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on 12 November 2012
This is a great card for the money, this honestly made me think about why I people pay so much for a high end cards.

Getting some great FPS on anything I play, usually at least 45fps on games like just cause 2, on games like blur i'm getting over 60fps. However it did seem to struggle on test drive unlimited (It was dropping frames rather than running slowly). Struggles slightly with euro truck simulator 2 on ultra, for comparison, I was getting about 32fps.

I also believe it has 3 monitor support, which is very handy for me being into my photo editing and design. Currently running 2 monitors no problem.

Overall, I'm extremely happy for the money.
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on 8 November 2012
This is a really good graphics card and is very good value for money. I know that Asus Nvidia graphics cards are extremely good/reputable among many top brands. The Nvidia logo is on alot of games, so there's no chance of incompatible games (this has happened to me with other brands).

I was able to play games like, Borderlands 2, Crysis 2, Fifa 13 and Gears of War on their highest settings without lagging. It also scored a windows Experience Index rating of 7.1 in Windows 7 64-bit.

The Asus overclocking utility, which is included, gives you the ability to boost the performance of the graphics card and make game play a little more powerful. Auto-updating of the drivers is possible too. I really like these features.

Beware that this graphics card takes up two PCI slots, and the fan/heat-sink is quite bulky (not low profile). Make sure your computer has enough space, and take note that the graphics card fan shouldn't be blocked by other PCI cards. There are four display outputs, but i recommend you use the HDMI port if you have a HD or 1080p display monitor. There is no need to connect the PSU to the graphics card, as all its power is handled by the motherboard (but ensure your PSU chucks out enough power).

Overall i really like this graphics card and performance-wise, it's got enough juice to keep up with the latest/future games (GTA 5, Crysis 3). I will stick with the Asus Nvidia branded graphics cards in the future and i recommend this brand to everyone.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 4 February 2013
Firs things first, this is a functional mid-range performance graphics card that does a great job of balancing performance with connectivity and price. I was in the market for replacing an 4-year old ATi Radeon card and needed something that supported VGA, DVI ad HDMI. I wanted something that was of at least equivalent performance but that wouldn't break the bank. At about 70 quid, this certainly hit the right price-point. A quick check on some 3d benchmarking websites showed that it was an equivalent performance and it had all of the connectors I wanted. Job done.

Installation was simple. The cooling system is much smaller than my old card and it runs fairly cool so is nice and quiet. It doesn't need an additional power connector which makes it a bit less fiddly too. Once fitted, Windows 7 recognized it without any problems and started to download the drivers from the web, which meant that you didn't have to use the supplied driver CD if you didn't want to. If you want to use any of the graphics tweaking utilities that the card supports though then you need to use the supplied CD (or visit the nVidia website). I'd recommend going to the website straight away to be honest as it's almost certain there's been a sizable patch released since they cut the driver CD in the box and you'll save your self a tedious installation and subsequent download/upgrade cycle by getting them fresh from the website.

Driver installation was not a problem. The nVidia control panel enables you to tweak the display in just about any way you want, including changing the screen-size to better fit unconventional displays (like Plasma TVs). It's been rock solid in use so far and it even gave me an improvement on the graphics element of my windows Experience score (from 7.0 to 7.1). All things considered, a great value card if you're after something to do web browsing, photo editing, office tasks and the occasional PC game.
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on 21 December 2012
i bought this card for a gaming pc i was building, i previously has a radeon 5450 and it done the job. It was alright for the small price of £35. but once i got this card, performance increased drastically. on the old card i would play Call of Duty 4 low settings about 50fps, on this on high settings it's a constant 91fps. Minecraft, over 250 fps on high settings. every hitman game, constant 91 fps again. it's just AMAZING for the money, so glad i bought it.
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on 31 January 2013
I bought this thinking I'd need a good graphics card for my new computer. I use a 36" tv and the picture is crystal clear and when on games no jumping or blurring even at high speed car games
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on 12 January 2014
+2GB of VRAM - Plenty and good for 2+ monitors
+can power 4 monitors
+Silent - Can not hear it over other fans
+Powerful - Can play BF4 at 1080p Medium to high settings
+nVidia Geforce experience - Optimizes Games for you

-Easily bottlenecked - MY core 2 duo 3.0Ghz CPU bottlenecks it.
-No minidisplay port - Meh... not fussed but some people may want it.
-DDR3 RAM - Could be faster with GDDR5 RAM

Bf4: 1080p medium-high settings 40-70 fps*
Crysis 2: maxed 1080p 60+ fps
BF3: same as BF4 exept more settings can be on ultra* = 40 - 70fps
Minecraft: Come on... This GFX card eats minecraft as a snack - 200+ fps
GTA IV: High settings 1080p* = 25 - 30fps

Best card under £100 and does not require power

Note = Games with a '*' on the end are CPU heavy... therefore meaning my CPU bottlenecks the GFX card... therefore giving me low FPS...

Will update when new CPU arrives...
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on 28 March 2013
I got this to replace my old geforce 9600 GT, it did, and to be fair framerates were dramatically boosted on most games on the just below max setting I was using anyway. However, when I tried to run 3dMark, I found that the card is farely limited. Also the GPU tweak program that comes with it is horrifically memory intensive. It even lags on load up when you try to click it out of the system tray for about 5 seconds. Otherwise, cant complain on the price so a good card overall for the money it costs.
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on 9 July 2013
I got this card for my new gaming build ... This card is cheap but for the price you get more than what you would expect ! i also purchased a copy of Crysis 3 along with this card just to see if it could handle the game that is known for having the most demanding graphics... i was told id be lucky to get at least 15-25 fps with this card on low settings, however when i installed the game and played it for the first time on high settings and got 30-50 fps !

I would defiantly recommend this card to any pc gamer with little cash to spend.
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on 4 July 2013
For the price I was skeptical but this is a great graphics card, I can get very high settings out of most games and even medium settings out of The Witcher 2, no mean feat.

Very satisfied, fan is virtually silent also. great product by the team over at Nvidia.
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on 4 September 2012
hello im going to give a review on my asus geforce gt 640 i got this graphic card to replace my old radeon hd 5450 i was having problems playing games at high spec so i got asus geforce gt 640 i was not disappointed it has 2gig of ram it will now play games like skyrim. call of duty modern war fair 3. darksiders 2 all on ultra graphic settings i could not be happier. very easy to install had no problems getting it to work my cpu set up duel core 3.2 GHz 4 gig of ram
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