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on 4 December 2014
Brilliant plinking target for the garden, but only suitable for sub 12 rifles.
Tested on a range using 30ft lb rifle, but the targets bounce back up and
show signs of damage, so stick to sub 12.
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on 30 August 2017
prefect air rifle sound, no looking for pellets, garden clear of LEAD a good good buy thank you
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on 21 August 2017
number 1
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on 25 August 2017
Made a great present.
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on 5 July 2013
This really is great fun and makes a change from just shooting at paper targets. The unit seems robust enough - steel BB's can leave tiny dents in the knockdown targets though so I wouldn't recommend using steel BB's. I've found that although my .177 CO2 pistol has the power (360fps using Bisley Practise pellets) to knock down the animal shapes it doesn't have enough power to knock down the reset target - the magnets holding the knockdown targets are quite strong. However, I have found that my 49+ year old .22 Webley Senior is up to the job! I've given the knockdown target five stars because it is so much fun to shoot at. I think you just need to bear in mind the power of the pistol/rifle you are using and the distance you are shooting at. A 6mm airsoft BB would be a definitely no, a .177 CO2 pistol will knock down the targets (at 4 metres) but not the reset target - but at the same distance an elderly Webley .22 pistol happily knocks them all down. Safety note - most pellets are caught but some do bounce back if you miss the target - so remember to wear safety glasses at the closer ranges.
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on 19 January 2015
Great fun. Good quality
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on 14 April 2013
Bought this to get my 2 boys (11 & 10) used to a .22 air rifle. We site it about 15 metres away, and it gives them a huge amount of enjoyment, especially when they hit the centre target to "reset" the ducks! No problems at all with the product (sometimes the ducks don't stay down because they're hit too hard and rebound, but that's a minor niggle), and it is well built and solid. Looks like it should last for years.
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on 24 November 2013
This device is a blast - lots of fun. But one star is knocked off for the reasons outlinened below. I doubt it would be of much use with a (powerful) rifle; I would have thought the targets/backplate and internal plastic parts would suffer damage. But I find it works very well with a spring powered lead pellet pistol which typically has much less power than an air rifle. I have not yet tested it with a CO2 powered pellet pistol; I expect the targets will still knock down, but the reset might be more temperamental.

- Targets hold down very consistantly (strong magnets). If a more powerful gun is used, the targets would probably bounce back up (too much force for the magnets to hold down).
- Traps most pellets which can be 'poured' out via small holes in the back of the unit.
- 'Keyholes' on the back/top allow the unit to be mounted on a wall or under a shelf
- Targets are galvanised to resist corrosion.

- Reset target is too small/set too low: Difficult to reset the four targets due to strong magnets. The main targets can be knocked down with a 0.177 spring powered pellet, but the reset target will not reset with a 0.177. Even a 0.22 spring powered pellet will not always reset it.
- The bar that contains the magnets has plastic parts which might become damaged from pellets.
- Pellets stick to the targets which affects their balance. The pellets can be extremely difficult to remove (even using pliers or a paint scraper).
- Because this is a 'hard' target/trap rebounds and richochets can occur, so keep well back and wear proper safety glasses/face protection.

- To weaken the strength of the magnets, apply some masking/insulation tape with a small thin piece of packing (<1mm) over each magnet. The packing should only partially cover the magnet otherwise it will be too weak and the targets will not hold down. When you get it just right, the targets hold down and the reset works consistantly.
- Spray some silicone lubricant/oil on the surface of the targets and reset. This helps prevent pellets sticking to them.

Be very cautious of rebounds and richochets and always wear safety glasses/face protection. Do NOT use BBs as they WILL richochet.

All that being said - it is great fun.

Note: I have added some 'Customer Images' - see the link below the main image.
review image review image review image
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on 10 July 2013
Bought this for myself and my teenage kids for shooting at in the garden with a .177 air rifle.

We used to fire at beer cans, which although fun, interrupted our experience as one of us had to keep going down to the end of the garden to pick them all up again. Then there is the danger of cutting yourself on said beer cans that get shredded very quickly.

With these knockdown ducks, you just reset them by firing at the centre circle and they all pop back up again. Also has the bonus of the pellets becoming trapped within the rigid metal box.

Seems very durable and great fun, much more so than shooting paper targets.
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on 16 January 2015
Nice sturdy item which should last if kept out of the rain. Yes the pellets stick hard to the metal and seemed to do so even when some lube applied as suggested by someone. That said an accurate shot with a 11.5lb .177 will knock them back and they stay down around 85% of the time. No problems with the gun being either over or underpowered for the job. Likewise the .177 has no problem in resetting the targets IF accurate. I imagine half the 'issues' reported by people are basically down to slightly wayward shots that are hitting metal but way off the centre. The powder coat will of course chip off if you hit it. The alledge reduction in price is a total con as this is around the £30 mark at several places anyway. Don't know where they get an original price of £60 from and it is certainly not worth that. I have also not noticed any issues with rebounds with the rubbish staying in the tin where it belongs.
Loses a star for the slight uncertainty around the targets sticking to the magnets but I am going to upgrade the magnets and see if that helps a little - using high strength discs.
All in all I recommend this at this price. It is good fun and good value.

Update after use.
So I have now put around 500 pellets through this item.
The ducks seem to stay down more the more you use it. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they tend to curve / concave a little if you keep hitting them in the middle. Previous comments about the reset being too small are absolute rubbish and perhaps a reflection on their ability to hit it in the first place.
I used some lube to stop the pellet sticking - useless. have now applied a good smear of silicone grease and have found th is works a treat albeit the grease needed reapplying today after frequent use.
I have updated to 5 star considering that this is not expensive and once you have dealt with the issues as stated it is good value.
Plink plink!
Will update further once PCP ( on order ) tried.
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