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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 5 June 2014
Having been a big fan of the original Carrier Command (back in ye specturm/amiga/st days)
I was quite keen to try this modern update.

It is in many ways quite faithful to the original, with a major makeover graphics wise.
I didn't care much for the initial "on foot" first person part of the story, but once you get into the Carrier section (ie the main game) things improve a lot.

One of the earlier resource games in the 80's Carrier command is a game of strategy and building up resources and planning attacks. It is very close to the first version, in terms of capturing islands, building bases and ensuring you have enough supplies of ammo, fuel and weapons.

The team have expanded the scope of weapons, you are still using your Walrus land/sea vehicles and Manta's as your aircraft.
Islands are bigger with more variety on defences and scenery, though the basics are the same (disable the defences, capture the HQ or destroy it)

Initial release was quite buggy, things have improved with updates. AI was very iffy in terms of path finding (Manta's frequently hitting objects and mountains) over time quite a good improvement here, though it's not perfect. The enemy can be quite aggressive, but like the original can at times be caught off guard; the enemy Carrier can be a bit of a sitting duck at times (not always but AI flaws are still here)

In many ways it's a game you get stuck into for a while, then might lose interest for a bit..but come back again now and then. Carrier command is quite a repetitive game by design, I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety bar just capturing islands (maybe a naval fleet to contend with?) If you liked the first game, you will like this. If you've never tried it before it's an acquired taste. There is a Gaea Mission campaign, which does add a story to things (specific objectives), I suspect most will play it like the original version though.

Lack of multiplayer exposes the weaker AI elements more, it's just you v the computer. But overall it's worth a look, but have a play before to see if you like this kind of game.
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on 25 January 2013
bought this for my husband who loves strategy games he is never of it. which is a good thing sometimes.
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on 1 October 2012
I bought this based on happy memories of the Amiga version, and I certainly have not been disapointed.

- Graphics are great, and at times beautiful!!
- Tanks are a lot of fun to master with the revolving turrets and upgradable armour and weapons.
- Aircraft combine helicopter and aeroplane almost best of both worlds.
- interface intuative.
- Combat is huge amout of fun.
- There's even a FPS bit at the beginning to set the scene for the campaign (not the bast FPS but I just saw it as a freebee).

What you get is a huge open ended world with vehicles, resource man, empire building, weapons to research and build. So much more than any game I have played for years, and at times its rock hard and you just cant leave it alone.

The story line is a bit hammy but I dont think it impacts on the overall game.

You can rock up at an enemy island scout about in a Manta check out the layout and then get stuck in with four tanks armed with whatever you have discovered or produced. Sound appealing?

My only negative comment is the number of bugs I have encounted when running under xp, but with a game this new I would expect these to be cleared up as patches become available.
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on 12 October 2012
I was a massive fan of the original carrier command game in the 80's and played for many hours on my trusty Atari ST. I was very excited to hear about this new release and purchased the "play & contribute" beta several months ago.

I've played only the campaign mode so far so please don't take this as a "complete" review of the game. What I enjoy the most is the reviving of the vehicle control and co-op needed to succeed in a campaign. Using multiple Walrus (Ground tanks) and Manta's (Aircraft) to beat each scenario the game throws at you.

The good parts of this game are the graphics, there are some great weather effects, the story wraps with the campaign mode well. The walrus and manta controls get some getting used too, but they are great fun once mastered.

The not so good part, are as others point out, its 2012 - they could & should of put in multi-player, this was something I hoped the original could of done (Remember null modem cables?) but a big disappointment here especially tied in with the fact that the enemy carrier AI is never all that hot.

The 1'st person FPS part at the start of the campaign I though was very clunky and poor compared to games like Quake 4, although once you complete this the game gets going nicely and goes back to its roots. For some reason the movie cut scenes don't work correctly on my PC but no big loss.
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on 8 October 2012
Good graphics and a good game but with issues. I did play the original back in the day.


Good Graphics
Good maps & more variation than the original in capturing islands
Enjoyable campaign missions for the main
Good variety of equipment and configurations for your vehicles


Awful AI, both strategic for the enemy carrier (I managed to destroy it on my first strategic game easily because it was just running around my islands without going home to resupply - it had no walruses or manta's left, it's guns weren't turned toward me, I just sat there and blew it up with my deck gun on my carrier) & for the walruses, which are forever getting stuck. The mantas don't do that much either when you're not in direct control.

No way to speed up time, except when going between islands. You quite often have to sit there for ages waiting for things to dock.

No multiplayer - there is a sandbox style strategic mode but multiplayer not available.

Strategic mode you can't define enough parameters - couldn't do it so both you and AI start off with just 3 islands for example.
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on 16 January 2013
I confess I absolutely loved the original so had high expectations for this.

Was impressed with seamless integration of 1st person shooter with the strategy - wasn't expecting that. It is basic FPS and not hard but provides a nice level to work on for the future!

The strategy side is exciting at the beginning. The graphics are frankly superb with day-night cycles and environment/weather cycles contributing to how you might try and take an island - heavy snowstorm - probably not going to fly a poorly armoured manta in to scout an island's defences. However the strategy side does get a tad boring after a while. The original game was pretty repetative and so is this game. They have definitely spiced it up though and the campaign as well as strategy options give you a bit of variety and you can change the difficulty too. I agree with other reviewers that the enemy carrier is easy to destroy and the AI there could be harder. Additions of other carriers and defensive buildings that can be built on top of islands for further strategy considerations would have been a great addition to make the main game more exciting. Alas, it does seem a bit easy and my strategy of manta-take out defenses then send in walruses to mop up has not failed me yet.

In summary, I think you'll get a lot of enjoyment out the game, particularly if you knew and liked the original. I love my strategy games and FPS and this has both but it's not 5/5 for me. Little things could have been better and this hasn't spoilt the game for me but left me with a feeling that corners were cut and could have been better. Having said that I am still really impressed with Gaea mission and hope it's successful so they'll make future games in the CC series!
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on 17 August 2013
I was a great fan of the original CC, spent many days and nights on my Amiga. I was very excited about this remake, but totally forgot about it till I was nostalgic and played the original again and found out this was already released 1 year ago.

The good:

Graphics are fantastic (maybe Bohemia paid too much attention to them)

Its got more content then the original, nice weapons and upgrades you can obtain from enemy research centers in campaign

The story is quite good, but a lie (I was laughing at how the western nations of earth are peaceful and the east are warmongers when in reality its the total opposite)

Its not a steep learning curve if your familiar with the original game, it has nice easy to read manual and keyboard control card

The campaign is very long, so plenty of islands to conquer and also there is strategy game which has many more islands (30+ each game, not as many as the original)

Each island may have a different objective in order to capture it, plus you need to take out its defenses

The bad:

The controls are a bit too twitchy for my liking

The FPS mode is basic and dull

Now the reason I give this game only 3 stars is because of the BIG problem... Your units path finding AI is total **** (even with the 1.06 update which was supposed to improve the AI. I spent more then half the time shouting abuse at my units then I did enjoying playing the game, it is so terrible and this is why I commented on Bohemia maybe spending too much attention on the game looking good instead of the gameplay being good which is a big problem with games today


If you are a fan of the original CC or are a very patient strategy gamer and have a decent spec machine, buy it
If your the type of person who rage quits or have a high blood pressure, steer clear

If you do decide to buy the game, patch it immediately for the BI website, because if you patch after you play, your saves will not be compatible
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on 25 October 2012
I was really disappointed by this game it feels like they tried to include a lot more then the development team could manage, but rather than ditch the parts that did not work they shoehorned them into the game anyway, for instance the woeful FPS sections that detract from the main game & would IMO be better left out of the experience completely, if this was the only problem the game had I could forgive it but it's just the most glaring of the issues, poor enemy A.I. that constantly gets lost on route to way-points or drive off cliffs for no apparent reason, enemy units that try to shoot through geometry as if it did not exist, units constantly colliding into each other even when ordered to follow one another the list could go on but I think it is obvious where this is going.
In summery it's a game with lofty ambitions that are poorly executed & badly presented, save you're money!
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on 18 November 2012
This could have been so much better. Stupid pathfinding and poor AI. Also don't like the menu wheel. I don't use a controler so maybe thats an influence. I played the oringinal endlessly so I am quite dissappointed. If you want a remake of an old game try X-Com, truly brilliant.
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on 23 February 2013
I struggled through start of the campaign, with the hugely insulting gameplay of the 3rd person shooter and laughably bad cut scenes. But once you do get on the carrier it is very similar to the original game. The issue is that at some point the save games all crash, and you lose all your progress. In my case 25-30 hours worth just when I was to meet the enemy carrier. Very frustrating. Apparently this is a common issue and I've had no reply to my query from the developer Bohemia Interactive. For this reason I have to give it one star. I just can't face going back to the beginning of the game..
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