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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 August 2014
I am so so impressed with this slow cooker. I have five ... some with auto functions, some with low medium and high settings, some with just a couple of settings. This one is definitely the best I have ever owned. I was attracted to it as I have never worked out why someone didn't come up with a slow cooker with the initial sauteeing or thickening of sauce couldn't be done in the same pot. This one does it. And does it superbly. I have industrial type burners in my Thai kitchen and I love the fact that even with those (which have an intensity that can make any normal type pan or pot crack/buckle) I can fry onions, stick in the garlic, brown the meat, add the spices on a burner and then just plug the whole thing in to cook. I normally do the preparation for it whilst cooking that particular night's dinner (ie if you've got mess in the kitchen might as well get it all out of the way at the same time) stick the prepared stuff from the slow cooker in the fridge, take it out next morning when going to work or golf, and plug it in with a separately purchased timer

I have cooked about eight dinners in it now - everything from shredded pork, spare ribs through to thai curry and this is the best slow cooker I have ever owned. I will be buying the bigger version of it soon for entertaining

My only comment to the manufacturers is to put a timer on it .. I bought one out of the UK so that it would come one when I am out but I would happily pay two or three times the price to have a built in (and less complicated) timing function

Other than that, as a kitchen gadget freak, this product is superb (and the color red is really really rich and fits in with my inside kitchen superbly)

Well done Morphy richards for this
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on 30 October 2012
First slow cooker I've ever owned. Very happy with it. Everything I've tried has turned out well. The aluminium pot allows you to brown off meat on the hob and keeps all the flavours in the one pot and no extra washing up!
This is much lighter than the usual slow cookers with the ceramic pot, should prove useful to anyone with weak wrists.
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I will write rhapsodies for this slow cooker! I have used slow cookers for very many years now and already have them in three different sizes. However, I found the use of my largest crockpot was falling by the wayside simply because getting older together with arthritic hands means it is very difficult to handle and also very difficult to clean after use, the inner pot being so heavy.

The Morphy Richards Sear cooker has completely solved my problems. The comparatively very light weight of the cooking pot combined with the convenience of being able to use it on the hob means it will be in constant use by me. I only received it two days ago and already have used it twice - a beef and bean stew, made with cheap beef hough, was wonderful. And a huge pot of home made baked beans using a cheap smoked ham hock with dry Pinto beans (from Amazon!) was another success. (I *like* beans!)

One other point I would like to mention concerning food safety - I was always worrying when using my big ceramic inner pot, at the very long time it took to safely cool down foods so that they could then be refrigerated. It meant either decanting the hot cooked food to say a metal container which would allow quicker cooling, or constantly stirring the cooked product to try and speed up cooling. The two times I have already used this new cooker I have found that once the cooking pot is removed from the cooker, the simmering contents cool down very, very quickly compared to my ceramic/stoneware pots. This is a big advantage.

I will leave this crockpot out on my worktop as I suspect it will be in almost daily use. A well deserved five stars.
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on 10 November 2012
This slow cooker replaced a cheapie which really didn't cook very well at all. This particular slow cooker has three heat settings and on any setting does not over or undercook. The searing capability is excellent and it's a doddle to clean being non stick. Highly recommended and worth that little bit extra.
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on 22 October 2015
I grabbed mine for 24.99 and honestly I wish I would of purchased a slow cooker earlier this thing turns home made vegetable soup into lazy man's work.
Also great for keeping it hot for those that like myself always go back for seconds even thirds.
review image
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on 18 March 2013
Several people in the office were extolling the virtues of slow cooking, so I decided to go get one. After reading several reviews of different makes and models and taking on advice from others, I settled on this one. Three main plus points: You can sear meat and start off the cooking process on the stove top, so you don't lose any of those lovely meat juices. 2: it's dishwasher safe. 3: it's pretty cheap! The added bonus for a first time slow cooker like me is that the food that it produces tastes awesome. So far I have made a pork sausage curry, chili con carne, chicken tikka masala, pork steaks in tomato/pepper sauce (cheat - used 2 pots of Lloyd Grossman sauce) and this weekend did a slow cooked pulled pork shoulder. I was a little skeptical about the last one, but the joint cooked really well, it was cooked all the way through and the meat was really juicy and moist. My kids pretty much devoured half of it whilst I was shredding it.

So, I am one very happy customer. It has broadened the range of things that we cook at home for the family, and because we can set it going early n the morning, we have time during the day to go out as a family and do "stuff" and not have to worry about getting dinner ready half way through the day.
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on 30 October 2012
I am so pleased with this product. I would highly recommend it to others. To be able to sear first in the cook pot is a great advantage as you get all the flavour in one pot. Also as the sides are high, it doesn't make a mess of the hob, so no hob cleaning - great. I've all ready cooked 3 meals in it. I just prepare and switch the slow cooker on in the morning and then I can go out and not worry about getting back in time to prepare a meal. Fantastic!
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on 16 December 2013
I have never had a slow cooker before but thought it would be a good idea so I can cook lots of Greek dishes that need a long time to stew. As all my appliances are red I wanted a slow cooker to match - and it does - perfectly. It's a brilliant size and doesn't take up too much room, but has plenty of room to cook for about 5 people. I love that the inner pan can be used to sear the meat beforehand and the controls are very simple to use.
I don't know how I manged without out one.
I would definitely recommend this slow cooker - it's fabulous
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on 30 October 2013
Very good as you can seal your meet before any slow roast in the same pot and avoid extra washing. Easy to clean and as aesthetically pleasing as a slow cooker can get. Ideal for portions of 4, if you often cater for more think about the higher capacity.
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on 17 October 2013
This came in the estimated time, so happy with the service.
I have thought about having a slow cooker over the years but been put off because you could not brown the meat in the dish provided and as it is supposed to be a time saver cooking meat separately before hand and dirtying another pan made no sense to me. Now someone has thought the same and made a slow cooker with a pan/dish you can put on a hob and brown the meat in first........ Great!
I am very happy with the slow cooker because of this added function and it does mean you can put on your lunch/supper and forget about it, get on with your busy life and return home to a delicious home cooked meal, no probs!
I have cooked a stew and a spag Bol sauce so far, both of these need slow cooking to get the best of the flavours mixing and usually mean I have to be around to keep an eye on then cooking on the hob, not any more! Went out for the afternoon and came back to beautifully cooked meals!
It is easy to use and the heat adjustment knob ( 3 settings, loe, med, high), works well regulating the temp. Reading the leaflet gives you a feeling for the cooking times and a few recipe suggestions, which is helpful in the beginning. Although, using it is really self explanatory. Do read the leaflet though as it also tells you what not to cook in it!
Very happy.😊
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