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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 May 2012
Confession time. Several years back (12 to be precise), in the days of 'A Customer' I wrote a review of this album on this very page. It went like this...

'If you never thought heavy rock music could be melodic then you should buy this album and be amazed. From the out and out rock of The Act We Act to the sheer delight of Man In The Moon this album will enthrall and delight. The heavy numbers such as The Slim grow but the instant access numbers such as If I Can't Change Your Mind, Changes, Helpless and Hoover Dam never become tiresome. At times Bob Mould sounds like Sting during the best Police songs (Particularly Changes). What came after paled into comparison. Not because it wasn't equally excellent but because it never delivered on each and every song with each and every note like this. Husker Du may have died but the more melodic, accesable Sugar overshadowed them. When Nirvana and company were inventing themselves the originator out-thought them all and delivered a never to be forgotten classic.'

Yes, that was me and its still here. And now, twenty years after I first purchased it (on cassette) there is a deluxe version to celebrate those twenty years. Twelve years later its still my favourite album. In fact this week I get the thrill of seeing Bob perform the whole thing live. It still gets played a hell of a lot. Its not diminished over the years. The album itself is here and is as fantastic as it ever was. Complete with B sides. Clownmaster is as fantastic as ever as an acoustic B side (even better on the live CD). There are also radio 1 sessions which includes the perennial favourite Diamonds Are Halo's - which I have always loved and its fab here as well. The whole concert is the tour de force Sugar were live at the time. Don't get me wrong they could be bad live (I am dreading the Finsbury Park extras on Beaster - I was there and it wasn't pretty). But this is a pretty great live set. Add in the interviews (dull and un-engaging), the promo's and the late show performance - one of my favourite from the No Alternative Late Show that was shown at the time. Its a pretty good deluxe version. It also has a booklet with all the key players contributing. Telling the story of the band and this album. I am very happy to upgrade to this version.

My review of 2000 is still true. This package is well done. If you haven't heard Copper Blue then you really should. Its the sound of a band outdoing those around them. This was album of the year for a reason. If you know this album then you should upgrade to this version. There is enough here to reward you and it gives you a reason to listen again to one of the true masterpieces of the grunge era.
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"Copper Blue" has always been a fantastic album and this remastered package only improves on things.

The main album is excellent, a wall of guitars but with catchy hooks aplenty, the songs coming alive in their choruses, and you begin to wonder why this isn't an album that everyone has heard and loves already. It is a fantastic collection of grungy rock songs, the only slight clunker for me being "Slick" which I've never really liked that much, but the rest are superb. The remaster doesn't make the album sound radically different just cleaner and brighter, so if you own the original already don't expect it to sound like a brand new album.

The package itself is excellent. The three disks consist of the album (with added B-sides at the end - personally I'd have preferred the B-sides to have been on a separate disk, but that's just me), an excellent live concert, and a DVD. Of the three the DVD is inessential, a collection of some promos and TV interviews, but the second disk is a good live concert from the "Copper Blue" era, featuring the tracks from the album along with some of the B-sides, and "Tilted" from "Beaster". I'm not usually a fan of live albums but this is hugely enjoyable, just a loud blast through the songs with no banter between them, and it makes me wish I'd managed to see them live back in the day.

Best of all though is the booklet, which is basically a long interview of sorts between the band members and their record label boss about the making of the album and its success. It is a fascinating read, and even if you have read Bob Mould's recent autobiography it is still good to hear the story of "Copper Blue" from different voices.
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on 11 December 2012
The other reviews pretty much cover it as far as the quality of the music goes. The third disc is rather superfluous though- a few videos and interviews. You might want to consider buying the U.S. version of this on Merge which although lacking the Peel session, contains both Copper Blue, the B-Sides AND Beaster along with the live stuff all in one package. I kind of wish I had.
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on 14 October 2012
Unquestionably a classic album. I bought the cd when it was first released, and it's still thrilling to listen to!

As for the remastered 'deluxe' version - I bought it in anticipation that it would sound even better, however having compared the original and the remaster through hi-fi and speakers, to my ears, it sounds like another victim of 'loudness wars'. The remaster's dynamic range sounds compressed, so too the width and depth of the 'sound stage'. Some of the high frequencies sound as though they've been brought up in the mix to give an initial, and false, impression of clarity and 'freshness' but in reality at the expense of definition of the other instruments and vocals.

Some recent remasters of other artists' classic albums have been excellent, true and well worth paying out for again, but unfortunately not this one. If you've got the original cd, stick with it and just turn the volume up a bit!
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on 31 May 2012
Copper Blue was the rock album of the 90s for me, but my one reservation was the mix, especially when listening to it now.

This newly remastered version is perhaps the best remaster of a 'classic' album that I have heard. Stunning clarity really reveals the subtlety along with the power.
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on 16 January 2013
One of my favourite albums of all time, cracking songs and sound.
Hard to believe it is 21 years old.
1992 NME Album of the year and rightly so.
The deluxe version with the live album which shows what a great band Sugar were,
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on 6 February 2014
I bought these two after losing an old copy of Beaster. Beaster sounds as moshpittingly slabby as ever, and I highly recommend it.. Copper Blue sounds like Bob trying too hard.
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on 27 August 2013
Absolutely love this album and not heard it since I last played it...on cassette...when cassettes were still commercially available. Off to buy Beaster next.
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on 8 December 2014
Much has been made of Bob Mould (it is he who runs this band) being a homosexual! Why exactly is that? What difference does it make? None at all, actually. His homosexuality is just one aspect of his person. He is also a grapple fan! - fans of wrestling refer to themselves as this - which is nothing to be ashamed of either. I am one too. (a grapple fan, not a homosexual) Homosexuality has been around for hundreds of years; and so has music. The title of this CD refers to a very famous pornographic feature film (also called Copper Blue) and was Mr Mould's way of "coming out" to his family and friends. Mr Mould's previous band HUSKER DU (pronounced "HUSKER DU") was made up of two homosexuals and one heterosexual - and they made beautiful music together. The heterosexual member, Mr Greg Norton, had a handlebar moustache, not unlike many homosexuals of the time, but was of course, straight. Whereas the other member, Mr Grant Hart, was long-haired and scruffy like a great many straights, but was in fact a homosexual. All of which has got me thinking about ZZ Top: a rock band from the '80s with two bearded members and one clean shaven. Interestingly, the chap WITHOUT any facial hair had the last name: Beard. The other two, on the other hand - heavily bearded, you'll remember - did NOT. Funny that. However, to the best of my knowledge, none of these are homosexuals.
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