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on 2 June 2015
Wow! What an amazing little device. It really does do exactly what it says it does. I charged it for about half an hour with the included cable, then turned it on, and it immediately paired with my bluetooth speaker. I plugged it into my mixer (with a jack adaptor as the Saturn has a small jack), and suddenly I'm playing my vinyl records through my bluetooth speaker! I can't believe it! I spent ages researching this subject, and agonised, wondering if this was the way to do it, and if so, could it really be that simple. Well, it is.
I also plugged it into my tiny digital radio and enjoyed hearing that through a decent speaker. This is going to transform my listening experience!
I haven't used it to receive yet - not sure if I'll have a use for that, but it's good to know the option is there.
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Just a short while after the Bluetooth speaker boom, these little adapters started to appear on the market. This was a revelation as you could now enable wireless streaming to your existing home Hi-Fi or active speakers, and at a fraction of the price of a half decent tiny Bluetooth speaker.
So how does the Avantree stack up against the ever-growing Bluetooth adaptor market?

• Sturdy construction, with anti-slip rubberised base
• Can Transmit or Receive (through a flick of a switch)
• Respectable battery life, and will last for a maximum of 10 hours.
• Reliable brand name and unparalleled customer support
• Very easy to set up (Plug and play)
• Truly portable (Tiny!)
• CAN be used whilst being charged (Contrary to what another reviewer commented)

• Proprietary enclosed battery.

As with 99% of Bluetooth adapters (and speakers), there is a certain degree of compression. Audiophiles will notice the slight degradation in quality, yet they would need to do comparisons between direct and "through Bluetooth" in order to really pick up the difference in sound quality.

Highly recommended
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on 10 August 2013
i thought I'd mention this as I wasn't sure it would work as a setup and decided to take the risk.

I have been using this device from a blu-ray player via the phono out to transmit sound. The blu-ray player has a USB port so it can keep the device permanently charged.

The blu-ray is received by a simple blu-tooth receiver (Crystal acoustics Blu-DAC - has aptX).

As neither transmitter is a computer or phone and both have very few controls I wasn't sure they'd be able to communicate. They can.

another concern was latency; standard blue-tooth, I have read delays, by 200ms. aptX is supposed to be much lower latency. I have no way of checking if the two devices are communicating with aptX, but if there is a delay it is not obvious. I find if I stare at lips during film they always look slightly out of sync and this is no different.

Sound quality is good enough for films. I haven't got it linked to my best speakers so can't comment on their use for high quality audio. Also I haven't had a reason to use them for receiving.

Overall, i think it is a good bit of kit. I may even buy a second.
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on 3 April 2015
Very happy with the performance of this Bluetooth unit ! I bought this to enable Headphone capability on a Samsung Series 6 Smart TV .
This particular TV " mutes " the TV speakers when standard headphones are connected ...... I wanted an alternative to WiFi type phones as I prefer "in ear " headsets .......and the Avantree Saturn does the job just fine and allowed me to pair a headset of my personal choice to my TV!

The Saturn comes with alternative connection options to allow either connectivity to Audio out by either 3.5 mm jack or RCA "red /white audio cables ..... and this allowed connection of both TV and Humax PVR to receive brilliant clear sound from TV/Humax set up with no problems at all!
Great customer advice from Avantrees; excellent website ..and very handy video instructions are available for anyone not familiar with Bluetooth " pairing " methods etc . Good build quality ....great performance ...and the unit can be set as a "receiver" as well ...Brilliant product and certainly well worth buying !
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on 14 January 2013
This is a nice, compact, clever little piece of Bluetooth electronics. It has a longer battery life (9 to 10 hours) than most other devices you will find, and has dual transmitter and receiver functions, this is selected by a simple slide switch, so the unit can either send or receive data. So you need two to form a local link for your stereo or headset, by way of example.

I have used this on a powered speaker with an older Avontalk transmitter (BTAD-01). Initially the units paired up and worked as expected, the quality being excellent, but then I came across issues: First, if you try to pair another two Bluetooth sound units they seem to affect one another, including the link that is stable already. They both turn on and off and sometimes settle down to work correctly, but often not. Secondly, I got different delays once two sets had stably connected, and this makes a nonsense of any surround sound or separate speaker setup (For example, here I used two identical transmitters, to two identical receivers from the same audio source, split with a 3.5mm splitter jack). If you just want to remote to one speaker, and take the second channel by WIRE to the second speaker of a pair, this works nicely, although not 100% reliably, dropping out now and again. Thirdly I seem unable to get to grips with what happens when you disconnect a device. Typically this happens when you power down your laptop, switch of the transmitter, and receiver and go to bed. Starting the system later, it should automatically connect to the last set channels and all start up as it was, but it doesn't, you end up going through the whole set up and pairing process all over again, and sometimes, for no obvious reason, they just will not pair.

I have a dual aerial Wi-Fi unit, and so does my neighbour, and no doubt these interfere and limit the bandwidth available to the Bluetooth system. I have no home phones using the same technology. So it may be that the wireless environment is not as clean as I would like, with many houses using Wi-Fi, it is also not as congested as it could be, and yet still these units are NOT reliable.

The setup I had hoped to use was two sets of links to the two active stereo speaker pair in a DJ setup, with a third unit connecting to the Bluetooth transmitter embedded in the laptop. Then I could DJ using the Bluetooth headphones (Avantalk again, and very nice). Frankly, this setup just seems to be unstable and not stay reliable. The really irritating thing is that it is close...I have had it work for 30 minutes, absolutely flawlessly, but then it starts breaking up again.

I think Bluetooth may be an interesting idea, not quite there for most of us. In fairness to Avantalk I have not tried two pairs of these particular units to see if they work better in this setup...partly because of their price, I cannot afford to buy £47 x 4 worth of gear and than throw it away because it is unreliable. If Avantalk would lend me 3 more units to test, I would be happy to report honestly what I find. They are a second generation design, so they may be better.

Meanwhile, if all you want is a single stereo link, these units seem to work, with they occasional dropout, for no obvious reason. The quality, when working is CD level and very good, they also drive the low input impedance of my JBL active speakers properly and overall sound superb. Beyond that for a fast set up DJ system or more than one link in the same room (as you would need for 4 speaker surround, because the link delays the sound slightly, and you need the delay to be identical for a good surround effect) I think the technology is not quite there, sadly.
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on 4 August 2014
I got fed up with my airport express jumping on and off the network so I decided to take the drastic bluetooth plunge as an affordable experiment. How happy am I that I did this?? Really happy! This little device is great. The sound quality is very good, it's easy to pair with devices, the range is great, it's consistent, a great little gadget that you can take anywhere with you and so long as you've charged it you don't even need to plug it into the mains. A great product to turn any set of speakers or hifi into wireless receivers! I haven't used the transmitter function as of yet because I don't have any use for it but as soon as I do I'll give it a try, nice little feature to have included! I doubt very much that you'd be disappointed!
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on 9 May 2014
I run an iphone 5s and Logitech UE9000 headphones and wanted the best BT comms available
In theory, APTx is better than what apple uses so i bought this
When i first got it it wouldn't pair with the UE9000s so i emailed Avantree who were purely helpful. They said they were working on a new version and that it would be compatible. Right enough they sent it through for free and it worked perfectly, although pairing takes about 30 secs (long enough that you fear it won't work!)
Sound quality isn't noticeably cleaner than the apple codec, which is pretty good anyway (especially if you set Bass Reducer in EQ setting on the phone) It's not better or worse just a little different and may suit your music better or worse - it's a useful alternative.
What i have taken to doing with this device, though, is running it after my little Xfi usb amp on my laptop, enabling me to get
1) wifi music from my laptop
2) super clean sound as I can run it through the Sound Blaster Entertainment software EQ, which cleans it up so nicely - i knock the bass down somewhat and tweak the bars until it sounds awesome.
So i'm not using it for what i thought but I am loving it and it DOES NOW WORK WITH UE9000 headphones
It's also sweet plugged in to your TV - range is excellent and the latency (delay) isn't too bad (you can always delay your picture a few ms to get perfect lipsync)
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on 30 June 2014
I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I have just purchased a Sennheiser MM550X headset and had been very disappointed with the sound from my iMac. After doing some research, I plumped for the Avantree Saturn and voila! the performance improved dramatically. Prior to the purchase, I had thought that the issue was my new headset, but now I am sure that it was the iMac. It can both transmit and receive, so for what it does, it is an amazingly inexpensive option, which I would recommend.
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This is the Aventree Saturn (BTTC-200X) not the Saturn Pro that has a low latency codec. That said, this unit is better than the Layen BST for time lag (latency) and, the Layen failed shortly after installation. The Avantree Saturn comes with an RCA male to 3.5mm female cable, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male cable and a USB charging cable. It quickly paired with a JBL Flip speaker that we normally use in the kitchen instead of a radio. Although it doesn't have the low latency codec of the Saturn Pro, it only had a slight voice delay in transmitter mode with the TV speakers on and, I couldn't detect it with the TV speakers muted and either the JBL Flip or Philips Fidelio M2BT headphones connected. The sound was clear without any interference.

The instructions and warranty card were not in the box, but the instructions can be printed from the Avantree web site. The warranty is 12 months which could be debatable as the warranty in EU countries is meant to be two years.

Update 13 October 2015
Bluetooth failed on the Philips Fidelio M2BT headphones so I use the Avantree Saturn to provide a wired signal to the M2BTs, with Bluetooth picked up from a Cubot X9 phone. There were no drop outs in the gym and the sound was good.
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on 25 April 2013
This is a great little device and for anyone looking to add blue tooth capability in the home or the car - you will not go wrong with this.

I use it mainly in the car, plugging it into the aux socket, to play music from my Samsung Galaxy S media player, through the car stereo. Making a connection between your device and the Avantree adapter is very straightforward, it is just a case of switching the adapter on and holding the on/off button until the little led light flashes red and blue, which should make it visible to the device you are connecting it to.

All the leads you would need to charge and connect the adapter are included in the box, including a double ended mini jack, which I have found very useful. It also holds its charge very well - I have only charged it once since receiving it about a fortnight ago and it is still going strong.

I bought this to replace a Kokkai A9 blue tooth transmitter, after the mini jack snapped off after about 6 months of use, but anticipate no such problems with this device, which I believe will give long and trouble free usage.
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