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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
ThinCharger 2100ma
Price:£10.95+ Free shipping

TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 December 2012
My wife and I tour by motorcycle but still want to take the gadgets. Phones, laptop, satnav, eBook reader, cameras, etc. All the chargers take up space mainly as all have long leads with huge British plugs. On foreign trips I have solved this by making up a couple of short leads with figure 8 plugs to Euro plug. For the UK I have till been stuck with the big three pin plug - until these devices came along.

Now I have the folding charger and matching folding plug which together give a great space saving as well as not having sticking out plug pins to damage cases. The charger is powerful enough to take care of all USB charged kit quickly including my iPad, iPhone, satnav and helmet Bluetooth receiver. The folding plug has a figure of eight plug on the other end so handles my MacBook and camera battery chargers. The maker is somewhat over generous with the lead length on the plug which is nearly two metres long. I cut this down to about 10 inches and found a rewire able figure of with plug on eBay.

I saw another review in which the reviewer commented that he had dropped a star as he was concerned about after sales service - although he had not had any reason to request such a service. I emailed a query to the makers before buying and had a detailed answer the same hour. The item was delivered the next day and I can't really see a need for after sales service. It's a cheap plug, if it breaks I will bin it. So five stars.
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on 15 February 2013
Here's my two-pennyworth:
- it's a welcome replacement for the normal clunky 3-pin monster.
- it works.
- the fold-out earth pin could be better. It locks in the open position but not when folded away, so it could wander from the stowed position and possibly get broken if loose in a bag. Treat with care. For this I've deducted one star.
- it has an indicator LED: red means charging, green means not charging or fully charged.
- the instruction sheet that came with mine says the output is 1000mA although on the unit itself it clearly states 2100mA. ThinPlug also sell a 1000mA version and I suspect these instructions are used for both (why anyone would buy the lower power version for virtually the same price I don't know). For your peace of mind you can double-check you have the right model by reading what it says on the unit.

This unit should handle any device that requires USB power up to 2100mA. I think iPads require around 1500mA (I don't have one so I can't measure it, but other confirm they work OK); I do have a Nexus 7 and 10, both are high power devices with 2000mA chargers and this unit handles them just fine. Mobile phones will require less. You will need (probably already have) a suitable USB cable that connects from the standard USB socket on this unit to your device.
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on 14 June 2013
I bought the Thinplug laptop lead and was really happy with it. I saw that they made this as well and thought I'd give it a go as I travel quite a bit and carrying lots of little cables and chargers adds up to a tangled mess.

I find that this is half the thickness of my standard charger, and pumps out plenty of Amps (2100ma) to charge a smart phone or tablet. It's very easy to push it into to a socket (I did wonder if it would be), and it seems pretty well made. It's easy to open up with a flick of the thumb (see my video in the thinplug review) and sits solidly in the socket. The whole thing is just 2.3cm thick so when I carry it in a satchel type bag it's hardly noticeable. The mechanism when opened is held open by the force fit of a couple of plastic tabs. Hard to say how long before they wear out if they do at all, and if that happens what impact it would have on the function of the plug. I'm sure it would still work acceptably - if I don't come back in a year and post an update to this review then you'll know that it's not a problem!

It's a slim charger, it's thin, and it works. That's all I wanted out of it so I'm happy that someone took the time to design and manufacture this!
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on 7 April 2015
Clever design that folds flat in a computer bag. I use a small rubber band to ensure that it does not deploy while stored. A little care is needed when inserting into a socket. Make sure your thumb is pushing the plastic red earth pin. Works flawlessly in UK and Hong Kong, but requires a Euro adapter on aircraft and in foreign business lounges (have not tried a UK train yet). The output from the single USB socket is higher than most 5V chargers, but 2100mA seems a bit optimistic. It requires a high quality charging cable (not supplied) such as a PortaPow to get the full performance. The charger has a variable colour LED to display the approximate level of charge in the connected device.
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on 15 April 2013
I spent some time trying to compare this product on paper with the Mu Folding USB Charger for Smartphones. At £10 I didn't think the ThinCharger was particularly cheap but the £25 for the Mu charger seems extortionate. Given the price difference I would be interested to know why people by the Mu.

Another reviewer says that his instructions stated 1000mA, but that seems to have been corrected since mine says 2100mA. It's hard to confirm the rating but it works reasonably well, although it won't fully charge my Samsung tab (just to 99%). I'm a bit concerned as to the robustness of the mechanism for locking the plastic 3rd leg in place and wonder if it might break at some time in the future.
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on 21 February 2013
Been looking for a mains USB charger like this for ages. Handy to carry with a retractable USB lead to charge your devices when you have access to a 240v UK socket.

Build quality is OK. But as you would expect from a small/lightweight device like this, strength is not going to be it's strong point. When folded it feel very robust. When open it feels a little 'delicate' and I'll certainly take care.

Instructions say output is 1A. However, on the item itself, it says 2A.
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on 5 February 2016
Stupidly slow charging. This says it puts out 2100mah.. measuring on my phone with various cables it puts out far less. If you own one test it yourself, your other chargers will be much faster. For example I have a BlackBerry charger that is rated to put out 850mah and it charges my phone quicker than this ThinCharger. (using the same USB cable).

This charges so slow its basically useless. A small, but useless charger.
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on 18 April 2013
Bought this to go in the bag of bits I take when I go away with my satnav. The mains charger is always the thing that takes up most room and has sharp edges. This has mostly solved that particular problem, and it charges the satnav quickly. I was initially a bit doubtful about the fold up mains point being strong enough to push into the wall socket, but it is no problem at all. Also it has a small lip that gives good grip for removing it. Very pleased with this.
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on 16 May 2017
This is great as a low profile 3 pin UK mains plug, fits easily in my laptop case and great for travelling around with.
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on 12 April 2018
Great innovation, enough power for a good charge and fits flat in my bag.
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