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Customer reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
Style: 8 Port Gigabit Plastic|Change
Price:£20.22+ £5.40 shipping

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on 12 November 2013
While the switch sort of works and it looks great it does not quite deliver. I have the same problem that other reviewers have in that any UpnP equipment plugged into the unit is not visible. I have three items plugged into it, a Sky HD box, a Phillips wireless/wired network player and a Samsung DLNA Blu Ray.
The Sky HD works fine in that programs can be downloaded and watched with no problems from Sky On Demand, the problem is with the other 2 bits of kit. The Samsung cannot see or play anything on my network and neither can the Philips. I have tried to isolate everything in the hope that the fault lies elsewhere but unfortunately the unit is at fault. When a Netgear GS108 is put in its place everything works fine, which is a shame because for the price it really is a nice piece of kit. I have ordered a Netgear G105 to take its place which is what I should have done in the first place as it is only £6.00 more. A lesson learned me thinks.
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on 24 October 2014
Works well as a gig switch but beware - as with other posters - have been tearing my hair out with 'some' devices. I had a Panasonic 32ET5B connected and it worked fine (along with my AppleTV). Screen was swapped out for a Panasonic 32AS600 and I had no end of issues. The switch was just as a cascade unit from my Core Cisco 3750G. What threw me was that I also connected my Panasonic 50VT50 via a long cable to this switch and it worked. I am not sure what Panasonic have changed but the new screens UPNP does NOT work with this switch. AppleTV continued to work but since swapping out for a d-link - everything is working as it should... No more time to waste on it but suffice to say if you want a switch to connect a bunch of computers then it will work well if, however, you want to connect media devices that use DNLA / UPNP etc - DO NOT BUY THIS SWITCH!!!!
(FYI Apple's Bonjour is not affected and works fine).
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on 15 August 2013
Same as the other reviews. This device is no use if used with a media system.
Connect to my home media system none of my computers or smart TV could "see" the media server.
SPent all weekend frustrated thinking id done something wrong. Bypassed the network and it works.
Unfortunately i found this out a month after purchasing and i can get no refund only a replacement.
Other review on other online outlets say the same thing. A replacement would be the same. So i lumbered with a duffer!
stay away
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on 9 February 2015
This "multimedia" switch is very good until you want to use DLNA for multimedia purpose. This switch is incapable to handle DLNA. Oh I know that switches do not block any data, because they are built to forward them, but this one DOES it! Hurray!

An answer from Zyxel to the problem:
"We are sorry, this is a known issue, it’s due to we try to add some additional value to the [...] switch, so we enable the function to block unknown broadcast packets such as virus attack. But in that moment the f/w can’t recognize DLNA packet, so GS-105S block DLNA broadcast packets also, that’s the root cause why the DLNA can’t work in GS-105S. I spent many hours to find out why the stupid DLNA is not working, and these hours won't come back. Plus I have to get an othe devise. I will never ever buy products from Zyxel in the future.

[...], since there is no way to upgrade the f/w to switch, we are still checking how to help the customer who encountered the problem."

I find it very revolting, that Zyxel has still not updated the product information tab with this crutial information.
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on 31 December 2013
Complete waste of time. Do not buy. Wasted hours trying to figure out why streaming does not work. Problem in Switches firmware.
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on 12 June 2015
Just did not work for me, plugged cable into correct ports and there was no responses/connection on any of my devices. Returned this and bought the Netgear one instead and it worked straight away. It could have been that the one I had was faulty, but I just cannot recommend it
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on 5 February 2013
I bought this to extend my network at home as I bought a NAS. I could ping my devices etc with no problem but I couldn't get anything to see any UPnP devices. I banged my head against a brick wall for 4 hours until I finally tried using a netgear switch instead and then hey presto I coluld see all my devices.

As it's a unmagaged switch there shouldn't be anything blocking this. As per other review this is a very poor device that isn't worth the money. Just spend a bit more and get a Netgear!
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on 10 February 2014
With so many pieces of audio and video now having Ethernet access they quickly use up most of the available internet router ports. I was not sure quite how this switch would perform at the end of my last Ethernet cable from my router but it has been superb. TV, DVD, Media Server, Sky etc are now all connected via this switch to the one port I had available. All have an individual ID's and everything worked straight out of the box. It is also very reasonably priced, no issues whatsoever and, IMO, fully deserving 5-stars.
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on 18 April 2013
Why did I not get this ages ago? Plugged it in and wham.....my home network is suddenly transformed from click and wait (and wait) to - wow, has it really transferred those files that quick? But you soon get used to instant response (assuming you are using some 1 Ghz network devices of course. One thing that really surprised me was that my wireless network is not as slow as as I thought, the bottleneck was an old 100MHz Cnet switch.....
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on 5 November 2013
Bought this to speed up file transfers between my PC and my file server - performs well in this respect but fails when it comes to streaming media - laggs every few minutes. Network usage in task manager shows erratic peaks and troughs so whilst the switch IS providing gigabit throughput it's sporadic so smooth playback of video is pretty much impossible. Even using the QoS port doesn't seem to make any difference.
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