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on 27 August 2017
Bought for my mother. She uses all the time. Great printer.
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on 23 August 2017
Solidly reliable, as you would expect from HP. Can take a while to set itself up in the morning as it goes through its routine, so don't expect to print immediately you switch it on. But otherwise, does the job.
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on 17 April 2015
I buy it, but it is bad.
When I open it, it showed 'Printhead damaged. Contact HP for support'
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on 16 March 2014
You'd think, wouldn't you, that as time goes by, items would improve in functionality and pzazzz because all the old teething problems and irritations would get ironed out, lessons would be learned and customer preferences would be understood.
This machine flies in the face of progress. It needs a good dose of product overhaul like Ford did with its range of cars to get the reliability up.
It is the slowest printer I've ever come across. You press print and it does churning noises (it's very good at doing these) and it says printer preparation. This happens a lot.
Oh and it doesn't print red properly - it comes out as glacial cherrry lipstick colour (so I'm told, ahem)
Also the XL print cartridges hardly last at all and there's a range HP print cartridges with the same numbers that don't fit in this printer (who thought that was a good idea??!! -you can see the outcome of that daftness on Ebay with people reselling cartridges that don't fit)
The paper cartridge is small and the rollers in the printer aren't strong enough to grip the paper and pull it through so you get several seconds of time spent waiting for that part of the printing process to get going. The network connection keeps dropping out so I've had to connect it to the PC with a USB lead to overcome that problem.
The HP scanner is ok having said that - it's probably the best part of the machine, but to be frank, Canon make scanners that outclass HP on every count, so don't bother buying it for that.
In summary, well, there's no beating about the bush. I hate this machine. I loathe it. As one reviewer put, it's ideal for increasing blood presssure and getting you warm out of sheer anger on the winter evenings. In summer, get an electric fan to cool you down as you glare ragingly at the display saying 'Printer Preparation', clunk, clunk
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on 6 February 2013
I bought this item locally when my previous printer died suddenly with urgent printing to do. The reason for choosing it was that it used the same ink cartridges as my old printer into which I had recently installed XL cartridges and also it was available at (unusually), a price highly competitive with Amazon. Unpacked and connected to power and then the trouble started which has resulted in the low star rating. 1.The installation CD intended to guide you through the set up failed to run on either of the 2 computers that would use the printer. Both of them ran other CDs normally. Having taken time to convince myself that the computers were not at fault, the cure was to download the software from the HP website. This whole process was a frustrating waste of considerable time 2.Next the printer made horrible churning noises and its information window instructed me that there was a problem, to turn off and then disconnect from power and start again with the added advice that if the problem persisted to contact HP. Confidence was ebbing! Fortunately the problem resolved on powering up again. 3.I put in my existing, almost new genuine HP XL cartridges, but the installation refused to progress unless I used the "set up" cartridges supplied with the machine. This infuriates me because there are warnings not to leave cartridges out of the machine for any period once they have been started. Will I therefore lose £50 worth of cartridges because of this money grabbing shoddy built in need to use "special" set up cartridges? 4.The set up proceeded to the point when the USB cable was temporarily required. It is a plus that such a thing is included in the box but the short cable required a re-organisation of my desk to enable it to reach. I should have remembered to dig out the cable from my previous HP printer which I later found was compatible and a much better length. I have to say that the wireless connection was achieved easily. In use the time from turning on the machine to paper actually moving is quite long and is a noisy process. Copying a document is easy and is of high quality. I will comment on photo printing when I have calmed down and have discovered if my storage method for my existing cartridges has been successful.
UPDATE:- I do not know if a user manual is included on the CD which would not run but there was no printed user manual. I have now downloaded the manual from HP support website. I have found 2 things. 1. Printing the important bits showed that Double sided printing is automatic, simple and works a treat. 2. There are also instructions on how best to store pre-existing opened ink cartridges after using the setup ones which I hope will work. In addition Printing photos is good. Previously I have lightened them before printing to avoid them coming out too dark. With this printer there is a closer to screen-view print. I now feel slightly happier. I leave the star rating as it was.
Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One
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on 2 February 2014
I would not recommend this printer to anyone.
I bought one because I need to print a lot of documents as well as some good quality photos. Unfortunately it keeps shutting itself off after a few minutes and then I have to fiddle around to get it online again. Most of the time I have to unplug it and even then I have to literally hammer on the control panel before it finally decides to start again. Just pressing on the start has no effect.
Printing anything has become a stressful exercise because of how it either refuses to switch on or takes ages to come on line again. There have been occasions that no matter what I do it just does not come back on line and I was unable to print at all.
I need to find the receipt and warranty documents so i can see if i can return it and get a Cannon like I originally planned on getting.
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on 24 October 2013
The printer was easy to set up and prints well, having independent cartridges for each of the CMYK colours is good, we are still on the startup set so far. Setting all the machines up on the wireless network was easy for both Macs and PCs. I recommend this printer for a cheap all round inkjet printer. I was originally put off by the reviews I'm pleased that I purchased it in the end.
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on 27 January 2013
This printer allows you to print documents/photos etc. from virtually anywhere. It also has its own e-mail address assigned to it, meaning every document sent to that address is automatically printed - this is good if you are away from home and need to print documents off straight away.

With regards to set-up, you have the choice of setting up using a USB connection, or it is simple to set up using a wireless connection, so long as you have a wireless signal. The total set-up takes less than five minutes which is a lot less than my last printer took to install.

You can print three different paper sizes (A4, A5 and A6) as well as envelopes, the scanner also works well wirelessly.

Overall, the printer is very good. However, I did not purchase from Amazon as, this time, their prices were not competitive at all, so I bought this from another UK based PC/Electrical specialist for just over half the price.
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on 24 July 2013
This is the worst printer I have ever owned.
I purchased it because it had AirPrint. I would like to call it 'tinny' but that would imply that it is more solid than it is, it is flimsy,noisy and rattly.
It has continual paper jams and keeps telling me that there is no paper in the (open to dust) paper tray, even though there are about thirty sheets in it.
The technology has run ahead of itself to the point where it is not straightforward to use. Try 'scan to computer', aargh!! you have to go via your web browser, I mean, do things have to get this complicated.
An account with HP is needed, do I really have to give my personal information to another company, all I wanted was a printer.
Now with virtually no use whatsoever the print heads seem to have given up the ghost, despite the supplied refills being only half used.
Sadly I did not purchase this from Amazon or else it would be easy to send back.
Unfortunately I do have to give this 1 star in order to submit the review. Perhaps that star could be for network connectivity.....nothing else.
My advice: skip this one!

UPDATE: I have now had this printer for quite some time. Owning one of these is probably one of the best ways to increase your blood pressure. I would definitely advise not to touch one of these printers. I do not `do' reviews, so be assured that my (a) doing a review in the first place and (b) giving an updated review shows how absolutely fed up I am with this "printer".
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on 6 May 2015
I agree with all the negative remarks in this list of reviews,i am yet another victim and this is the worst printer
i have had for about 18 yrs it is just a load of crap !
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