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on 28 July 2017
I've been playing with airband scanners off and on for years, I still have happy memories of the bloody awful manually tuned Steepletone offerings which were my introduction.
I bought this with slight trepidation as some of the reviews here suggested - quite reasonably - that the stock whip ariel wasn't up to the job. I needn't have worried. I live north of Edinburgh and can receive radar, tower and ground no problem at all. Additionally I'm picking up the control frequencies clearly, something I haven't been able to do previously. Indoors it's a bit more hit and miss and I bought a cheap telescopic alternative for that which provides way more gain than is desirable but let's me carry on listening.
Out and about, especially in the car, the whip does the job more than adequately always allowing for the vagaries of line-of-sight transmissions. I found the 33XLT easy to program and the instructions were more than adequate for the purpose. Once it finds a signal it holds it for the entire transmission unlike a Maycom I used to use. The unit itself is small and feels perfectly solid. The backlight is useful and thankfully turns itself off after about 30 seconds.
All in all, given the limitations inherent to a scanner like this it does a good job, certainly for my needs. At some point I may add it's bigger brother to fill in some of the missing frequencies but if you approach this unit with realistic expectations I doubt you'll be disappointed.
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on 4 May 2017
Great scanner - easy to use. i like the ability to scan just a specific band range i.e. it lets you scan the whole airband which i think is approx 108-136 ( cant remember exact frequencies). You can of course also scan other frequency ranges.
Another great feature is having the volume and squelch on a button rather than a turning knob. This stops that horrible crackle sound that you get on turn volume controls due to dust etc
Bad Points: You definitely need a better aerial that the one supplied with unit. This I have found to be the norm with all low end scanners. If you are stood at the airport then yes the supplied whip type aerial will work fine, but as most of us don't live at a major airport*, then if you want to listen to ATC at your home or more than a mile or so away from the airport then invest in a better aerial. ( remember to get aerial specific for airband frequency - there is a formula to work out the length of aerial required to optimise for airband look on internet - then just buy a good quality telescopic with BNC fitting - i got one on amazon sold by rocket radio for a few quid works a treat) you then extend it to the required length for airband. * obviously if you live near heathrow then your scanner will be "on fire" with atc, but I live in the north so we don't have such busy airports near by.
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on 14 March 2018
Before ordering this Scanner I read with great interest all the very many Reviews and comments from other Amazon buyers and the very contrasting comments included. It must be kept in mind that this Uniden EZI=33 model is actually the lowest priced unit of three similar Scanners being sold through Amazon and produced by Uniden - the next higher UBC-75XLT being priced at just about 50% more .. and the top model UBC-125XLT being literally twice the price of this one under Review. So far as I can see, they are all sold with what I believe is exactly the same little antenna .. a short "rubber duck" type attached via a standard BNC plug/socket arrangement.
The other principal difference between all models is the varied seperate frequency ranges available on each one.. and that is wHere this one now under review mostly differs.. lowest price in the range but it has in fact more set frequency ranges than EITHER Of the two HIGHER priced - AND those ranges not only include the standard FM Broadcast band for UK but also include such as the Military frquencies used at varIous sites which are quite dIfferet to the general Civil airband ranges. So this little EZI-33 model actually has quite an extra number of frequency ranges Than both higher priced models..AND covers what are probably some of the very useful features which are a big benefit for a compact PORTABLE Scanner which may be carried and used anywhere you may go .. even giving a truly excellent FM broadcast signal for simple carry-about portable use almost anywhere. But hereby comes the one big major failing of this little Scanner. So many users writing reviews of this Scanner here on Amazon have expressed disappointment on the results 'out of the box' - indeed some saying quite brutally that it is just useless and gives NO results when put into use. And THAT alas is NOT due to any failings of the Scanner itself.. as a 20-year-ago very involved Ham-radio entusiast I then had and still retain much of my old equipment... alas now unused as the hobby has mostly disappeared from popularity .. but I still have amongst other things a very excellent WATSON 889 'Tele-Gainer' portable antenna which I see is still in fact available at very modest price it is a compact metal collapsible type, only some 5-inches high when collapsed down but over 15-inches when fully extended. Putting that onto this Uniden instead of the useless 'rubber-duck' supplied, the Sanner is quite literaly transformed. It is incredible what it can receive if you are of course is a half-decent location with decent outlook country surrounding you and the capability to receive longer range signals (remember most are coming via 'air' transmissions so can travel quite long distances). I live right in the midle of UK, 35 miles from both Manchester and Birmingham Airports, maybe similar from Liverpool Airport .. but particularly to the East and South of me there are fewer problems in getting air-travel frequencies. I can get almost continual pick-up of both Manchester and Birmingham Air-Traffic Approach conversations..I can even get Daventry North transmissions which I believe is from a sort of Satellite Air Control Station for London Airport and for aircraft using the very much higher height paths which do not interfere then with general air-level commercial travel. The potential from this little (and cheapest) Uniden Scanner is just incredible WITH a half-decent antenna on it. THROW away the useless rubber-duck supplied and PLEASE Amazon.. make available this excellent and relatively cheap WATSON 889 Tele-Gainer from a very sound and well-known Seller who I'm sure could supply 'for' Amazon customers.. the Scanner I firmly believe is potentially best of the range and enormously good value with this very modest addition and is heartily recommended as such. Remember.. it has MORE frequency ranges than either more expensive models and it is the ONLY one that has additionally te very useful FM Broacast range which itself can be very useful with total portability.
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on 13 February 2017
Luckily I live near Harthill, central Scotland at elevation 190 metres where the old TV transmitters were situated. Can easily hear Approach to both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports. I'd doubt this unit be useful in a low lying built up area. Location is everything. I separately purchased an extendable telescopic aerial (which has yet to arrive) as hope to receive Control Tower transmissions.
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on 9 August 2016
Great compact little scanner very easy to use. I'm new to scanning so brought this Base model. And must very impressed. I would however get a better aria as the one supplied OK for short range eg next to air feilds but much better with telescopic antenna
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on 23 March 2018
It is designed for scanning whole ranges (e.g airband) and not a subset of those, e.g. frequencies for one airport. That makes it rather useless so someone who wants focus and is more suite to the very amateur listener who doesn't care what they hear. Only has memory for three frequencies.
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on 9 January 2017
Just what I was looking for to listen to a busy region of ATC in the North West. Paired with a bigger antenna,it works well.
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on 21 July 2015
bought this to listen to air band channel whilst camped near gatwick airport for three weeks - following reviews i also ordered an separate antenna that's totally not needed - this little bit of kit is excellent value and picks up all the air traffic communications perfectly clearly - highly recommended
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on 8 September 2017
Purchased for my husband he is very pleased that he can listen to the planes going over head.
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on 11 June 2017
Bought for my grandson very good quality works really well got free delivery and it arrived within 5days excellent !
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