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Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 24 September 2012
they work so beautifully together and the song choices were great. well worth buying. i loved it. goose bump time !!! amazing voices and so complimentary.
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on 1 November 2012
I'm sure I'm going to be out of sync with most people on this but I was slightly disappointed with this CD. Don't get me wrong, I think Jonathan is extraordinarily gifted and Charlotte sings really well and I play Together a lot. However, having listened to the amazing power of Jonathan's voice and marvelling at his skill on the Utube songs from BGT, I feel that the CD somehow held back the power of his voice, possibly so that Charlotte's voice could be made stronger. The thrill of hearing his surging power on the UTube, therefore, was somewhat suppressed in the CD version. While I can well understand that they want to remain together, I didn't feel I had my fill of Jonathan's wonderful voice. Maybe it would have worked better for me if we could have had at least one song with Jonathan only and I think Charlotte could have held 'Ave Maria' on her own as she has that purity and simplicity of tone and pitch reminiscent of a boy soprano. My other disappointment was with the choice of songs. The need to make it marketable by including Italian versions of well-known English popular hits misfired, for me at any rate, because often the original version is the definitive version and there's always a risk in re-inventing them in this way. I would have preferred further songs like 'Caruso' and 'The Prayer'. Notwithstanding the above, I'm sure they are going to have major success and I wish them all the very best. However, while Charlotte is good, Jonathan is unique and brilliant and I hope, at some point, we will have a CD which includes some solos by him alone and of songs that do justice to a voice that comes along maybe only once in a lifetime.
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on 30 May 2013
I received my CD today and am very happy with it. I rarely buy CD's but after watching J+C on the reality tv show I thought they were amazing, especially since I wasn't expecting it due to my ignorant preconceptions based on their appearances. While I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of all of the songs on the album, I would say that there are definately some of the best covers of songs I've ever heard on here - Charlotte is wonderful in their rendition of Ave Maria, and although simon cowell said she would hold them back in their careers I think that that isn't the case at all - her singing is better than the celine dion version of 'The Prayer' by miles, and Jonathan's singing is amazing in all of the songs. I think what really makes Jonathan stand out isn't that Charlotte is a bad singer - but that he sings in a much more operatic style, so its natural to compare him to other opera singers and quite frankly the opera singers of late are not that great. I've never really gotten into Opera because the singers like Andrea Bocelli and Pavorotti aren't really that good. Jonathan is much more easy listening that those poncy opera singers and has much more feeling to it. I also liked their cover of 'Rule the world', and the songs being in Latin also gave it a new burst of life. I really hope they make another album. My wife really likes the CD as well and is buying another as a gift. Best of luck to Jonathan and Charlotte in the future whatever you decide to do!
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on 5 December 2012
We all know British TV viewers are a fickle lot but to pick a performing dog over these two talented teenagers in a national talent contest certainly proved the point.
I wanted to see, or rather hear, how this classical/pop crossover duo would sound after being subjected to the multitude of techniques used in a recording studio. Would their natural appeal be diluted, or would their voices rise to the occasion?
Whilst not an opera fanatic I do like to enjoy occasional snatches of classical music and found this CD to be both delightful to listen to and highly entertaining.
The blend of Jonathan's truly amazing, yet virtually untrained, classical voice with the softer and dulcet tones of Charlotte are truly unique. Whether, as Simon Cowell predicted, the couple will eventually split to allow Jonathan to devote himself to pure opera is open to conjecture.
But in the meantime take time out to listen to this unusual and delightful CD. If it doesn't make you smile, or bring tears to your eyes, go back to Radio One!
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on 29 November 2012
I bought this on the back of seeing them on BGT, but sampled each track to ensure that I liked the actual songs. The album is a mix of some classical, some pop mixed to sound classical and some "pop classical" which I'm sure had already been covered by Pav' and co. Given Jonathan's age, I think he has an amazing voice, rich and smooth. Because these are studio recordings, it sounds like some of sheer power and spontaneity has been toned down, so perhaps had very slightly less of the wow factor that everybody loved on the show. Charlotte gets plenty of air time on this album, and she sounds very good, and not overwhelmed by Jonathan. The songs were probably chosen/mixed to keep them from singing at the same time too often, probably for that reason. I found one song in particular very cleverly mixed - Everybody Hurts - and really enjoyable. The unusual playlist takes this album slightly above the ordinary usual covers that new acts from talent shows produce for their first recording.
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on 29 September 2012
What a beautiful first CD. They both have remarkable voices for their ages - especially Jonathan, he sound much maturer than his years. All of the tracks suit them perfectly, but especially the last one on the CD, "The First Time Ever I saw your Face" sung in Italian, as are most of the tracks. I always believe that the British popular songs, sung with Italian lyrics, are much, much better than the English wording. Jonathan's range on this track is astounding. Highly recommended, can't wait until their next CD! I am also purchasing the Only Boys Aloud CD when this comes out. (They are included on the first track on J&C's CD.
Wendy Stilwell, Sec: British Mario Lanza Society
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on 25 September 2012
I am a normal hard working lady who just adores this cd,i think it is magical and their voices are beautiful they sound fantastic together.Have friends and family who are enjoying this album as well, well worth buying in my view and would make a lovely pressie. Buy it you won't be disappointed.I love all the tracks Rule the World is a lovely song sung in Italian it sounds great,Who wants to live forever is a strong song which sounds fantastic sung by Johnathan and Charlotte.Theres a song for everyone.Johnathan has a powerful voice and can sing at all different tones Charlotte has a lovely soprano voice which can sound like pop as well young and old will enjoy hearing popular songs sung in Italian by these two extremely talented young people xxx
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on 26 January 2013
I was so excited waiting for this. I'd listened to their auditions on Youtube a hundred times ... I wish I'd just carried on enjoying their voices that way. Completely unexpected quality of sound. Though Simon Cowell's company would put the best of the best behind these two singers but the sound is distant, a bit tinny and as if you were listening to them from another room. I expected a sound quality like they were here with you. Frankly some postings on youtube gave more clarity. Shame really.
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on 5 December 2012
There are very few moments in life that leave me feeling elated & privileged to have experienced it. One such moment was when I saw Jonathon & Charlotte's audition on BGT so couldn't wait to listen to their debut album. It never ceases to amaze me how such a young person can have such a powerful, mature voice with Charlotte's sweet, gentle singing as a perfect contrast. With the sound turned up, I get goose pimples listening to this album, Jonathon is every bit as good as my other favourite, Andrea Bocelli & I look forward to listening how he progresses. I thoroughly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys classical singing & think with Jonathon & Charlotte being so young, they may encourage the younger generation to appreciate them.
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on 18 February 2014
This is an amazing album, nothing like it in the world. The power Jonathan Antoine produces puts chills in your spine along with Charlotte's voice rising with his until you physically explode into a world you've never known. I have about 10 of this album, I give it for gifts too. This is truly magnificent and if you listen in your car strap yourself in! The brilliance of Italian in songs you'll recognize and their unbelievable performance will will leave you in tears and stunned!!!! Once in a lifetime if Jonathan Antoine's Tenor Voice, keep your eye on him, his voice and personality are cherished around the world already!!! If you never buy any other CD, get this one and you'll never listen to anyone else!!!
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