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on 9 October 2012
First of all you should only go for this device if you're after a highly portable device which does not compromise on computing power and screen size. Its screen is quite good and the fact that it carries an SSD makes it quite fast. Here are some quick pros and cons you should consider. Some of the cons I am quite surprised Samsung didn't take care of in the first place.

- Highly portable. Its really thin (14mm) and light (1.6kg) for a 15" screen notebook.
- 15" screen, which is quite unique for ultrabook form factors (there might be a couple of others).
- Screen quality, mainly brightness and matt finish making it more usable in different lighting conditions.
- Latest Ivy Bridge Intel i5 processor.
- 8Gb RAM.
- Great Battery life (6 or 7hrs, depending on what you do).
- 3 full size USB ports.
- Cheaper (now) compared to Asus Zenbook Prime and also the Samsung 13" version.
- Very good build quality.

- AC adapter port. This is really at the top of my list. Its so badly designed, it does not lock in and slides out if I move the laptop briskly while connected. Its also badly positioned too close to the only USB port on the left in a way that you can't use both concurrently without risking damaging one of them. I wonder how this passed Samsung's QA.

- SSD is too small. Its only 128GB and a huge chunk of it is blocked for the recovery partition. I will probably remove the partition in the future (since they also provide a recovery CD) and I also read somewhere that the SSD is a standard mSata, so maybe in the future when the warranty expires I'll consider upgrading it if at all possible. Maybe the price of SSDs will go down by that time and larger 512Gb SSDs would be available. Having said that you can also slide in an SDXC SDCard and use it as a second drive. Some reviewers also mentioned an issue that it is a Sandisk SSD that has slower performance than other SSDs.

Minor cons:

- I didn't manage to find an appropriate sleeve for it. Samsung seem to have a sleeve for 15" ultrabook form notebooks but it doesn't seem to be for sale in stock anywhere in the UK.

- Screen is not full HD, which some of the latest ultrabooks (like the Asus Zenbook) started to offer, although on smaller screen sizes like 13" its arguable whether you would actually want that.

- Screen is not IPS (or the Samsung equivalent) so you have to adjust its vertical viewing angle to be perpendicular to your eyes. Side viewing angles seem to be quite good though, so watching a DVD.

- Trackpad behaves a bit funny sometimes, other reviewers have rated this low but it doesn't bother me that much because I carry a small mouse anyway because I prefer that even if the trackpad was best.

- The minor variations available in other countries are not available in the UK yet. There seems to be a 256Gb SSD and Core i7 version available in other countries. I would have loved that instead of this, but it would probably been much more expensive anyway.

I think the thing that bothers me both is the adapter port and maybe the SSD size, but the latter is solvable with an SDXC SD card, which you also have the advantage to swap more easily and maybe carry more than one with you for backups etc.
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VINE VOICEon 24 July 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The main selling point of this laptop is its size, apparently the thinnest in the world. The first thing I did when taking it out of its rather neat and sturdy packaging (A box suspended within a box!) was look at it from the side. It's almost the laptop that isn't there, with the main body being only slightly thicker than USB ports. Build quality is extremely good, with a uni-body aluminium case. Due to the thin profile, there is no space for an Ethernet port. If you want to use wired networking, then you have to use the supplied dongle that connects to a small port in the side.

As well as the small Ethernet port, there is a micro-HDMI port, and three USB ports Two of the ports are USB three, whilst the other is USB two. Using the supplied utility allows you to configure the ports to charge even when the laptop is switched off. This is useful for charging phones or music players without having to have the computer switched on. There is also a multi-function SD card slot behind a small flap on the side, next to the USB ports. It is, overall, a magnificent looking machine.

The power adapter is very small, and I did notice it get very hot during use. The connector to the PC is a standard power connector. For the price, I'd expect something similar to Apple's magnetic connector. I have had bad experiences with laptop power connectors failing.

The 8GB of RAM is impressive, but the 128GB of SSD less so for a machine of this price, especially as the recovery partition takes up a large chunk, as does windows, leaving only 46GB left. This may be enough for me, as I don't tend to fill my laptops up with music and films, but it might be a limiting factor for others who want to have a mobile library of films and media. You can always reformat the drive and remove the recovery partition.

In use, that Samsung is a delight. The screen is bright and clear, and the touchpad supports multi touch. This is particularly useful as it makes the touchpad far more usable. Generally, I use a mouse, but find the multi-touch means I can manage with the touchpad. One slight niggle is that the `enter' key is not at the far end of the keyboard, which means I keep hitting the wrong key.

The bundled software has a Samsung specific control panel (And a cheeky launcher that mimics another OS's dock) in which you configure various settings such as backlight for the keyboard. I found the keyboard backlight quite weak. The feature that will interest people most is the `fast boot'. This does exactly what it says, and means you're in windows 7 in seconds from a restart. This is an impressive feature.

I was also very impressed by the sound quality of the inbuilt speakers when playing music.

The bundled software was the slightly less than impressive Office 2010 starter pack. This is a cut down version of Office and also features adverts. This might be OK for most people, but I updated to office 2010 Home and Student edition.

This is a very impressive machine. The thinness and fast boot are impressive, and the screen is bright and clear. The battery life is also a huge plus point. I had it running almost constantly for four hours without running out of power. It's also virtually silent, as well, with a barely discernible fan. If you're looking for a powerful, slim-line laptop with a good display and fast booting capabilities, then this is highly recommended.

EDIT: After three months a vertical and horizontal line appeared on the display. Not impressed - this is the only laptop computer I've bought that has displayed a fault [I'm still using a 5 year old Dell as a Linux machine]. This is quite annoying for what is such a fantastic machine!
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on 29 December 2012
This was bought elsewhere so is not a review of Amazon or their service (which is pretty damn good anyhow).

The Samsung is lightening fast, light as a feather and a delight to use. It can sit on your lap all evening without discomfort. Battery life is excellent. Screen is the brightest I've ever owned. It is quiet and it is cool (both in temperature and looks!)

Major letdown is that the recovery partition uses 30% of the 128Gb. With only Windows 7, Photoshop elements, MS Office 2010 Pro and Epson print software installed there is just 40Gb left for my data files which total 47Gb!!! Other reviews talk of a recovery disc, but I didn't get one. On a high end laptop I would rather have have seen an external recovery media. I've never used recovery on any laptop I ever owned. Given the cost of SSD, it's a complete misuse of expensive storage.

As others have mentioned, the power plug is dire. The slightest movement pulls it out. It cannot even withstand the weight of its own cable. On the other hand it fits so poorly, it is unlikely to break.

Being an SSD drive, there are no drive activity lights to tell you if it's 'thinking'. I'll get used to it.
The touchpad is sensitive but is more useable than any I've had before. I still prefer my bluetooth mouse.

I would have given 5 stars were it not for the greedy recovery partition taking a whopping 39.5Gb of space which is effectively 50% of space I should have had.
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on 16 January 2013
I read several reviews of this laptop before buying it and was surprised at the disparity in the assessments of the screen quality. I assumed that those few criticising it were just being too picky or had very specific requirements it did not meet.

In fairness, the image quality when I tried it out playing iplayer was decent, with contrast and clarity comparable to my ipad 2, playing the same programme alongside. But for ordinary use, it is appalling. The image is far grainier than on my five-year-old XPS which this was to replace, though the resolutions are the same. The quality of the image is what I might expect to find in a much (much!) cheaper product. The resolution was already set to the maximum; adjusting the brightness and other settings improved things a little. The main problem, however (and the reason I am returning this laptop) are the viewing angles. Looking at the screen at 90 degrees, right in front, there is a very noticeable difference in colours between the top (darker) and the bottom (lighter), which makes it difficult to read text at the bottom corner in particular, which appears as mid-grey rather than black, and none too sharp either. Any movement relative to the screen results in substantial changes in colour and clarity. I have never returned a product before, but the quality of the screen on this laptop is just unacceptable for the price.

Otherwise, everything was great. Good keyboard, trackpad seemed fine, despite the observations of some other reviewers. WiFi connection was perfect, the best of any of my devices. Very light, attractive design, excellent build quality. I really wanted to like this laptop, but it is completely let down by the screen. I do wonder if there is a bad batch of panels that some buyers are ending up with, as it is inconceivable to me that anyone could describe the screen as very much better than tolerable. The 13" version of the series 9, in contrast, which I saw in an actual shop (but is too small for me), is very good indeed.

If screen quality is in any way important to you, I cannot recommend this product.
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on 1 September 2012
Have been using this laptop consistently for about 2 weeks.
Firstly, I have had no problems at all with the ordering, delivery process and the item came as described in good time. Well done Amazon, as reliable as always!

To the laptop itself...
I hesitated for a long time before getting this machine. I wanted to wait for the new Ivy Bridge processors. Comparing laptops is never easy nor at times fair, but this one is very quiet, light and solidly built. My only comparator is a 2 year old sandy bridge i5 mac book pro. Build quality is just as good, the screen is better as it is matt and even the keyboard has pretty much the same feel.

Thanks I really like about it are:
- the 15 inch screen - bright and wide
- it's super light weight for the screen size
- the start up time (just as fast as the OSX on the mac)
- minimal bloat ware (and it is easy to uninstall)
- build quality
- battery life (unless you are playing flash games on it, you'll easily get up to 7 hours - e.g. surfing, word-processing etc)
- very quiet
- hardly gets hot

Neither good or bad:
- the keyboard
- storage. I don;t keep many files on my laptop and use a cloud service, so this is not an issue for me
- SSD type... other's may have noticed issues with the sandisk in this machine, but I have had no lag or issues at all.

Things I worry about:
- the fiddly power jack. A bit of a stumble here on longevity I fear

Could do better:
- the trackpad. Don;t get me wrong, it is not useless, just that it could be better. The main issue I have with it is that it is over sensitive and occasionally jumps to the start of a document when I use two finger scrolling. Virtually every 'professional' review I have read has homed in on this problem. The 'problem' I think Samsung has is that the trackpad has to live up to the ones on macs. Macs have great trackpads that just work and don't need any adapting to. The one on this machine does need adapting to. So for example, I have found that I needed to be very deliberate in my finger gestures. The one on my mac is just more forgiving.

The main question is would I buy this laptop again or would I return it. Well the simple answer is I'm planning to keep it as the pros more than outweigh the cons. I have got used to the trackpad issue and time will tell if the power jack is well made or not. If it were not for the trackpad issue, it is a definite 5 star machine.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C 15-inch Laptop (Black) - (Intel Core i5 3317UM 1.7GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit) is one computer which I would recommend to anyone who wants a top class computer with pure power and speed within its hardware. If you want a computer which looks good and does everything you want in super quick time this is the computer for you. But unfortunately with this speed and good looks you have to let go of one thing which is a huge memory which many other computers which at that price will give you. For me a simple case of storing my files etc. on a portable hardware device sorts this problem out so the disappointment for the memory source was a minor glitch for me personally.
From the moment I took the computer out of very nice black storage box embossed with Samsung on its lid in a very stylish manner I knew I had something special compared to other laptops I have had. I recently bought the Samsung RF511 which I love as it is a very quick powerful machine, the screen is very clear and it has a huge memory. Therefore I wanted to know what had Samsung produced which enabled them to charge over twice the price for a similar size of laptop but with a smaller memory. What makes this machine so different from other computers including the RF511 is the clarity and brightness of the screen, the colours are exceptional and with the screen auto-sensing to the condition of light which you are working with in your actual surroundings makes it perfect for anyone who wants a computer which they will be working in different conditions in a daily business. I have tried this out and the computer screen reacts to its surrounding within seconds, even changing from a very bright background to a darkened room it will automatically adapt to the surrounding environment. The next thing I noticed was the speed which it works at everything is done for immediately. The Samsung series 9 truly is built for speed rather than storage, I would actual say the Samsung series 9 is the like a racing car built for speed and power but with only seats available for one person but still has mighty power within its engine. While the Samsung Rf511 which is also a powerful machine but will carry a lot more within its actual hard-drive so therefore it still has power but has room for the driver with seats available extra for passengers but will work at a quick but yet steadier pace. While the Samsung RF511 works fast I have to admit the Samsung Series 9 works so fast it is immediate at completing a task. I could not believe I could actually notice how quicker the actual Samsung Series 9 is compared to other computers; the advancement within this machine is extraordinary.
I really do love everything about the Series 9 (15 inch) laptop, the Processor: Intel Core i5 3317UM 1.70 GHz promises a machine which will do everything you ask of it and more. The battery is quick to charge up but unfortunately because of not having a removable battery you are not able to carry a spare with you, but I can say a full charge which does not take long will hold a full charge over a period of roughly at least five hours. The AC adapter gets hot when in use though the actual laptop does not heat up even after continuous working over a four hour period which I have done numerous times and it works with no noise whatsoever coming from within its workings.
As the memory is roughly 128 GB there is no bloat ware included within the computer therefore it was just the matter of plugging the adapter in to the computer and charging it before switching the machine on. The computer does its own setting up therefore it is just a matter of answering a couple of short questions. Within ten minutes I was able to use the computer and even less to connect to the internet and connect to the other programs. The actual machine is as thin as a high quality magazine and not much heavier, the build and quality of the actual laptop is pure beauty and exceptional quality the money truly is in the machine from the standard and quality of the machine to the professional work it provides you as an operator.
I highly recommend the Samsung Series 9 15inch laptop to anyone who wants a professional computer which will give professional work at all times. If you are a purchaser who does not have time to waste and wants a computer which will work immediately when you want it to work, but wants one which is highly portable and will take up very little room in a bag or brief case this is perfect for you. This is everything and more what it says on its description never before have I had the pleasure to use a computer such as this and I honestly thought there was no machine which would provide such professional standards in as little time possible until I was lucky enough to receive this. Yes it is expensive but I can honestly say the computer is worth every penny, I personally think it can positively out do any computer at this price.
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on 12 April 2013
I have had this Laptop for some 15 Months now and it is absolutely faultless, I use it for the production of luxury car publicity material using Photoshop professional, and apart from the fact that it gets a little bit warm with all the heavy work it does ( I use a fan base ) it is the best that there is, I have had 5 laptops before this in as many years but this is the best. Mine was bought from John Lewis and I paid more for it than this , so it is at a good price on Amazon.
John Bentley. Liverpool.
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on 27 July 2012
I just wanted to echo the two reviews here that if you're after a full-size (15") laptop with an ultrabook weight then this is a great purchase.

However, my one caveat would be the size of the storage supplied. I bought one of these thinking I could just about cope with 128GB storage but returned it when I realised how big a bite out of this the Samsung recovery partition actually takes. I think useable space was somewhere down at 60-70GB which was too little given I hadn't yet installed any of the software I would need.

I know people may argue that you can carry an external drive, but that rather defeats the object of buying such a slim, lightweight machine in the first place.

Summary for me: beautiful machine but insufficient storage. I'll be waiting for a model which adds a larger SSD.
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on 29 December 2013
I've owned this machine for a year now, and I'm pretty happy with it. I've lost count of people commenting how great it looks, and it's light and tough too. It's fast, the battery life is pretty good and the screen is fine for me (but I don't watch films on it).

The irritations have been mentioned in other reviews:
- Limited disk space on the SSD. I tried upgrading to a bigger disk - DON'T DO IT ! The built-in SSD is actually just a PCB with memory chips on it, so you can't drop in a bigger unit. The easy solution is to plug an SDXC card into the expansion slot - I got a 64Gb card that gobbled up my music collection, allowed me to set up a Linux VirtualBox, and still have space to spare.
- The touchpad is sometimes too sensitive, sometimes not sensitive enough. I carry a wireless mouse and use that whenever I have serious work to do. No good on planes and trains where desk space is limited though.
- Wifi gave me problems initially, but subsequent driver upgrades have cleared most of the problems. It still occasionally has a problem that it won't connect when resuming after sleep, but very rarely now. A restart clears the problem (and is very fast with the "Microsoft" sequence switched off).
- I bought a VGA adapter which is always finicky, generally starting off with a purple or green picture and requiring several cycles of unplug/plug in again before displaying technicolour. Not exactly the laptop's fault, but wouldn't be an issue if it had an inbuilt VGA port.

Overall pretty happy with it, the irritations all have work-rounds or are minor enough to live with. I'll be keeping it for a while yet.
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on 11 October 2012
I have 13" series 9 X3B - love it. But I wanted the Ivy Bridge and 8GB memory (the X3B memory is not upgradeable), and a bigger screen for dev. The X3B is still capable of running VMS's but not more than one at once.

However, after going from the brilliant screen on the 13" to the horrible tn panel on the 15" I just couldn't take it. Side by side the colours are so washed out, and the screen is so bright! It takes some really fiddling to the the screen looking even remotely good - but then the viewing angle is so shallow there's just no good way to even look at the screen? What were Samsung thinking putting such an inferior screen in what should be their flagship laptop product, or fixing the memory of the 13" to 4GB for that matter.

I like the size of the 15", the build quality and the specs, everything except that damn screen. I'll buy another 13" unless they announce a plan to fix the screen
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