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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Madden NFL 13 (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£12.74+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 2 August 2017
Great game, great price, still playing it to this day 👍
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on 29 November 2013
Shipping: Game arrived on time, and in good condition. 5/5

Game: A fun game. I don't get the Madden's every year, but the last one I got was Madden 11. There's been some improvements since then, I mostly play offline mode, but the player career is a bit frustrating. It seems Madden will never be able to make realistic player personnel decision - you can be NFL MVP one year but be put on the bench the next year just because the team signed a free agent with a higher overall rating.

The challenges to gain points could be more immersive too. The game is a lot more difficult, playing as QB you'd think everyone on the defense is Deion Sanders, always seeing the plays when your receivers never do.

But with some slider adjustments this is a pretty entertaining game.
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on 2 October 2012
The last madden I bought was madden 10, and only now have I deemed a madden worthy of purchase. Many things have changed this year, mostly for the better.

Connected careers is one great addition. Many people are complaining that features have been removed but this is not how I have found things. Having played full seasons as both a player and a coach, I have been much more engrossed in the experience. As a player there is the allure of season goals, hall of fame recognition and player progression (which makes this superstar mode much more playable and purposeful). As a coach now you can be fired which adds an element of pressure, and goals adapt to your success or failure to make next season more realistic and enjoyable. Free agency is pretty interesting too, as you can see who has bid for players and watch as the offers are wittled down. My only issue is the lack of notification when you successfully gain a free agent (i only found out when checking my roster). The draft is another great improvement. It feels so life-like in the way that cpu teams trade up and down picks, and the back stories behind players is a nice touch. Scouting is a huge part of the game now, if you don't scout the right players you will end up guessing on players and inevitably wind up with first round busts. Finally, the added news feed is interesting to read throughout the year, and can be helpful for scouting players, as it hints at who is playing well in the college leagues etc.

Gameplay feels different too. The new physics engine definitely has flaws - players running into each other will react no matter who they are or when this happens (even after the end of plays). It can get frustrating as a running back to trip over a lineman in the back field when you can see a huge lane opening up. But thankfully, this is rare and with more practice it becomes a rare occurence. Ultimately running is more interesting (no more guaranteed TDs by juking/trucking everywhere) and tackles often feel much more powerful and wince-worthy, which is always a plus. Tackles and sacks generally look more pleasing, and the new ball hawk interception system is fun without making interceptions overly simple.

The one problem i did have however is with defence this year. While playing as the bills, with a great d, it was still really tough to get stops, especially against superstar players (to the point that any team with a running back or receiver over 80 tended to win games against me). Eventually i found that commiting to a type of play using the left trigger was one way of dealing with it, and in a way it makes things more challenging, but it can be frustrating.

In conclusion, while many say this madden is terrible, I think it is in fact one of the best yet. I was on the fence with this but haven't regretted it at all. The graphics are great, the gameplay is vastly better and the game modes have more depth - you feel more inclined to play in your league's universe for as long as possible. With fantasy draft being added apparently there really isn't much of a reason not to get this game.

+ great gameplay, with a physics engine, means no repetitive animations
+ immersive career modes, franchise and superstar are still here! And they have improved for the better
+ it seems EA have listened and are adding fantasy draft

- defence can be a b%$, especially against speedy players
- players tripping over each other isn't a great look, and can really ruin some great plays
- i guess if i'm complaining, why wasn't this changed earlier?

Verdict: 8(.5) out of 10 - a great, slightly flawed, but largely well executed madden, if you're sitting on the fence you won't regret it
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on 17 August 2013
As a regular madden gamer. This instalment was bad in my opinion. No more training challenges so hard to lend it for non Madden fans who want to learn how to play it. No more offline Season mode, so makes it impossible to play it when not on the net. So I had to do endless exhibition games instead. Really stupid by EA to make this a multi player On-line focused only.
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on 8 December 2013
Game was class but I have now moved on to Madden 25 which to be honest is a lot better. But Madden is 13 is cheaper and you know it is a great way to test if you like the game before paying more for the most recent version. Delivered very fast and it's a great game, Ultimate team is sooo addictive, trust me you will be hooked!
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on 14 February 2013
So I got into American football in 2006 after playing Madden 2006, I got every madden from there up until Madden 10 as they were all too similar with nothing really making each one unique. I follow the NFL as much as I can being here in England, watching late night games on sundays till 4am, and Madden 13 really has captured each team and players playstyle perfectly, especially with the new engine that allows proper physics, you see stuff happen that never could without these new physics.

Running-backs getting pummelled by the blitz is different every single time, instead of those boring pre-set animations, the ball getting caught just above the ground after being batted down and then players tripping over the CB body etc. Everything feels unique and that is what makes this game great.

The running game has been improved significantly, with the more agile RB's being able to turn on a dime and letting defenders go flying past, and the running animations in general being much smoother.

The passing is great also, again going back to the engine, with the physics it allows awesome moments such as being trapped in the pocket and you just burst out knocking over you OL and their DL and just break away to throw a great pass etc.

The new career mode is a little confusing if you are relatively new to the NFL, with stuff being hidden away in tabs and menus, it can all get a little frustrating, but you pick it up. They have added some cool features such as real life personalities tweeting about the weeks games and who done what etc, which I thought was a nice touch. Also the draft is much deeper now, you have to keep an eye on your hopeful draft picks as they may get injured or do something which lands them off the field for a while, meaning they may be a bust when you draft them.

You can choose to play as a coach or a player, they allow you to play as players from the league or create your own and work your way up from the draft to being a superstar, the same goes for the coaches.

Online is where I mainly play, as I like the competitiveness, like I said I am from England so I thought getting a game would be hard, but loads of Americans are on at all times, and the connection has been fine so far and I'm not even using Fibre Optic, although I do use an Ethernet cable for best connection at all times, which I would suggest.

Overall I really suggest picking this game up, especially for less than £30, lots of longevity, multiplayer is great etc etc
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on 27 December 2013
christmas stocking filler and has been a big hit. Apparently it takes a bit of studying at the beginning for all the moves and plays but that is all part of the fun according to my 13 year old.
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on 24 January 2013
Despite it being late in the year to buy madden 13, i think its worth every penny. hours of fun for a NFL fan, but i would wait for the price to drop a little.
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on 11 March 2013
4 stars instead of 5 only because I am still getting to grips with the understanding of NFL rules of how the game is to be played so not a true reflection of the product itself, as far as I know the madden series that has been around for years is a credit to the sport, improving each year, I guess like the FIFA series does in my opinion

If you buy this product for online gameplay then I suggest being bought on or soon after release date so one has a full year to enjoy this feature before the next madden is released, people online tend to buy the latest online games meaning older games tend to have less available community unless the new release is flawed in some way

I bought this game from amazon and as usual it arrived early and in excellent condition

Would I recommend to others.... well I enjoy the game to the level of my understanding, most definataly buy if you like and understand the game of american football, its not much of a product review rather a little sound advice in my opinion
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on 21 February 2013
This is my first ever Madden game that I have bought.
The last Madden I have even played was 08, so I'm out of the loop. Over the course of the year, I've been really interested in NFL, and I originally wanted to get this for PC. It was only than that I noticed EA Sports no longer make it for PC (Unlike the last Madden I played) so I started to consider buying it for the xbox. Even though it's late in the year to buy Madden, I went for it.
Since getting it, I haven't been able to put it down! I may not be much good, but I'm having great fun with this game! Would recommend it to any Sports games fans!
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