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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2012
With a much faster and more involving start than its predecessor it expands the author's worlds beyond a mere young man and into a galaxy of corruption and betrayal. The story continues to new heights, more great characters, tasteful romance and plenty of crazy action. If you haven't read the first one I would whole heartily recommend you do. This book builds on the relationships and plots that are currently running wild in the authors head and brings them to life with detailed descriptions of some wonderfully thought out planets and intense situations. The variety of characters and scenes ensures that you are constantly learning about the world and never tire of one location or character.

The politics get increasingly more important and by the end, unfortunately leaving you with more questions than answers. Something to look forward to when the third book comes knocking on your door.

A must read for anybody who enjoys experiencing a unique and perilous galaxy full of charming characters in dire need of a little bit of good luck.
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on 10 July 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed reading another of Susan's wolf e books. Like the previous books this had me on the edge of my seat. Very easy to read and love the character twists. Cannot wait to read another of her books. Characters are very believable and in places down right scary! Yet humour and a joyful thread with lots of hidden twists in characters and plot. Good read for both sexes.
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on 20 July 2012
This second book in this series is exciting and very scary at times, the romance is brilliant not over the top just right, lots of adventure, different worlds to explore, a really mad barbaric bad guy, very evil, Ash with his mind touch helping people, he also has his animal side where he can do harm but he learns to overcome this and his good side shines. I could not put this book down and can't wait for the next one. A must for Sci-fi fantasy fans
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on 29 March 2013
I'll never be a writer. Because I know I could never create anything realistic enough to be plausible. There is so much background needed to splatter subtly around the place to create a picture of the fantasy and the events that created it. Susan has done this with great craftsmanship and goes to enormous lengths to create convincing bits of home spun scripture from a new religion that I can't begin to imagine how hard must have been to create. Did I mention that there's also great characters and a gripping plot? Well there's only so much time I have to write this review and I have a chinter's chance of doing it justice. (that means, not a lot, to the uninitiated) The door is wide open for another tale in this epic.
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on 5 October 2012
I had already read, and enjoyed, Wolf Dawn so I was looking forward to getting stuck in to this one. The pacing is as close to perfect as you're going to get, completely drawing you in. Personally I took the greatest pleasure in the romance - there was some beautiful scenes - but it never felt forced or out of line with the strength of the story. The romantic elements would appeal to both men and women. Susan Cartwright's villain is just as gripping as previously, which I was very grateful for, and the descriptive language is polished and enticing. Though the story of Ash is not yet complete, the end is still thoroughly satisfying and I suspect that there are not many sci-fi/adventure fans that wouldn't enjoy the complex world Susan has created.
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on 10 September 2012
Like the previous book, this had me hooked from page one and was very easy to read. I loved the character twists, even when they got down right scary at times. As in the first book there was humour and romance and over all it was an excellent finish to the story started in Wolf Dawn. I really enjoyed it and feel that there should be more stories with these characters. *Hint Hint Susan*
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on 26 August 2012
Follow up to Wolf Dawn, put into place questions left unanswered in the first book, quite enjoyable but the end was a little rushed. I suspect that there was going to be a third book in this series but the author changed her mind! I for one would like to know what happened to the "man who felt like he had lost an arm"!! Otherwise an enjoyable read, but Wolf Dawn MUST be read first.
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on 16 February 2013
Wolf Revenge is the second book in Susan Cartwright's epic The Forsaken Worlds series. The novel picks up the plot straight after Wolf Dawn and sees our hero Ash, the Trueborn, set out on his mission to kill Larren Forseth- the man wrongly accused of killing Ash's race! Ash tracks Larren down on the planet of Kalar and with the help of his love Lindha, sets off on his journey to the planet that is currently under quarantine.

On the planet's surface, Larren Forseth is doing all he can to help the people of Kalar against the plague that has rapidly spread over the world. Larren came to Kalar five years ago in the hope of finding Ash and Ash's mother. Larren needs to explain to them that he was framed for the genocide of Ash's race by the evil genius that is Admiral Neopol Jones. Larren has no idea that the much older, stronger and revengeful Ash is coming to hunt him down!

Luckily, Larren manages to overpower Ash and convinces him that he is not his true enemy. Larren lets Ash mind-touch him and read his thoughts, proving that Neopol killed the Delians. After the experience of mind-touch, Ash and Larren become like brothers as they have shared their minds, thoughts, memories and bodies together. Larren agrees to help Ash gain the revenge he seeks against Neopol and with the help of a vision, forms a plan to kill the serpent-like Admiral Jones!

What the two new friends don't realise is that Neopol has finally tracked them down! Neopol knows that together Ash and Larren are too powerful to capture. Instead, Neopol goes for the one thing that will bring Ash to his knees and that is Lindha! Ash and Larren must find a way to finally kill the evil Neopol before he tortures or murders Ash's beloved Lindha. But, will the two heroes do it in time? Or will the cunning Neopol finally capture Ash and Larren?

This was another great read from Susan Cartwright! I think the reason I love this series so much is because of the technology and worlds Cartwright creates in her novels. I think this is most apparent in her small paragraphs that start each new chapter. Each of these gives a little bit of background from the world Cartwright creates (I believe it's called Fluff?) and helps fill you in on past events which you may not have known otherwise. In addition, the detail in describing the planet of Opan and its atmosphere and animals really makes the book great to read. This is because the detail makes the world seem much more real and believable.

I also really liked the story, especially the end and the fact Ash and Larren teamed up to take on Neopol. I'll admit that I didn't enjoy the book as much as I did with Wolf Dawn. I think this was because I liked Ash a lot less in this novel, as his wolf side seemed to take over a lot, making him irritable and irritating! Nevertheless, the book was still a great read and I can't wait for the next instalment in the series!

I would suggest this book to anyone who is a fan of Susan's other book Wolf Dawn. I'd also suggest this book to anyone that is a fan of Seth Garnell's futuristic novel The Freedom Club or if you are a fan of sci-fi novels and want to try something new.

For more book reviews google adam-p-reviews
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on 3 March 2013
Great book a bit of everything in it I would recommend it to anyone Well done Susan

Go get it now
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on 13 April 2013
Although a bit predicable this was a great read and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
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