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on 25 February 2013
Basically the same as crysis 2, there really isn't much differents. Same rubbish AI, short campaign and it gets boring quickly. Muiltyplayer is fun for a short time but then gets repetitive.
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on 23 February 2013
Watch this video: [...]

I love playing this game, my friends said it will be crap but when I got it It I was wondering what they were talking about.
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on 17 August 2013
Maybe you are like me, maybe you have been gaming since you can remember, had almost every game out there, but seem to only really get stuck into a few. This game is one of them. its AMAZING. The visuals are outstanding and really push the 360 to its limit (without effecting game play) Its games like this that I will remember the 360 for. The game runs on Cry engine 3 which I personally think is even better looking than dices frostbite. not only are the textures crisp, but the physics and overall quality of graphic is remarkable. I really did not expect the 360 to be able to run a game like crysis 3. its truly one of if not the best games visually i can think of, In fact if it was a launch title for the xbox one or ps4....id be completely satisfied. The story is very good, if you have played the previous 2 then its really good. If not, then its not so good but the rest of the game will make up for it. at the start of the game there's a "previously in crysis" option to see what happened before crysis 3, so no one is left out. but I digress. the real reason you buy a game is for the game play right? which is engaging, none repetitive and really makes you feel like your in the world itself. The nano suit is full of awesome tricks, from kicking cars out the way to turning invisible. these all make you feel powerful but not god like, its perfectly balanced. Its one of the few shooters ive played where the levels arnt set out in front of you like a roman road. The levels are BIG (for a FPS) forcing you to look around and forge the best path through, around or into the enemy. At the start of the game you get the predator bow, which will be your new best friend...trust me, its something you expect bruce wane to have in his batcave. I recall one level on the game where you are in the remains of what was new york city, the grass is a good 5 foot tall and some hunter type alien is stalking you, I was crouched in the grass with the bow, i could see ahead of me a shadow, then again, and at last if came running towards me, I drew the bow and blam. head shot. the grass, the alien, the bow, the sound of the wind through the grass and around the buildings above. truly awesome. Im not someone who enjoys multiplayer so do not have a review on that part. all In all a great game 9.5/10
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on 17 March 2013
Full bugs ea no suprise there ai is dumb no stealth even if you try i played crysis one on a very expensive computer one of the best games going at the time i completed it it was great and 2 this is the downfall game of this series
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on 30 March 2013
It was a really good game and I enjoyed playing it but now I've got to the end and it won't let me finish it, it keeps freezing right at the end.
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on 25 February 2013
I've been a long time fan of the games Crytek have made, my first experience of which was Far Cry on the PC 10 years or so ago. I was therefore expecting big things of this game, and was also hoping for a return to form after the relatively linear Crysis 2.


First off, the single player game. The game is heavily focused on the 'nanosuit', which allows you to switch between a cloak and a fully armoured mode. Without giving too much away about the storyline, I would say you're pushed heavily towards stealth and the cloak mode rather than the armour mode. It is much easier to pick off enemies one by one than by rushing in, so fans of the 'all guns blazing' approach may be disappointed.

As with previous Crysis games, the visuals are seriously impressive. I can't claim they're as good as they would be on PC, but then my 7 year old Xbox 360 didn't cost £1,500+ like I'd need for a top-end PC. That said, don't expect them to look as good as any PC screenshots you've seen. Notable differences are in things like lighting effects, which the Xbox simply isn't powerful enough to fully exploit.

The story is not as long as it could be, but it's thoroughly enjoyable and offers something different to many FPS games currently on the market. Other reviews have given the storyline itself quite a poor review, but I felt it was on a par with similar games and didn't in itself disappoint me. The game is still slightly linear in the sense that you need to get to the end of each level to progress, but much less so than Crysis 2. However compared to something like Far Cry 3, which is full of side missions, you're relatively restricted with what you can do.


Multiplayer is a genuinely fun part of this game, and for me offers some longevity to compensate for the shortish single player. The format of multiplayer is loosely similar to other games, where playing and winning results in XP and weapon unlocks. However, there is more to it than this - there are several new gameplay types, including the excellent new Hunter mode. In short this is an online version of 'British Bulldogs' where it ends up as everyone against 1 person until there's nobody left standing. It's done using the 'Predator Bow' which is a compound bow that shoots accurately, and silently.

Combine this with the awesome suit, which lets you smack someone with a massive lamppost and jump 20 feet, and you've got a very fun variation on normal FPS multiplayer.

Crysis 3 is one of the first big FPS releases of the year and given its quality I'd say future releases (and even perhaps early releases on next-gen consoles) have a lot to live up to. Crisis averted!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 23 February 2013
I bought this from another retailer as i get point therefore i can't comment as to Amazons delivery service regarding this specific product. Crysis 3 has been a most anticipated game with anyone that played Crysis 2 knowing what high standards that game has, so the bar is set exceptionally high. One of the main criticisms of this game it that everything is a bit dark and graphics in certain areas are poor... well i feel i need to correct what some people are saying because they aren't obviously playing the same game as i am. The graphics from start to finish are about as good as you're ever likely to see on the current generation consoles, now Crysis 2 was impressive but this takes it to the next level. For example, most game developers don't bother to put enough texture into certain areas of the map that a player isn't likely to travel to, yet in Crysis 3 it doesn't matter where you go and what you look at EVERYTHING looks impressive. Now the campaign is impressive and follows on nicely from crysis 2 based in New York...The Nano-suit is as good as ever with the ability to cloak and use armor abilities on the hoof a big bonus if like me you like to play these games in a stealthy way. You can also change you weapon upgrades and accessories on the go with the click of a button which means you can adapt to different scenarios i.e. put a silencer on a weapon to avoid detection and it's worth noting that the Bow is truly stunning and i would say it probably the best weapon in the game with there being many different tips like explosive ones and even electric ones so you can electrify the enemy (try doing it in water with a few of them).

It's not all good news however, you can be in deep cover behind a big crate and deactivate your camo to let it recharge and be instantly spotted by enemy troops across the room (and you know they can't see you) and instantly more enemies turn up out of nowhere which isn't helped by trigger happy enemy AI which call in backup for no reason. Compared to Crysis 2 i would say the campaign is shorter in length although i didn't have my usual stopwatch to time it (duh... i know). However, i must state that compared to crysis 2 i found the campaign a little more boring and predictable, don't get me wrong this is brilliant and sets the same high standard but because it's been done before nothing feels new and refreshing so i would say the campaign is more of a continuation rather than a completely new story in the way it plays, albeit the actual storyline is different (crysis 2 players will know what i mean)

The Multi-player is where most people will be spending most of their time and yes we welcome back the online pass system yet again (so be warned buying this game pre-owned will mean that you'll need to purchase a code to play online which costs around the £8 mark). Setting that aside if you liked Crysis 2 then you'll like Crysis 3 online as you get the same modes but with even better maps.... plus two new modes which include hunter mode which is like a zombie mode where by two players are hunters which are permanently camoed with a bow and you play against a team of Cell operatives. The aim of the game is for the hunters to kill the normal players BUT when a normal player is killed they become a hunter so it really helps if as a team you work together, it's epic fun but like the last crysis game some people take it way to seriously and that applies to all online modes. I literally just got the game and went online and there were players that were already camped out with high end armor and weaponry so be warned the online is not for the faint hearted although standard team death match is pretty fun and enjoyable but you really need friends to help you out and watch your back!

I also feel like i need to address a problem which existed with crysis 2 which still hasn't been addressed which is lag between players of different geographical locations...for those that don't know players in USA have a natural time advantage over European players of around 1 second...this translates into those situations where you cleanly shoot at someone and find out that you actually died before they even walked around the corner. Now this is a problem that plagued the last game and i see this game is no different, why didn't they use dedicated servers and level the playing field rather than using a peer to peer system which gives certain players a time advantage, when you watch kill-cam after you've been killed you get to see the lag in all it's glory with you're character being a few steps behind where you actually were...hence you died before anything happened on your screen! This is something they really need to address and I've spoke to a friend who has the PS3 version of the game and he says it's just as bad! Back to a more general view of online, you naturally start at the bottom with very basic weapons and basic nanosuit so you'll die a lot but give it time and you start to level stuff up and weapons you unlock later on are far superior to those you start with which is an advantage in itself.

PROS: Fantastic graphics both in the campaign and Multi-player, audio is truly stunning, stealthy game-play, some levels are truly challenging, nanosuit is awesome, the bow.

CONS: Doesn't feel as fresh or new as crysis 2 did, time lag between players across the globe means some players have an advantage over others so we need dedicated servers.

VERDICT: It's a decent enough follow on from the hugely successful Crysis 2 yet at no point did it blow me away, everything felt like the same stuff but on a different day. The campaign of Crysis 2 really interested me and was very enjoyable and although the crysis 3 campaign looks as good and plays as well as crysis 2 did, it doesn't have that blow away feeling that i was hoping for. The multi-player is much the same as crysis 2 but with better in my view maps and some decent weapons but the online is completely destroyed by over aggressive players that evidently don't have any life and spend all their time online. I've already met someone (from america) who had maxed out the nanosuit already and was just rampaging through the map killing people in a micro second... needless to say that wasn't fun! To truly enjoy this game online you need to play on normal modes like team death match with trusted friends as the special modes such as Hunters mode if full of sad people that take it way to seriously although it's worth trying once so you know what it's like.

Overall it's a solid game with graphics and audio that 99% of games would love to have but in terms of the gaming experience i would say it's not as good as Crysis 2. If you're reading this and never played Crysis 2 i would recommend you buy and play that first and then consider buying Crysis 3 as the overall gaming experience is far superior and the campaign in that game is a good as it gets.

As for Crysis 3... the campaign has lost something along the way and the multi-player baring a few new modes feels much the same. Be wary in thinking a new game is necessary better... sometimes this isn't the case!

Great but not fantastic compared with Crysis 2!!! RECOMMENDED when the price drops a bit!!
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on 1 March 2013
I have to say I brought this for the single player story but actually it is the multiplayer element that I am finding most engaging. I find it well balanced and the differant game modes offer variety even if they are similar to established games like Halo and COD. The problem with the game is the single player mode. Its boring, its too short and none of the characters make any impact. Its completely forgettable.

Despite the underwhelming single player mode the graphics and sound are top notch for a 7 year old console. Worth it for multiplayer but if you are not interested in this I would say look elsewhere as there is little innovation in the single player mode.
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on 2 March 2013
Crytek claim to give to all customers of a PRE-ORDERED copy of CRYSIS 3 a digital code for download of CRYSIS 1. So this code was missing.
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on 1 March 2013
Only played few minutes of this off-line and it does seem like Crysis 2 again, only in the dark!

I recently bought myself a Panasonic 3D tv and if you have similiar its worth checking this out
A professional on-line reviewer descibed Crysis 2 as one of the best games for the 3D experience

So I did play Crysis 2 again when I first got my new tv, but enabling the 3D this time
I does add somewhat to the experience

Crysis 3 in 3D looks like its gonna be as good too.
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