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on 29 April 2015
Firstly the drive itself. In my experience you'll nearly always get a slight hum / vibration when a HDD spins at anything over 5400rpm, as far as 7200rpm drives go, this is a quiet one. How your drive is attached to your chassis / case will have a big bearing on what reaches your ear.

The wake up times are very good when compared to a Caviar Green, so it's good for an everyday storage drive for say downloads etc as there's very little pause when waking after the drive been put to sleep to save power etc, say 1-2 seconds compared to say 6 with a Green. All in all, I definitely recommend this drive, especially for the price. Obviously the only thing that matches an SSD is an SSD but as far as transfer speeds go, I was getting around 120-130mb/sec sustained when moving large files across internal mechanical drives.

Now why only 3 stars? Well I went to register the drive and check the warranty. I'd had the drive about 2 days, ran the serial and it came back as having about 5 months remaining out of the 24 months you get with a new Blue drive! I queried this with Western Digital, they revealed what I already suspected... I had been sold a recertified drive. These are basically knackered drives that Western Digital then refurbish and put back out, usually for resellers to flog at a discounted rate. The fact they only give them 6 months warranty says allot. The fact that the seller puts them out as a new drive also says allot.

So the moral is, make sure when buying that your drive is DISPATCHED FROM AND SOLD BY AMAZON themselves and not a third party seller. Even if it's fulfilled by Amazon it can still be sold by a third party.

I returned the drive for a refund and purchased a new drive from Amazon themselves, this time with a full warranty. I have attached images showing the differences between the two drives. The most obvious being the difference in the stickers, the brand new drive has the Blue sticker, the recertified has a black sticker, but both have the same part number. There's also a shot of the faint 'Recertified' stamp that I missed when fitting (*face palm*) hopefully this review will help people avoid being fleeced by unscrupulous sellers charging the same for a refurbished unit with a dead warranty as a brand new unit with a 2 year warranty.
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on 17 May 2017
Just installed this product - worth noting that it doesn't come with any of the cabling that you may need. At the very least, I would recommend picking up an inexpensive SATA data cable and also check the cables that came with your PSU to ensure you have the necessary power cables. In my PC, I picked up a little extension power cable to save me having to re-arrange all my cabling and move other HDDs and SSDs about.

I use SSDs for most things on my main gaming PC - I bought this drive to act as another backup for everything on my cloud storage. All my photos are digital and now that I am a parent with loads of baby photos, a loss of data would really be very upsetting and unfortunate. I now store everything on a cloud storage service, an SSD and on this HDD so I would hope that I am reasonably covered in the event that I lose a drive, or even if my PC was ever stolen.

From looking at other reviews - this drive has a reputation for being dependable and perfect for my needs. Only time will tell but I have had good experience with WD products in the past. Installation was a breeze, and this is coming from a guy who only built his first PC last Summer. The price was quite good for the storage, and the price had actually decreased since I added it to my wishlist. Arguably, I probably could have gone for a lower spec model (green?) because I am only using this for storage but my needs may change in future and I may require a faster disc speed, so that's also something to consider.
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on 20 April 2016
I have just been informed by Western Digital that this drive only has a warranty of 6 months because it is used/second hand !!
I am shocked that this isn't clearly stated in the description.
I will be asking Amazon to send this product back.
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on 12 September 2017
This is a re-branded WD Green drive and it uses "IntelliPark" which is a power saving feature and parks the disk heads after only 8s of inactivity. This "feature" leads to a large number of load/unload cycles of the disk heads which causes wear and tear. The drives are tested and said to be reliable for at least 300,000 cycles but this can be reached very quickly. On Linux I'm getting 100 load/unload cycles on average per hour (after some months of usage I've had 60867 cycles and 600 hours of usage):
$ smartctl -A /dev/sda
9 Power_On_Hours 0x0032 100 100 000 Old_age Always - 600
193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 180 180 000 Old_age Always - 60867

Although WD provides a DOS utility (wdidle3.exe) to update the firmware of the drives and to increase the timeout before the head is parked, this tool does not work with this 6TB drive and neither does the Linux tool which fails with:
# idle3ctl -g /dev/sda
sg16(VSC_SENDKEY) failed: Invalid exchange

Otherwise a good hard drive, without the ability to disable IntelliPark it may fail much more quickly than expected.
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on 18 July 2017
I received a WD Blue 2 TB HDD on the 17th July. There was nothing wrong with it and it worked fine, my reason for three stars is regarding the clarity of the warranty on the product description. It had OEM in the description so I wasn't surprised when it arrived in a plain brown box. What I didn't know was that WD would not provide me with the 2 year warranty. I did email their support team and they said that because it's sold as OEM, the seller should provide the warranty instead. My understanding is that OEM parts are meant for inclusion in PC's that are sold by PC retailers rather than as an individual items on a consumer website. OEM parts are also sold in bulk and are cheaper. So, have I just gone and paid full price for an item with half the warranty than I would have got buying it as a retail package elsewhere!! I think Amazon should make it clearer in the product description on something like this, stating that only the statutory 1 year guarantee will apply. Anyway, this is not to be taken as a mark against the product itself, never had an issue with WD drives, hopefully the chances are I would have had this replaced by the time any fault occurs.
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on 27 April 2017
I've had this drive for 1 year and I've stared to notice slow read speeds. After a CrystalDiskInfo check it seem the drive is dying and having Sectors Count issues,. I've had exactly the same issue with a WD 20EARS 2TB which i didnt notice that was dying and lost allot of files. Time to get a new HD and move it over quickly.

I doubt i can trust WD anymore
review image
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on 21 May 2017
I've had a 1T drive of the WD blue style for several years and it is performing well, no SMART stat errors. If you goto WD site, you can get some tools of use such as a diagnostics tool, and a disk-imager. Any disk can fail, but my WD ones have been quite stable (I also use an external WD USB 1T drive as a DVR on an LG TV, and a 4T one as one of my off-line backup drives).

When you add this to a case, secure it if you can to dampen the clicking when it seeks a new position - that can get annoying. It seems to have good performance for an HDD, not the best. If your life is benchmarking, get something else, if it is work such as in the 3D sector, this will serve as a reasonable data-bucket.

One small thing that might catch you out on a new windows install: if you add a new partition to this from the windows installer (not as a boot drive), then it might show up as a zero-size disk in windows, and not be recognised by explorer, but be listed in the disk-manager -- reformatting won't help. Use the WD diagnostics program to wipe the partitions (first and last million sectors) then add a new simple volume in windows disk manager. You should get your disk back then.
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on 5 August 2017
I've had several of these in recent years and they're usually good, so I keep buying - and usually always from Amazon.

This particular one may also be good, but I'll never know - I'm returning it unused, because of poor packaging which doesn't adequately protect the item and so I'll not risk using it (because of the extreme likelihood of it being either doa/failing prematurely in consequence of 'being bounced around' during delivery).

Item was shipped in a box much larger than the unit, with the only padding being a single piece of padding-paper above the item... so perhaps the training manual reads: 'Select too-big box, place item on bottom, screw-up wrapping paper and place on top, seal.'

For a book, the packing would have been excessive. For a sensitive electronic item it's woefully inadequate.

And I strongly disagree with the info about 'frustration free packaging'... 'will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging'. Er, no. It won't protect. And then having to spend time sorting this is a pain-in-the-***, and not in any way frustration-free.

In fairness, having phoned to discuss this, the customer service is good... acknowledgment, apology, next-day replacement, collection of unit to be returned. I've requested that if it's as poorly packed then please don't bother sending. So I'm hoping for something which 'will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging'.

With common sense, none of this would have happened. But it did, which is a negative experience for all and something which could easily have been avoided.

DAY-LATER UPDATE: Replacement arrived by free next-day delivery... appropriately packed in protective inner carton (which is what I'd expected for the first item).
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on 6 April 2017
The disk comes without instructions so you need to know how to install a one before you start. However installation is really easy once you know how. I have had this disk for a month without any problems at all. I appreciated another reviewer's note of caution about refurbished disks being sold as new so checked first the design of the label on the disk itself and then checked the serial number on the Weston website to find when the guarentee period started. All was well, but worth checking for peace of mind.
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on 7 August 2017
The same review I left on a 2TB model I purchased just before buying this 1TB model, just copying it over.

Great WD drive as usual, great cheap storage, I've bought so many of these over the years as they seem to fail me, but I've always tortured them, we're talking about 15,000-23,000 hours of use and quite heavy read and writing, for the average user that puts one of these into a PC i'd honestly expect it to outlive the usefulness of any "family computer" ~10 years?

15,000-23,000 hours is the range that I've had HDD's fail on me since about 2008, this has been 2 Western digital drives, and two Seagate barracuda drives
15,000-23,000 hours is 1.71 - 2.63 years of actual turn on time, that's alot.
any Western Digital drive you buy should last you a "PC lifetime" you just need to choose what size you want and how much you want to spend.
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