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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 September 2014
I used to watch a lot of anime. Back when it was a little less 'mainstream' (nothing wrong with mainstream, don't get me wrong!), only the wildest and most spectacular stuff got translated, so I was introduced to Japanese animation by the likes of AKIRA, Urotsukidoji and Ghost in the Shell, and eventually enjoyed stuff like The Guyver, Evangelion and Dirty Pair Flash.

Unfortunately the more stuff came out, the harder it became to find anime to my tastes. These days there tends to be a lot of high school 'ecchi' (risque) and teen-focused stuff dominating the medium. This is fine, but not for me. So my anime days (aside from the occasional Miyazaki movie) were pretty much done.

Until I saw Black Lagoon.

The wit, violence and action which got me into anime in the first place are all here and as strong as ever!

Highly recommended to anime veterans, and newcomers too!
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on 17 August 2012
I hardly do reviews but I figured I may as well start with my first. Now a little about this anime gem , I heard about it a while back though back then it had already sold out everywhere so it was a suprise to see it come out again. This anime mixes alot of action and suspense with adventure from a mercenery perspective. The main character Rock is sent on an errand for the company he works with to deliver a package he knows nothing about but ends up having his ship hijacked and getting kidnapped by a merc company named Black Lagoon where his life changes forever as he has to adapt to living aboard the ship with the resident hot head Revy. The crew of the Black Lagoon all have there unique stories which makes the characters very likeable, the only quirk I have with this anime is that I wish it had been longer than 24 Episodes as it does seem short for how good it is being that it is 2 seasons long. The animation and dub was very good as well I thought but I'll keep it short and finish by saying this anime is definately worth buying!
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on 3 December 2014
I came into this purchase on a recommendation, expecting the usual over-the-top Anime kind of style. I'm not a massive fan of Japanese animation, and I thought this one looked a little too niche for my taste, too overdone and out of culture to be properly enjoyed.

In many ways I was right. Right up until I was absolutely WRONG.

Are you a fan of the Godfather? Can you quote Quentin Tarrantino off by heart? Does absurdist comedy and satire do wonderful things for your think-box?

Then buy Black Lagoon. Nearly every spare minute is filled with gung-ho gun-waving and over-the-top explosions, coupled with regular interjections of the F-bomb that would make Robert De Niro blush. Part of the charm of this is in it's knowing silliness: a character is fully aware of the irony when, for instance, they fire a gun too big for their body. Anyone caught narrating about their weapon or pausing for dramatic effect is mown down in seconds.

Despite this, the stories manage to achieve some genuinely dramatic moments, ones that raise the question of whether it's better to be a free man in crime rather than a slave to ethical labour. The main character, Rok, is abducted by the titular Black Lagoon company, and his headlong dive into their world and way of thinking is pretty powerful stuff. Watch out for the ex-Spetsnaz Captian Balalaika and her team of Afghanistan-vet mafia agents. Yes, I know, silly, but they're one of the most interesting things about this show, and pulled off rather well.

On top of all this there are some pretty unique side-characters: Nuns with Guns, Vampire twins straight out the shining, and one very memorable Irishman addicted to crystal meth. Enjoy.
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on 24 October 2015
Rock, a typical office worker finds himself kidnapped and ends up living in a world of criminals, mercenaries and mafias.
Personally I loved this series, it was exciting and always kept my attention. The action is fast paced and often brutal, but with enough comedy and serious (and touching) moments to balance that out. The plot arcs gel well together, at 12 episodes for each series there's no time for filler here with some decent stories told (such as a maid searching for her kidnapped master, or two tragically psychopathic young siblings) . The characters are well written, memorable and interesting, lots of strong female characters too and little in the way of overt fanservice.

Very enjoyable, strongly recommend it. Possibly one to show people who don't normally like anime.
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on 29 November 2013
Black Lagoon takes place in and around the fictional city of Roanapur, based around Thailand. The anime follows the various exploits of the 'Lagoon Company' and that's about it for a plot. However that's all it needs, as the shows mini arcs are all different and each contains a variety of characters.

The animation is fluid and the music is incredible, matching the scene perfectly, whether it's a full blown gun fight or a moment of contemplation. In my opinion the thing that really stands out the most however is the dialogue, the banter between characters is amazing and you really feel a connection with them, this really helps to emphasize these already unique characters.

Whether you like the show or not is going to be up to you, but I would agree with the age rating, considering its graphic nature, bad language and dark overtones
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on 4 March 2016
Since I have only watched Season 1 the comments apply to this. The stories revolve around 4 disparate but complementary members of a gang who sail around the South China Sea in an old MTB. They undertake various dodgy and sometimes illegal tasks for various dubious characters such as the Russian Mafia's South-East Asia representative, Balalaika. The work involves lots of gunfights, fistfights, explosions, but they get it done. The episodes are always action-packed and expletive-laden. The stories are inventive if, for the most part, preposterous, but they serve to move the characters from one fight to the next. It's difficult not to get swept along with the action, but I would suggest not binge-watching as it is easy to get bored by so many samey fights. The animation is up to the usual anime/manga standard for a TV show and the English vocalisation is good. To sum up, an interesting and unusual premise, well, but not outstandingly presented, interesting characters with adequate stories to hang the action off. An enjoyable viewing for manga-junkies and people new to the genre.
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on 1 February 2013
This series is some of the best fun I've had watching an anime. Great story with great characters supported with a rare case of an excellent dub. Well werth the price and the time.
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on 3 September 2014
The anime is awesome but the discs, covers and cases are blatantly copies. The cover for the second dvd was printed back to front and so has to be put on backwards, the first and second series both merge together on the same disc and some of the episodes started at the end of one disc but finish on the start of the next
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on 28 November 2014
They finally released the entire TV series at an affordable price! Not really a thinking man's anime, but definitely a man's anime. Plenty of action, comedy balanced with serious moments, and a whole load of F-bombs. It's a classic in of itself, and is worth checking out, even if you might not enjoy what it has to offer.
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on 16 December 2013
I love the packaging and the show it self. Sound was good and the video quality was great. The only thing I dont care for is that there are 3 cases each with two discs. I don't understand why so many are needed, i do know that a dvd can only hold so much but besides that im glad i bought it!
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