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Dead Space 3 (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£6.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon 7 February 2016
Third time is not a charm for long-suffering spaceship engineer Issac Clarke. Since he escaped the Titan Sprawl his life has been on a downward spiral, Ellie has left him, his landlord is kicking him out of his New Horizons bedsit, and he's a broken man. Wouldn't you be after facing the Necromorph menace twice already? In the meantime EarthGov has fallen and the Unitologists, led by the odious Jacob Danik, are bombarding what is left of humanity. Issac is seized by the last EarthGov battalion and hurtled to the other side of the galaxy to Tau Volantis, a frozen planet orbited by 200-year-old wrecks of the Sovereign Colonies. Ellie, convinced she has found the Marker homeworld, is somewhere amid the wrecks and has assembled a ramshackle plan to destroy the Necromorphs once and for all.

After a slow start, the game is sort of split into two halves as Issac explores the decaying, orbiting wrecks and solves the mystery of the frozen planet below. The first half feels a lot like the familiar Dead Space formula while the second half feels like a generic shoot-em-up in the vain of COD. The relentless wave after wave of Necromorphs is mind-numbing. The overwhelming sense of dread and gut-wrenching anxiety that permeated every square inch of the first two games is largely gone. There are still shocks and scares, and the sound of elevators arriving are still frighteningly similar to the shrieks of the Necromorphs but it feels stale at this point. I felt like logic and sense took a back seat here. How did the Necromorphs end up on the New Horizons colony? How did they end up on the CMS Roanoke or Greely for that matter? It's never clearly explained. Why did the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces panic so easily and opt for mass-murder/suicide instead of pushing for further research into the alien machine? It seemed like such a mindless and heavy-handed reason to have Tau Volantis scattered with body parts.

It seems like it goes on forever, even if you ignore the optional side-quests. Upgrading your weapons and suits never feels like it has a noticeable effect but the weapons crafting feature can lead to some fun inventions. The co-op gameplay comes across like a last-minute addition (and it was) and it is not the kind of thing Dead Space fans want from this series. Online play is necessary for the Platinum Trophy but there's no way I can get it as the Hardcore trophy is just too difficult and time-consuming, especially since you cannot skip the cut-scenes.

Dead Space 3 was a best-seller, but not best enough for Electronic Arts who have put the series on hiatus, though they insist that Dead Space 4 WILL happen, we'll just have to wait and see. It is a shame that a groundbreaking horror experience has been reduced to a generic shoot-em-up bore. The amount of DLC offered on the PSN for this game is outrageous and proof that EA are only out to exploit the fanbase rather than give them their money's worth up-front.


The "final chapter" DLC is over very quickly and gives us a confusing, though interesting, insight into what becomes of Issac and Carver after the climax of the main game. I know for a fact that Dead Space 4, when/if it ever happens, will retcon this stupid ultimate ending as "it was all a dream". Worth playing once just for curiosity though.
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2014
Having played all the Dead Space games I can't really understand the negativity towards Dead Space 3. To me it has all the hallmarks of the franchise and it's a lot of fun to play. People have stated that it's not scary... well honestly neither was the first one. It had parts that would make you jump, but then that's very easy to do. Dead Space 3 concentrates on what makes the games so good, the combat. Plowing your way through a room full of necromorphs is still a lot of fun. It feels much more open than the previous games and it can get really quite difficult in parts too. One criticism might be the games puzzles, they felt a little too easy at times... but then its not a major criticism as neither of previous games had ultra hard puzzles.

I like the character of Isaac. He seems to be a man half beaten to death but still on a mission. Sadly other characters don't really hold a similar depth as he does. I felt the graphics were top notch, but facial graphics could have been a bit better (they look a bit rubbery). Once again you can upgrade weapons and this time there's more scope to customise your guns. Unlike the first game that just had a progression system on each gun, this time you can construct any combination of gun you like as you collect parts throughout the levels. Added to the game is a new co-op mode, which I think works extremely well. It's a lot of fun taking out waves of enemies with a friend.

Dead Space 3 is a very good game and certainly worth this low price. I'm not sure what other reviewers are after, but for me this game ticks all the boxes.
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on 9 March 2013
Unlike many critics as well as other reviewers I appreciate the new direction the developers have taken with the game having it take place mainly on a frozen planet with snowstorms and sometimes even whiteouts. A successful game series doesn't just repeat itself and after the fantastisc DS1 as well as the somehow suboptimal DS2 the planetary location is a logical progression. Spacewalks are present in the first third of the game which takes place around a derelict flotilla in the planet's orbit and are more beautiful and awe-inspiring than ever. Also, the extreme darkness of DS2, in which oftentimes at least I couldn't not make out where I was or what was going one is absent this time. I never got why darkness would produce horror or terror anyway, it mainly obscured the graphics of DS2 and made further progress uneccessarily difficult.
The game is nicely paced and offers not as much over-the-top action as some reviewers point out, and even DS1 had many overkill moments which also didn't hurt the game. The distribution of enemies is both fairer and more diverse than in DS2, and the new weapon crafting system is a nice addition. On the pro side there are the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen in a game and, for the first time in the DS series, a proper soundtrack mainly attributable to the fact that aside from Jason Graves' dull and atonal cacophony another composer was brought in: James Hannigan. His contributions suit the game much better and I can only hope that his involvement will continue in future entries of the series.
On the negative side I absolutely hate the new autosave feature which takes all the control out of your hands, sometimes saving every five minutes and then not for more than an hour. The game contains around ten optional missions through which no saving occurs, so you have to bring lots of time before starting such a mission because you have to finish it in oder to have your progress saved. Why the developers chose to both disemancipate the player like that as well as chopping the game up in a regular mission plot with optional missions is also very questionable in my opinion. Furthermore, the core game itself is designed to be played either alone or with a CO-OP friend, which puts some restictions on the game design which the predecessors didn't have to adhere to. Also, anticipating to play this game in 10 years or so with no one around to join in and certainly no servers anymore many story moments will be lost from a certain point onwoard, which is another unnecessary flaw deeply rooted in (not only this) game's core design.
In a nutshell, the game offers great atmosphere, setting, graphics and sound but has questionable core design choices and sometimes tends to take liberties away from the player, in that being a typical EA brand game. Also, it is more than twice as long as DS1, which is too long in my opinion. A substantial amount of its length is created via the sometimes very repetitive optional missions, which shouldn't have been expanded to this amount of gameplay time, I believe. Furthermore, the extreme DLC fixation with so many suits and weapons only available as downloads I also constantly feel like I am missing something. Personally I buy games for the long run and would like to enjoy them as a complete experience many years down the road. The current development in the industry however runs completely contrary to that, creating DLCs, downloads and forcing CO-OP on the gaming community, rendering the complete experience later on almost certainly impossible. A sad development only to appeal to fire-and-forget gamers and the greedy game company executives themselves, but certainly not to the creative forces of games or the most loyal core gamers. DS3 sadly is absolutely no exception to that development.
After plying the DS series since 2008 and now having finished this installment I can only hope that after the catastrophe that was Resident Evil 6 Capcom either catches up to the quality DS offers or take whatever pride there is left and finally cancel the RE series for good. As a fan of survival horror I absolutely prefer to get my fix from DS and especially this great game which I can only recommend to anyone interested in the subject.
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on 4 August 2014
Dead space three sees us continue as our long suffering protagonist Isac Clarke but this time with Co-op support from an angsty soldier character. The game maintains most of the original features from the first two however the Necromorphs (enimies) are noticably weaker and more numerous giving a much more traditional third person shooter experience in places with much less of the edge of your seat terror than the first game.
The characters are already well devloped but a handy recap reminds us what happened in the two previous games. Our protaganist is much more verbose than before (Isac didn't speak at all in the first game) and elaborates on many of the plot points with colourful language.
The game will take most people less than a week of regular play and there is limited replay value. I didn't enjoy the multiplayer aspects enought to spend much time on them thoug i did purchase an additional few hours of gameplay DLC from Playstation Store and it wasn't really worth it.
An award winning game but best played as part of the series.
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on 5 March 2013
After playing through Dead Space 1 and 2 several times, I was very impressed with both games. The subtle sound effects and disturbing visuals come together brilliantly in a mix of unpredictable and engrossing gameplay. The gaming environments portray a sense of hostility, fear and lonliness, which works so well in this genre. So, when I heard rumours that Dead Space 3 was in production, I was keen to learn more.

In the original Dead Space, there was a tram system that was used to progress the game. So when you had completed certain objectives, you would then have to return to the tram to progress onto the next area of the USG Ishimura and move forward in the game. (For those who are unsure, the USG Ishimura is the planetcracker ship on which the original Dead Space takes place.) This made it feel more like a platformer, which was different to the linear style of Dead Space 2. Progression in Dead Space 2 was based on chapters of a story. At the end of each chapter, there would be a kind of boss battle, then the next chapter would begin.

Both games used save points as a way for the player to save their progress, a feature that was not included in Dead Space 3. This was the only flaw I found with DS3, but even this minor inconvenience is easily forgotten about during the immersive gameplay. Instead of save points, DS3 uses an autosave system that I personally found quite annoying and slightly confusing at first, but soon became accustomed to it. Again, DS3 uses a chapter system as in DS2, with a boss at the end of each chapter.

There are extra features in DS3 too, like the "build your own weapns" feature which I found hopelessly addictive. There is also a three way battle system, where three different parties (Isaac + partners, Necromorphs, Danik and his army) engage in real time battles with each other. I won't say too much about it here, I wouldn't want to spoil the experience for anyone who has yet to play the game. I have yet to try the co-op play mode, but it does look excellent.

So, why should I play Dead Space 3? Basically, because it is an excellent addition to a very popular gaming genre. My opinion - DS3 is an utterly epic game with plenty of areas to explore and totally engrossing gameplay. I highly recommend it to fans of third-person shooters and survival horror genres - DS3 offers the best of both. If you enjoyed the likes of Resident Evil or previous Dead Space titles, you'll love this.
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on 30 August 2014
Dead Space 3 was a terrible addition to the trilogy. It felt like a huge step back. First off, this game is no longer survival horror, its a shooter so I can't really ever remember being scared or tense throughout the entire game. The soundtrack added to this in the fact that it sounded more adventure-like than the previous titles who really managed to keep a tense atmosphere throughout. The story was uninspiring, it seemed to lose focus a lot of the time with the side missions that the game introduces. Furthermore it just got silly (SPOILER ALERT!) with Isaac and ellie's new boyfriend fighting constantly like schoolchildren. also a moon controlling the Necromorphs and has 'brother' moons? Seriously?? The final negative point and this is key is that who honestly thought the universal ammo idea was a good one? Throughout the game I never had to worry about ammunition for my weapons having always found countless ammo clips in each area, of course this relies on the difficulty played, but it takes away a survival aspect. In the previous games I had to try hard to conserve ammo and when I ran out I had to think of new ways to dispatch the necromorphs and survive, whereas in this game I had no trouble blasting my way through this disappointing game.

I did however enjoy the fact that you could create your own weapons, added a pretty cool feature to the game. Finding parts to upgrade weaponry was a cool addition (albeit a bit easy when you can simply place scavenger bots all over the place).

Overall a hugely disappointing game, would not recommend to any gamers.
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on 28 August 2013
The new instalment adds great new environments and a new dynamic. Weapon making is much more fun, if not a little involved. Optional missions are good, and the co-op optional missions mean you can move between single and co-op play easily. The tension is there and the look has improved. I purchased some of the add ons that enable you to collect the components necessary to building weapons, but if you are thorough as you move through the game you can often find enough packs to trade in on the downloadable content. If you want some of the higher spec weapons early in the game, then purchase away. The Awakened add on mission that can be bought follows on from the end of Dead Space 3, and I thought was okay. Nevertheless all very enjoyable.
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on 19 June 2013
I am a fan of the whole series and was a bit dismayed by some of the reviews I read on Amazon. I have just completed the game for the first time and my only complaint is that some parts took too long to finish. This was because I selected the hardest setting available in the options and so its not really even a valid moan!

If you do not want to pay for any of the online extras then dont, like me get your plasma cutter out and slog through the game, improving your reflexes and technique to complete it!
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on 9 April 2014
It has a bit of a cliche ending but if you get the awakening DLC then the ending is a real killer! Cliffhanger or what?
Some missions on the story are two player only and only through PSN which is infuriating for solo players like me. Otherwise, the game is pretty damn good and almost as good as the previous two. Except for the ol' walking in to a room/ corridor with wall vent in the walls, you know what's coming and it seems like every damn room >.< So that's the only real downside.
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on 3 August 2015
Me and my friend purchase Dead Space 3 for the co-op but the internet servers for the game at the time when i purchased it was Terrible and we kept getting disconnected after 20 mins on the dot. to the point where my friend was timing it. but even with the continuous disconnecting we continued to play Co-op until we completed the game.

That is how much we like the game,I would have given it 4 Star if it wasn't for the Co-op disconnection problem.
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