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on 28 December 2014
Overall: Good solid table, once you get it built, but has design flaws that disappoint and spoil the fun.

Delivery: Very quick, courteous driver, table is packed well.

Construction: The table has some issues. Some screw holes are not pre-drilled, and some others don't line up with the holes, and , given this is MDF the screws cannot be driven in with pure force. I needed to drill 17 holes for the leg braces, disc holders and scoring unit. Not so easy to do quietly on Christmas Eve night with the kid asleep upstairs! Otherwise, the table is fairly solid and I'm pretty sure it will survive many years of use.

Air Hockey mode - The good
Excellent fun in air hockey mode, good air flow from the electric fan, the discs glide smoothly and the bats are solid. There are four bats and four discs, plenty of spares there for lost discs in the future. The goals have electric sensors and add up your score when it detects a disc entering the goal mouth, which works great, and the disc is returned to a little pouch, just like the large professional machines do. The digital scoring system is impressive, and plays cool sound effects, such as cheering and calls out "Winner!".

Air Hockey mode - The bad
The discs are a little light, and with a hard hit they tend to fly off into the air, so gameplay has to be kept mild. My 7 year old has enough strength in him to easily overhit these discs. The scoring system sometimes triggers when you move the bats too close to the goal mouths, so you get false points, and there's no way to subtract a point from the digital scoring system. It's also possible to accidentally trip it when you retrieve the disc from the pouch on the back if you're a little careless.
The digital scoring system also counts the points on the wrong side, when you score a goal the opponent's score is upped, so you just have to remember to mentally reverse the score when reading it. Might be possible to reverse some wiring underneath to fix this, but I haven't checked.

Table Tennis mode - The good
Table tennis is played by placing a large solid surface on top of the air hockey table and attaching a net. The surface is very solid, the bats are a good size and there are two ping pong balls. The balls bounce ok and it can be used fairly well for playing table tennis, if you're just kids looking for some semblance of ping pong.

Table Tennis mode - The bad
Unfortunately, there's a lot to write here. The table tennis board is literally just balanced on top of the air hockey table, there's been no engineering or design put into this, and it doesn't sit well. Why? Because of the goal mouths! The air hockey goal mouths sit proud of the table, so the table tennis board is pushed up at both ends. They also frequently snapped off the little red plastic scoring tabs.
The nets are held in place by two plastic supports which attached to the sides. On one side the support conflicts with the digital scoring system, even though it bends backward on a hinge it still gets in the way and stops you placing the table tennis board centrally. Consequently the board is off centre and with the imbalance caused by the proud goal mouths it tilts and drifts as you play. I'm pretty sure the manufacturers must be aware of this so I'm very disappointed that they haven't designed the board to fit better.
The bats, although a good size, are very poor quality. and one of them disintegrated within 10 minutes of play. I know this product is a toy, not professional sports kit, but that's no excuse for cheap quality, especially at this price.

It's a good solid piece of kit, but lacks some sensible design that could make it a much better product. In air hockey mode it's good fun, and table tennis mode it's not so good. We'll probably place the table tennis board on another surface, like the dining room table, and buy ourselves some new bats, and keep this in air hockey mode. I'd say that if you're happy to spend this much on a good air hockey table then you'll be satisfied, but the table tennis part is worth nothing so don't think to yourself "It's a bit expensive, but we're getting table tennis with it too", because you're really not getting table tennis with it - you're getting an ill-fitting board of blue plastic, a little net, and some cheap bats.
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on 14 June 2016
Build quality not that great considering the £199 RRP. Even though it's large and heavy (possibly too large for most homes) the legs aren't very sturdy with 3 screws securing each leg which come loose over time.

Sometimes the goal is counted by the electronic counter when the puck is hit hard but doesn't go in. This can be amusing but also a frustration.

Overall, it would be much more practical if the legs could fold and it's a shame there's no snooker table since it's so large. Because the legs aren't the best I don't think the table is worth over £100. I think I would've been better off getting a smaller air hockey game which can rest on another table and is already built.
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on 3 January 2014
Bought this for my 8 year old son and all of the main features work. We have enjoyed the bigger surface area you get on this rather than other 4-in-1 sports tables etc. It is good fun and can be enjoyed by adults, especially the table tennis table.

2 issues though - i had to enlarge the holes for the bolts in the table to attach the legs to the table. Anyone without the relevant tools would have been disappointed on xmas day therefore. Also, the electronic scorer runs out of batteries every two days even though it was not even operating. Must be something up with the circuit. Dont need it anyway but was a good addition if it worked as there are sensors linked to it.

So 3 out of 5 means i would recommend if your child is looking for this type of multi-sports table - the size is the best factor about it. However be ready to have to do a bit of DIY to build the thing in the first place.
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on 7 January 2016
Very disappointed in the quality and condition of this table. It arrived with packaging intact. However, on opening the package on Xmas Eve,and commencing to build it, in readiness for our Grandsons to receive Xmas Day, we were faced with many parts damaged and having to adapt fittings in order to present them with their present. They loved the table and did play with it on Xmas Day but by the end of the day one of the Goal Boxes had come off!
The table tennis top was cracked when unpacked so has not been used at all.
A more detailed report has been e-mailed to Mightymast Leisure and we await their reply.
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on 5 December 2015
Excellent! We looked at the various models available and decided this one was a good size. Many were smaller and wouldn't have been a true enough size to play table tennis on. This one is a great size for my very tall 8 year old and his dad, too.
The air hockey is great. Good size, clear table top - some were very dark colours - relative sized pucks and pushers.
Electronic scoring a bid strange, it seems to do its own thing...!?! Doesn't really interfere with the game tho and has manual scoring, too.
Only slight disappointment was that the corner of the table tennis top was broken off in transit. It is only the very point of the corner, so doesn't affect the game. Could have sent it back, I guess....?
Deliver was excellent. I think I paid for the quickest delivery and it was very very prompt.
Excellent all round.
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on 14 October 2017
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on 23 November 2014
It is okay. Not built very well. Screws underneath keep coming out. Would have sent back, but then would have had nothing for his birthday.
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on 9 January 2015
Poor build quality. Upon delivery, I had to add extra screw holes. Works well though and is great fun.
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on 30 March 2014
when I bought this Item I thought it is marvelous but there are some common faults the holes of the fittings do not match and I struggle to assemble them.
The second things is one of the wires in the chime was unconnected which tells about the scores and mine is still not working one side of the goal for air hockey.
The third thing is that the table tennis is not fully compatible with on top of the air hockey table as you know there are two goals pole on two ends which prevents the tennis plate on top of it and is wobbly.
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on 5 June 2013
Ideal for what we wanted, a birthday present for my 7 year old son, but even my 3 year old twins play with it, supervised. Works well, it seems a bit weak to let young children play alone as they tend to lay on the table, but the games are fun and we all like it
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