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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2012
Got this when it was on offer for £50!

Fantastic printer, does exactly what its supposed to do. Very easy to set up wireless, and I'm a Windows 7 user!

The main reason for doing this little review is to point out to others that the toner says its run out when clearly your last print was ok. There is however a nice trick to resetting this...

1. Open the front cover and leave open while completing the following steps.
2. Turn the printer off.
3. Hold the 'go' button while turning the printer on. All panel lights should be on. Keep held for just a few seconds (3 approx)
4. Release the 'go' button. Lights go out.
5. Press the 'go' button 2 times. Top 3 lights light up.
6. Short Pause.
7. Press the 'go' button 5 times.

That's it, you should be left with Error flashing, close cover and it should finish on Ready thinking you have a full toner again :)

If you struggle with that then please refer to this [...] - It's not english, but at least you can see exactly how its done. And that this also works for the HL-2130 which is a wired version I believe.

Anyway, I hope this will help someone as you should be able to keep on printing till the image starts to look faded. Also you have the option of refilling your toner manually. I've not tried this yet as the toner I just bought was an eBay special compatible for £13!!!

So all in all, a great printer when using the above to get your value for money!
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on 11 January 2013
Nice printer. Slightly larger than I imagined. Mono (B&W) laser and comes with a starter toner thats is good for 500 pages (manufacturers normally use 5% coverage as a guideline to measure toner lifetime - think of a short one-page letter).

This is the wireless model, so I first tried to get the printer setup with our modem/router, a 2 year-old Belkin model which has WPS function, e.g. you press the WPS button on the router, press the WPS button on the printer and it all sets itself up. Sounds great in theory. I struggled to get this feature to work and eventually resorted to attaching the printer via a USB cable to get the initial network setup processed. If you want to use it wirelessly then get the printer setup initially with a USB lead - it will make you life much easier.

The instructions are very detailed and consisted of a user guide and a network guide. When trying to setup the printer wirelessly I did find them referring to a "Quick Start Guide" that I could not find and the "Brother installer application" which is actually just the driver install program. If you are going to install the Brother HL-2135W using a USB to initially get the wireless feature setup refer to chapter 4 of the Network Users Guide. I really think that for the average person, the wireless setup stuff is overly complicated and made harder by the instructions.

Once the printer has been configures with IP addresses, setup under linux (Xubuntu 12.10) was very easy, CUPS installed a generic Brother driver (Brother HL-2140 Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5e (recommended)) and it worked fine.

Print quality is fine and good and startup time from power off is very quick, output time a bit slower but still good. Haven't had a jam yet but only printed a few pages (printers DO jam - they're mechanical devices). Toner (ink) and fuser (drum) appear to be separate so running costs should be lower (some printer have both combined into one unit and you may replace the drum before the toner is spent). The Brother toners come with a return label for sending empty toners back - don't buy cheap compatible toner as they hardly ever do this and they are never as good quality as the manufacturers and may spill toner inside your machine.

I Wasn't bothered that the machine arrived in packing for a different country - the CD had english manuals and drivers. Only gave this 4 stars because of the confusing and overly complicated wireless setup.

UPDATE 14/01/2014: I have recently replaced my home router, meaning that passwords have changed etc. I thought this would be easy to accomplish by plugging the printer into USB (has to be under Windows) and changing a setting in the printer properties in Windows. I was wrong, there is no option in the properties page to update IP address/passwords etc, it all has to be done through the original CD install. You can download the software from the Brother website but it's like going through installing it for the first time again - really painful.
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on 22 December 2012
Bought this I was fed up with my Epson inkjet drinking ink; it was becoming cheaper to replace the printer than the cartridges!

We do have another colour inkjet (HP) which also scans and copies so I decided upon a mono laser. I chose this model as the write-ups were good and it has a WiFi connection. The WiFi was not as straightforward to set up as it should have been but that was down to the nasty BT Infinity Hub which causes us so many other problems. The Hub is supposed to support WPS to make life easier but I wasn't surprised when I had to take the longer route (DO NOT think BT Infinity is wonderful, because it isn't) and eventually it recognised the printer. Once on the network the other computers picked up the printer with no problem.

Anyway, all is connected now and the printer is a little gem - clear, crisp printing and quite speedy too. Because it's a laser it uses heat and the paper does tend to emerge a bit bowed but leave it for a minute or two and it flattens. The Duplex printing works fine, no problems there. I haven't tried to print envelopes as I've never thought any printer deals with them very well; I find it quicker to write them manually.

It was supposed to come with just enough toner to set up the printer but I think I may well have a full cartridge in there as it's printing without any sign of running out just yet. I've just bought two on eBay for £26, now £13 each is pretty good.

If you want a small, cheapish, mono laser with WiFi then go for this. I think you'll find it hard to beat at the £70 price tag.
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on 20 May 2014
This is a great printer if you only want a monochrome laser printer. However, since I wanted it specifically for its wireless function, which is unfortunately very poor, I can only give it 2 stars. After about a month and countless visits to Brother's help functions and website, I've now given up on the wireless function. Every time you switch it on, you need to connect the printer to the network manually again. Then you can print one document wirelessly, but straightaway the printer loses connection again - and this is located about 1 metre from the router!
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on 31 January 2014
The essence of a wireless printer is that it should work wirelessly without question. This is a great printer insofar as printing is concerned but my printer keeps loosing the network connection after it has been turned on for even a short period. There is only one way to cure this and that is turn the printer off and on or change the wireless channel via the router. By doing either of these the printer searches and finds the channel but then only for a short time. From forums it seems I'm not the only one suffering and I mean suffering this.
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on 12 March 2013
I am a teacher and print items for my classes every day. I used to have an Epson stylus inkjet printer but found the print quality to be substandard (especially if I had to then photocopy worksheets I had printed) and I was spending £30 every 3 weeks on ink (also because once one colour / black runs out you have to replace the whole cartridge) which I was opposed to doing.
I bought the brother wireless printer for around the £69 mark before Christmas. It came with a small amount of toner preinstalled in the unit and I have just this second replaced it. This is a 3 month toner life which I was highly impressed with. Toner costs around £26 online and will last months.
The print quality is excellent and the speed of printing is ideal for me, and I imagine it would be more than quick enough for a small office set / shop set up.
The printer can print double sided, some other reviewers have complained of creasings when doing so. I too have found this to happen although a quick adjustment of the feeder setting rectified this somewhat and I now have no issue with this.
The printer was simple to install however it does not come with a USB cable which is required for set up (even if you are going to run it on wireless networks!) I found this to be a little cheeky but luckily I had a spare so did not have to purchase one.
I set up the printer according to the instructions which are detailed and clear and had the printer paired with my wireless network at home in around 10 minutes without any hassle. I cannot understand people who are saying they cannot understand the instructions and can only guess they are not taking the time to read them properly.
All in all a very good printer and well worth the money.
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on 9 April 2014
Quite satisfied with another Brother laser printer. The one it replaces is still running and is 14 years old. It now needs a new drum and toner so I thought I'd try and upgrade my facilities and get something new and wireless.
This printer fits the bill although the toner cost per page is higher than what I was paying for the previous one. But the printer seems more efficient with lots more to control in the printing and since I am doing less printing now than 14 years ago this should be OK. But toner running around £30 delivered, original Brother cartridge for about 1,000 pages is somewhat still cheaper than inkjet and a big plus it is fast and the ink doesn't wash off as with inkjet.
Easy to set up as wireless if using the disc supplied and a USB cord first in following the set up instructions. That's important as I have learned in the past trying to set up a new wireless device to a router doing it completely using wireless features can be complicated. Simpler to just plug the USB cord in and let the printer 'learn' the router information through a device already connected as the instructions explain. I cannot stress this enough although I did not try to do this set up completely with the Brother via wireless alone I do have vivid memories of the problems with other equipment.
Once the Brother has 'learned' the router, the disc instructions explain to unplug the USB cord and download the drivers and then it is complete. The drivers took a few minutes to download on my laptop and I was just getting ready to pull out the disc thinking it was complete when I saw the little green line moving across the laptop screen window showing it was loading. So be sure to wait till you see this green signal all the way across and the message that the driver is loaded.
Once the printer has 'learned' the router it is very simple to insert the disc in all other PCs and laptops to download the driver. No need to plug any USB cords in as it can all be done via wireless now. I haven't tried yet the procedure for a Smartphone.
Instructions are very clear overall and actually discuss each and every point - so much better than translated instructions. Nothing is left out and it is almost overkill in telling you to do this and that and it keeps reminding you to know the SSID and Key for your router first. But I'd rather have overkill in instructions than some of the half-explained stuff that seems to come with a lot of electronic equipment these days.
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on 28 October 2012
This is my first laser printer and I am very pleased with it. I bought it because the toner is very cheap and can yield easily over 1000 pages.

The only issue I have with this is when you use it in manual duplex mode (two sided print), you will get creases in some of the printouts. This only happens when you try to print on both sides, otherwise everything is fine.

Another minor gripe is there is no USB cable included which increases the complexity of getting the printer to connect to your wifi.
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on 22 July 2013
This is my first laser printer. I hadn't realised they had become so affordable. I only ever print out black and white text docs and this printer is just perfect. Text prints out crisp and sharper than on any inkjet I have seen and it is really fast too.

It was dead easy to setup on all my household devices which include: Linux laptop, Windows PC, android phone, iphone 5, ipad 2. The mobile devices have a brother app available that works really well.

Setting up both the PC's involved a bit more tinkering but if you have set up a printer before this is nothing out of the ordinary.

There is no support for automatic double sided printing. You have to do it manually. I haven't tried it myself but my partner has and it looked like a simple enough operation.

It's a bit noisy. When it's being used there is a fair amount of noise from the fan. After a while it goes into idle mode and shuts up. I usually turn it on, print something and turn it off again so it's no bother to me.

Overall I am really really happy with it. The wireless connectivity makes me smile every time! Great value.
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on 25 June 2014
It took a plea for help on a tech forum for me to set up the wireless connection, but this was really due to my not really understanding terminology and the Get Started manual was a little unhelpful, in that it relates to several models, and the illustrations do not necessarily exactly match what appears on your screen. The manual makes it far more complicated than it turned out to be. Setting it up with the USB cable initially meant that in 5 mins after reading the advice on the forum I was actually connected wirelessly.

Having got over the initial difficulty I'm thrilled to bits with the speed of the printing and the quality. I didn't realise just how affordable laser printers have become, and after years of the grinding slowness of inkjet I'm in printer heaven!

The best part is being able to sit in the lounge with my laptop and print in the study. I did consider that I might save a few £s by buying the non-wireless version, but I'm so pleased I bought the 'W' variant! It would have been even better if it had been all-in-one but I couldn't justify more money for the occasional scan or photocopy - I'm keeping my old inkjet for those occasions.

I would highly recommend this printer, and I think for the small business as well as home use it would be a really good choice.
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