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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Size: 1TB|Style Name: 7200RPM|Change
Price:£44.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 29 April 2015
Firstly the drive itself. In my experience you'll nearly always get a slight hum / vibration when a HDD spins at anything over 5400rpm, as far as 7200rpm drives go, this is a quiet one. How your drive is attached to your chassis / case will have a big bearing on what reaches your ear.

The wake up times are very good when compared to a Caviar Green, so it's good for an everyday storage drive for say downloads etc as there's very little pause when waking after the drive been put to sleep to save power etc, say 1-2 seconds compared to say 6 with a Green. All in all, I definitely recommend this drive, especially for the price. Obviously the only thing that matches an SSD is an SSD but as far as transfer speeds go, I was getting around 120-130mb/sec sustained when moving large files across internal mechanical drives.

Now why only 3 stars? Well I went to register the drive and check the warranty. I'd had the drive about 2 days, ran the serial and it came back as having about 5 months remaining out of the 24 months you get with a new Blue drive! I queried this with Western Digital, they revealed what I already suspected... I had been sold a recertified drive. These are basically knackered drives that Western Digital then refurbish and put back out, usually for resellers to flog at a discounted rate. The fact they only give them 6 months warranty says allot. The fact that the seller puts them out as a new drive also says allot.

So the moral is, make sure when buying that your drive is DISPATCHED FROM AND SOLD BY AMAZON themselves and not a third party seller. Even if it's fulfilled by Amazon it can still be sold by a third party.

I returned the drive for a refund and purchased a new drive from Amazon themselves, this time with a full warranty. I have attached images showing the differences between the two drives. The most obvious being the difference in the stickers, the brand new drive has the Blue sticker, the recertified has a black sticker, but both have the same part number. There's also a shot of the faint 'Recertified' stamp that I missed when fitting (*face palm*) hopefully this review will help people avoid being fleeced by unscrupulous sellers charging the same for a refurbished unit with a dead warranty as a brand new unit with a 2 year warranty.
review image review image
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on 27 July 2013
arrived quickly, easy to install, holds 1tb of data, has not exploded and killed my family. Until I've had it a few years can't speak to the reliability.
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on 5 July 2013
Does the job black WD HHD probably would of been best as there a little faster i believe but as this was cheap priced at £49.99 i couldn't really argue with that. My games run fine with it and most of my games are with steam so steam is installed on this drive so I'm happy with it but as people have already mentioned it will probably be my last HHD due to the SSD dropping slowly in price so i will invest in something like that in the near later future. But as for now my 120gb SSD for boot and programs and HHD for Games and larger programs.

A Note for new builders Remember to go through a New volume setup and then format the hard drive.
type this in the search bar diskmgmt.msc for windows 7 users probably same for windows 8 and other OS your see the drives in there and just right click on the new drive and your see what you got to do from there as stated above. Hope this helps non experienced people
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on 17 November 2014
Bought one of these and as soon as I installed it, it reported SMART errors. I requested a replacement and the same happened. Both manufactured on 5th July 2014 so assuming it's a bad batch, but enough to put me off.
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on 20 May 2014
I purchased this WD Hard drive as a new item to discover it was used and defective. The repair shop technician was surprised to note the shoddy packaging, the fingerprints and the severe scratches on the surface.In fact it is in a worse condition than the one being replaced. Amazon beware of your clients and their business practices. I will be more cautious in future when buying anything from your site. Buyer beware. I see I must give a star rating so 1 star is all I can give It should be minus 5 stars
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on 4 April 2013
Ordered this for use with an Icy Box IB-318StUS2-B. Had used a 500gb drive in the box before, but after building another PC I ended up with no spare drive. This WD Caviar Blue 1TB does the job, transfers 50gb in around 5 mins or less (video files) - great for backing up or storing music, films or TV programs to catch up on later, or anything else. All hard drives I have purchased in the last 3 years have been WD Caviar Blue, with no issues at all, so I highly recommend them.
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on 4 April 2012
Had the drive working for One week now in a new build Computer. Performs well, Its Sata 3 so read and write times are good. Is faster than Sata 2 but not spectacularly faster In real world use I find, the data speed within the computer is also affected by what chipset you're motherboard has and what CPU you have.
The drive is quite compared to some I've had in the past. Has the jumpers on the back which are used for limiting the speed from 6Gbps to 3Gbps and/or using the PUIS (power up in standby) mode, handy if you have a large raid array to save on power depending on motherboard compatibility and raid type. So overall a good hard drive, quite and for what you get a good price, would buy again for any more new builds in the near future.
Any problems with the drive and I will update this review.

PS, Two good tips when handling hard drives, always wear a anti-static wrist band if you have one, and once you've taken the hard drive out of the anti-static bag, don't put it back on top of it. The bag is only anti-static on the inside, not the outside.
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on 7 December 2013
I just want to inform people who may be like me and not computer 'savvy'.
I thought I would just connect the new hard drive inside my computer and then switch it on and the new drive would appear under 'my computer' Unfortunately, whilst it showed up in disk management, it didn't appear under 'my computer'. What I had to do was initialize it first then format it into NTFS files. Probably everybody who has wrote a review was aware of this but I didn't and this review is for people like me!!
It quite straight forward though, however I did read a good article on how to do it at 'pc supportabout .com'.
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on 17 July 2015
arrived fairly quickly and works. However this is not a new drive and nowhere in the avert does it make it clear that it wasn't new. What is even more worrying is that the hard drive wasn't even wiped it already had a installed copy of windows 8 with the files of the last user, honestly if this wasn't the case i would probably would of not known it was an old hardisk. This is lazy work and more importantly irresponsible practices by this company.
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on 22 August 2013
I am not an IT wizkid but just to say that this product does exactly what it says. I am using it as a drive for all my games and so far, so good.

Just something to state, this may be common knowledge in the IT world (but to me it wasn't!) but it turns out you need to buy a SATA cable and something else, I forgot the name of, to hook this up in your machine. I am posting this as I think it may be useful for someone else, like myself, who did not realise this at the time of purchase as I assumed all the necessary wires would be supplied!!
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