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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2016
The only thing wrong with this album is there are too many tracks on it! Without the Joe Perry-led dross (presumably his price for agreeing to take part) and a couple of crap ballads (and I am one of the Aero fans who think they do some great ballads) it would have been up there with their very best output. The plus points are the sensational rock musicianship (standard for the 'smiths of course), Tyler's unimpaired vocals and the fact that their major influences - James Brown & the Stones - still shine thru. I don't think they are going thru the motions at all. They sound as enthusiastic as ever. Not hungry, maybe, but still lovin' it.
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2012
11 years in the making? Hmmmmmm...methinks not...just a few riffs chucked together in a studio...at least that's what you get the impression of with the opening track and the following three numbers - BUT - if you make it to "Out Go The Lights" then the rest of the album (just) makes it worthwhile parting with your hard earned because this is Aerosmith strutting their rocking credentials along with the obligatory power ballad (or two)as we know and love 'em!
"Out Go The Lights" swaggers it's way to a false stop and comes back for almost 7 minutes of bliss and "Legendary Child" hits you harder and yes, you'll hit replay numerous times before you go on to finish the album with just a hint of temptation to hit skip on "Freedom Fighter" because really, Steve, you should have taken the vocals as it could have been so much better!
All that said, it's not a bad album by a long chalk, but those opening 4 tracks are pretty dire and leave you wondering just why a band of the calibre of Aerosmith would put their name to it. Oh well, revel in the fact that we do have a set of new tunes from the Boston rockers...I'd almost given up the hope!
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on 12 September 2017
havent listened much to this need to give it another go
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on 30 March 2017
Always liked Aerosmith, and this latest album doesn't disapoint.
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on 8 March 2017
Great collectable CD
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on 5 March 2017
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on 5 November 2012
As as die hard Aerosmith fan and lover of music in general I couldn't have asked for anything better! The album opens Aerosmith out into a new light. Each song gives you something different, Luv xxx the opening track is an absolute classic Aerosmith track, Oh Yeah is an awesome bluesy track with huge depth and it just goes on and on. A definite highlight for me is Out Go The Lights which is just and epic rock and roll song that I could listen to forever with classic Tyler lyrics and Perry licks.

Yes there are tracks that old time Aero fan will hate such as What Could Have Been Love and the Carrie Underwood duet Can't Stop Loving You, but for me I have always been a fan of Aero ballads and they give the album diversity which is always good. In all whether you are a 70's, 80's, 90's or 00's fan of the Bad Boys from Boston there is something for you on this album if you like all their periods this album will give you wet dreams!!!

So far the general press reviews of the album have been terrible many saying the songs sound like they where written by a bunch of guys who wanted to get in and out of the studio a quick as possible because they couldn't stand to be around each other, I say this is exactly how Aerosmith should be sounding in 2012 and if it is the last album for me they are going out with a bang...
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on 6 November 2012
The music here is as raw as their classic 70s albums and Joe Perry's guitar slams through the air-waves like a chain-saw at times. Even the album finale, 'Another last goodbye', is reminiscent of 'Home tonight' or 'Mia', with the gentle & moving piano chords.

Highlights, pour moi : 'Oh yeah', 'Out go the lights', 'Street Jesus' (a furiously-paced rocker), 'Something' (Joe Perry vocals and out comes the chain saw again).

Like a trip back to the 70s. As promised on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', they will be the last band standing.
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on 18 November 2012
I am amazed by the bad reviews 'Music From Another Dimension!' has received, both from critics and fans. I think a lot of people have been way too quick to judge this album. While MFAD may not be the masterpiece we might have hoped for, it is a good solid Aerosmith album that offers something for every fan.

This album takes a few listens to get into. First time around, I found it underwhelming, a jumble of tracks that didn't seem to hang together as an album. The fifteen songs veer from (1). Typical Aerosmith fare to (2). Joe Perry songs that sound more like his solo stuff than anything Aerosmith have ever recorded, and then there's (3). The ballads...

1). Some say these sound like Aerosmith-by-numbers, and there's truth in that. 'Out go the Lights' and 'Legendary Child' certainly sound like typical Aerosmith, (Get a Grip era, perhaps). This is not a bad thing. We are Aerosmith fans, after all. Did we really want them to come back after all these years sounding like Deep Purple or Kiss? Of course not. These songs may seem hackneyed at first, but give them a few listens and you won't be able to get them out of your head. The same goes for 'Love XXX' and 'Lover Alot' - Didn't like them much at first, now I can't stop humming them.

2). There are a few Joe Perry-penned tracks that sound like his solo stuff, two of which he sings himself. They aren't typical Aerosmith songs, but so what? Perry has sung some good songs on Aerosmith albums before - if you like 'Bright Light Fright' or 'Walk on Down', you'll enjoy these tracks too.

3). The Ballads. OK, Most Aerosmith fans want to hear rock music, not ballads. I'm no different. There are four big ballads, and you can skip them if you want to; you'll still have eleven new songs to enjoy. If you give them a shot, they're actually not bad. 'What Could Have Been Love' is a decent song - it sounds like a close relative of 'Crazy' and 'Amazing'. 'We All Fall Down' is rather bland, but not offensive. It's the only track not written by the band - its a Diane Warren song, and we all know what that means...

'Can't Stop Loving You' is bound to be the most controversial thing on the album. It doesn't sound like Aerosmith. It's typical country-pop that you would expect from guest vocalist Carrie Underwood or say, Taylor Swift. Your opinion of it will depend entirely on whether you like country music. It sounds like an Underwood song with a guest vocal by Steven Tyler. Is it terrible? No. Is it Aerosmith? No.

Closing track 'Another Last Goodbye' is really rather good. Tyler has never sound so human and so vulnerable. If you like classic Aerosmith ballads such as 'Home Tonight' and 'You See Me Crying', this is their long-lost cousin.

So to sum up, MFAD is overly long and lacks the coherence of most other Aerosmith albums. It sounds like they had so many ideas after eleven years, that they wanted to throw in everything in that they could. But if you're an Aerosmith fan, that won't be a problem. There is something for everyone on this album, and if at first you don't dig it, give the songs a couple of days to sink in.

After eight years without a new album, it is great to have Aerosmith back. Let's hope we don't have to wait so long for the next album!

PS. If you're a hardcore fan, get the Deluxe Version. The live performances on the DVD are great, and you get to hear Tom Hamilton sing lead vocals on the bonus CD!
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on 6 November 2012
I'd given up om them to be honest. Thought they'd become another tired old band trading on past glories. Out of the jaws of defeat, they pull out another 'permanent vacation'. It loses a star because of Joe Perry's awful vocals on two tracks and a lack of quality control which should have made it a ten or eleven track album which would have been a killer. There's some proper rock going on here, not the dross that was served up on 'just push play'. 'out go the lights' and 'street Jesus' are bona fida classic Aerosmith. The ballads have always divided opinion but they are top quality, with 'what could have been love' on a par with 'I don't wanna miss a thing'. I urge all rock/jaded Aerosmith fans to buy it. It put a big daft grin on my face and isn't that what rock is supposed to do?
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