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on 6 November 2017
Really love the way they have done it, the different king of missions/achievements make the game more interesting than the original Risk, the only thing I would improve it to send the plastic pieces in a box instead of just a plastic wrap.
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on 15 September 2017
Loved the PC game so whats not to love as a board game pieces are good quality to
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on 7 August 2017
Played this with some friends a few years ago and wanted to buy it ever since, but just never got around to it, till now.

This is identified as a collectors edition, I believe that is because of the theme being StarCraft rather than anything else.

This particular version of risk is ideal as a 3 player game, not saying that you can't play from 2 to 6 players, just that there's 3 factions, 2 colours for each one giving you a specific hero depending on the colour you choose.

There's 4 ways you can play:
1, Basic Training - intro to this version of the game (3-6 players)
2, Command Room - post-intro/advanced version of basic training (3-6 players)
3, Total Domination - updated version of classic RISK (2-6 players)
4, Team Play - 2v2 or 3v3 (4 or 6 players)

I strongly recommend basic training as your first game, this will help you become familiar with the way how this version works. The rulebook contains setup maps, for you to follow, each considers the player numbers.

The advanced game allows you to build your maps, so it's a new experience each time.

Both of these versions are about completing achievements (objectives), rather than just area control or crushing other players, so the completion of these games is with 3 achievements and having a base in your control, so even if you're at the brink of being wiped out, you could still win!

Team play is similar to what I just explained but with more conditions, not many more, just a bit of balancing and sharing of recourses.

Total Domination is basically RISK, destroy everyone till you control it all!

I really love the board artwork and the figures for this game, the tokens and dice are great too.
Although I really like the artwork on the card decks, they're very thin, not fragile just thin so some care is required when using. Unless you sleeve them like I did (American standard card sleeves).
I used locking platic baggies to hold each army you don't need massive ones but I separated the heroes and bases from the bags too.

Game play is solid and the missions to collect achievements makes this a much faster game, well I thought so, but I can't remember how long it should take to play and it doesn't say anything about it on the box either.

If you're a StarCraft fan this is a good item for your collection, I believe this is a great variation to the traditional RISK, so will appeal to players new and old.

At a decent price I think this is a worthwhile investment, however I suspect that prolonged play may wear on the players, especially the younger ones.
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on 31 May 2013
The game itself is awesome. I love Starcraft and I love Risk, so what could be better than having both at the same time.

The only objection I have is that the Heroes and bases should have been made from Aluminum and the bags that all the pieces come in should have been Ziploc bags instead of the standard hard to tear-through bags.

Other than that, this game is beautiful and a joy to play. The abilities decks really change the way Risk is played.
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on 11 July 2013
First I would like to say how satisfied I am of my purchase for several reasons.
First - Product as described, unpacked, new.
Second -The game is amazingly beautiful, all the pieces are so detailed, the map is wonderful, the mineral fields, the main bases, everything is touched to the last detail, AND for a really good price.
Third - the delivery was fast and not expensive, I waited 10 days for the game to arrive and I am from Bulgaria, besides it was said that it will arrive after 11 days, so I was really happy that I received the game one day early.
Fourth - It is really really good merging between risk and starcraft, you can play the additional mode specially designed for RISK:Starcraft and you can play the classic more simple risk, so for me personally I don't think I will ever get bored with this game.
I recommend it to all starcraft and board game fans. And last of all I want to say that the 2 protoss races not as hard to distinguish as expected, because one other guy gave a review with 1 star because of that, but this is stupid, the 2 colours are different enough not to be mistaken.
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on 28 December 2012
Firstly i would like to say i have not played the game yet. I will update it once i play (I do have it, it is currently sitting just opened in front of me!) I wanted to address the first review which judged it on very personal and non-gameplay issues. (yes reviews are purely personal opinions, but they shouldn't throw a game in the bin (1 star that people can see) because of it, so this corrects it!
The game is risk, it will play like risk, if you like risk you'll probably like it (This is my guess after reading the game book), it has new features 4 game types and new enhancements. There are 6 races, 2 of zerg (purple and brown) Terran ( Blue and red) and Protoss (Yellow and.... Yes Orange, which is not slightly less yellow (its slightly more red). The colours are based on Starcrafts classic species colour schemes, and in my opinion fit in very well.

Basic steps of play: 1-Deploy reinforcements, 2- attack!, 3-collect achievements, if able (explained a bit further down) 4-run away! Move your units and draw 1 card if you took one territory

Some game pieces:
Bases You get to place or have a base, only 1. You get +1 unit per base in the reinforcements phase

Mineral fields: Normal set or placed at random using cards, they help add to your reinforcements

Cards: Most games you draw from a specific species deck, can be used to add to reinforcements, or have special instructions that can be played during play. E.g play if you are attacked, roll one dice, destroy that many units attacking you.

Heroes: Not a separate unit, but enhance ones already present. You get +1 to your highest die roll for attack or defend (They are removed from play if no units are left alive, but re spawn next round

1: Game type: Basic training 3-6 players: pre designed starting locations, different for 3, 4, 5 or 6 players.
This game type is not about Killing everyone! But,,, well that always helps doesn't it.
There are achievements in the game that you can win (Which also give you small bonuses E.g. a turret that you can spawn in a territory, which adds +1 to highest die roll in attack and defence for that territory and all adjacent zones)
Achievements would be : Control 8 mineral fields, Control an entire planet, take over 10 territories in one turn, etc.. so it gives you various goals to go for. To win you need to get 3 achievements, and there are normally 8 in play and once they are gone... they are gone (Unless you get the final blow on a opponent and steal them!)

I would also like to note at this point that the only time you would need to use both orange and yellow would be if you had 6 players, you can always switch it with another colour (And pretend it is Protoss) I don't know how it works with being colour blind, as I think people have different degrees of vision impairment but that should have helped if that was the only issue.. Obviously unless your rolling with 6 all the time.

2: Game Type: Command Room: Similar to Basic training except you roll to see who goes first then place pieces where you want: Says 3-6 players but you could probably make it 1v1 in own rules. Also 4 random gold and 4 random silver achievements in play (Only shown after placement) Need 3 achievements to win and your base.

3: Game Type: Total Domination: No ability cards (Only used for reinforcements and are not species related, draw from communal deck), 2-6 players, No heroes and you guessed it. Kill them all! Burn them to the ground etc etc Last man left alive wins. Also 4 random gold and 4 random silver achievements in play (Only shown after placement)

Game type 4: Team play: 2v2 or 3v3, would have been nice for a 2v2v2, maybe it will be possible with own rules. Plays as command room, except you can give and swap territories as bonus reinforcements are only given to those that control, not the team : to win, must have 4 achievements and all team bases under control.

Well that is some info, im sure you can find a lot better elsewhere but hope it helps. Ill amend my score after playing if I think it deserves less. It looks like a fun retake on risk, with core rules based around a theme that if you buy the game, you probably love.
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on 15 May 2013
Big star craft fan, and loved the way they modified bits to fit in with risk. Units and heroes are good and at this price I think it worked out cheaper than normal risk. Takes a little while to get up to speed but risk is such a fun game.
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on 29 December 2016
The map isn't as good as the star wars clone wars edition I have, but the alternative game mode is better! Plus the mineral fields and command centres and heroes make for some really interesting play. My friends and I play a version that we came up with which is an in between of the two game modes offered and enjoy it quite a bit. Get creative! There are more than enough components for you to do so!
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on 27 September 2014
Great game which takes long hours to complete. I've played it twice with 2 other players (ie 3-player matches) and it scales & balances out perfectly throughout every match. Lots of dice rolls involved, and that's why it's called Risk after all. Buy this if you're a strategy & Starcraft fan. Don't buy this if you can't stick to 4 hours+ board games. Great artwork & miniatures too.
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on 8 December 2013
This was a great gift for my brother who both loves RISK and Starcraft. The board game itself was a bit different and took some time to get used to but it was very enjoyable
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