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on 13 June 2012
This download has provided me with one of the better experiences I've had in ages. The price attracted me in the first place, can't loose I thought, but having downloaded it I was very pleasantly surprised by the content and quality. Over 6 hours of well loved, well played and well edited/produced classics. For once the title of a download album truly reflects it's content. Buy it and ENJOY.
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I do like to listen to classical music when im in the mood and I am very impressed with this item, 100 tracks for under £3! amazing! and the quality is great too, I downloaded it direct to my smartphone and it worked straight way and a bit later I was playing my new music through my car stereo. most impressed for the money. recommended!
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on 24 April 2014
As a child and a maturing adult I had no time for the classics Apart from rule Britannia (yes I know that's not it's proper title but I couldn't spell Circumstance) and that one on the coffee ad. You know coffee ad picture title (instant) get it never mind. Right serious head on now. Although in my 60th year, I still look on myself as a maturing adult. Which brings me nicely back to where I should be. As I grow older I take more time to listen to music. Unlike my self the writers of such beautiful music will live on forever. Of the hundred pieces I must be honest there are one or two I can't settle on but will try again one day. The thing about music, and the classics in particular, is you don't have to put yourself in the creators mind. Just lay back close your eyes and let your mind take you over where ever it wants. For that alone I give the full 5 stars. I could go on and turn my review into a saga but I've read somewhere or other that people as a whole tend to switch off if you go on to long so No Wait don't go OK I'll just wait here then should I?
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on 9 November 2013
This outstanding collection of 100 popular classical tracks is exceptional value (at just under two quid at the time of writing). The title is an apt one as you do feel as though you acquire an instant collection of some of the best known and loved pieces. Admittedly a few of them are the familiar ones that crop up time and again on such collections but I don't think it detracts at all from the choices made for this compilation. It contains new to me arrangements of a couple of my favourite pieces which I found of interest. I think the album is versatile enough to be an entry level album as well as being able to satisfy those more familiar with classical. The sound quality is pretty decent and I think the only minor drawback is that there is no composer information. Over the last few weeks this album has provided a superb backdrop for me to do my marking by.

A 5* pleasure.
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I didn't really expect this to be as good as it is, after all it is so cheap. With six albums included this probably has most of the tracks that people love to listen to. Ideal for playing at home or when you are around and about this gives you a chance to take some of the stress out of your life and chill out and or re-energise with enjoyable music. If you are into classical music then chances are you already have a lot if not all of these tracks on here, but all these versions are good quality decent ones, not the bad recordings that you do sometimes find on cheaper albums. Remember there is a lot of music here so the download does take a few minutes to complete, so give it time.

At the price I bought this for this is really a steal, and you can't really go wrong.
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on 8 October 2016
Firstly, this is a wonderful collection of music and for 2.99 this is probably one of the best value albums you can purchase.

The only thing that you could possibly complain about is the fact that many music apps will show the "Artist" rather than the Composer.
For example, for the first track Handel's "The Arrival of the queen of Sheba" the Artist is shown as Sir Neville Marriner.
This is because the artist tag is filled in with the person/people who played it.
In fact every track on this Album also has a composer tagged with it too, if you want to see the composer rather than the Artist all you need to do is alter the tags by using free software such as MP3Tag on your computer (highly recommend this one by the way) and go through the tracks and copy the Composer's name into the Artist field.

If you are prepared to spend 20mins doing this the only issue can be overcome.
If not it is still a great collection of songs anyway!
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on 12 March 2014
Having listened to this collection for three days whilst out walking the dog have stayed out much longer rejoicing in the many famous pieces on this as I wandered through woodlands, fields, marshes, boggy places with ne'er a care in the world. Entering the woodland park to the March from Aida this morning I felt so splendid and this is followed by the Bleu Danube absolute bliss to look at the blue sky and feel like waltzing amongst the trees. Later about 4 hours later today walked home up a steep hill to the Hallelujah chorus with no hint of tiredness at all to find the postman just drawing up in his van with 3 parcels for me. True! Perfect timing I said to and it was in all the classics I have listened to on my mp3. Sadly for some reason it wont charge up and was a done up one and no come back or warranty so my bliss will have to be curtailed until I remedy this sad loss. Thank you so much. Thought buying music downloads would be rather expensive. Wondered at one point if had paid £259 pounds for the hundred and checked again and saw the £2.59 with great relief.
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on 17 November 2013
6 hours of classical music for well under £2. Absolutely ridiculous money for something of real value which demonstrates the worth of modern technology to everyone. A couple of clicks and there it is in the Amazon cloud to give pleasure for years to come.

I am no expert in classical music so this is a terrific starting point on a journey of discovery. I can't comment on the quality of the performances as I am not familiar enough with the music, but plenty of other reviewers have labelled it as excellent. It is a pity that the composers aren't listed, but googling the piece whilst I'm listening actually enhances the pleasure for me: you can test your increasing knowledge and recognition of the composers as you listen.

Thank you Amazon for a fantastic offer.
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on 24 December 2013
As much my life is surrounded by electronic music of all styles at all volume levels, I still enjoy 'real' music. The selection of the 100 on this album is close to perfect. In fact there isn't a single track that fails to belong here. Everyone a gem, every track gorgeous, beauty leaping out at you from every speaker.
I definitely recommend this album if you enjoy Classical Music in any form.
My friends will be open mouthed at me liking this, but as I always tell them, music is music in all it's forms, it just takes a slightly open minded attitude to appreciate most types of music. Except 70's/80's rock music for which there is no excuse.
Keep sane my angels x
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on 5 April 2014
At just over 2p a song, there's probably not a better value MP3 download available. It's full of well-known classics too, like Jupiter from the Planet Suite, Barber's Adagio for Strings, And Nessum Dorma.

Apart from the fact this is 100 songs for the cost of a bar of chocolate, I like the way it's organised- the first 'disc' (as it downloads into one location rather than separating the discs as the CD would) is more uplifting music, like Pomp and Circumstance, the 2nd disc contains relaxing classics, the third is arias. There are 6 'discs' in total.

A great addition to any collection, and for basically pennies. Fantastic album.
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