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on 11 December 2017
Fast Delivery , item as described... Thank you.
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on 13 April 2017
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on 16 May 2017
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on 8 December 2012
I'm half way between the Apple and Google eco systems, I a have house full of devices that speak to certain accessories connected to TV's and stereo systems. With the recent launch of Google Nexus products I bought this Google TV out of curiosity to see how it connects up and compare it to Apples's connectivity between its various iOS devices and Apple TV.

Overall I'm left wanting, it really isn't fair to try and compare this unit. The version of Android it is using feels clunky and broken. The play store feels like an after thought and I'm a victim of constant force closes. I was hoping that Plex would do a good job of streaming my media but it stutters and limps along. The Netflix app seems to get stuck in a loop and the only way to get out of that loop is to force close it manually.

The system update I received recently after purchase does make it feel more responsive but it's along way off being good to use. It could just be my controller but it creaks when using it because of the way the battery compartment is designed and I noticed missed navigation and key presses. Maybe I have a faulty unit but after some of the other reviews here and online and elsewhere, I'm not so sure.

Having just trashed this device with my opinion I can't help but want to like it. I sat in on a Google TV hangout on Google+ recently where the developers were previewing new features they were releasing to the American market and it all looks pretty impressive, just not right now.

I have a feeling that Google TV will be worth looking at again once the third or fourth generation devices come out. Word is that Google is looking to add AirPlay like functionality into its devices very soon, it already has a similar function for its YouTube apps, so the future looks bright. I just can't recommend Google TV in its current state.

My advice would be to save your money and watch how this develops.
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VINE VOICEon 25 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
+Quick setup
+Great remote with full keyboard and function keys
+Marketplace apps add functionality
+USB support
+Plays a number of video file formats, including many that consoles wont play (TechRadar reports AVI, AVC HD, MKV, MOV, MPEG, WMV and WMV HD support)
+Supports multiple audio formats (Techradar reports MP3, AAC, FLAC & WAV)
+Internal 8Gb hard drive
+Built in wifi and FTP server
+HDMI switch with picture-in-picture support
+Built in Chrome browser
+Ongoing updates
-No support in any way for LoveFilm streaming
-Annoying constant high pitched whine when not turned on

Setting up the Sony NSZ-GS7 was relatively quick and simple and I had it connected to my wireless network in no time! Although I did hit upon one unfortunate issue: My particular TV is not accounted for in the internal remote code database so the nifty features of the Google TV remote also being able to control your TV were lost on me.

A number of Google Play apps come pre-loaded onto the device, and you can get more from the marketplace. In practice there are only a few I found worthwhile: YouTube, Netflix, and Redux TV. Unfortunately LoveFilm customers are completely unsupported :( With flash supported, despite the lack of apps for things like 4OD you can stream from their websites. I did have some issues with 4OD, particularly at peak times (despite it running fine on my laptop) but for most of the time both services ran perfectly. The text was sometimes a little small on the website which meant that I had to get up and move closer to the screen to read it on a few occasions.

A lot has been said about the remote that comes with this device, and unlike many others I actually rather like it. One side of the remote has a trackpad and a number of important buttons, and the other side houses a full keyboard. While you wont be writing blog posts using the remote any time soon (trust me - I tried!) thanks to the size of the buttons, it proves an absolute godsend when it comes to text entry for things like URLs, usernames, and so on. The one criticism I have is that it is easy to accidentally trigger something on the flipside of the remote when you are holding it, particularly the trackpad.

I have noticed that the device gives off an annoying high pitched whine even when shut down. We have our set up in the bedroom and I have taken to unplugging the device at night otherwise it prevents me from sleeping!

If you have a "dumb" tv somewhere, or have a TV that isn't near a TV arial point, then this device can really unlock it's potential and give you a lot more at your fingertips. I now use this device daily for playing videos from an external hard drive, it's proved invaluable. But is it worth £160 for you? That's up to you.

Edit: Today I seem to have had a problem with iPlayer - when accessing the website I am automatically redirected to a page that says "Your device is not supported". However you can fix this - go into Chrome's settings and under User Agent select "Generic" rather than default, and then the iPlayer website should work again :)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 2 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I thought that I would give the NSZ-GS7 a good couple of weeks before doing a review as initial impressions were not that favourable.

The box itself is small, sleek and piano black, and fits in very nicely with the rest of my mostly Sony AV gear. As usual, the GS7 was not shipped with any cables or connectors apart from the power lead, so it is as well to ensure you have them to hand, or order at the same time.

The remote is quite fancy, part remote/part trackpad, and all in all is reasonably well made, if a little fiddly in operation. I quite like the back light operation, but still find the keys not so easy to see in low light conditions.

The reason for my initial poor evaluation (2 stars ... now creeping to 3) is that whilst the idea is great, the execution is quite poor. The number of Apps available is very limited, and despite promises that more is to come ... experience with other internet access AV gear (both Sony and Panasonic) show that delivery on these promises about additional services rarely materialise. In the 2 years I have had my Sony BlueRay with internet access, maybe one or two services have been added ...

A big disappointment is the lack of Player Apps like iPlayer, ITV and Channel 4 ... I know that you can access them using the browser, but this is hardly seamless is it?

I have not yet found out how to access my DLNA server ... both my Sony BlueRay and Panasonic PVR both hooked up instantly ... I have installed PLEX onto my NAS drive, so will attempt to go down that route .., again, hardly seamless.

This is more of a almost product, one that could be good if the kinks are ironed out, and maybe, just maybe, if you have a dumb TV and want to access services like Netflix it is on the verge of being worth it.

For me though, it is a £200 box to get a web browser on my TV ... as for the remote, the app that you can download for the iphone or ipad is better ... but that then begs the question ... is the GS7 worth the price ... for me, an emphatic no!
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on 12 September 2013
It's true you can surf the Net on your TV with this box although it's a bit slower than a computer, and there are apps for Netflix, Youtube, Video unlimited (pay per view films) and Twitter etc. but it's NOT compatible with Lovefilm, Demand5, itv player, NowTV or BT Sport. However although there are no apps for BBC iplayer or 4OD at least you can access the content from their web sites.
Many of the apps from the app store don't work but for me few of them are worth bothering with anyway.
I have connected my Freesat pvr to it but the sound sometimes goes off in PIP mode.
In my view the keyboard on the reverse side of the remote is much too small and the on screen cursor sometimes has a mind of it's own!
To sum up if you can put up with it's shortcomings then all well and good but then again if you can connect up your laptop to your TV with a HDMI lead you can save your money.
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on 25 April 2013
UPDATE 09/13: Since Google announced the Chromecast this box becomes more or less redundant - providing you have an Android/iOS device to act as remote control. If you don't or don't want to use your phone as a remote, then Google TV remains a sensible option as an under-the-TV device.

Despite regular updates from Sony and Google, the box remains too slow as a web-surfing computer so it remains a very good streaming box. Note that although there isn't an iPlayer app if you bookmark the BBC's iPlayer web page it works absolutely fine in full HD.


I bought this box for one thing and one thing only - to play movies purchased off the Google Play store. Their selection of titles is way better than Amazon's Love Film and the prices are reasonable too.

The box takes a while to set up but once going it works fine. Just don't expect it to do very much. The browser is slow and clunky, the apps very limited, the interface not exactly intuitive, no apps for iPlayer, 4OD etc.

And don't get me started about connecting your sat. box through it. It might work for a bit, then it gives up and you have to more or less reset the box and start all over again.

However, for what I wanted it for it is brilliant. I purchase or rent movies (similar to iTunes) and they start streaming in HD (if you pay the extra compared to SD) in seconds. The quality is way better than broadcast TV and certainly comparable to Blu-ray. Having reviews, trails suggestions etc all available beats Blockbuster (when they were around) any day. The only "downside" is that I rent far more movies than I did before - but I guess the saving on the petrol easily outweighs the rentals.

Downsides are that there is no download for later offline viewing. Apparently Google allows this for "supported" devices, but Google TV is not one of them! Give me a break. Also lip-sync can be a bit dodgy. I think this is the fault of the Sony box, not the streaming, but I can't understand why a TV manufacturer like Sony couldn't get something so basic right.

I also purchase movies occasionally from iTunes, especially when I want to view offline. My experience of downloading over the same broadband is that iTunes takes hours to download a single movie in SD, never mind HD. I haven't tried streaming from iTunes but I can't imagaine it being a good experience.

The other use I have is to play music. You can sync Google music from your iTunes library and then play it on your TV. Sounds like nothing much but I quite like it.

All-in-all, if you are looking for a net-aware media PC this definitely isn't it. But if, like me, you want to watch HD movies on a proper large-screen TV without fiddling around with your PC/iPad/cable converters etc, and you have a decent broadband (mine's 12Mbps)there isn't anything that does the job as well that I know of.
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on 5 November 2013
There is something important for all Slingbox users who want to use this product, and it's about the Slingplayer app (or the lack of it on UK models).

The instructions from Slingbox when setting up this Sony TV player is to go the Spotlight suite of applications under the main group of apps. However just one problem, this is not on the UK version. So what happens is you cannot access the Slingplayer app. However, there is a workaround that took a while to discover. But the spotlight apps are nothing more than a link to a web page. So I spoke to a friend of mine in the US to see if he could work out the link, and the link was
From there you can select slingplayer (who's direct link is [...] so I bookmarked this page (or set as your homepage if you want to automatically start up on turning the device on.

I already have the two Western Digital devices to play slingplayer content and they are awful products. As far as I'm concerned they're not fit for purpose. From startup to watching slingplayer content the Sony does it in a third of the time (approximately 20 seconds), whereas WD takes over a minute, which in this day and age I think is not acceptable.

The device is quick, the keyboard is fantastic (so you don't have to go through each button through a menu like the WD), which for me is the star of the show. It looks a lot more expensive than the WD (as it is). I don't think I would realise how good it was if it wasn't for having the WD boxes before this.

There is also an IR blaster, a feature I will try once I get my new TV. Which looks to me like you can eliminate the remote for your TV. I just wish I knew this before buying a universal remote for more than I paid for this player.
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on 10 August 2013
This device is a fantastic bit of kit but I wouldnt recommend it to anyone not familiar with the eco system currently.
Honeycomb, the core OS is its main fault.
BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Demand 5 - None work on Honeycomb, I bet they would if Sony update this to Jellybean. Sony have hinted at an update to fix iPlayer, which I can only assume is JB...
Plex and Netflix are almost the only two apps I use on it and work well.
For me - if it gets JB it will be a whole new and worthwhile device. If it doesn't I'd rather recommend waiting for Chromecast
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