose phone, but I'd prefer to spend say £20 more per phone to have a really good speaker.
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on 8 May 2014
As far as I'm concerned all the hype and waffle about the quality of sound of this product is misplaced. The sound is MUFFLED - probably no better than the the other models that have the same complaint. There is a setting on the menu for changing the sound quality from 'Low' to 'High' but I honestly can't tell the difference. I'm in a quandary about whether to return this or not as the other quad sets have the same bad reviews about the sound.
The phones themselves feel well made and the menu setup is easy to follow - but how hard can it be to get the sound right and at least have more sound setting options?
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on 24 May 2015
I've bought two sets of these. I liked the first set so much I bought a set for my parents.
In this age of everything being attached to the internet these phones are a breath of fresh air.
Nothing fancy, just great battery life, great sound quality, good range (I use them all around the garden).
Answering machine integrated and the facility for one phone to call the other or all is really handy around the house.
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on 13 August 2015
Having had a panasonic DECT phone duo before, I was really pleased to happen on reviews for this set of phones....unlike the panasonic, the sound on each of these is clear and distinct. The phone is easy to set up and the answer phone works a treat. My only wish would be that there was an ordinary ring tone option as the ringtones are a little restricted in choice - this shouldn't put anyone off though as it's a great phone.
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