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on 15 October 2014
Its only 4 (maybe should be a 3) as I have a few reservations, but I must add their customer response was very good as they sent out a replacement for free when mine was misaligned around the USB port.

The good:
The matte and shiny back do their job of making it stick to a cold hand, which was my main goal. The cutouts are actually well done and is dictated by how you line up the phone into the case (mine was still a bit misaligned)
Lets you turn your phone upside down and not touch the screen due to the raised edges around the outside of the phone.
Stays in place and is quite difficult to take off once in.

The bad:
The rocker volume and power button cover bits are a nightmare to push. It eliminates any tactile feedback and you cant tell if youve pushed it.
Simiarly if you have a large headphone connector base, you wont be able to plug them in over this - I had to cut mine away to allow for it.
There is a lump on the bottom right which I cant work out what its for. There isnt anything under that bit on the rear side of my case which warrants it.

All in all, a decent purchase but the button covers let it down.
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on 10 August 2012
When I saw this case I liked the look of it, and the price was the icing on the cake. On arrival I instantly thought it was not quite as good looking as my previous case, I just loved the metallic rear face with the SIII logo on it, this one however is much more bland.

But saying that when I put it on my phone it wrapped perfectly around it, everything accessible as it should be, cameras etc are not obstructed at all, and the case grips firmly onto the phone.

Another feature I like is the side grips, the phone and my old case alike are a little slippy so I held it tightly, with this case the grip is really good and I feel comfortable holding it.

The case does not add much extra to the phones dimensions neither, so it still just fits in my pocket comfortably.

Overall for the price I cannot really fault this case, while it`s style is basic it makes up for it with comfort, grip and practicality, which even though my previous case was more attractive before it`s metallic plate decided it wanted to start peeling off (and that one cost me £10)it didn`t match.

This case for its price I recommend.
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on 8 September 2014
Excellent price, Ordered very late Wed night, arrived Sat with free standard delivery
Fits very well, case is hard but flexible - easy to get on and off but snug once on.
Very similar to my S2 case, which has protected phone from a number of falls.
The case protrudes about 1mm above the screen so when put face down, the screen is not touching the surface.
Plenty of space around all openings - camera, speaker, microphones, headphone and micro-usb, so both headphones and charger fit without issue.
The power and volume buttons are covered by the case but still operate fine, I prefer the firmer press required through the case as I find the buttons on galaxy phones quite sensitive and easy to accidently press while getting out of pocket, etc.
As you can see from the picture, right of the 'S' is smooth gloss (fingerprints a little more noticeable), left is smooth matt finish, down the lower half of each side is knurled so grip is very good. Would have been fine without knurl and I prefer the smooth surface as often move phone up or down in hand when attempting things one handed (but knit picking here).
Comes with little screen cloth and protective screen cover which works fine and fits well.
My only real niggle (hence only 4 stars) is the holes for the lanyard (not supplied) protrude 1mm from the rear near the bottom right. This means that if the phone is resting on a hard surface and you are tapping away, the phone rocks slightly, especially as the buttons and keyboard are all going to be at the bottom of the screen. This problem becomes much bigger with a lanyard looped through it.The anchor point should have been on the side.
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on 13 August 2013
Excellent product and it holds onto phone very good. Since I've ordered it I had not gone for any alternative because it does the job well. The minor down side is that the your phone side keys might be a bit insensitive when fitted but not to the point of any embarrassment because side keys still work perfectly. This product is sturdy and does not have a color and it holds on tight to phone. I have dropped phone several times thinking that my phone has damaged but I was wrong because this stuff protected it. Make sure to order a clear film to cover and protect your phone screen from scratching because this product only covers the back, sides and partially shield the screen from violent shock but it does not cover the screen.
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on 1 March 2013
When I first purchased my Galaxy S3 I'd heard how fragile they could be, so I bought an all enclosing leather cover from Amazon & was initially pleased with the item. However, as I got into gaming I found that the leather item kind've got in the way of things, so after much online perusing decided on this item.
What a good choice! This cover enhances the S3 perfectly - hardly increases its dimensions but makes it so much more tactile! All the ports are accessible when the cover is fitted; although as previously mentioned the rocker switches on the sides need a little more pressure but I've got used to that now.
What really makes this cover are the ridges down the sides - prevents the phone from slipping out of your hand, especially if you have rough calloused hands (like me).
Ulitmately, this cover offers the Samsung S3 as it was originally intended but with extra protection & reduced likliehood of it slipping out of your hand & at less than £3 who can complain?
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on 27 April 2014
I'm giving this gel case 3 stars because I think it could have been better made, especially for the buttons. The case itself fits the Samsung Galaxy SIII very well, it's tight and holds the phone without any give. When it comes to the buttons, they are not easy to press, the buttons are as hard as the case itself. It doesn't have to be this way, the buttons could be more flexible, so as to turn on or off the phone and to use the volume controls. The gel case is worth the money and if you are looking for a gel case, then this one will suit you fine, just remember that the buttons are on the 'tough' side.
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on 27 July 2015
This case protects the phone very well. Side grips are very good for taking pictures. Protects the screen when placed face down and I am sure this has saved phone from certain death a few times when I have dropped it onto concrete or other hard surfaces.

I have found, however, that over a few months the nice clear colour has changed to a fairly unattractive browny yellow colour. Also makes plugging in any auxiliary audio cable or large headphone cable difficult. I end up taking off the case to do this, which is annoying as when removed the case in turn pulls phones back cover off with it.
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on 22 September 2012
My first impressions of this case were good. It makes the S3 a lot easier to hold and being my clumsy self, I've tried the phone a few times already with this case on and it has sustained no damage. The first problem I had with it is the bulky official usb cable does not fit properly. The hole in the case for the charging port is nearly twice as wide as the port itself, but it's offset so far that there isn't any space on the one side but all the space is on the other side of the port. This means that the official charger will not work when this case is used (it sits in loosely, but that could risk damaging the port). Then I discovered that the headphone jack won't work with some bulkier cables because the hole isn't big enough. Finally, the power button isn't very responsive, you have to apply a lot more force to press the button than the volume control buttons to use it. These are all minor faults but altogether I am not happy with the case and will be looking for a replacement. For a quid, it's good, but better cases can be had for £5, so it's going in the drawer.

One final thing to note is that a couple of times when removing the case, it has pulled off the backplate of the phone, which I nearly damaged the first time because I wasn't expecting half the phone to come with the case.
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on 29 June 2013
I choose this cover based on the amount of grip it gives on the back. I love my Samsung Galaxy S3 but it's a very polished case which can slip easily from the hands. It was very easy to fit and, so far, being very hard wearing.

The addition of the screen cover was much appreciated - went on easily (use a credit card to smooth it on) and still there couple of months later.

The only thing to watch out for is that the opening for the power cable is small, so you just have to ensure you have pushed cable all the way in to get it to charge. Overall a very good cover that I'm happy to recommend to other S3 owners
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on 21 November 2012
I ordered this case before getting my hands on my new S3, knowing that I'd want a case for it before heading outdoors and risking damage. I've had a TPU gel case before for a previous phone and it miraculously survived the many times I'd dropped it or knocked it off of a surface, without even a scratch - so was impressed with the type.

This one, however, is not so sturdy or thick as my prior experience - and so in comparison feels flimsy - and I wonder how much protection it truly offers. It fits well (but could be more 'snug')and offers basic protection, so in terms of what I ordered and spent, it's sufficient.

I'm looking for alternative cases now though, so sufficient isn't enough for what I want from a case.

EDIT (30/01/14): Over a year since my original review and I never did get another case. This one has served me well and the phone has miraculously survived quite a few drops unscathed. The S3's plastic back always seems so fragile outside of a case and this provides enough protection for daily general usage, which is precisely what i wanted it for.

Don't think I ever used the supplied screen protector but got some mediadevil ones and - touch wood - with this combo see no reason why the s3 shouldn't survive until it would require replacing anyway.
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