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on 14 November 2015
Fantastic image etc. Everything you could want with picture quality. Processor and internet fairly slow, apps are pretty poor too. The camera on top comes out automatically but needs manually pushed back in, not motor driven, spring loaded. Wasn't too impressed with the sound but far from bad.The pen is novelty nonsense, haven't used it.
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on 24 December 2013
When Hyper-Fi came to package the TV they found that it was damaged. Since it was the only one they had (no longer manufactured) they provided me with a more recent equivalent model but at the same price. They were extremely helpful at all stages of the purchase.
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on 2 August 2012
Normally I would not consider a Plasma - embarassingly I ordered it by mistake! Well actually to be fair it was because Amazon originally wrongly described the product as LED. Thankfully before deciding to send it back (with an accompanying rude message to Amazon) I took time to view it. Despite my intial predjudice against Plasma I could only conclude that the picture is actually very, very good and at times stunning. I am still waiting to get to grips with the other Internet functions. In short I was very impressed - I guess Plasma has moved on a lot since I last looked at TVs, so it stays.....just as well really I wouldn't fancy repackaging it. Five stars for the product.

Update - having now had the TV for more than a week, I have to say I am a blown away with this TV. With a good source, a decent Blue Ray Player, the picture is better than I have ever seen on a TV. The THX modes are a very usefull function. When I first selected this mode I thought the colours where a little subdued compared to the other modes. However having stuck with it for a while you realise that it gives a much more natural realistic picture, which I guess is the whole point with THX modes.

The TV is outstanding. Don't let the label PLASMA put you off.

Update after 10 months, still extremely happy with this purchase.
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on 27 October 2013
My star ratings (out of 5)
Panasonic service: Zero
Dealer: 5
TV picture: 4 (because of sever reflections in any but the darkest room). Otherwise very good.

Here is my experience to date. Anyone experience the same/similar problem? I am awaiting a response from Panasonic to an Email. Will update as the situation develops. I point out that delivered was TX-P50VT65B (the replacement model for VT50B). Notified Panasonic Friday midday, they replied Wednesday midday with a useless Public Relations Email. Good job the dealer knew what to do!!

I have had this TV 7 days. Dated 1200hrs Friday 25 October.
1)3 times when switching channel I have had a loud harsh, hacking, staccato noise. The picture is OK. The sound is loud enough to destroy the speakers. Signal strength/quality is 10 (ten). I switch channels & everything is OK. I immediately return to the original channel without problem.
2)Initially when switching on the `start menu screen' shows. Shortly (5 or 10 seconds) after I select the required channel there is a 3dB to 6db sound level reduction. Why? What can I do to fix it? I am using the digital optical audio output with a high quality cable. An alternative cable I have is the same. An update from mid-November: The noise dip differential just stopped occurring & I turned my pre-amp down accordingly.

UPDATE @ 2330hrs Saturday 26/10/2013
The `hacking noise' reported in point 1 above has occurred on Channels 101 & 102 but only on the optical output, the TV audio is unaffected. The hacking sound persisted even after repeated switching (over 10 minutes) to other channels & resetting the DAC. Repeatedly switching ON/OFF the TV had no effect, noise continued on these 2 channels. So now it is MUCH worse & persistent than ever before. Will check on Sunday the situation.

Another point is that the screen is so black that when daytime viewing (not very often) all the room can be seen reflected in the screen (somewhat annoying even with the curtains drawn).

OK watching MotoGP Sunday afternoon, strong reflections from my south facing lounge even with the curtains drawn. I switch on & the noise problem is immediately there on channels 101/102. I do couple of channels hops & it's only on these 2. I go back to 101/102 & still bad. More channel hops but no others show this problem. Then I'm back with 102 for the Moto GP & no problem (no hacking noise), everything perfect. So perhaps only 101/102 occasionally affected!! I emphasise only Optical audio output affected, TV audio is OK.

Sunday evening the noise fault repeatedly occurred on 101 & after 20 minutes I gave up using the Optical Output.

Monday AM. I am advised by the dealer to change 'Audio SPDIF' from 'Auto' to 'PCM'. Done so let's see what happens.
2 weeks later I can report that selecting PCM seems to have solved the problem.
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on 26 February 2013
I spent weeks looking at different TVs as my old LG 1080p LCD had given up the ghost. I was initially and I think somewhat naively put off by the 'plasma' TVs due to a belief that LED/LCD was superior. I viewed many top of the range Samsung, Sony, LG TVs but felt that none of them came close in picture quality to the VT.

This TV has a natural unforced picture with amazing black levels. I watch a lot of dark movies and I've been amazed at the extra detail that can be seen. It is also great for sport. The sound is average in my opinion, but if you are getting a TV like this then you will probably want a separate sound system for that home cinema experience anyway.

It is expensive, but having had the TV for nearly 2 months now I do not regret purchasing it one bit.
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on 14 December 2014
It was either this or my sons education. Best TV i have ever bought. My son may be angry now but wait till we are watching avatar on this mama. Hope its waterproof though. Did have to sell my house though.
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VINE VOICEon 3 August 2014
This is a plea to anyone out there considering spending a fortune on a 4K, Curved, LED or indeed any other big screen TV. STOP for a second, read this brief review, google the Panasonic (then read the professional reviews of the same), put the kettle on, feet up, log on and buy it (at the time of writing this there is one left in stock).

Why? You ask.......well the answer is simply this.............the P65 is quite simply the best 65" TV on the market at the moment bar none which is why a number of highly acclaimed pundits have awarded the set "Reference" status- and for anyone who does not know what that means, essentially the P65 is the set that all others will be judged against, it really is as simple as that. Panasonic have led plasma design TV's for years and their swansong (sadly this is their last ever plasma production set) is testimony to their ability to take plasma technology to the very extreme of performance and then managing to somehow squeeze out even greater delivery. The blacks here are staggering, the depth of field amazing (2d TV literally takes on a new dimension).

So many are fooled by the reference 4K or Blu-ray discs displayed on those glittery sets lined up on the showroom floor that on taking them back home and plugging into SKY or BBC 1080i HD (virtually NOTHING is broadcast in 1080P) natural disappointment follows. Add to the pile the promise of 4K (which may be broadcast in about 5-10 years time, yet is nowhere to be seen today) then why not treat yourself to the ultimate viewing machine that is designed to eek out the finest pixel for today's technology and will not disappoint further down the line.

1080i on the Panasonic is staggering, even out of the box the picture is superb, my only caveat being that like all Plasma's the set needs about 100 hours of viewing before things really start to hot up. I calibrated my set to the Reference settings and all I can say is that I was left quite speechless (and don't forget this is 1080i HD), even though I watch mainly 2D broadcasts the depth of field was so good that it was hard to believe the picture was indeed only two dimensional. Blu-ray performance was even better, with the size of the screen making images appear ultra lifelike and almost touchable - jaw dropping!

End of the day purchasing this set at this price (we actualy paid slightly less from another well known retailer) was a no brainer. For anyone who watches predominantly mainstream TV with blu-ray of HD DVD you cannot get better than this from the pixels fired down those sat dishes. Like every Panasonic ever made the design and build quality is flawless, the remotes simple and intuitive, the set itself oozes quality an refinement.

In summary, a regret free purchase that you will treasure (and watch) for years - well done Panasonic for creating the ultimate homage to Plasma!
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on 10 December 2014
had the tx-p65 for 2 years,you will not find anything better than this,my grandkids come round to watch 3d films,they sit on the floor with mouths open in amazement, £3000. is a lot of money but worth every penny and they bring there own popcorn.
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on 18 June 2014
shopped around for a while looking for a new tv, this blew me away. Its the best picture quality available today. Buy it!
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on 29 July 2012
If your reading this then you`ve probably already made up your mind about buying this TV.
Yes its big.
Yes its expensive.
No....you wont find anything better!
This is the "Reference" Tv. It the equivalent of a BMW 5 Series car.....other car manufacturers use it as a bench mark.....a target to reach....no one has...yet!
Picture quality in 2D and 3D is spectacular. Rich colours and very dense blacks make the 3D experience stunning. Too many other TV`s have to use intense colours to make up for the lack of depth, which leave you with unnatural colours and over the top contrast. Once setup correctly this TV will deliver totally natural and "believable" colours. There`s plenty of HDMI connections... Aerial,sat,ethernet,sd card and usb connections too for HHD recording of TV programmes. At last panasonic have made the connections on the back lay flat against the TV so there`s no more problems with HDMI leads(or any other connections) being bent up against the wall if you wall mount it.
If you can stomach the price and sit at least 10 feet away from it......it`s a must have item if your into Movies and other AV media.

UPDATE: April 6th 2013
I feel i must update my experience with this tv due to panasonic`s lack of customer care.
6 months after buy this TV it developed a loud buzzing noise when the screen was bright or white. I knew plasma Tv`s buzzed slightly before i bought this model, but when i got it, it was all but silent. This buzzing has got louder and louder to the point where i can hear it clearly from where i`m sitting (over 3 metres away) and at times i have to turn up the volume to drown out the buzzing. i have spoken to Panasonic about this problem but they say that this is within specification even though they haven`t actually heard it! Does this mean any buzzing no matter how loud is OK in Panasonic`s eyes?....It appears so.
This Tv is meant to be the flagship model with a flagship price too. How Panasonic can deem this as "within specification" is beyond me. Repairs cant be done as the TV engineers basicly told me "tough luck, some plasma`s buzz and some don`t" and "can`t do anything about it".
Fortunatley the company i bought this TV from (Richer sounds) have agreed with me about this buzzing and are going to replace it with the latest Samsung LED TV (F8000 model) when it`s released. The reviews of this TV are very good so here`s hoping it lives up to the hype.
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